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Terra's Crowdsourced Current Event Program

As written by: lostamongtrees, Sick Puppy, DiamondJack, Jo_Tunn, Lobos, Scorpion01, LawOfTheLand, Rulke, Awinita, Mr. Crow, Script, Tearen Wover, Nevan, Zarhara

58 pieces and 116 characters involved, written by 14 different authors.

Character Portrait: End

24 places involved

So begins...


Wing City PlazaSetting: Wing City Plaza

 “ Greetings watchers, this is Rineswurth reporting live from Wing City Plaza.

A crowd has gathered here today to speculate on the recent horrors afflicted on the Wing City Memorial. What started as a display of dominance over these streets has turned into a back and forth battle between two parties. The Vankoryth Detente, authority behind the recent and infamous Blood Edict seem to have administered a Humanity Clause, with respect to the non-dead citizens residing in what they claim is their domain. While a speakable number of Wing City citizens are satisfied with this current shift of power, many still express their distaste.

Who truly rules the streets of Wing City? This was Rineswurth, live, Wing City Plaza ”

Canti's DinerSetting: Canti's Diner

Good Afternoon TerraCast, this is Quill reporting from outside Canti's Diner, Wing City.

Not more than a few days have passed now since Police arrived here, at Canti's Diner on a prohibition raid due to concerns that the premises were selling alcoholic beverages unlicensed. As you can see the damage to the door remains, However until now it was unknown to the public that upon entering the premises , the police encountered a man, local sources have told us, goes by the name Carmichael. Carmichael is an infamous gang leader and street criminal working in the streets of wing city, and new light shows he may have been the cause of a brutal and bloody robbery not six hours before the raid. Did the authorities know this?

Now we've tried interviewing the police only to be denied access to find out whether this man was taken into custody, and so far the story is unclear, however CCTV evidence suggests that the man was allowed to go free with no arrest or charge suggesting unfairness and injustice in the way our police force handles crime.

So TerraCast, This is Quill reporting from Canti's Diner, asking you, Are the authorities subject to corruption? Have your say... Back to you guys in the studio.

Mountain PathSetting: Mountain Path

 “ Rineswurth reporting in with urgent news for travelers of the Mountain Path. It appears the whole entire mountain is ablaze with heat measuring in at past 1,234,560 degrees Fahrenheit!

Many of the trees appear to be suffer- Can you hear me back at the station?

...Well, folks, it's very, very hot out here. Rineswurth reporting in, Mountain path.
...Are they going to get firefighters out here?

Press RoomSetting: Press Room

Terra, good evening. Malcom David Piers reporting live from the Wing City Government Center.
I'm here tonight with Munkustrap, who has big dreams for Wing City. Tell us, Munkustrap, what is it that brought your eye to this place of turmoil?

Thanks for having me. well lets see. First off it was Mistos fault. But there was also the clear fact of no private eye businesses other then accountants and lawyers in the city.

So your plans in Wing City are personal interest gone entrepeneural cause?

Something like that yeah. Well sorta.

Please, our viewers are very interested to know.

Well, it was mostly Irn Bru, that's Mt Dew Live Wire in fact. And some green elephants and purple monkeys. Why humans look like purple monkeyes I will never know Actually I blame Misto for that. Anyway. It was mostly a joint decision between myself and my partner who is really good at hiding when the news come around.

I see. As a private eye, surely you already have your fair share of opposition to your endeavors, ha. In what way do you see your business benefitting the city the most?

Better drivers, and better bar service. And yes, more then our fair share of opposition to our opening two days ago. Just this morning the mailman chucked the mail in through the busted front window instead of using the mailbox, which ironically was what busted the front window.

Well, this city is certainly not known for citizens who keep their opinions quiet, ha hah! I digress. Better drivers would mean safer roads for all, and I don't know of many men who would complain about better bar service, hah! When do you plan on putting your plan into action?

Yes why just the other day, the day I arrived in town actually, I was nearly hit by a parked car. The owner of the car was in stitches. He'll be out next tuesday. Well you try going into a bar, ordering a drink, then never getting the drink because the barkee was either hiding in a duracrete bunker or shot dead or slam drunk. But then again it could have been the green elephants that got him too. Unless it was the purple monkeys. Well the plan was to open yesterday, but my partner was out.

When exactly can Wing City expect the debut of the ah, Misto & Munkus Detectives & Magic School? Very unfortunate about those incidents, if that's the daily in Wing City then there sure is room for change, hah!

Yes that's right, Misto and Munkus, Misto is my partner, we're planning on the offical debut to be as soon as my partner is sober and out of rehab. Heh, I believe the car owners exact words were 'Clod kicking sock sucking animal' Or maybe it was 'Sock kicking clod sucking animal', I don't remember. All I remember was clobbering the guy into next friday. And that's just a joke the debut is this coming Tuesday. Tomorrow I believe.

Ha hahhhh, yes! You heard it here folks. Traffic reform is finally here! It's been a wonderful opportunity to be able to interview you, Munkustrap.

... Or maybe it was 'clod socking, kick clocking animal ?' No that's not right... Oh yes, Thanks for having me.

Don't forget, tomorrow opens the Misto & Munkus Detectives & Magic School, right here in Wing City! Tune in for live coverage! I'm Mmmmalcom David Piers, TERRACAST , Over to you.

Wing CitySetting: Wing City

 Good Morning Terra! Winne Rineswurth here, reporting in with the morning coffee!

Last night, a series of explosions were heard within Wing City. Authorities have released the following statement:

'If you have any information relevant to the car bombings of Wing City, please contact your local authorities immediately.

At this time it is undetermined whether this was a random, target, or terrorist attack. Foul play has not, however, been ruled out.
We at this time ask that all Wing City Citizen be wary of their vehicles. Check for unusual noises or behavior, parking your car on the street when not in use.'

We have yet to receive statements from the Departments of Motorized Vehicles.

As of this time, no fatalities have been reported. Luckily, only two were injured in the explosions. The cause for the explosions is still yet to be determined.

This was Winnie Rineswurth, TERRACAST. Have a great day, Terra! ”

Mountain PathSetting: Mountain Path

 “ Hello Terra, I'm Rineswurth, with an update on the previously burning Mountain Path.

Look, No ther-As you can see, the-No, I think it went over that way- The blaze has been contained. What not minutes ago was an impenetrable forest of fire is now nothing more than contained hea-Looklooklookloo- Up there! No, THERE.

Folks, there you have it. As you can see here behind me, the WCPD have successfully contained and extinguished the great blaze on the Mountain Path. It appears the fire was forced down with a high-tech foam, projected at nigh unfathomable speeds to smother the flames most efficiently. With such superb technology on their hands, and efficiency in taking care of disasters such as this, it's really no wonder the Wing City Police Department is an organization of prestige.

Oh, she is sending us a wave!
Fantastic, everyone. You heard it here first: TERRACAST. This was Rineswurth. ”

Winding PathSetting: Winding Path

 “ H'lo All, This is Cliff Dalton reporting live from a path in the mountains

I bring terrible news. Four backpackers were killed in a very brutal manner. Police are assuming it was an animal attack but the wounds don't match those of any known animals in the area. I have been told that I can reveal the names of the backpackers. Before I do I wish to give my deepest apologies, I have lost a loved one. The names are Anna Smith, Derick Jones, Mary Anton, Mitchel Romanov.

What really happened on the Winding Path? This is Cliff Dalton, live, from a Winding Path in the mountains. ”

Gambit's BarSetting: Gambit's Bar

 “ Good evening Terra, this is Malcom David Piers, with TERRACAST.

Last night, the infamousGambit's Bar was subject to a terrorist attack. Patrons of the bar took cover under tables and hid, few able to escape unscathed.
The terrorists opened fire into the bar, with the intent to kill all non humans.

The NPA, was quick to arrive, immediately taking on terrorist bombs. A firefight emerged, many non-human citizens taking to defensive arms. According to witnesses, suicide bombers were among the ranks of terrorists.

Fortunately the situation was contained. TheWing City Police department showed and saved the day. Despite this there were many injuries, but few casualties. Frequent customers of Gambit's voiced their distaste at the scene of the crime, and many seem disturbed by the random attack.

Is Gambit's bar a safe location, and more importantly, is the supernatural citizen of Wing City safe?

Wing CitySetting: Wing City

Hello Terrians, This is Wilhelm Ixme. Earlier today I had the pleasure of talking with Dr. John Barnes, MD and I have video!

----Cuts to video-----

The two are sitting across from each other on easy chairs.

Wilhelm: Hello sir. I'd just like to say again thank you for meeting with me. This story will be made public as soon as we are done and I'm sure the public will love to hear about the work you are doing in the field of prosthetics.

Dr. Barnes: Well it’s a pleasure to be here Wilhelm and might I start by commending the take off of TerraCast. It’s all I’m hearing about at the moment, even though TV demands very little of my time...

Q: So tell me about your prosthetics design.
A: My research isn’t technically speaking a prosthetic, when you look at the way it works in the body. We have created an alloy aptly name the Barnes Alloy which you can, in essence, teach to adapt to various roles in the body.

Q: I'm sorry did I hear you correctly? You can teach metal?
A: Let me explain. Currently hospitals use various types of hydrocarbons, or plastics, to replace severed limbs mainly on soldiers but also those poor souls who have suffered a severe incident. Now even with these plastics, it is my view that the standards of living for these patients are severely disrupted. The Barnes alloy is introduced over a series of 3 weeks, the first week is the introduction period where we expose the remaining muscle fibers to the alloy and leave remnants of the alloy behind. Using research from antigens, we've formulated the alloy to remember specific qualities of the remaining muscle tissue and to replicate it. In the second week, we expose the limb to more solid amounts of the alloy and growths begin to appear, and by the third week we leave the limb completely exposed to the alloy allowing it to form the limb. Now compared to the plastic prosthetics used today we calculate the mobility of the patient to increase by a staggering 60%, meaning of course the patient may be able to continue an occupation and raising the standards of living.

Q: How did you discover the Barnes alloy?
A: Well, I studied at the academy of dynamic sciences and qualified as an MD a few years later, I’ve always had an interest in carbon chemistry and I tried to compare the various characteristics of the natural world, or antigens, to the characteristics found in metals. Now seeing as no one metal was suited, I had my research team begin to abstract the various components of 7 particular elements to create the Barnes alloy. Unfortunately I’ve been held to secrecy by myself on how and which elements we used but I can assure you they are perfectly safe.

Q: How much would it cost to replace a missing limb?
A: Well Wilhelm, I am not one to brag, but my personal contributions to medicine has made me an incredibly wealthy man, and I believe that the soldiers and people that receive these injuries deserve as much of a life as possible. In light of this, I myself shall be donating the money required to fund this operation for all patients, and even if that's just one life I improve, I believe there is no real price on this earth that I wouldn’t pay to see a renewed smile on one of my patients faces.

Q: Well I think that's all I really need to know. Is there anything else you would like to add?
A: I’d just like to say a big thank you to my friends and colleagues that put the hours in as much if not more as myself, and thank you to TerraCast for enabling me to share new hope for those who may have none

-----End of video-----

Truly Dr. Barnes is a hero we should all look up to.

Government CenterSetting: Government Center

((Source Bundle - The Death of an Independent Terra))

"To any of you Terrans listening in, this is Leo Mill. This report is delayed, recorded from within the Wing City Government building, currently on lockdown after what appears to be a terrorist attack of devastating magnitude."

The black screen cuts to images of carnage as yet untouched within the buildings halls, furtive screen caps taken of Terran militiamen sifting through the chaos. There was no warning of graphic content, nothing obscured the blood and bodies of the photos.

"The images just displayed are uncut snapshots taken shortly after I snuck into the building. As you can see, clean up has not commenced. Which is damned good, in my opinion, since I now have facts to work with."

"At first, I thought this might have been the work of a group of terrorists working in tandem. However, I managed to find a survivor of the attack, getting from him several unsettling bits of information. First. This attack was the work of a lone agent. Second. This agent was able to not only defeat the local security forces, but somehow get around the blast doors designed to halt such attacks in their tracks." An image of one such blast door was shown, blood splashed on its surface. "And third. This agent was a woman. Alas, I did not get the opportunity to get a picture and an interview."

The as yet to be shown reporter chuckled dryly, his tone changing. "Having some experience in investigation, I poked around to see what I could find. Although I did find some interesting leads, at the same time, clean up began to commence. Some evidence has been lost, and so there is an incomplete picture. Stay tuned for my extrapolations at the end of my broadcast."

"From my investigation, I have pieced together that this woman possessed some sort of superhuman ability. From tracks on the floor, I found a path where I am making an educated guess she walked, and the walls around this path are full of bullet holes. Additionally, my witness reports that she walked through blast doors. On a separate note, I managed to overhear a list of known KIA and have noticed that several high level members of the government have been killed in this attack. This may be anomalous data, due to the extensive mortality rate of this attack. However, there is one disturbing bit of information that my witness conferred."

"This agent was blind."

"More on that in a moment. Recorded conversations of the militiamen state that it was, oddly, Aschen soldiers who apprehended the agent. From all reports, she was removed from the building and taken to an unknown location."

Over the course of his monologue, various associated images had flashed across the screen of his broadcast. A screen cap of the hallway, a scrolling list of faces and names of the confirmed dead, and visual only representations of audio recordings. Finally, however, it cut to a video. A man stood in a dim pool of light, his face hidden in darkness. The tilt of his head indicated he was looking at the camera.

"Now, by now I'm sure I have your collective attention. I am knowingly on quarantined property, performing an unsanctioned investigation, and recording this broadcast for later dispersal. And now, I'm going to breakdown my findings."

"For all appearances, this was an isolated incident. However, the inclusion of high level policy makers in the death toll hints that this was not, in fact random. I think this was a cover for assassination. The claimed abilities of this agent, adding to the fact that a witness claims she was blind, leads me to suspect that she either possessed magical talent or psionic power. Neither of which are uncommon on Terra, but this distinct fact of her blindness might lead to revelations of some as to the agent's identity. Finally, we come to the arrest. I am sure the Terran Militia can handle a rogue mage or psionic. I know Terra is once more independant. So really, why are Aschen soldiers making an arrest within our own planet's jurisdiction. Given the track record of the Aschen, to which I know you all can attest, I wouldn't put it past them that there's more involved in this "seemingly random act of violence" than first seems. End extrapolation."

"Thus concluding my broadcast. Citizens, by the time you see this, if you see it, I will have exfiltrated the Government Center and uploaded this to the 'Net via a public terminal. Download this broadcast. Share it. Watch and Listen."

"Leo Mills, out."

Gambit's BarSetting: Gambit's Bar

Good evening TerraCast, this is Quill reporting live from Gambits Bar.

After many visits to the bar, i have found myself questioning the moral fibres which are instilled within the heart of Wing citys favourite meeting place.

The number of underage patrons at gambits seems to be astonishingly high. The effects of this may lead to a generation of youths with a high dependancy on alcoholic beverages, which may cause physical and emotional flaws in the people of tomorrow.

Just over here camera pans to Elisa there is a small girl not ten years old , seemingly left alone in the bar. It is nosecret, that Gambits attracts all manner of beings, and im asking myself would all of these beings treat her in a respectable and non-threatening manner? We can't be certain, and thats why i shall be beseeching the government for answers.

Keep an eye open for following broadcasts, and please, please keep an eye open for the vulnerable youngsters in your area. This is Quill saying goodnight and be safe.
"Your local weather is next." a voice said on the TV to those who could hear it. The camera showed Ollie Wiliams standing in front of his chart, which showed Wing City underneath a large portion of brown and red coloring.

"It gon' rain!!" he yelled to seemingly everyone. Moments after he said that, there was a flash of lightning followed by the roar of thunder.

It began to absolutely pour.

Main Street (Continued)Setting: Main Street (Continued)

 “ Casting live from main street, Piers here with an urgent report.

Residents of Wing City are advised to remain indoors for the remainder of the night, as there have been numerous reports of gunfire. So far, no casualties or injuries have been reported.

Stay safe, Wing City. ”

AslundSetting: Aslund

 “ Winne Rhineswurth here, reporting live from Aslund.

The village you see behind me wouldn't be able to be seen if it wasn't for local hero Reibai. Just earlier today, a dragon chose this small village as it's target to ravage.

Reibai, magic user and local, is said by witnesses to have subdued the beast with the use of magic. After no longer in danger of destruction, witnesses claim Reibai was able to negotiate with the beast for the village's safety. Many say they owe their life to the citizen turned action taker.

What of the negotiation? An eye witness accounts both parties agreed that three cattle would be traded for the safety of the town. Will Reibei be able to deliver on time? More as the story develops. Over to you. ”

Gambit's BarSetting: Gambit's Bar

"Good evening, folks, the ever-lovin' Cryoface here with a special report...damn, we're on air? Oh, okay." He cleared his throat, coughing up a few snowflakes. "Anyway, I'm here at Gambit's Bar offering a special announcement. After a recent proxy battle followed by an alien species incursion, I have made the difficult but necessary decision of having Gambit's Bar permanently condemned by the Department of Health and Safety, pending the sign-off by Remy LeBeau or his attorney."

More coughing. More snowflakes. "It is my hope that this decision will lead to fewer deaths, less crowding of the local hospital, and greater stability in the city as a whole after everything is said and done. The hotel will remain open as this nasty business is conducted, and on behalf of Remy and all of his staff through the years, I thank you for your patronage."

Wing City PlazaSetting: Wing City Plaza

Standing nearby with look of apprehension on her face, stood Claire Wilder with a camera man, nearby buildings were in flames as she finally said, "Okay we'll take it from one, let's go." the cameras would aim up at the dragon, breathing and trying to calm down, she would count down in her head before finally speaking.

This is Claire Wilder for live broadcast from Voice of Terra. We are here to report that a Dragon-like beast and six mysterious figures seem to be destroying one of the finer areas of Wing City. No one knows the exact reason for all this, but the military has been told and people are being evacuated.

We shall be sure to report on if we catch sigh of anything...

Oh wait!

Yes it's official we have clear word from our station that the military is here, and Invicitus also stands, we will keep you all informed, don't change the channel!

And cut, god this was terrifying, hopefully this would get her some Brownie Points, back at HQ.
This is Claire Wilder again, and this will be most likely my last report, the invaders have brought in more creatures, I am seeing with my own eyes, Sea Serpents, More Dragons and Golems... and you won't believe this but they appears to be kids, I am safe where I am, but unless we get more help the Plaza will be completely decimated. We need more help, send back-up if you are near. I doubt our army can handle this!

Wing CitySetting: Wing City

We Interrupt Your Programming With An Emergency Weather Report

Citizens of WING CITY are urged to REMAIN INDOORS.

Gambit's BarSetting: Gambit's Bar

 “ Good Morning Terra, this is Malcom David Piers with your morning report.

Due to recent motions concerning traffic reform for Wing City, all citizens of Wing City are asked to complete the following residency documentation form.

Wing City would like to thank everyone for their cooperation. ”

Wing CitySetting: Wing City

 “ Malcom David Piers Here,

It seems Wing City is in imminent danger, for a large black ship has occupied it's airspace. What appear to be demonic dragons and soldiers are assembling.

Citizens are urged to stay indoors, as thestorm is still raging.

Are the two events related?
More as the stories progress. ”

Press RoomSetting: Press Room

Good Afternoon TerraCast, this is Quill reporting from outside the Government Centre where i have been one of the lucky few invited to a press conference introducing the idea of Traffic reforms into Wing City.

The reforms were introduced to the press by one Munkus, very cooly and calmly, describing the problems with unattended cars of poor or little use littering our streets. I read into this and it seems these proposals may not have been overly thought out properly and may have simply been based on a personal grudge between Munkus himself and a civillian who suffered damage to their car.

Now aside from damaging civillian vehicles Munkus seemed to also inhibit knowledge to the public. After some very well thought up questions by other press members which i shall discuss further later in this broadcast, Munkus's temper seemed to get the better of him.

One reporter asked on behalf of civillian rights, 'What do you propose to do with the overwhelming amount of abandoned cars? Surely the homeless population of wing city has been putting them to good use?'

Munkus then acknowledged that people were in fact, living in these vehicles but then immideately dismissed any personal morals or ethics regarding civillian safety or wellbeing by saying...

' There is a location outside of town from what I heard that seeks junk, be it scrap metal or abandoned cars. As far as I am aware there have been a few cleaner areas of the city due to that same company doing the collections.'

Could this be another attempt at smiting the people of Wing City for his own personal gain? well we don't know, no current evidence stands that suggests he has anything against the homeless civillians of the city, but this reporter has no doubt that it would be little stretch of the imagination to suggest such events occured.

Another reporter then questioned the ticketing system and asked what plans to revamp this system Munkus had placed into the proposal, to which he answered. 'An audit was not particularly mentioned or requested.'

To this reporter the words 'not particularly' used in a press conference does not fill a city with a sense of hope. The only way i personally can look at this is that Munkus's proposals may include an axing of jobs in the police department and that the words 'not particularly' were a failed attempt at a cover up. But ill leave you as the viewers to come to your own opinions.

Then yours truly stepped up to ask about the effect this proposal would have on taxpayers who already pay a large chunk of their salaries to fund these kinds of projects. The question was answered by Munkus stating that tax payers would not be affected.

Many viewers right now must be thinking about how then this must be a good thing, but i saw through these persuasive layers and my suspicions were confirmed after a small length of the conference elapsed.

After hearing that the homeless were to be relocated, and in wanting to ensure the rights for civillians were upheld,Winne, also a reporter for TerraCast asked, 'Relocated to where?'

Munkus then continued and i quote '...the new apartment complex, which as I understand it, is constructed for the Homeless directly to have a home free of charge.'

In the interest of taxpayers, i found a fatal flaw in Munkus's proposal. They plan to kick homeless people off the streets into brand new living accomodation, where they wont be charged a penny. However the previous stated quote saying taxpayers wont be affected its rendered incoherent as who will be paying for the increased stress on these 'free apartments' thats right THE TAXPAYERS!

Towards the end of the conference and with the press's questions ringing around his ears, Munkus seemed to loose his temper ever so slightly and even made a direct threat at myself saying...'I can easily see the headlines already, Yeah, they read, 'Reporter given the boot from conference', how'd you like to read that on tomorrows paper ?' Bad form for someone who wishes to gain the publics interest in his proposals dont you think?

A recent has been produced for civillians that may help summarise and create evidence for the proposals. Please take part when you have a spare minute.

After a heated end to the press conference i found myself asking, is this the kind of person i want making decisions that not only affects the population of wing city, but the city i have come to know and love.

This is Quill reportng from outside the government centre saying Speak up, and have your say!

Gambit's BarSetting: Gambit's Bar

 “ Wing City, this is Winne Rhineswurth with updates on the Dragon Attack at Gambit's Bar.

It wishes to claim Terra, as many do, however citizens are expressing healthcare concern. It seems recent traffic reform has the minds of the city on the government!

Would we be a healthier planet under rule of dragon? TERRACAST.
 “ This is Winne Rhinesworth, reporting live from Gambit's Bar. The dragon has left, leaving the establishment unscathed, and the WCPD made a presence. A strange orb was shattered, deemed illegalby the Police Force present.

Are Dragons to be Trusted? Should the WCPD really be under scrutiny for petty traffic reform, when they do deeds such as this? Winne Rhineswurth, TERRACAST. ”

Wing CitySetting: Wing City

The state of the economy on Terra is the talk of the evening, I'm Winne Rhineswurth, with TERRACAST.
the familiar reporter introduced herself.

The TERRACAST logo assembled itself on screen, fading into the familiar face of the reporter. As she talked, another image flashed on screen. She was the former chairman of Sol Enterprises, striking features captioned Lumen Sol, Alive?

As much as 7% of Lumen's holdings appeared on the market at opening bell this Monday morning, listed at whopping price of 15% above market value. This sudden, unexpected activity triggered an overflood of buy orders issued for SOL stock as speculators strangely held this as a sign of good things to come for the industrial giant. Shares are now up 40% in trading and show no signs of leveling off.

A graph appeared on screen, with many blue lines hobbling across horizontally, one large red one shooting from the group to the sky. Without shame, a blue arrow marked the anti-progress of all but SOL stock.

Initial investigations show that the shares were sold almost instantaneously, with cash deposits being transferred to an escrow account held by none other than TSANG HOLDINGS, who declined to comment.

Quick panoramics of Sol Enterprises played as the facts were given, followed by a shaky clip of the quirky CEO of TSANG HOLDINGS ducking into his limousine, shielding his face from the flashbulbs and microphones.

Could this be a sign of Lumen's return from her mysterious disappearance five years ago? No one knows for sure, but this is the first activity we've seen from the former mogul and board member, who many have speculated dead after the tragedy of her father's untimely death and her bizarre commenteary at her last known press releaes.. The mysterious accident that led to the death during a demonstration of new technology which sparked the Sol mystery five years ago is still taboo in the workplace, sources suggest.
inquired the reporter.

The feed rolled into a clip from the last known press release, in which the missing Lumen went on a bizarre tangent about the prices of tritium and accusing the regulatory commission of price fixing, before turning away from the camera to hide what appeared to be an incredibly uncharacteristic welling of her eyes and saying, "Goodbye."

Sol Enterprises CEO Arcus Sol also declined to comment, but was known to be on Terra for a rare extended stay after having been spotted by locals at Gambit's Bar and again entering Sol Tower earlier this week. Stick with us for more information on this unfolding drama.

As the news clip ended, the TERRACAST logo displayed on the screen.

Gambit's BarSetting: Gambit's Bar

The various TVs behind the bar and over each table and booth flashed to life, the TERRACAST logo appeared and a voice started speaking "Good day deziens of Wing City and Terra as a whole. Welcome this hours news update." A desk appeared with a large bag on it tied at the top. Nobody was sitting there. At least until the same voice spoke again "The Dogs may be in the cages, but the cats" A purple cat with a pink and black ringed tail suddenly appear ontop of the bag completely out of the blue, "Are out of the bag" A smug smile graced the felines face as the TVs turned off as quickly as they came on, leaving a sly smile and big white and black eyes for a few moments longer before also fading.
Quill 'Tune in tonight at 7 Central where you'll find me conducting an exclusive interview with Wing city's newest (and youngest) hero, on his version of wing cty's latest attack. Haven't heard anything about it? well all the more reason to tune in.' Wing City's underworld falls prey to the bravery of a teenager and his magnificent talents

Verinotte HollowSetting: Verinotte Hollow

The camera appears to be traveling through a foggy forest at night,
then settles upon a cobblestone village.

The name of the town swims across screen, with an iconic charicature of the
place behind it. As it faded away, the camera zoomed in past well dressed
individuals of every era, and came to orbit around a draconic fountain. A voice said,

"Welcome to Verinotte Hollow, your Home away from Mortal."

The camera followed a child-like being in a pink edwardian dress as it skipped
from the fountain, going towards what appeared to be a bistro. As she jingled
through the door, the camera broke away and followed someone else down a
lantern lit path lined with rosebushes. Then, the camera hopped before it
strayed too far from the square, showing cobblestone buildings with
stained glass and houses in the distance.

"Here all creatures of the night are invited to live,
In peace and harmony,
Without worry of external conflict or war,

It showed people shaking hands, people strolling together, people seriously
discussing things in the corners. There was even someone sitting by the fountain,
for the camera had come full circle around the square, sipping tea.

"One never has to fear the sun,"

The camera zoomed out, showing the square lit by lantens and pumpkins,
the fountain glistening in the firelight. Another building then revealed
itself; it was a temple or shrine of some variety.

"Our respect for all beings dark allows for no discrimination,
For blood, for following, for clan, for worship.
This is our Elysium,

Quickly, the camera dove into the square, dodging though people, around
the fountain, and through the residency district that was still being built. It
zoomed quicker for about two miles, until it stopped abruptly at a wrought
iron fence. The camera followd the fence up, until it looked down from roughly
15 feet in the air.

"Welcome Home"

Brought to you by The Vankoryth Detente

The 'RIP'Setting: The 'RIP'

The camera panned down from the light-spotted sky, scaling the gothic architecture of the RIP and coming to a stop at the marble stairs. Beautifully clad men and women made their way up the stairs toward the entrance, flashbulbs from newsprint reporters bathed them in strobe.

A dark haired woman would sidle in from the left of the camera, wearing ruby lipstick and a gold dress.

"Reporting LIVE from The Davrell Rehabilitation Institute for Paranormals, this is Winne Rineswurth with TERRACAST.

Gathered here tonight are the creme de la creme of the higher echelon of Wing City and surrounding areas, all personally invited to the First Annual Davrell Gala and Ball. The guest list includes celebrities and politicians, including the Pariliament Chairman himself, Rubano Malijin."

The camera swiveled to show a tuxedo'd man walking with a cane next to another politician. It focused on the man with the cane, following his movements for a minute longer. It then scanned back over to Winne, following the female reporter. She began to ascend the stairs sideways, talking again to the camera.

"The 'RIP', as it has been nick named, houses Terra's most dangerous paranormal criminals. Heavily guarded both night and day, the citizens of Terra have cause to feel safe at night. It is, as the name states, a rehabilitation center."

Winne had made her way over towards Rubano Malijin, and appeared to be waiting for a word.

Eden IsleSetting: Eden Isle

-Occurred on 2nd Night: Before Aschen Rescue-

"Exactly forty-eight hours have passed, since the kidnappers brought a certain Wing City officer to Eden, and hid her away."

The camera view bounced around, as a man, of whom appeared to be of Indian ethnicity, was recorded somewhere in the snowy, more rocky area of Eden. He acted as if he was on a hunt, or "safari" to search for the hideout. The man was dressed in a grey polyester jacket, and cargo pants; suitable clothing to scour the gritty trails of a mountain.

"We've been notified that the officer was kidnapped away from her Wing City apartment, only to be met with gruesome torture from the kidnappers."


The video flickered back to view. The sound was initially scratchy, and the quality was gritty at best, but it evened out upon view of a dimly lit cabin. The man's back was to the camera. He looked around curiously at the dull scene of a bright fire-place flickering in the off corner of a living room. Suddenly, his head snapped upward, and the camera zoomed in on a flight of stairs. There was clutter upstairs, though whatever went on was unbeknownst to the visitors down stairs.

He looked back at the camera. "Try to stay quiet," He whispered, before slowly walking ahead. He watched out for all the stray pieces of furniture; standing lamps, and the small coffee table in the center of the living room. He stepped up one stair, and it creaked. The next step, and step after, also followed with a creak. He shook his head at the decrepit wood beneath. The clutter upstairs stopped. The camera motion stopped. And, what was sure to be viewed as the "reporter," of the scene, had also stopped all movement. The creaking of a door above echoed throughout the cabin. Slow, heavy steps clunked against the second floor. The man took one step backwards down the stairs. His hand gripped the oak railing; the camera zoomed in on this, but just briefly, before returning view to the top of the stair-case.

It all seemed like a corny horror flick.

Two boots came into view at the top, of the stairs and they stopped there. The man looked up, but didn't say anything. He took another step back, before finally uttering his explanation for actually being inside such a place. "Hi, my name is-" He was cut off, as the sight of a hand-gun popped up on the screen. The reporter raised a hand in rebuttal of the gun. "Hey, wait, you don't want to do that. Listen, we-"

The man standing at the top of the stairs was clothed in complete black; black gloves were the first to come in sight, then the cargo pants, next the figure fitting underarmour shirt, and last was the gasmask. The goggle lenses of the mask flared in the dim light as two red orbs. They glared across the screen, when the masked man rushed the reporter.

Suddenly, the reporter's back was bashed into the camera lens. Several loud groans haunted the audio. It could be assumed the masked man was beating the intruder to the ground. The camera had rolled from its initial view of the staircase, and landed on the floor, only to be stuck recording the fireplace.

A man's strong, but fearful yell and brash noises of a scuffle had resonated equally in the background. Suddenly, a loud thump to the floor caused the camera's view to jiggle. Footsteps followed, and came in closer, as they sounded on the recording.


There was a scratchy sound in the audio, as the camera flicked back on. A dark figure overshadowed the view, but stepped away to reveal the perspiring face of the reporter. His dark skin shined furiously under the bright bedroom light above. He was in a bedroom, and there was a chair right behind him, which fostered the blurry image of someone sitting in it. "L-Ladies and gentleman of Wing C-..." He gulped anxiously, as so much stress had already been exhausted upon him. His eyes glanced at the assumed figure behind the camera. "W-What, ... What exactly did you want me to s-say...?"

A man's voice sounded from behind the camera. "Report the situation. Give them your name, your affiliation, and tell them the story."

The reporter looked back to the camera, his eyes fixated on the lens, as he seemed to be staring deep into the crowd of viewers. "This is Terrence Wolf reporting from an unknown location in the country of Eden. I'm here in the place where..." He pulled up a sheet of paper to read the scribbled words. "Uh.. Here in the place where Wing City Police Officer, Casey Delancy, also known officially as 'Bethany Foster,' is being kept hostage." He looked back up to the camera lens, before licking the douses of sweat from his upper lip. His eyes told a tale of fear of how the situation might escalate at any moment. "Her kidnappers shall not be named, at this time, but..." He stepped out of the shot, and the image of Casey sat in the chair behind him came into view. The camera zoomed in to focus on her face. Terrence continued with the dialogue. "As you can see, she is here, and according to her kidnappers, she has been treated fairly. I..." He looked to whoever was standing behind the camera, again. "Is she supposed to say something...?" He almost felt a sense of degradation asking such a question, but there was mention of her reading a message.

The voice from behind the camera sounded, once more. "Casey Delancy..." It began. "There is a paper in your hands. It has a very important message written on it. Please, recite it." The words were very precise, and distant. It was a demand.

"I'd like to politely tell you to go fuck yourself." she replied from her position in the chair, her eyes gazing with certain ferocity not at the camera, but at the man standing behind it.

The camera zoomed out. Then a tall, dark figure stomped ahead of the camera's view and stood right in front of Casey. The shot outlined him looking down at her, though his face and body were completely covered in black; it was the masked man. He stood there for a long, silent minute. Terrence looked in-between them, fearfully clamping his jaw tightly shut.

"Hey, don't do anything you'll regret. Please, don't do it-" The reporter pleaded in vain. The masked man had lifted his fist within the second of the puny man's words, and drilled it toward Casey's left jaw three times over.

Her face rocketed to the side, blood and saliva spilling from her mouth with the last of the three blows. She stared, gasping for breath as her eyes gazed unseeing towards the opposite wall. She could feel the pain, feel the swelling in her face, before she looked up at Proxy lazily and offered a lop-sided smile.

"And here I thought you were just dicking around."

"Read it." He demanded, again. Her blood glistened like oil on the knuckles of his glove. Terrence could only stare on in fright. His jaw dropped the moment the first punch was thrown.

"What are you doing!" He yelled at the man furiously, trying to hold himself back from attacking. The reporter knew he'd be shot in the head upon any offensive move.

Proxy reached under his arm to unholster his pistol. He pointed it at Casey's head. The cold steel of the barrel was pressed against her forehead. "Read it."

Casey glared angrily at Proxy, feeling the vision on her right eye obstruct from the swelling of her skin. Blinking slowly, she adjusted her view, looking down at the wording as a scowl fixed itself to her mouth.

Proxy stepped out from the view, so the camera could be adjusted properly on Casey.
"Good Evening, Wing City," she began, her eyes scanning the words as she read aloud. "'My name is Casey Delancy. A few short days ago I was kidnapped from my home. While unconscious, I was taken to an undisclosed location and chained to the ceiling, where I was ...'" Her expression soured, and she hesitated."'...stripped naked, humiliated and tortured.'"

Rolling her jaw, she looked up at Proxy. "This is cute."

Proxy, once again, rushed toward Casey; his pistol in hand. He flipped the pistol to hold it by the barrel. He swung the butt of the grip at Casey's right temple to club her skull in, repeatedly.

"STOP!"Terrence shouted at the top of his lungs. The receiving speakers of the audio had almost burst.

Proxy stared back at him, immediately flipping the gun right side up to aim the barrel straight at the reporter's temple. "Interfere, again, and you will be killed." No contempt was found in his words, as this Proxy was in every sense of the phrase, a 'cold, stone killer.'

Terrence stared down the barrel of the pistol, as he clenched his fist in a shaking fear. "I'm the reporter here. Let me read the rest of it."

Proxy didn't make a move. He simply nodded, and looked toward Casey. "Give it to him."

The woman didn't, and couldn't respond. She was dazed, slumped over in the chair with blood seeping from her temple. The letter in question had fallen to the floor, stained with her blood. Moaning softly, she mustered the energy to spit at Proxy's feet.

Proxy did not respond with another attack. It would seem to Casey only, that he gazed ominously back through the mask. Terrence kept his hands up, and squatted down to pick up the paper. Proxy stepped back, and trained the gun on the man; only the gun could be seen in the camera's view, now.

"Ahem," Terrence cleared his throat. He glanced down at Casey. His eyes were filled with pity of the poor woman. The blood smeared over the page, as he straightened the crinkled paper. He read over what Casey, trying to find the place where she stopped.

"Uh, okay. It continues to read in reference to Casey, 'And, I was brought here, because of one former Wing City detective: Randin D. Kaye. It was his irresponsible attitude that put me in this position. I will only survive this, if he wants me to. Randin, if you're watching, please know that they will be waiting for you. If you do not come, then they will come for you. I am here in Eden. Please, save me.'"

Terrence looked over the page, one more time, to make sure nothing was missed. He began to shake his head in slight confusion. He looked back up at Proxy with no remark of the lingering mystery. "That's all it says."

Proxy flicked his wrist at the camera. "Finish your report."

A grimace washed over the man's face. The paper was crumpled up in his hands, as fear was clearly replaced with anger. "This... is Terrence Wolf. We'll be back shortly with more."

Proxy's hand-gun disappeared off sight of the view.


The camera view was twirling around, and so wobbly and blurry that the viewer might get motion sickness. Finally, the constant swiveling and spinning ceased all movement. It settled on the image of Proxy and Casey. Proxy scooped up a bloodied Casey from the chair. "Keep your eyes open." He commanded what was nearly impossible for her. "You are about to meet someone very important, Casey Delancy."

Metal soled boots clunked on the cabin floor, above them the tall, sinister form of Jack Thirteen. Metal fangs gleamed in his grin, the black length of his sword tapping at the shoulder of his mottled crimson coat. "Why hello there, pretty."

Stepping around to the woman's side, fingers pale as a corpse brushed against her cheek, flakes of blood sprinkling onto his hand. He brought this up to his lips, long tongue flickering out to lick it clean. Stooping down so that his head was level with hers, the manic cannibal chuckled softly. "Know who I am, little Casey?"

She shuddered in disgust, her eyes closing as she turned her head away from his touch.
"I don't particularly care." she murmured through gritted teeth, pushing her toes into the ground as she attempted to put distance between herself and the new figure.

Proxy held Casey steady by the shoulders, in-case she collapsed. He examined the man closely. He was not informed as to who was coming along, aside from Hatchet.

Terrence's voice sounded from the background of the audio. He was put in charge of recording, now. "She was beaten senseless by that monster." He spat. Proxy didn't regard the reporter. He didn't need to excuse the very reason he was there.

Then, a familiar face to all stepped into view; the camera view was adjusted to provide a wide shot of all four subjects. A slightly slender man in an expensive black suit. His stature and gelled hair-do might cause one to appraise him as a rock star, or just a very odd man in-general. His skin was so pale that a glare from the lighting caused a flared shot.

"We should let her go, now." He began. A very neutral tone to his voice. He drew closer the man splashed in crimson. "There wasn't any agreement on killing her. You know I don't want blood on my hands." He looked up to Jack. A concerned brow furrowed at the man.

Hatchet folded his arms in defense of any rebuttal.

"Then walk away." A sharp turn of his head, deadly pale eyes locking onto Hatchet with an unusual intensity. The grin faded, replaced by a scowl. Subtly, fingers tightened on the hilt of his blade, as his other hand slid back to Casey's face, caressing her cheek before gripping her chin. "It's not like you to get cold feet. After all..."

Jack's smile returned, the twisted grin of a man unhinged. "I certainly don't mind blood on mine. I wear this jacket for a reason, you know."

Hatchet began to shake his head. "This is ridiculous!" He growled back. "Look at her! She was only supposed to be used to get Randin." He pointed at Casey. Then, he snapped his head to glare at Terrence. "You! Turn that thing off! This is over." He began to rush Terrence.

Proxy stood by to wait for an order. Very slowly, he slipped his pistol from the holster, and pulled back the hammer. With discretion, he held the gun down at his side. He didn't know who to point it at, yet.

Casey could only glare into Jack's face with a defiance she didn't realize she had. She'd been beaten, humiliated, and injured beyond recognition. The least she could do was look the man in the eye and let him know that she wasn't afraid of him. Yet, Hatchet's sudden intervention had her thoroughly confused. She glanced from Jack, to him, to the camera, and wondered if this was all just a ruse to somehow get Hatchet off the hook.

"Damn right this is over." she muttered, twisting her face to get Jack to let go of her jaw.

"Ooh, the cat has some fight left in her." Jack eased back, rising to his full height. Glancing at the camera, he lifted a finger, waggling. "Not quite yet, it isn't."

The cannibal turned to look at Hatchet, his face blank for a long moment. Then he sighed, shrugging. "Can't be helped, then."

Without warning, the camera shot flared with sudden brilliance, static blinding before it faded, catching the tail echo of the lighting curling away from Jack in shattered arcs, smoke floating in the air as Hatchet slumped, his expensive suit bearing smoldering patches, exposed flesh bearing a scorched appearance. As the man fell from view to the floor, Jack's smirking face languidly turned to Proxy, gesturing offhandedly.

"Now it's over. Deal with her."

A choked cry. Casey's eyes were locked on Hatchet's body, wide with shock as the acrid stench of charred flesh filled the room. She struggled in Proxy's grasp, attempting to wrench herself away, but without any real plan as to where she was going next.

"Wha-..? Ahhh!" Terrence groaned out a scream. His unseen eyes were filled with horror. He stepped back from the camera, and rushed over to the body of Hatchet. "What'd you do!? What the hell did you just do!?"

Proxy almost dropped his pistol due to the sudden shock of seeing Hatchet, his only reason for being alive, fall to the ground. He let go of Casey, and looked between Hatchet and Jack. The thought of survival versus loyalty was rushing through his head. He gripped the gun so tightly. His body began to tremble with anger.

Terrence kneeled down to roll over Hatchet's body. The man's pale skin had darkened, and melted as tar. Hatchet's face had taken on a grotesque form. His eyeballs had exploded out from the sockets, and the majority of his hair was ember turning into ash. Terrence reached a hand out to check his pulse. Though, he was interrupted by Proxy's words.

"And if I don't?" The masked man looked over at Jack from behind. He still didn't point the gun at anyone.

"You have a gun. I throw lightning. Which do you think moves faster?" His tone held promise, not warning. "Kill her, or I will, and then you."

He moved to stand over Hatchet's body, sneering down at him. Crouching down, he shook his head, spitting into the corpse's face. "This is what happens when you won't see things through. The spineless die." Glancing back at Proxy, the irritation bled through his blank glare. "Well? Live or die."

She couldn't just stand there. It was either stand there or die, or take some kind of action and die trying.

She drove her elbow high, driving it as hard as she could into Proxy's face before making a run for the door, out of view of the camera's wide-angled lens.

Of course, he was distracted by the overwhelming stress of his options. He had the same choices as Casey: Stand there, and not carry out the order, and die, or do so and live. The elbow smashed into his goggle lens. The lens cracked, and he stumbled back a few steps. He looked back at Jack almost questionably. The obvious indecision allowed enough time for Casey to make it out of the doorway. But, he chased after her; his figure blurred out of the camera's view. He stepped out of the doorway and aimed his gun at her from behind.

He pulled the trigger only once to fire a bullet at the center of her back.

Terrence could only scoot himself away in the corner of the room. Terror filled his eyes, when the gunshot went off. "Oh my god," The words slinked out with a quiver. His whole body began to shake in a truly ignorant, and selfish fear of what would happen to himself. He didn't make a single move. All muscles were locked. The poor man found himself staring at Jack.

It was a beautiful feeling, the brief sense that she possibly had an actual chance to escape this place. As foolish as it was, she took it for all it was worth, her body moving quicker than she'd ever moved in her entire life.

When the shot went off, she dropped like a sack of stones, hitting the ground full force and sliding a few inches before settling to a stop. Her eyes were facing the window, blood pooling as the sensation disappeared from her lower extremities.

Eyes closed. She drifted.

Jack closed his eyes as the shot went off, the smile of satisfaction on his face. "All the pieces fall into place, and the picture is oh so sweet."

Rising once more, those dead eyes found Terrence, looking down on him. He almost looked like a demon, gloating in the pain and misery wrought by his hand. Striding closer, his grin grew ever wider, as he suddenly dropped into a crouch before the man.

"Now, you get to live, messenger boy. Ya' found this place, now get the fuck out and take that camera with you."

"Oh god," He whispered in a heavy breath, as Jack drew closer. He gulped, and scooted towards the wall, until he was completely flat against it. He was cornered. Killers, and freaks surrounded him. "W-What..?" He huffed. Sweat dripped down his furrowed brow. His forehead perspired almost profusely from all the stress his body was under. His heart began to race, and his eyes almost filled with tears. Lacking any words, he glanced back up at the camera, and crawled to the stand of which it was set.

Terrence finally stood up. His face popped up from the bottom frame of the view. The short close-up allowed for a shot of his horribly blood shot eyes. He was waiting to suddenly be killed at any second.

He unhinged the camera from the stand, and carried it around, while it still recorded. There was no steady motion. The view was blurry, as he began to walk outside of the room. He looked down at Casey's bleeding body. "My god, who are you people...?" He choked down the tears. His heart was in his throat, as the saying goes.

The camera caught a quick shot of Proxy standing over Casey's limp body.

"I can't believe this happened. I didn't want this." A slight pant harnessed his breath. He echoed his thoughts one last time, before finally turning off the camera.


Gambit's BarSetting: Gambit's Bar

Character Portrait: says,
 This Just In

TERRACAST Reporters Terrence Wolf and Bethany Foster have been subdued and are being held hostage on Eden.

"'My name is Casey Delancy. A few short days ago I was kidnapped from my home. While unconscious, I was taken to an undisclosed location and chained to the ceiling, where I was ...'" Her expression soured, and she hesitated."'...stripped naked, humiliated and tortured.'"

More as this story develops
Out of nowhere a young woman and a camera man would enter, noting the commotion and sigh, well this was certainly a story, not a great one but a story was a story nonetheless and they seemed too preoccupied with themselves, so setting up Steve's camera, she readied her mic and said.

Hello, Wing City this live report from Gambit's Bar with Clair Wilder your voice for supernatural and weird freaky shit that takes place on Terra. I am here witnessing a group of vampires bursting into a feud, we are advising all to remain away from bar and the police have been informed though doubtful they can do much. One notable thing is the Detente the biggest vampire faction in Terra is involved, considering how they been trying to build bridges, this does not speak well for them. This reporter thinks that something should be done.

This is Claire Wilder for special report live from Gambit's Bar warning everyone to remain away from here and maybe it's time to question can we allow such a powerful faction to exist?

Goodnight, and Goodbye.

Tauvyr TavernSetting: Tauvyr Tavern

Winne Rineswurth here, reporting live from Tauvyr Tavern.

It seems this new location, in contrast to Gambit's Bar, is highly secure and safe. The military presence quite literally keeps to the shadows, and the bouncers seem intent on holding high the class bar. What's even more shocking is how busy the bar is, despite the Grand Opening being this coming Saturday.

Is this ironic, considering Tauvyr Tavern caters mostly to the supernatural? Has the supernatural citizen superseded the human in self control?

Does Terra have a new hotspot?

Winne Rineswurth, live with TERRACAST.

Gambit's BarSetting: Gambit's Bar

The television sets set over each table and over the bar in several locations showed the TERRACAST logo briefly before showing a purple and pink feline behind a desk in naught but his dark brown colloar. "Good afternoon deziens of terra and the surrounding planets. For Terracast, I'm Attila, onto the breaking news." A image appeared of the front gates of the RIP,

"It has recently come to our attention that a new resident had taken residence in the maximum security prison known as the RIP to the locals. Upon further investigation, the new resident is not exactly what one can expect. According to the information Terrcast has managed to obtain. A certain woman has been placed in a well secured cell within the vast prison complex." The cat said in perfect english.

"A large starship was also parked in the hangar area of the prison complex as well. Apparently the woman was not readily available for comment either, according to RIP staff, the woman is currently sealed away in one of their more securewed cells. Apparently frozen in stasis of some sort. We never received a name of this woman. Only that there was a large enough bounty on her head to get her locked away in such a place." Attila then smiled, "And now, the weather forecast for Wing City."

Wing CitySetting: Wing City

The TV across Wing City flickers and changes from whatever is being shown on that channel to, at once, display the same Terracasted message. A neat-looking suited reporter is sat behind a basic desk, his black hair neatly combed. After a short moment, he looked into the camera and spoke.

"We interrupt this program to bring you a special emergency broadcast. Reports are coming in from across the City as magic users find their drinking water contaminated with the dangerous drug Elysium. Early investigations have shown that contamination from Wing City Lake is to blame, linked with a Russian attack on Gambit's Bar. Details of how the Elysium reached the Lake have yet to be confirmed, but improper disposal of an Elysium bomb is being cited as the cause by witnesses. All magic users and magical beings are advised to stay away from the tap water until decontamination can be performed. A reminder that Elysium is a dangerous drug that over-enhances the magic with any magical entity until that power destroys them from the inside out. A nasty way to go for sure, folks. This has been a public emergency announcement. We now return to your scheduled programming."

The TV returned to whatever had been showing beforehand, its warning given.

Gambit's BarSetting: Gambit's Bar

The television in the corner piped up,

Attention All Supernatural Residents of Wing City.
Due to the polluting of your main water source with Elysium, Verinotte Hollow has opened it's gates officially to those effected by this act of terror.
Citizens of Wing City are permitted temporary residency to Verinotte Hollow, and protected as such. They are expected to observe the laws of the Hollow.

Please present your Wing City residency documents at the gates of Verinotte Hollow, or be prepared to apply for full citizenship before entry.

Due to this Quarantine, Verinotte Hollow is taking extra precautions.

Stay safe, Supernaturals.

The television cut off.

TerraSetting: Terra

The TV across Terra flickers and changes from whatever is being shown on that channel to, at once, display the same Terracasted message. A neat-looking suited reporter, familiar from another similar announcement, is sat behind a basic desk, his black hair neatly combed as ever. After a short moment, he looked into the camera and spoke.

"We interrupt this program to bring you a special emergency broadcast. Reports are coming in from Wing City and from across the local system of conflict between Aschen and Taiyou forces. It would appear that the Taiyou Empire is launching a full-scale assault on the occupying Aschen forces on Terra and in the Local Region. Thus far no civilians have been injured in the cross-fire and it appears that no hostility has been expressed towards Terran citizens.

An official Terran response has yet to be declared by the TNG, but so far the WCPD and other police agencies are encouraging civilians to stay out of the conflict. Stay indoors, stay away from CPF garrisons and stay away from the fighting. This has been a public emergency announcement. We now return to your scheduled programming."

The TV returned to whatever had been showing beforehand, its warning given.

Gambit's BarSetting: Gambit's Bar

A sudden blurt of music would begin to blare out of The Television behind the bar, as a newscast began to broadcast forth. A well dressed blonde woman in a fuchsia pant suit sat rigidly behind a digitally rendered desk as various images began to flicker behind her...

"Good evening, and welcome to the Multiverse Weekly Summary. I'm Ashton Negrela and these are this week's top stories...First and foremost, the news on everyone's mind; the renewed hostilities between the Taiyou and Aschen Empires have once again embroiled the planet Terra in a state of war. The first attacks began last night as Taiyou forces infiltrated Terran space and mounted a direct assault on the Aschen garrison posted there. As of right now The Terran National military forces are not involving themselves directly in the conflict, and both civilians and free radicals are advised to stay out of the cross-fire."
"In other news, in a shocking and perverted attack on the continent of Aslund, the water supply of many major metropolitan centers, including the infamous Wing City, have become contaminated with an arcane Drug known as Elysium. Reports indicate that any beings of supernatural or other-worldly origins are the only beings susceptible to the drug's effects, which include disorientation, a loss of self-control, and uncontrolled manifestation of preternatural abilities. The organization or individual responsible for this crime has yet to be identified."
"The island of Verinotte, which is occupied and run by the vampire cartel Vankoryth Detente, has opened its borders to supernatural refugees seeking asylum from potential contamination. The island as a whole has seen a surge of activity recently, as a new temple known as the Shrine of Shrines was recently reopened to the public, where several Outer Gods are actively worshipped."
"Finally, the annual Gargantua hunt, held in Vien's Lac Long Quan Arena on the planet Aberash will be starting sometime in the near future this coming standard week. Potential hunters are welcome to stay at the multitude of quality, low cost housing and transportation to and from the event site will be without charge. Hunters are able to participate solo, or in groups if they so wish. It must be noted that not all participants are expected to survive. Already, hopeful hunters are flocking to the planet to begin their training to take down the massive indigenous monsters that roam the planet."

TerraSetting: Terra

"Hello, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another news bulletin on the latest war to ravage Terra. My name is Martin Langford. It has been confirmed from several channels that the Taiyou and the Aschen are no longer alone in our system. An unidentified fleet has taken up a position near to Terra's moon, seemingly unaligned with either side of the conflict. Unconfirmed reports that this fleet is associated with the famous Arcus Sol, known for his Sol Tower being a striking landmark of Terra's own Wing City.

Furthermore, we're getting word that the Coalition has entered the system, but we have yet to confirm their intentions. The Coalition are reportedly advising that Terran citizens evacuate the planet immediately.

The conflict on the streets of Wing City has reached a boiling point as Taiyou forces systematically eradicate all Aschen positions, and the fleet engagement above the planet is in full swing.

Taiyou, Aschen, Coalition and other forces have all showed out to do battle above our world and we are left to ask one question: where are our leaders? What actions are they taking to protect us?

The short answer, ladies and gentlemen? None. Our government is doing nothing. The valiant men and women of the Terran Militia and the police force are doing all in their power to keep our civilians out of the crossfire but we have had NO - not even one - statements from the government with regard to the escalating conflict. It's beginning to look like the Coalition might have the right idea, folks. Maybe it's time to abandon ship.

This has been Martin Langford, continuing coverage of the latest war to ravage our homeworld. Stay safe out there, folks."
Hello, and welcome to the six o'clock news,
greeted Amy Wing, as she sat behind her desk, straightened her papers, looked into the camera broadcasting live across the entire planet and smiled.
And our top stories tonight: the citizens of Terra continue to fret over the lack of official response from the government as Coalition forces enter the system. Also, how safe is your water? Join us for a special report as we interview some survival experts and ask them what YOU can do to provide clean water for your family, and how you can keep them safe through the troubling times to follow.

The opening reel began to play, during which Amy sat behind her desk, sighed, and patted her forehead with a napkin. This had been such a stressful job in the last few days and she honestly wasn't sure how much longer she and the rest of the crew could keep it up...

And we're back on in three!
The studio-hand called.

Amy quickly crossed her hands on the desk, smiled, and looked into the camera.

And welcome back! Here is our first story: coa- hey, you can't be in here this is LIVE!
Amy said to the man who had just walked into shot, her eyes glaring and only a shade away from red.
H-Hey! Security!

She could do nothing as the man, who wore a red cloak with a lowered hood pushed her out of the frame, and quickly subdued two security guards who ran in to deal with the situation by skillfully disarming them of tasers and pushing them out of shot.

People of Terra!

The man, Cain, cried as he turned to face the camera and dropped the electronic charge prods to the desk. The Cameraman was so flabbergasted by what he was seeing that he didn't think to shut the feed off... He just kept recording as Cain began to speak.

I know how you feel. You are scared; abandoned by the governments who swore to protect you! As foreign powers do battle in our skies and on our land, our so called 'leaders' do nothing to ease our fear, or help us to fight! Have we had even one official response from them? No, we have not! Why? Are they cowards? Do they fear the foreigners and their fleets of ships? Where is our army? Why are they not helping to contain the fighting, to evacuate citizens and restore peace and order in our cities?!

It is because they have left us to our doom. They no longer care for us, they care only for their own survival. They keep quiet so that once it is done, we can go back to following the laws given to them by foreign oppressors!

I have seen the fighting, I have seen the engagements. I have lived through just as much as any one of you, and I know that all hope seems lost. I know that no matter who wins, it feels as though Terra will lose. That we will be thrown once more in the chains of a foreign nation without the strength to stand on our own two feet and deny them of their fool's right to tyranny.

But no... I refuse to let that happen.

The police departments and militias of this once-great planet are doing their absolute best to save as many of you as they can, and I salute them with all my heart for that loyalty. But it is not enough, and that is why I am here today. I seek your safety, people of Terra. I promise to protect you from those who would do you harm, and I will give my life to do so. And so I tell you this:

Scattered across Terra are military installations and underground bunkers designed to protect the people from orbital bombardment and planetary assaults. Find where they are, and go to them! Keep yourselves and your families safe and if you are strong enough to fight, take up arms and prepare to defend them to your last breath! We have no military, so it is time to make our own!

If you are located in or near to Wing City, come to me. Come to my men, who even now have a place you can be safe. Go to Industrial Sector 16; go to Warehouse 3. We have weapons to protect you, food and water for your children and medical supplies for your wounds, but better still, we have a bunker that not even a Reverence can crack. We will offer you the safest place on this planet and that I guarantee you. We will no longer have to rely on others to save us, and once the Aschen are driven from this planet we will no longer have to look to others for 'protection'. However, me.. My men.. We can not do this without your help. We need money, we need supplies, we need men willing to fight with us and risk their lives for a freedom that I KNOW you all want!

I assure you that we will succeed. We will not only take an active part in this conflict to protect ourselves, but we shall be the victors here today. We may not have a fleet, but we have the greatest people this universe will ever know. We have a strength of heart and a passion that can not be matched by anyone!

So I say one last time, fellow Terrans... Come to me, find me. Join me in helping to drive the Aschen from this planet, then once that is done, stand with me as we face those who came to 'aid' us eye-to-eye and say no, you can not oppress us any longer!

We are the the citizen-soldiers, the hoplites of Terra, and we need you.

The man who delivered his speech, Cain Genesis, left the screen. Moments later, the news program ended.

Gambit's BarSetting: Gambit's Bar

The various TVs and also the radios that worked and were on suddenly buzzed the emergency alert warning notes. Three loud buzzing beeps, some tones and then finally a voice unheard as the words scrolled across the TV screens in large bold letters, "This is an emergency broadcast message. All citizens of Terra, her surrounding systems, and nighboring systems are to be on the lookout for defected UECOR Clones. Do not use major space lanes alone. Urbanite planets and moons are highly dangerous. Avoid contact with UECOR personell at all costs. Keep your doors locked and barricaded. Do not permit others to enter your homes if you do not know or recognise them." Three more warning beeps sounded off before the message repeated itself before it finally faded back to the normally scheduled programs.

UECOR was a unknown group, a hidden army of a unknown empire. They used clones to create their soldiers. Now, One of those clones were somewhere in the galaxy at large. Possibly already on Terra or one of her nighbouring star systems.

TerraSetting: Terra

Character Portrait: Figment Figment says,

A transmission has been received from an incoming fleet.

We are running a humanitarian aid and evacuation Mission to Terra's surface. If we are fired upon though we will respond with force.

Verinotte HallSetting: Verinotte Hall

A scroll rolled from the shadows.

The Vankoryth Detente would like to cordially invite all that read to...
The Ball of Chaos!
In honor of recent events, (the Over-Terra Aschen-Taiyou Conflict) Verinotte Hollow wishes to celebrate peace, prosperity, and remind Terra what we are fighting for. The festivities are Sunday, April 14th at Verinotte Hall. Dress your red carpet best, as there will be a media presence and live band. There will also be two surprise celebrity guests attending the evening affair. Tickets go for sale beginning immediately for W~600. 70% of each ticket sold is donated directly to the Shrine of Shrines.
Attendees not in formal attire are subject to receiving request to leave.

Wing City PlazaSetting: Wing City Plaza

"Winne Rineswurth here with Breaking News!

Tayrn Lebeau wife of the notorious owner of Gambit's Bar, has been assassinated here in the public of Wing City! She was shopping at Andromedia, a store selling imports from the Andromeda Galaxy. It was there she took on an undisclosed amount of bullet wounds, before the unspeakable happened. Witnesses say from nowhere sprung an assassin, firing a single bullet deep into the mind of Tayrn, and fleeing the scene. She leaves behind two daughters, and a legacy.

The security camera footage is dodgy at best, the assassin unable to be identified. Witnesses were left in shock and horror, and Andromedia has been closed until further notice.

The Wing City Police Department has of course requested the public of Terra to report any and all information pertaining to this suspect. He is armed and extremely dangerous, all who wish to approach him should be warned. There is a bounty of W~5,333,21,0 on the head of the assassin, as well as a reward of W~500 for any hot leads.

Who could have done such a thing? Why was Tayrn a target? Is Gambit up to no good? More as the story progresses, from TERRACAST."

Verinotte SquareSetting: Verinotte Square

Winne Rineswurth here, reporting Live from the Ball of Chaos!
Here in Verinotte Hollow, citizens from all over Terra have amassed to celebrate peace and good intentions in this time of war. The event has even drawn interplanetary attention, hailing celebrity guests from the planet of Ruula into attendance. Technology sure has come a long way, folks!
Valve and Arielle presently grace the Ball of Chaos, upping the class bar for the evening with their foreign fanciful attire.

Other celebrities present include the infamous Timo, famed body snatcher that was once at large across Alsund who has been in custody of The Rehabilitation Institute for the Paranormals since her arrest. Rumors circulating prior to the invent speculated that she and founder, owner and administratorJoran Davrell were intimately involved. His lack of presence this evening however, states otherwise.

The Vankoryth Detente has proved, thus far, to be the most gracious host. The only incident could be considered mild: A dragon crashed through the roof, thus obliterating the clock tower. The dragon is considered non-hostile, and is a present guest inside Verinotte Hall. As for the clock tower, it is a ruin now, but has thankfully been deemed safe to party around.

Verinotte HallSetting: Verinotte Hall

"Winne Rineswurth here, reporting live from the Ball of Chaos!

It would appear ancient royalty has arrived! Kaine, famed Vampire of old, graces Verinotte Hollow tonight with his presence. With him he has brought an undead entourage, who dropped from the ceiling in an impressive display of archaic power! What really stopped the show, as you can see ladies and gentlemen, is what happened prior to their drop.

Gold rained from the ceiling, a gift from Kaine to the guests. The barrage of splendor has stopped, but many lavish items still litter the floor of Verinotte Hall. What is to make of this appearance? Guests ducked for cover, and a Taguel was seen fleeing the scene.

This has been Winne Rineswurth, with TERRACAST!"

Main StreetSetting: Main Street

"Winne Rineswurth, LIVE from Main Street with Breaking News!

Following the assassination of Tayrn Lebeau, Gambit's Bar has been officially closed until further notice. Witnesses claim Gambit Himself made a rare appearance. It has yet to be confirmed whether or not he was actually shedding tears, but sources state he was in for wors-"

-Aah! Uhh... What...What was that? Test..test...Audio coming through? Ok here we are. Alright folks, it appears there was a large explosion...from the north....we're headed-running there right now. Stay tuned as this develops, with TERRACAST."

The PalaceSetting: The Palace

"Hello this Claire Wilder here for special Terracast broadcast. We are outside the headquarters of the group known as Invictius and word is big plans for Terra are being discussed. There even word Detente are involved, this is all rather impressive, but I can transfer the feed so you can all see: Live Broadcast.

Wing City Town SquareSetting: Wing City Town Square

Much the bodies had been removed now, and there were only a few people dotted around, many in uniforms. Having heard about all this, Clair dragged Steve over and commanded him to record. Of course he was being stubborn as all hell and actually said, "Clair, seriously there lines you are crossing." totally ignoring him she gestured to begin:

"Greetings, this is Terracast and I am Clair Wilder, we have come to a scene of recent terrorist attack, details are still foggy but this is what we been able to piece together. At 3:20 an Auction began in Wing City Town Square, while this was going on a group of twenty or so children were on coming off the bus. At 3:30 pm sharp the bombs went off, the sonuvabitch put C4s in the child's satchels. Immediately helped rushed in, but at 3:45 another bomb went off, this time the school bus. As you can see the scene is carnage, and destruction is everywhere."

Pausing she took a breath, "Mars Corporation, Detente and Descorp helped out in the efforts our city has a lot to owe them. As you are well aware Mars Corp is in fact the defacto owner of our Economy so do something like this, is beyond helpful."

The camera zoomed in to show the various factions and corporation ships helping out.

"This has been Clair Wilder for special bulletin our prays and hopes rest with those who suffered today in this horrific attack. As of now names have not been released..."

HipstervilleSetting: Hipsterville

"Good evening Terra! This is Winne Rineswurth, live from Hipsterville, with TERRACAST. I'm standing outside Galaxy Cupcakes, which just moments ago was shaken by the impact of something large to the North of Wing City. Authorities are working diligently to locate the crash site, which appears to be somewhere in the Icy Peaks. While the object hasn't been officially identified, witnesses are speculating it to be a space ship struck down in the conflict currently occupying Terra's space. Who's ship is this? Are there any survivors? More as the story progresses, only on TERRACAST."

Wing City Business DistrictSetting: Wing City Business District

A TERRACAST Van finished unloading, film crew assembling quickly around a brunette. She stood with her back to the falling building, shoved a hard hat on her head, and waited for the rolling cue.

"This is Winne Rineswurth here, live with Terracast.
I'm here on the scene in the Wing City Business District, where detonations have been reported. Though the initial blast has proven detrimental to the infrastructure of the building, the panic is proving to be far more deadly. Already two cars have collided with store fronts, and seven casualties have been reported. "

The camera panned to show more of the damage, several glowing jellyfish whizzing past. Some citizens weren't panicking. They were snapping pictures. A half orc with a brightly glowing valojelea clinging to it's shoulder raced by in the background, dodging bricks and photographers. Suddenly, gunfire could be heard. The cameraman fumbled as he took off for a run, the voice of Winne Rineswurth heard screaming in the background. When the camera was righted again it showed Winne disheveled crouched next to a dumpster.

"Breaking news ladies and gentlemen, gunfire has been heard on the scene. This is beginning to look like no accident, folks."

Wing City PlazaSetting: Wing City Plaza

Wing City Plaza was busy, as usual. Citizens milled about their business, talking and walking and doing as they did. Not a thing was out of place, except for one thing in particular. But what was it? There was something very off about Wing City Plaza indeed. Something about to be brought to attention once more.

A news van lurched onto the scene, perhaps a bit behind schedule but who was there to care? If you asked any of the individuals inside the van they would all answer diferently, most likely, but the answer of one would ring true. Terra was there to care.

As usual, the dark marked van barreled over a curb. Doors flung open before the thing was stopped, side door sliding haphazardly this way and that as the vehicle settled in it's spot. From ther a cameraman all but tumbled, aiming the device around the plaza and calibrating knobs.

There it would be anchored, satellites unfolding smoothly from the roof, Terracast logo shining. With a shake of her sleekened hair, Winne Rineswurth cast her dark gaze on the anomaly.

It was nothing like she, or anyone else in this city no doubt had ever seen. It was something mystical, magical and strange. Her eyes glittered at the thought of Claire Wilder's reaction to her covering of this story. It was a headliner, for sure. The cameraman was spot on, hovering around Winne and ready to shoot. She walked to the perimeter of the scene.

"This is Winne Rineswurth, reporting live from Wing City Plaza.

It was here a large detonation seemingly occurered, leaving behind or perhaps unveiling...This.

A magical anomoly, appearing to be some kind of warp in space time perhaps, has happened across Wing City Plaza. It is unknown at this time if any have ventured in to the strange thing.

Where did this come from, and where does it lead?
This is Winne Rineswuth with Terracast, stay tuned!

Winne grinned at the camera, giving a wink on her sign off and all but exploding with happiness. Voice of the Year was hers!

Wing CitySetting: Wing City

The TV across Wing City flickers and changes from whatever is being shown on that channel to, at once, display the same Terracasted message. A neat-looking suited reporter is sat behind a basic desk, his black hair neatly combed. After a short moment, he looked into the camera and spoke.

"We interrupt this program to bring you a special emergency broadcast. Reports are coming in from across the City as a veritable army of what appears to be cyborgs have flooded out of the business district."

The footage cuts to show Main Street, Sol Avenue and the rest of the business district from overhead, scenes of chaos and violence unfolding below as NPA, WCPD and Invictus troops clashed with the relentless cyborgs, alongside vigilantes and civilians fighting for their lives.

"Where are these cyborgs coming from? What do they want, or who sent them? All citizens are being advised to evacuate from their homes and the city until this incursion can be contained. Those behind the cyborg lines are advised to barricade your doors and await response teams from the WCPD and NPA to clear the area. We'll be bringing you more on this story as it develops."

The camera panned around to show an NPA official seated beside the anchorman, and the broadcast went on, showing footage of the fights and repeatedly detailing evacuation protocols as they developed.
Gambit Wife's Killer Captured!

The headline of the news programme blared across the screen as the voice of a man began to speak over images of a gathering of reporters outside the heavily defended RIP facility outside of Wing City.

"Hello, and welcome to Terracast News at Noon, I'm Martin Langford. Our top story this afternoon: the killer of Taryn Lebeau, wife of the infamous Remy Lebeau, owner of popular local establishment Gambit's Bar has been taken into custody. An announcement was made by a member of the WCPD earlier today stating that the unnamed child murderer who witnesses had reported as shooting Mrs. Lebeau without provocation in Wing City Plaza had been apprehended alive, and was now interred within the high security Davrell Rehabilitation Institute for Paranormals. The spokesperson stated that no details regarding the child's identity were available for release, and nor were details of their arrest. It is being speculated that the arrest was somehow related to the catastrophic detonation of the city's Spaceport yesterday morning, due to sightings of a child-like culprit during that event, however the spokesperson refused to comment on these claims."

The shot cut to images of the spaceport and the explosion that had taken place the day before.

"Amidst the chaos striking in the business district as the undead cyborg menace persists, we are left reassured that the police department has not forgotten about the other threats to the city's safety. The question remains on many citizens' minds though, in light of the knowledge of his wife's killer's capture, will 'Gambit' reopen his bar?"

GontharSetting: Gonthar

Across Gonthar a string of advertisements were being played across a multitude of electronic devices including radios, televisions, holograms and through the internet and news papers. More shocking to most Terrans was the Cancellation of Victor Vidal's evening news segment on Foreign affairs.

Victor had canceled his show tentatively and chosen to run for parliament. In a town hall in the Gonthar region there was a small crowd gathered where a suited Victor stood before a podium.

" People of Gonthar, most of you are familiar with me but those of you who aren't My name is Victor Vidal. Many of you I'm sure are familiar with my segment on Terracast regarding foreign affairs but tonight I'm not here to talk about that. Tonight I am here to talk about you, the People of Gonthar. I am happy to officially announce that I am running for Parliament, representing Gonthar."

Victor paused looking into the few cameras set up before continuing. "Gonthar has been through a lot recently and with the recent Cybran Incident I'm sure most of you are very concerned with the National Defense. So tonight I am here to tell you, the people of Gonthar my three step approach if elected."

Victor paused giving the crowd a few moments to process before he began to roll out his plan. " First, Terra needs to stabilize it's relations in the region. For too long we have been on the rocks with our neighbors and Allies. If elected I will propose that The Terran Foreign Minister hold a conference with all of the powers that have a firm stake with Terra and sort out our political and regional differences. For too long Terra has been the battleground for international disputes between Non-Terran Nations."

"Secondly I will propose a bill suggesting the Immediate Dismantle of All Mercenary and Corporate Defense forces. Terra must become independent and Terran the Defense of Terra should be in control by the Terran Military and not run with Mercenaries and other corporations. For too long they have been profiting off of these incidents."

"Finally, We need to invest in Terran research programs. Terra is one of the most Diverse planets in the galaxy. With citizens form inconceivable amount of different backgrounds. It is time that we use this to our advantage. Together with the amount of knowledge and ability I can see no bounds to where we could rise. For many years Terra has been on the decline but, no more the people of Terra, the people of Gonthar do not deserve this. So I ask all of you to rise up to the occasion and together we can achieve stability and growth. The road ahead will be tough but we will face the future together, so I ask you all if you elect me I will do everything in my power to help the people of Terra. It's time that we focus on the people and not war and Territory."

"To sum things up, I plan to focus on this, First of all National Defense followed by improving our educational and scientific research along with our health care system. For too long the people of Terra have been over looked. Today I say no more, no more this is about you all the citizens of Terra. Together we can make this nation a better place." Victor Paused giving the people in the crowd and the cameras a smile.

Wing City Eastern GateSetting: Wing City Eastern Gate

"Wing City is preparing for the worst, folks," Winne moved in close to the camera, her head obstructing the view as she and the crew re-positioned their shot. When she moved, screens across Terra would display a civilian woman with her hands in the air, a sharp increase in military presence surrounding, and lots of background hubub and construction.

"As you can see behind me, this is an occupied military operation. All civilians are expected to comply with regulation. Any trespassers will be detained and evaluated. Chaos and shadows are seemingly fixing to descend evil upon our fine city, Wing City, and it would appear the various presences, operations, and occupations have come together to defend their outposts: our home."

The camera stayed fixed on the civilian woman and the scions with weapons at the ready, which was at the moment the height of drama at the gate.