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"Don't look now, but I just won the game"

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Name: Seth Huntington
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Seth doesn't vary his wardrobe very much. He mostly dresses for comfort, so a good portion of the time he is in hoodies, shorts, t-shirts, and flip flops. He is tall and muscular, not skinny like his father.
Personality: Seth is almost the polar opposite of his father. He is extremely athletic, and plays as many sports as he can. As captain of the football, basketball, and lacrosse teams he is quite popular with the ladies. He has had a steady flow of girlfriends and has never really gotten attatched to them. He is a nice guy, despite all the attention he gets for being a jock. He can be quite arrogant and cocky at times, and this gets him into trouble.

So begins...

Seth Huntington's Story

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Setting: Virginia2012-01-31 06:21:25, as written by BAWADABOO
Ryan opened one blurry eye and saw the left wall of his and Adri's bedroom. "Ugh." Ryan wasn't exactly one for morning anyway. He reached back to see if his wife was still in bed with him. She was not. Of course not. That woman didn't tend to stay dormant for too long. He smiled and threw the comforter and sheets off of him. He slid his legs to the edge of the bed and sat up. Once he was no longer horizontal he blinked a few times dizzily and ruffled his hair. He cracked his knuckels and pushed off of the bed.

After his shower he put on a pair of black slacks and a light blue dress shirt. He slid a black vest over top of the shirt and buttoned it halfway up. He shook his hair once more, it didn't go out of place often. It magically stayed pretty well put together all the time. Adri was quite jealous of this, when she would wake up in the morning and have to actually manage her hair and he didn't. He didn't put on any footwear, He didn't intend to leave the house today, at least not for a few hours. He walked, barefoot, out the door.

He made his way out of the room and into the hallway. He could smell the bacon downstairs and smiled. He could tell the kids werent up yet. Adri let them sleep in on days like this. Ryan wasn't nearly as polite as that, he was a bit more evil. As he walked the halls he banged on his childrens doors singing loudly. His songs varied from day to day, todays choice was Rest Stop by Matchbox Twenty. It wasn't often that he got praise from his kids for his singing, but he dd this nearly every weekend for the past ten years.

He heard a soft bang on his sons door. This was likey a pillow thrown by the boy after being awoken by his studious father. Ryan grinned and walked down the stairs. As he entered the kitchen he saw Adri sitting at the table with her computer. He approached her from behind and leaned over her shoulder. He kissed her, "Good morning gorgeous" he said as he leaned back. He moved around the table and sat across from his wife. Their dog placed his front paws on Ryans lap, looking completelty overjoyed to see him. Ryan smiled and petted the retrievers head.

The dog Adri owned when they met, Ella, had passed years ago. Dogs dont tend to live thirty years, unfortunately. Adri was devastated, but once the hurt faded they went out and got this dog as a puppy.

He glanced up at his wife, already working away. "What do we have lined up today?" he asked.

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Setting: Virginia2012-05-28 03:21:01, as written by BAWADABOO
Ryan looked at Adri out of the corner of his eye as his children scolded him on his behavior. He smiled in response as they bickered back and forth. Adri definitely wasnt shy about showing their children how much she loved him. This threw him for a loop early on. He wasnt used to showing that much affection in public, it wasn't his forte. Nevertheless, Adri had instilled some of that behavior into him over the years.

Seth walked out the door, his sister in tow. He approached his jeep and threw his lacrosse stick in the back seat. He slid into the drivers seat and put his key in the ignition. His sister was taking her sweet time walking to the car.

"Before I'm dead Mariah" he grumbled. She looked up at him with a look that said. "I dont have time for you right now." He smiled and waited for her. when she finally got in her greeted her with. "Congratulations, I'm a hundred years old." he smiled and turned around to look behind him. Seeing that all was clear, he backed out and into the street. He hit the gas and they were off. Just another day in the lif eof two fo the richest kids in the county.

"Where is your friends house again?" I dont remember. Seth asked his sister.

"Just down this street and take a right, I'll let you know when to stop." She punctuated her sentance by turning up the volume on the radio. Seths Ipod was playing over the speakers. She had to hand it to her brother, he had good taste.