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The Vankoryth Detente meet to discuss their Creeds.

13 pieces and 4 characters involved, written by 3 different authors.

1 places involved

As written by: lostamongtrees, Nevan, Leli

So begins...

Creeds of the Night

Room of ReasonSetting: Room of Reason

Daemala Tauvyr sits in a chair
The Harlequin sat down too, then stared at Daemala with narrowed eyes. "Go on then."
"So there is stuff you can do, and stuff you can not do. Let's start with restrictions, shall we?"
"Go on..." He urged, before going silent to listen intently.
"Well you can't go out in daylight. You're too weak at this point." She waved a hand, dismissing that subject completely. "And you cannot kill another vampire, you just don't."
"Is that it?" He asked, as he leaned back a little...

Couldn't kill another vampire, eh? Well... He shifted his feet uncomfortably... That would make things a little strange. "Alright."
"Well, there are restrictions to that restriction as well," She responded, breaking off to greet Charles.

"Hello, please, come take a seat. My Kin and I are conversing on the rules of the Night. We have just started talking, and he knows he cannot bare sunlight just yet. We are now on the topic of not killing other vampires, and the restrictions on that."
Charles Lemarr nodded in thanks for the context of the meeting and sat in the chair he'd held the other time he'd visited this room. Adjusting himself and resting both elbows on the table he brought his hands to his mouth, pulling on his lip as he watched the lesson, listening to see had he himself broken any of the rules. "Do not let me bother you, please continue.
He didn't speak, he merely waited for Daemala to continue telling him 'the rules'.
"Thank you," She nodded and turned her attention back to her kin.

"These rules, if broken, usually do not go without punishment from someone. Call it Karma, if you will, for even if you are not condemned by your allies..." She was getting off topic.

"Respect your elders, that is a must. They are older, wiser, and more powerful than you by fault." She glanced towards Charles, to see if he wished to add input.
Charles Lemarr turned his head to the table, refusing to comment. He'd broken the creed too many times to rightfully comment.
"I'd prefer to remain apathetic," he mumbled as he lightly tapped the surface of the table. "How much more? I'm... Hungry."

He wanted to taste the honey-sweet red nectar and he was running out of patience.
"If you disrespect them," She said grimly, looking back towards the Harlequin, "You are at their mercy." She paused a moment, thinking about her own thirst, before harshly tacking on, "And don't come crying to me about it!"