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The Castle Vankoryth has some visitors, and the Vankoryth Detente review the Blood Edict.

17 pieces and 4 characters involved, written by 4 different authors.

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As written by: FizzGig, Curtsive, lostamongtrees, barney_fife

So begins...

An Edict Affirmed

Castle VankorythSetting: Castle Vankoryth

A woman approached the castle on quick feet, her dark eyes looking forward as she marched with purpose, her hands hanging loosely at her sides. With her shoulders draped in an ankle-length trench, fastened at the waist with a wide, buckled belt, she looked like she'd walked right off the set of a 1960's murder mystery film.

Her hair, ink black and nearly hanging to her hips, was tied back in a loose ponytail that hung in a silk curtain down her back. Professional appearance was everything in this game she played. She glanced to the young man at her side as she walked.

"There's a guard here." she warned him. "Don't walk away from me, whatever you do, and if anyone asks, you're my intern." she instructed.

"Don't call me by the name you know me, either. Name's Alex, while we're here." Her voice was soft and stern, but her expression was kind, even excited.

"Ready to meet the leader of the biggest vampire clan in Wing City?"
The boy with the woman had actually taken care to dress nice, funnily enough. Even though his eyes told a different story, blinking heavily, with red, red rims around them, he'd been wearing a nice jacket, probably borrowed. A cap, too, to cover his untamed, near-platinum hair. It stopped there, though.

"Yeah, Audrey Hepburn. Sure am. Pretty cool that this was included in the job description when I said I wanted to help you out. Kinda scary, but whatever, I trust you."

He rushed with her, his eyes falling to whatever neat thing laid side or above.

"So, what, is there a giant gargoyle door knocker we're supposed to shake three times?"
Their approach was made note of, almost immediately. The man who was notified couldn't seem to decide if the sudden notification was a blessing or a curse. A guard had melted literally from the shadows, tapping the man on the shoulder and scaring the living Hell out of him.

Had the man not been pouring over the flickering screen of a digital camera, he would have probably heard the guard approach, or noticed the visitors as they arrived. It wasn't often the Castle Vankoryth acquired new scents. This man was usually the first to notice, or so he liked to think.

Depositing the camera in a shoulder satchel, he hurried his way off down the spiral staircase from one of the castle towers. Quickening in pace, he would duck around corners and even make use of a secret passageway located behind a tapestry. All the while, the man cursed under his breath, for no matter his speed he could not shake a posse of guards. They were practically glued to his shadow.

He glared at the five of them, bidding the guards to get lost as he reached for the beautiful doors. Pulling one open, the man would step forth towards the visitors. He smiled with his lips closed, breathing in their scents.

"Welcome, to Castle Vankoryth," The man would say, looking from one to the other with scab colored eyes. "How may I help you?"
The woman smiled openly.

"Evening. My name's Alexandra Dupont. I'm here as a liaison for Detective Casey Delancy? My intern and I are here to discuss delicate matters regarding the Blood Edict, but I believe I was supposed to be talking to Daemala?" Her brow knit.

"Is she here? She should have been expecting me."

Her hand near Casper was laying gently against his shoulder, always making sure he was close.
Casper glanced to Alexandra, mouth open. He'd not a clue what to say, and the simple fact that he'd been greeted unceremoniously by a fellow eerie features had shocked him a bit more than he'd expected it to.

After Alex had gotten her bit out, he nodded to the man.

"Casper Saladino." he said, quickly, and knitted his hands behind his back.
"Welcome Ms. Dupont," He bowed lightly to the female, "Mr. Saladino," A nod to the man.

"Casren Bistreo. I do hope you traveled without bother. Daemala is unfortunately away on urgent business, however if your concern is with the Blood Edict perhaps it's best to speak with myself," He gave another polite smile, withdrawing into the Castle by a step.

"Would you like to discuss matters behind closed doors?"
"Of course." Alex looked to Casper, her smile encouraging, before stepping into the castle after Casren.

She'd never been inside the confines of these walls, just in places like them when she visited old chapels back in the United States. They all had that same dusty facade to them. The air was unusually sweet, pungeant with incense. She did her best to keep her nose from wrinkling, following after Casren on quiet feet. The soft soles of her leather boots did well to disguise her steps.

"You've made a lovely home for yourself." she noted, her voice echoing in the cavernous halls. She still kept her hand hovered near Casper's back.
"Lovely, yeah. Reminds me of, uh... One of those palaces in Dubai. Big, spacious..." He trailed off, lowering his voice. "echo-ey. dusty."

Casper's eyes kept to Casren's back, boring holes through them. He reached over to Alex's arm and gave it a tight, concerned squeeze, before he'd let his hand fall to his side again.

"You have maids here, Mr. Bistro? It seems like the type of place."
Casren would stop, turning abruptly to his guests with a grin. The interior was quite lovely, for an old castle such as Castle Vankoryth.

"Why thank you!" He beamed, choosing to ignore the comment he heard all to clearly, "The others quite like it as well." Again his eyes shifted between the two, lightly sniffing the air. There was something he couldn't quite place about the female, something slightly off about the male. Nothing he could remember, or form an association with.

Perhaps it was just his old paranoia. Detective, quite a title there. "Maids," A twinkle appeared in his eye, "I'm sure we do. However, I never see them."
Casren paused, turning back to lead them towards the Room of Reason. It was where the Vankoryth Detente preferred to conduct all of their business. A bit ceremonious, perhaps, but the Sangue di Bistreo always had a flare for theatrics.

Room of ReasonSetting: Room of Reason

"As you would have it." Alex replied, following after Casren and on into the room he had indicated. Briefly, her dark eyes flickered to Casper, eyes alight with questioning concern, but her attention almost immediately flickered away, to the surroundings. She walked to the table in the middle, her hand running over the smooth stone.

She turned to Casren.

"May I see the document?" she asked.
Casper entered the room with Alex, and his eyes followed around the tapestries. Natural light didn't penetrate the room, but even so, it was impressive, albeit odd. When Alex spoke, he looked down to the two, to Casren, and then to his partner.

"Guess I shouldn't sit if we're just signing and leaving."
The meeting would be ripped asunder by the sound of thunder, the thundering of massive engines and the sudden darkening from a massive presence in the sky.

It was as if everything began to vibrate, from a massive presence in the skies. Though, with no natural light in the room, one would have to find a window to find out precisely what was going on.
Casren circled the room, opening a vault situated off in one wall. It was inconspicuously disguised as wooden document cabinet, but the drawers swung open suicide style instead of sliding out.

He selected a paper from a pile on a shelf, turning to saunter back over to the visitors and kick the vault shut with his foot.
Before Alexandra Casren placed a starched, signed, beautifully printed and updated version of The Blood Edict.
As the paper hit the table, Casren lurched and nearly flung himself under the table. He refrained, and only looked to the guards, signaling them to assemble some sort of investigative team.
It was as Alex approached the table to retrieve the Edict and read it over herself, the trembling and shuddering of the windows had her looking up sharply, first to the walls, then to Casper and on to Casren.

"What's going on?" she demanded, sounding surprised, even alarmed. Holding on to the document, she moved to the windows to pull back the massive tapestry.

...a Reverence II?

"Who invited the Aschen?" she asked, her eyes wide.
Casper shot forward, bracing himself on the table. He'd glanced to Casren first - accusatorily, before he'd seen the man fling himself under the table, and the guards assemble themselves. It'd be then that he'd taken a step back, using one of the Detente's chairs as a brace, to yell toward Alex.

"Ca - ..." He stopped. "Alexandra. Politely what the hell is going on over there?"
Casren paused, then made his way to the window. Well it was about damned time, he would think to himself. No matter, it appeared they weren't landing here. Watching closer, Casren would observe beams of light not far from Verinotte Hollow.

"It appears not us," Casren commentated on the scene, noting the vehicles had not landed at the Castle Vankoryth.

"I...Don't think we have cause to worry," He said, making his way back to the table as the trembling subsided.

"Until they take off, that is," Casren noted again, settling into the chair with the shadow of a smile, "Should be quite a ride."