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The Multiverse » Arcs » Ball of Chaos Highlights

Memorable moments from the Ball of Chaos.

As written by: lostamongtrees, CrashQueen, Terrus, CptxMorgan, Data3, Klein, Nevan, Mr. Baneling Squishy, ClockworkTowers, CelticCat, Tearen Wover, Blademaster_v3, Marcus, FancyPyro, tigergirl4life, Prose, Gasmask, EverFidelis, Jo_Tunn

32 pieces and 29 characters involved, written by 19 different authors.

3 places involved

So begins...

Ball of Chaos Highlights

Verinotte HallSetting: Verinotte Hall

A scroll rolled from the shadows.

The Vankoryth Detente would like to cordially invite all that read to...
The Ball of Chaos!
In honor of recent events, (the Over-Terra Aschen-Taiyou Conflict) Verinotte Hollow wishes to celebrate peace, prosperity, and remind Terra what we are fighting for. The festivities are Sunday, April 14th at Verinotte Hall. Dress your red carpet best, as there will be a media presence and live band. There will also be two surprise celebrity guests attending the evening affair. Tickets go for sale beginning immediately for W~600. 70% of each ticket sold is donated directly to the Shrine of Shrines.
Attendees not in formal attire are subject to receiving request to leave.
Timo had spent the night in Verinotte Hollow as per request, and she'd been awakened by a host of gay vampires (no literally, they were quite fabulous) and sent through the wash and treatment to get her red-carpet ready. And only once did she entertain the fantasy of snatching up one of them- and to that they replied. β€œOh honey, you could, but you'd ruin your figure for your dress.”

And that was argument enough.
She wished she could keep her squadron of gaypires, but alas, it was not meant to be. β€œBest dressed or dead!” they cried after her as she entered the limo for the short ride from the outskirts of town to the manor.

She stepped out, and it was apparent that her theme for the day was 'I'm THE fuckin' vamp-killer and you best pay attention to me.' She was dressed in an ombre lavender to black gown, with ample puff and her makeup was severe yet sexy; scarlet lip, and strong liner; in contrast, her hair was pulled up in a relatively simple updo. All the va-voom came from her body.
She wasn't used to the camera flashes as she stepped out in her black peep-toe heels and she blinked a few times before regaining her composure and making her way into the hall itself, looking for a familiar face.

It still felt so weird not having somebody's arm to hold onto, but she could deal with it. She'd make her own fun when the festivities wound down. Push her boundaries a little- make some rude fellow /disappear'.
She spotted Daemala first and beelined towards her, the fabric of the gown swishing flawlessly behind her. β€œAh, what do you think, sweet? Too much? I thought about going with a black gown but that's so expected...”
It was obvious, the cameras loved Timo. The photographers couldn't get enough, following Timo as excessively as they had followed Daemala earlier, upon her arrival.

Daemala had her fun with the cameras, and waited now in the main vestibule/atrium of Verinotte Hall. She had arrived in a hover limo, stretch of course, alone. As she poked a deep amethyst satin stiletto out of the car, the flashbulbs went wild. Ascending, Daemala let her long, puffy, shiny, deep amethyst gown cascade towards the floor. As the curtain closed over her feet, she posed, extending an arm skyward and jutting out hip. After sashe-ing up the carpet, she posed amply as one of the first guests besides Zosimos before waving to the crowd and withdrawing inside.

There she was, idling with a glass of deep red wine in hand when Timo approached. Daemala turned, face falling into an open mouthed smile at the sight of Timo's gown. It was fabulous, there was no other word for it. High fashion, flowing, she ate it greedily with her eyes.

"Too much?" A hand flew to her forehead in mock horror, before falling palm out towards Timo.
"Darling, it was as if the dress was sewn for you! And observe, we even mildly match," Like a shark, Daemala circled Timo, careful to hold the wine away from the gown. "I must know the designer," Her eyes twinkled, "Would you care for something to drink?"
Dakida walked into the hall wearing...of all things....a Tuxedo for once. His hair pulled back into a a low, yet short pony tail. He didn't have his flasks on him either. His red eyes looking around at the others. The tux was...well...reverse colored than the typical tux, white with black instead of black with white.
Ronnie walked onto the seen himself, wearing a black tux with green as the other color. Representing that he didn't drink blood at all. His black and green eyes looking around as he was just a tad nervous. He didn't usually come to big functions like this. So he was just a little out of his element here.
Brennan was lost, not in the sense that he was unaware of his location but he wasn't quite sure why he found himself inside said location. The indulgences outside should have been warning enough, yet still he had entered the hall. Perhaps, he mused, one could only stave off the basic longings for companionship and merriment for so long before they found themselves out of water and all but drowning amongst a sea of strangers.

However, it would be rude, even by his less than stellar standards, to vacate the area so hastily. With that in mind, Brennan tugged at the collar on his barely formal shirt and began to make his way towards the promised open bar. If he were going to tolerate the presence of a plethora of phantasms and their ilk, it would be with a glass in hand.
Susan Quilleria flapped her way in the dark, well and truly lost. "Oh god, I can't even see the city! Where am I?! God i should have started heading home earlier, now I'm out in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of night. I'll probably get attacked by slimes or ghouls or vampires or bears or tigers!" Shudders at the thought of thousands upon thousands of nightmarish creatures tearing her apart piece. She shakes the images from her head, and in doing so spots a faint light coming from below. "Oh thank god! People!" She says, diving towards the light at high speed.
She's about fifty feet from it when she realizes the big black spot in front of her is actually a solid, and by the time she finishes that thought, she crashes horns first into it, breaking through the roof of the hall and crashing into the floor in a daze.

Verinotte SquareSetting: Verinotte Square

The ball had officially begun!

Zosimos didn't arrive in a limousine, for he was already on the scene. Standing on the stairs dressed in a tuxedo, he greeted guests and posed for many photographs. Daemala, of course, made her grand entrance. She looked striking in deep amethyst. Timo had arrived as well, he ate her alive with his eyes. Zosimos had a thing for things that could, and should, be killing him. Dakida came, he was pleased to see, and more and more began filing in.

He disappeared from the entry way into the shadows, appearing minutes later in velvet lace and satin.

Everyone had best stand back, for Zosimos was about to work it on the runway. He sent a subtle wave of fear, grinning maliciously at everyone as he pounced on the red carpet. Standing tall, he strut, sending a wave of fear here and a jolt of panic there as he pleased. Photographers yelped as their reactions were triggered, taking accidental pictures left and right of the man. He smiled all the wider, striking a pose center stage on the red carpet.

Another limo arrived, he looked to see who it could be.

Verinotte HallSetting: Verinotte Hall

"ow owowowowowow ooooowwwwww!" Susan whined, knocking rubble and debris off of her as she crawled up. She grasped her head with her hands and shook her wings free. "Note to self, invest in flash light for head." She muttered to herself as she checked for injuries, "Also... Gonna need some tear proof clothing." She muttered and began to search for something to cover herself with. She spotted what seemed to be red draperies and tore them down, immediately setting about making a skirt.

The speed and ease with which she performed this act would have led any watching to wonder just how often things like this occured.

Verinotte SquareSetting: Verinotte Square

Dakida followed the others who walked over to the square to see where everything else was. Grinning softly as pictures were taken. Giving one or two poses for the camera's playfully as he walked behind the others.

Ronnie silently just walked along. Before being caught with the flashes of the cameras. Stunned momentarily he then moved on. Taking a sigh as he eventually caught up with the rest of the group.

Verinotte HallSetting: Verinotte Hall

The Large, Gilded Door would slowly seem to creek open- rather almost as if something was having a bit trouble attempting to open them by hand. Though moments after a rather large 'Hare Like' Creature would manage to squeeze inside, though initially this was strike as 'odd' seeing why in the God(s) name would such a creature show up in a place like this let alone know how to open doors! However the truly odd part was it happened to be wearing a...dress, yes a large possibly nine foot tall hare was wearing a black dress, though it seemed to be altered in order to fit the creatures form, from various elastic straps which held certain points such as the sides together and bits of 'black leather' seemed to insure the cloth didn't rip.

The Creature would seem to gruff, attempting to remain on its hind legs and even walking in the manner a 'Human' does!
I don't know why I've convinced myself to come here, but I can blame dumb curiosity..I always wondered why Human(s) enjoy such..meetings...
It was the 'practical' talk of the town, of course she had paid using currency she was more familiar with, that being Silver and Gold Shillings.
For a thousand years, the man who entered had been stone. Stone to the core; his soul as cold as outside brick. But now he was pale flesh again, and the signals whizzing around his brain were powered not by electricity, but by a dark magic. A malicious influence, if you will, that wasn't his own. And as discreetly as a spider navigating a house, the man's mind gave him subtle orders with foreign origin.

Entering Verinotte Hall, now that the sun had at least begun to set, the smartly-dressed man with no hair removed a pair of glasses, cleaned them with his tie, then replaced them to look around for a certain woman...

"Where is the woman known as Daemala?" He asked, his voice making itself known. (repost because for some reason, it didn't appear in the activity tab)
The Creature would seem to huff, rather a hiss soon following as it used is frontal limbs or legs to lift itself off the ground. This would be an easy, if not brief attempt to perch itself upon its hind quarters and well stand afterwards. Its not like the creature wasn't partially bipedal, its kind have proven that they where able to walk around on their hind legs..though with some difficulty it was entirely possible.
This damned...Dress...I don't understand how Hume(s) females like wearing these things..
It groaned, though a shudder would follow as those pinkish hues fixated upon the one named Susan.
I'd advise you to stop looking at me in such a manner..
The creature didn't hear the words over the sound of it..hitting the ground, though a fellow predator could tell when something took an 'interest' in it..and well the Taguel would act accordingly, fur standing on end and a hiss rumbling from its form.

Though she would keep as much self control as she could, oddly she wanted to enjoy her first Ball and not being attacked- or..tossed out. Though it seemed one mentally took note to have- a Security List..?

However. Yes, the 'Hare' had attempt to 'curtsy' but we all see where that got her, she ended up falling flat on her gut and quite displeased, even going as far as to blame the dress it was wearing oddly enough.
Alex appeared on one of the balconies, looking outward. He then made his way into the ball. He had been working a lot recently, and planned to relax a little. This was not his first formal party, that was clear however. He navigated the room in a way that made him hard to notice, unless he wanted you to. As he made his way to the refreshments, he looked at the servant. "Any word on him?"

"As far as I can tell, no. The man who stabbed you seems to be keeping quiet. There are several who will attest to him being there, at that time, but it appears that is it. He is covering his tracks well..."

"Well find him, either for me, or to learn how to hide from him...". Alexander spoke with darkness, but there was also good in him. He seemed wild and uncontrollable at times, however.

He took one of the glasses of wine, and drank half of it with one gulp. He entered the full force of the party, to see who was here and what was going on. And maybe, find some leads while "relaxing".

Verinotte SquareSetting: Verinotte Square

Valve Vlanderson stood tall and even maybe somewhat proud as he looked up the place.
It's pretty big, isn't it Arielle?

He turned to look to his companion, a graceful creature slightly shorter than he was, dressed in a very fine and extravagant gown. The black dress was made of godly materials and looked almost way too expensive. Red velvet and silk carved very elegant and small diamond patterns throughout the dress, though most prominently on the sleeves. The green material also weaved into the diamonds clashed with the red to create a very pleasing, yet attention drawing display. The dress itself was very reminiscent of proper white-tie ball gowns and evening dresses, yet managed to remain casual enough to fit the event here. She also sported a black domino mask as well.

A large red horn jutted through the center of the chest, and her red eyes seemed to take interest in everything. Her hair was also green, and her skin pure white, with intriguing spike decorations on the side of her head.

Valve himself was of course, not outdone. One of his best uniforms, decorated with several trimmings to create the image of a high-class army service uniform. The white gloves he wore also fit in with his white domino mask, contrasting the black suit to create a very enigmatic display.

Taking Arielle's arm not unlike he was escorting her (although he theoretically was), Valve slid past as many of the cameras and other rabble as he could, looking to see if he could find the man who let others in.
Zosimos immediately began posing, picking at the hoodie, holding up the hood, fluffing the girl's hair, as the cameras swarmed. Many of the cameramen wondered if they would be able to use these photographs tomorrow to bash high society, others planned to use these photographs as proof of Terran tolerance. Either way, there were pictures surely taken.

"Fancy Shmancy," Zosimos said, fully enjoying the controversy. Ulrich seemed less than pleased, turning his back and tossing a coin into the fountain. He had dressed nice because it had been demanded of him.

Over by the mouth of the long, red carpet, there was a heavy TerraCast presence. Winne Rineswurth was there, donning a modest gold satin dress. She had a microphone in her hand, and was babbling off to the camera, commentating the event. Across the chaos she caught sight of something strange, but...recognizable. Was that...Was that a PokeCelebrity?

Abandoning post and charging through the crowd, Winne located Valve and Areille and pounced. "Excuse me!" She stuck the microphone out, as her cameraman immediately began rolling. He panned over the fine creature's gown, taking in every detail. The silk shined, the colors nearly glowed on the camera. It then moved to pan over Valve, taking in his almost equally as impressive attire.

"How far did you travel to come tonight?" Winne asked Valve and Areille. Some of the other paparazzi had noticed the pair, and so were the beginnings of a near stampede of flashbulbs, headed straight for them.

Verinotte HallSetting: Verinotte Hall

A dark, grey mist began to form before the grand doors, and with his arms held aloft by his sides like a figure of authority embracing his power, the ancient turned from a gaseous liquid to organic solid in the space of seconds. His coat was dark, with furs and decorations of mocking silver, and the front of it opened to reveal the nothing he wore underneath. He had always believed one could display their brilliance using their body and he certainly pushed that as far as modesty would allow.

"I have returned, Vampyre-kind; from myth and legend. I step now into reality, and I do not move so without my trinkets."

It began to rain.
It began to rain gold.
Watches, bracelets, necklaces and coins, all falling to the floor in a display as magnificent as it was dangerous to the heads of those who did not duck out of the way soon enough. They could keep what they found, of course, but Kaine did not plan to give away the treasures of his tomb without spilling a little blood first... And a golden trinket to the head would do quite nicely at that.

Of course one might ask themselves: where did it come from? Did he summon it in the air? Was the teleportation or fabrication of matter a power he controlled? Well, if they looked up, they would find the answer was no. Men were up there, clutching the highest walls and clinging to the ceiling with claws, or standing like weightless spiders above chandeliers with buckets in hand. How they got there was likely no secret to the elder of the present vampires, such as Daemala, but the hope was that the rest of the guests were suitably amazed.. Awestruck, even.

As the new guests dropped to the ground to mingle, Kaine approached Daemala herself and took her hand up to place upon it a delicate, yet dangerous kiss of lip and fang.

"My sweet mistress, we have many things to speak of through the night. Rewards must be given, business must be conducted and diplomacy performed. This ball, at the behest of my mercy, will survive until your politics begin to bore, or displease."

Verinotte SquareSetting: Verinotte Square

Winne Rineswurth here, reporting Live from the Ball of Chaos!
Here in Verinotte Hollow, citizens from all over Terra have amassed to celebrate peace and good intentions in this time of war. The event has even drawn interplanetary attention, hailing celebrity guests from the planet of Ruula into attendance. Technology sure has come a long way, folks!
Valve and Arielle presently grace the Ball of Chaos, upping the class bar for the evening with their foreign fanciful attire.

Other celebrities present include the infamous Timo, famed body snatcher that was once at large across Alsund who has been in custody of The Rehabilitation Institute for the Paranormals since her arrest. Rumors circulating prior to the invent speculated that she and founder, owner and administratorJoran Davrell were intimately involved. His lack of presence this evening however, states otherwise.

The Vankoryth Detente has proved, thus far, to be the most gracious host. The only incident could be considered mild: A dragon crashed through the roof, thus obliterating the clock tower. The dragon is considered non-hostile, and is a present guest inside Verinotte Hall. As for the clock tower, it is a ruin now, but has thankfully been deemed safe to party around.

Verinotte HallSetting: Verinotte Hall

"Winne Rineswurth here, reporting live from the Ball of Chaos!

It would appear ancient royalty has arrived! Kaine, famed Vampire of old, graces Verinotte Hollow tonight with his presence. With him he has brought an undead entourage, who dropped from the ceiling in an impressive display of archaic power! What really stopped the show, as you can see ladies and gentlemen, is what happened prior to their drop.

Gold rained from the ceiling, a gift from Kaine to the guests. The barrage of splendor has stopped, but many lavish items still litter the floor of Verinotte Hall. What is to make of this appearance? Guests ducked for cover, and a Taguel was seen fleeing the scene.

This has been Winne Rineswurth, with TERRACAST!"
A young woman slowly entered the hall, her hair pulled up into an elegant bun, a few strands hanging to frame her face. She quirked a brow at the rain of gold, letting her eyes drift over the various guests, lingering on those drifting from the ceiling. The beauty and grace they possessed brought her attention to the simplicity of the blue dress she wore, matching the woading that decorated her skin. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and slowly scooped up a handful of gold, tucking it into the purse she'd brought with her. She brushed off her dress slightly before beginning her slow walk around the hall, absorbing her surroundings and examining the guests with curiosity. "What a strange little event..."
There came a deep rumbling from all around the hall, and the air seemed to tighten and constrict itself around one's throat. Light bent itself in unnatural, unsettling ways, and any and all electronics present flickered and died, plunging the scene into Darkness.

As it should be. Was this not supposed to be...The Ball of Chaos?
Jude Alvaris walked into the ballroom, not exactly dressed for a ball. He was just wearing his fur-collared leather jacket, which he didn't even bother buttoning up, and some black jeans. Despite his casual attire, he was the heir to a noble vampiric house. "Well, fancy this. A dance of darkness. Hmm...I suppose this might be a bit enjoyable." he said, looking around the hall.
Istzyr Baenval entered into the Ball not as most would imagine a peddler of fine quality items but instead as a noble Drow. Lord Istzyr's lineage might not go unnoticed as his dark elven features were very prominent and hide his darker side quit well. The elven man simply wore his best red finery and kept a rather unique crystal like cane by his side that's head ended up in a knot filled with a dark amber of sorts. However instead of walking in on a party filled with life and lights the drow was welcomed to the glimmer of a torch and darkness all around him. "Hello darkness my dear friend." The drow would jest as he moved about the room unhindered by the lack of light only to sigh a bit as he looked upon the other players. "An exquisite sight I am sure but what else do these guests have in store for the rest of us is truly not known." Istzyr muttered as he slowly moved about the scene to get a better look at the comings and goings of the others in hopes of finding someone worthy of his time.
A light would shine from above...but it was no chandelier, nor spotlight. The ceiling itself began to melt and crumble away, as if peeled away by mammoth, prying hands. Thick, tree-like tendrils crept up the exterior of the building, holding the roof apart as the moon lingered high over head. Then, with slow, exacting steadiness, the lunar surface rotated and warped...revealing itself to be a massive, glistening eye, horrid and bloodshot, staring down at the collected children of darkness.

The stars dilated and and grew as well, becoming a flock of quivering, pulsating eyeballs that twitched in a million different directions. Yes. Nyarlathotep would watch the events of this evening. He would encourage this 'Ball of Chaos' along its merry path...
Suddenly, four strange soldiers wearing strange uniforms entered the hall, wearing helmets that seemed to resemble masks. Don't worry, though; none of them armed, it seemed. The soldiers parted into two pairs, both of them standing at attention by the door. The door suddenly opened up once again, revealing two more strange soldiers wearing the same uniforms, except these ones were wearing white uniforms with a cape fluttering behind them.

"We introduce to you, the magnificent, peace-loving, wealthy... King Porky Minch, the ruler of the great Pigmask Empire!" one of the caped soldiers announced, before they parted away to reveal their king... a somewhat rounded child around the age of twelve, wearing a fancy red and black pinstripe suit, a wide grin on his face, his eyes obscured by the mop of blonde hair on his head, and his movements accompanied by the clacking of a well decorated walking cane.

"Ah, looks like I'm just in time for the festivities!" Porky happily announced, making his way forward, his cane clacking against the floor.
Daemala suddenly swept to the center of the room.

"Attention please! Everyone! The Intermediate Waltz is about to take place in the Alfarsi Gallery! Please, all who wish to partake in the circular festivities, come forth into the Gallery and assemble yourself into a large circle."

With that, Daemala swept into the Alfasi Gallery. Her elegant amethyst ballgown shuffled along with her, high ponytail of raven hair falling down the woman's back as she passed through the large, glass doors.

Alfarsi GallerySetting: Alfarsi Gallery

Jack Thorn him and Brad shuffling their feet the 19 year old and the 16 year old boys just watching more of them dancing and hanging from Brad's pocket is his pocket knife which seemed to slipped out and it was opened as that sharp part of the pocket knife soon went down and hit him right in the leg

Brad;suddeny shouted in pain as some blood came out

Jack;looked over "oh come on why did you even bring that irst place"he said looking knife stabbed his leg"not good "he said looking around

Verinotte HallSetting: Verinotte Hall

A new face entered the Verinotte Hall. It was a woman dressed in alien yet elegant clothing. The cloth glittered and shimmered with every graceful step across the floor. The way the woman moved gave hint to her pedigree, or perhaps it was the cold way in which her pale eyes passed over those whom were present.

Talitha came stood beneath the mocking clock and looked up at it. She tilted her head and wondered curiously for a short moment. It was far more fascinating than the man who sat upon a throne like chair, perching like some peacock.
Tate had figured out a way to keep her handsy hair from grabbing at everything, and that was literally braiding it and pinning it down so all it could do was twitch now and then. It didn't look high-class enough for the event, but practicality outweighed matching these old fogies as far as Tate was concerned. She kept her head pretty close to the back of her chair to avoid that many more questions, as her method of hair restraint did reveal her anomaly to the world.

Fortunately, the mouth couldn't do a lot more than gnash its teeth and howl inside her skull, and she was used to that already. She played with finesse regardless, driving the rhythm of the waltz with careful pops and strokes. When finally, it was time to take a break while some speeches were being given, she rose from her chair and made, shamelessly for the snack table.
β€œHey hey if you stay good, I'll feed you, how's that sound?” she spoke to her second mouth.

She skirted around the dragon girl with a 'pardon me' and started to load up an offered plate with whatever there was to eat, pausing once to pop a strawberry into her own mouth and then another to the mouth at the back of her head.
β€œHey, fucker, no biting the hand that feeds you.”
Miles had dressed in a loose white tie, some scratched up black coat and a pair of jeans, with a larger-than-life silver chain hanging from his belt and going to his left pocket. The dhampir pulled down his plastic shades and admired the architecture and swinging 'shindig' this event turned out to be, Miles took off his shades and put them in his coat pocket and slipped past the bouncer.

Miles came just in time to lean to the left of Tatum. "This place is pretty creepy for a partyzone, must be the vampire thing. That band looks decent though." Miles whispered in her ear and dodged to the right of her. Typical playful Miles.
A young woman in a black dress seemingly glides in, looking around for familiar faces, or at least something to do. She wasn't really the type for large social gatherings, despite her career.
A green gnome appeared at the bar. His Tux was a little wrinkled and his hat was askew. He orders a drink and turns to observe the crowd.