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The Multiverse » Arcs » The Fate of A New Place

Yamaxanadu, Eiki Shiki and Her Subordinate get Transported to an unfamiliar place.

As written by: IIRawWriteII, Specmarine, xXcandlejackXx, Creepypasta rules!

71 pieces and 5 characters involved, written by 4 different authors.

4 places involved

So begins...

The Fate of A New Place

Main StreetSetting: Main Street

"So you got us to a mysterious area just because you wanted to judge more people?" Komachi asked.
"I wasn't like I wanted to go here!" Eiki replied.

Eiki was frustrated. All she said to Yukari was that she wanted to judge more people;
She didn't want to appear in another place just like that! Yet here she was, with not a single clue about the place.
Yukari also dragged Komachi with her. She was her Subordinate, but she constantly slacked off. A day wouldn't go by without a scolding to Komachi. She didn't know if having Komachi would be a grace or a burden.

Eiki looked around. She saw buildings of varying heights around her. They had varying colours, making it hard on the eyes. She flew up for a better view and Komachi followed suit, the buildings extended far and wide, blanketing the surface. It looked like an intricate pattern looking down. At the borders, green fields covered the outside area. City's weren't very common in Gensokyo, Yet this one reached far and wide.

The two girls flew down. Feeling the breeze from the wind resistance. They came to a slow stop on the ground, landing with a thud. "I guess our first plan is to find some Youkai who know about this area"
The path seemed endless, but Eiki didn't mind the distance.
She didn't even take two steps when Komachi protested: "Wait! Why do we have to walk? Can't we do something else?"
"Do you have any better ideas?"
"Well... Uh, maybe just sit and wait for someone? heh." Eiki proceeded as if she didn't hear Komachi.
Komachi groaned and started following.

And so they started walking down the newfound place they were in. The path was long and tiring, and Komachi looked like she wanted to lie down and rest. It was also difficult to see, as it was nighttime out. The moon seemed to look different to Eiki,
Maybe it's just her.
Midnight, a time where the normally noisy streets were quiet. Although there was few civilians walking around there were a few patrols of what appeared to be soldiers. Wearing beige colored flak vests, some sort of rifle slung around their soldiers and even armored vehicles accompanying these patrols from tanks, to armored walkers.

The brave soldiers of the Imperial Guard was active at night to defend the city from any evil that threatens the civilians that live here...Of course the focus was not on these distinguished men of war rather a lone man in a red uniform and officers hat. A mercenary was his occupation and he wandered the streets at night.

"Alright...Nightime seems like a better time to walk around...I get ambushed by all sorts of random bounty hunters duing the morning each time I show myself...Maybe I have better luck at night...Oh who am I kidding, it might be worse...I just hope I can find a bar around here..." The man ssighed to himself as he walked across the sidewalk passing a pair of soldiers who disappeared around the corner, even with all these soldiers many parts of the city was not fully covered.

Still, not like he cared...He was a wanderer, a mercenary, he moved from place to place. With a small shake of his head he looked at his surroundings, hands in his pockets as he did. He spotted two girls walking around...That's an unusual sight...But it did not concern him of course. Just some random girls, what? Was it Halloween already?

With a shrug he continued walking making sure to keep looking around.
"Can we rest now-"

Komachi has asked this question for the tenth time during the course of the walk. And they only walked 5 minutes.
Because of this Eiki considered to actually say yes just to stop the nagging. Of course, she didn't but it would be nice.
The Buildings remained colourful, even after walking. The clouds above them moved slowly overhead, occasionally blocking the moonlight. It still struck her as odd about how the moon looked different. It was; calming in a way, walking in the quiet night; it was soothing. At least when Komachi didn't interrupt her-

"Can we re-"
"But I see some people in the distance!"

Eiki looked ahead. She saw a red figure standing tall in the distance. Someone at last! On closer inspection, he appeared to wear a blue cap of sorts; Kind of like her hat.

"How lovely. A Youkai in the city." Eiki looked at Komachi "Do you mind transporting to him?" Eiki sincerely asked.

Komachi had the ability to manipulate distance, specifically between her and a target. It was an average ability compared to others in Gensokyo, but it was very useful for travelling to places quickly. She used it often in ferrying the souls of people to Eiki for judging. Komachi could also manipulate ghosts so she could extinguish one if the ghost she was ferrying was hostile. Almost everyone in Gensokyo had a unique ability.

"Ehh!? Why didn't you say that during the walk! We could have avoided all that walking!" Komachi Exclaimed
"We only walked for five minutes. Besides, you didn't have a target destination. And even if you tried just warping in front of you, you would have been tired quite quickly. And we don't even know how far we have to walk!" Eiki reasoned
"Ahh... Good point."

So Eiki grabbed on to Komachi's arm, and soon after Komachi zipped to the red figure carrying Eiki with her. I was a change of pace from all that walking, as they felt the cold breeze waft through them.
They landed on the ground after with a small thud. Komachi seemed suspicious of the Youkai but Eiki walked to him right on ahead.

"Why hello. I just wanted to ask where this place is." Eiki began.
"Why hello young... miss?" The person replied. He was weirded out by her odd outfit but he couldn't judge.
A male? Eiki thought. Youkai did adapt human-like forms, but virtually all of them became women. Eiki pondered. She continued pondering. "We are currently in Wing City in Main Street. Most people go inside by now, An evening walk?" He asked.
"Oh thanks. I and my subordinate were just lost" Eiki responded.
"What.. Subordinate?" The mercenary responded.
"Oh the one right behind me-" Eiki turned around but Komachi was nowhere to be found.

Eiki looked left and right. But she didn't see her; Just the colourful buildings and the Youkai beside her.
"Komachi! Did she seriously leave just because she was bored and tired!" Eiki thought furiously
Eiki started squeezing her rod tightly, along with closing her eyes in anger.
"I swear I will scold her so much she won't ever slack off again!" Of course, Eiki said this everytime she needed to scold Komachi. She was going to storm off when she was interrupted again.

"Umm... Are you okay miss? You look frustrate-"
"NO!" She boomed. Then she opened her eyes to see a confounded Youkai.
"Sorry. My subordinate seems to have wandered off again. Excuse me for the... Outburst." Eiki said embarrassingly.
"Oh, uh... oka- It's okay. I sometimes have frustrating days of my own." The Mercenary replied.
"In fact, I was paid to hunt down a person by the name of Russian. I think the name of the client was Hadriel"
"I've searched this area ten's of times as the client said he was located here. But I swear every time I think I found him, It isn't him. The client already gave me a detailed description of him and I still haven't found him!"

"Sounds infuriating. I hope you can do your job. One last thing, who is that Youkai with that thing on his arm? Is he related to you?" Eiki asked.
"Youkai? Thing on his ar- wait." The Mercenary quickly turned to look.
Russian simply walked down the sidewalk minding his own business, so far so good! No attempts on his life, no crazy androids, no cats firing nuclear missiles, no shape shifting bounty hunter...Just the peace and quiet of the night. Just how he wanted his days to be when not doing his job.

Of course his attention turned when he heard someone yell. It seemed that the girl he saw seemed to be talking with a guy. Must be asking for directions or something. Like he would know or care. But he noted that one of them was missing. Looking around he noticed that the other girl with her had vanished. "Mages?...Nah they ain't carrying So staffs or whatever..." He took a moment to ponder where the other girl could have went before shrugging.

He was not going to anylize the situation. Although it just reinforced the fact that there was quite a varied amount of people around. But for now he just needed a drink, he meant to go buy some drinks but after getting attacked while doing something as simple as that he was of course a bit hesitant to go out nowadays.

Besides, if he did go out despite the danger his drinks would be blown up in the resulting attack and that would defeat the purpose of going to town to buy the simple things. With a sigh Russian continued walking minding his own business still.
"What's a Youkai? and where was this person you were talking about?"
"Oh. I guess I was just seeing things."
"Perhaps you were just tired." The Mercenary guessed.
Eiki had a nice conversation. But she needed to look for Komachi now. She looked around one last time, just to make sure.
"I'll take my leave now. Have luck!"

Eiki needed to find Komachi. But where could she start? Her only guess was to just start walking around.
Who was that person anyway? It was probably just a random bystander, Perhaps its just her curiosity.
And so she started wandering the big city.
As Russian continued to walk, his eyes glanced over at a small store. What caught his eye of course was the selection of alcoholic drinks. "And score one for me." He grinned a bit as he entered the dimly lit store. As soon as he entered the cashier welcomed him as he ready a newspaper. Of course when you open at night you had to have something to do at this hour.

Of course his main concern was picking out a good drink for a smoke. So much to choose from but he really needed just one. Whiskey...Beer...Some foreign drinks...There was quite a selection. Of course it appeared that his guard was down. Obviously deciding it was safe enough he was much more relaxed now.

"Now...What to buy?...I can afford anything right now so I should treat myself..." He muttered to himself as he scratched his chin. Nothing could ruin his day he was almost sure of it.

Side AlleySetting: Side Alley

"What a dank place." Komachi expressed.

She was exploring the city out of curiosity and boredom. Her master Eiki was talking to a weird Youkai, or so she thought.
She thought the conversation was getting boring, and she didn't trust him. So she decided to explore of her own accord.
She was tired after all that walking so she wasn't going to explore that far. So far her wandering hasn't yielded her anything interesting, as shown by the fact she was in a dark alleyway.

"This isn't very interesting. Maybe I should turn back" She complained.

Yet she continued on the alleyway out of curiosity.
There were occasional puddles on the ground usually out of water, but sometimes it was some brownish-greenish liquid. Komachi avoided those. There was litter and broken bottles on the ground. They made crinkling and clinging noises when she stepped on them. The walls were a plain brick. Occasionally there were windows on them, but all of them were lightless.

Komachi pressed forward.

Master's DojoSetting: Master's Dojo

Eiki had started her search for Komachi, her subordinate.
She wanted to start at the first obvious building she saw, which was this place. She could barely read the sign on the front of the building. "Master's Dojo" it read. Eiki thought this was odd, Youkai always spontaneously fought Spellcard Duels. They wouldn't just go to a pre-planned place for the fight.

"How odd." Eiki said.
She could see various figures duelling and fighting. Some used Swords and Weapons, Others dueled without weapons. But she could not see any Danmaku fired, which she thought was practically impossible. Moreover she couldn't see any Spellcards floating around them; Usualy in spellcard duels they would have their cards circling them for easy access. But she couldn't see any at all.

She didin't have that as her top priority though. Most importantly, Komachi wasn't here; So she might as well leave. But her curiosity overtook her, So she looked for someone unoccupied with dueling. She planned to ask questions about this place.

Gambit's BarSetting: Gambit's Bar

Komachi entered, looking around at her surroundings.
"A... Bar?" Komachi questioned.
She pondered the logic of having the entrance of the bar located in a dark alleyway.
She looked around again.

There was a bar extending along the left side of the wall. Some people were in chairs conversing. A barista was working behind the bar, wiping a glass. Various bottles lined the back of the bar. Round tables populated the right side, along with some more people to boot. Music was playing though a device that Komachi couldn't identify. One of the walls had a stairway leading upwards. Probably more of the bar.

Komachi was feeling a lot of tension lately. She needed a place to unwind. So Komachi sat down on one of the swivel chairs. "Ahh..." Komachi let out. She swivelled around turned towards the bar.

Master's DojoSetting: Master's Dojo

"I’m going back now."
Eiki looked all over the place but she could not see a single person unoccupied.
It was like everywhere she looked was the same. Two people fighting without spells.
It was becoming a waste of time for her. She needed to find Komachi.

So she walked to the door and exited.

Gambit's BarSetting: Gambit's Bar

Issac let out a heavy sigh. " I'm sorry to hear ya had a fight with your friend," he said, avoiding the fact the young man had said he was forced to eat humans... It was best to try and not upset the boy any further. " Ain't easy being different, least yours can't be helped. I'm sure ya can find something else to eat, or a different way to go about it so ya ain't hurtin' no one. Vampires and Were's do it all the time." He explained. Issac hesitated before asking his next question. "Your friend alright?"
Rodger williams "yeah, he's ok"
The older man nodded thoughtfully. " That's good then. " Issac turned back to his two drinks sitting on the table, looking for words to help the young man... sadly it seemed the whiskey was keeping its wisdom to itself. The kid had probably given into his urges already... eaten someone already, but could Issac really fault the boy? There was a time when Issac would have already dealt with this young man... but that was a long time ago, and he was another man then...

" Do you have a plan, or are you trying to figure something out at least? " The old man said after long.
Rodger williams he stays silent
Rodger williams he sighs "i dont know"
Komachi. Who was in the bar was listening to the conversation unfold.
She didn't have anything to do as the bartender was serving someone else.

While listening to their conversation she figured they were talking about things like death. She had had her fair share of demons.
Scratch that; the only people she had contact with were demons, aside from the spirits she ferried. Youkai were a type of demon right? Or are they a separate species. Komachi liked to ponder on various questions on free time.

She usually casually talked about dark subjects so she only became more interested. She had her eyes closed in thought while listening to her conversation, with a little mix of rest. They were talking about how one of them almost killed a friend of theirs. She wasn't sensitive so she really only cared about how it affects her workload.

Ehh. At least that's one less person to ferry. She blurted out. They might have heard her, but she didn't care that much.
Rodger williams he looks at her "huh?"
”I mean, it makes my job easier. Not that's your concern.” Komachi a bit rudely replied.
”Sorry. Not in the best mood.” Komachi apologised after.
She didn't really want to start a conversation, though at least she wouldn't get that bored.
Rodger williams he looks a little confused then looked back at the counter
Rodger williams he starts wondering if the people he met earlier are still around...
”Just a question, what is this place?”
Komachi saw this a bit as an opportunity to ask some questions.
So it would be useful for her take advantage of this.
The old man looked over his shoulder at the red-haired, for lack of a better word, girl sitting alone. He had noticed her when she had come in a while before he had spoken to the young man, and hadn't given her much thought aside from the fact he knew her for not exactly "human" Though what she was he couldn't say, the Heads up display built into his eyes confirmed that she was not infact "normal" but gave little more than that.

The old cyborg narrowed his eyes a bit, disapproving her comment. Statements made aloud like that simply to get attention... Maybe she was just a normal girl, maybe a nurse or something what with the talk of Rodger's friend being hurt, though the clothing suggested something else...

" A forgotten corner of the world, namely just a crummy bar now, but it was really something back in its hay day..." He answered.
”Ehh, good enough for me.” Any place of rest for her was fine for now.
”Sorry for that rude interruption earlier.
I’m not familiar with this city and I was getting groggy.”

Komachi apologized again.
”Komachi.” She introduced.
Rodger williams "im rodger" still looking at the counter
”And who’s the machine lookin Youkai?”
Komachi Asked.
Rodger williams "i dont know he never said" he rubs his back
The name rang a bell... And sure enough, he found some information about the Shinigami,
The old man raised an eyebrow at Rodgers comment; he had said his name, or so he had thought.

" My name is Issac." he answered. " Issac Schofield." How had the young woman figured out he was mostly made of metal? It was not as if he had bits of metal sticking out everywhere, or even had glowing eyes. In fact, Issac' had chosen this model because of how close to real it seemed. Once you pulled back a few layers of synthetic skin sure but otherwise he would seem completely normal. Maybe her being a shinigami had something to do with it.

" Pleased to meet you Miss Komachi. A bit far from Gensokyo arn't we?" He asked in a curious tone.
Rodger williams "oh dear"
Rodger williams "here comes the fun part"
"Far from Gensokyo? What do you mean? Isn't this part of Gensokyo?"
Komachi was confused. Surely they aren't just, off the map? She just suggested to herself he was just joking.
Rodger williams "nope"
Rodger williams "but how much do i know, im just a 13 year old kid that likes to drink and is weird as can possibly be"
"As I understand it, we are at something of a crossroads between realms. All realms to be exact. " The old cyborg said stretching in his chair. " Something outta a novel almost. One moment you're sitting here havin' a drink, the next a dragon sits next to ya trying to pick ya up for a---err... adventure." He said remembering that Rodger was only thirteen...

" So I suppose the answer is somewhere between yes and no." He said apologetically to the shinigami. " We are, but we arn't." He added.

The old man turned to Rodgers. " You can know anything, its the quality and amount that's questioned."
Rodger williams "make scene please"
"Haha very funn- wait What!?!" Said Komachi shocked.
If that was the case it would explain the non-female people they saw earlier.
And according to Issac, she wasn't even in the outside world. Or even in the Milky way.

Komachi started tightening her grip on her scythe. "Curse you Yukari!" Komachi thought in frustration.
It was her fault that she and Eiki were stuck here! She started thinking about if she and her master could get home, or even where to start. What if she's stuck here forever! She didn't know.

Komachi let out a sigh, loosening her grip on the handle. She realized how ridiculous she must look to everyone right now.
Right now she should calm down and just ask some questions; maybe even get a drink or two. She postured herself, kind of like what Eiki does.

"Sooo... What planet is this?" She asked.
Issac gave a quizzed look to Rodger, he thought he had explained it pretty well...
" Think like if someone had a time machine, and the broke it, and all the timelines started blending together."

Issac shrugged at Komachi's question. " Terra, at least that's what folks call it. It's a lot like the Earth I'm from. " He said turning his attention back to his drink, which he took a slow sip from.

" Not an awful place, gets invaded from space a fair bit, but the people here are resilient. " He mused, swishing the brown alcohol around in its glass.
"Resilient? Try my place." She said thinking about Reimu and all the incidents.

"Anyways, what is this city called, and is there anywhere I should start?"
Komachi asks after turning to the bar, planning to order a drink or something.
She rested her elbow on the table, putting a side of her head on her hand. She drummed her fingers slowly.
Rodger williams starting to feel like Komachi was trouble, of course he didn't trust nobody with giant weapons he wouldn't say a word
”Umm, you’re staring at scythe?”
Rodger williams he walks outside into the side alley letting the two talk
Well that was... sudden. Komachi said confused at Roder’s sudden exit.
”Anyways can I change my Question?“ She said remembering something.
”If you’re not from Gensokyo, how did you even know my name? Or even the place?”
Rodger williams he walks back to a table and sits down
Rodger williams he thinks that since he is a frickin demon he doesn't have to worry about Komachi anymore, i mean, she could probably put up a good fight but still
”And... he’s back?”
She was starting to get confused and weirded out by this
Rodger guy.
Rodger williams "do you have a problem?" still feeling like komachi was just looking for trouble a little
”Oh, um... nothing”
Rodger williams "..."
Issac gives a heavy yawn, stretching in his seat. " Well after apologizing for being groggy and new, you said a name, I figured it was yours?" He answered, getting up out of his seat to stretch a bit more, not that he needed to, but he felt jittery for some reason. It was likely Rodger's pacing... between his seat and the doorway.

" As for how I knew of your world." Issac tapped his temple. "I was mostly metal when I found myself here, turns out I could get a few upgrades. I used to hunt supernatural beings, as such I've got a couple programs in here that help I.D things, I went ahead and upgraded the programs to log things that are found in these parts. Your name tripped a few lore threads, I don't know which Komachi you are, as it turns out there are a few. Anyways most of that is not as useful anymore, seeing as I'm retired."

The old man leaned against the bar, watching both of the other two partons... Though his eyes narrowed at Rdoger when he started to get an attitude with the shinigami.

" Forgive him Komachi, he's young."
Rodger williams "oh shut up"
he is getting very paranoid by the second
“I did mention my name? Guess I forgot.”
”So you’re basically a robot? That’s kinda interesting I guess.”
Abilities were just common in Gensokyo. She just went along with the story. Although the fact it was just some commoner made it a bit more interesting.
”Why did you decide to become some metal amalgamation? And what was your past job?” Komachi questioned.
She realized she was asking the robot guy a lot. Maybe she could ask about the wierd one next.
Issac dismissed the boys fussing and let out a laugh at he shinigami. " Yeah more or less I'm a robot now." He answered, though his smile faded away when asked why he decided to become what he was now.

" Eh.. sometimes we don't get a choice in what happens to us. I had this done because I didn't wish to die, I wasn't ready. " He explained. "As for what I did... Eh... The place I was from was very scared of things they did not understand... we were also very well armed and skilled with our weapons. I used to hunt and kill supernatural beings systematically to "make the world a safer place" He shook his head ruefully, clearly disgusted by his past life. " I was part of the military before that, and I think that's likely why they offered me a job. I don't regret everything I've done... but it all weighs pretty heavy. " He said looking up at the ceiling, his browns narrowed as if pondering. " I do regret some things though, but they couldn't be helped..." He added in a slightly more serious tone." Bad information leads to bad decisions..." He trailed off...
"So you hunted Youkai? Heard that before." Komachi replied, thinking about Reimu again.
Again, she wasn't sensitive. So it moved her like a brick wall.
"Talking about Youkai, my master wouldn't like you very much. According to her, living too long is worth punishment. I'm not that strict though."
She remembered she walked away from the conversation Eiki and a random dude had.
Maybe she could return back to her later. Though she probably left by now, so she would need to prepare for another scolding from Eiki.

She decided to talk to the other "person" now.
"So Rodger, apparently you're a demon. Mind tellin me more about it?" Komachi inquired.
"what do you want to know?"
"What's your backstory? Edgy? Tragic?"
"lets say that: my whole family is dead, most of it was my fault"
"so you could say both"
”Well that’s straight to the point. Though I really only asked out of obligation.”
Komachi wasn’t exactly fond of the demon. So she decided to leave it there.
She felt a little uncomfortable asking so many questions. So she decided to balance out the conversation a little bit.

”Maybe one of ya can ask me a question now.” She said signaling the bartender.
"i'd rather not"
”How about you Issac?”
Komachi curiously looked around the bar again.
She took the time to examine the various drinks and menus the Bar had.
Eventually the bartender came up to her after, to take her order.
She didn’t have any specific order, so she just ordered what seemed interesting.
wanting to know how his arms were doing, he undoes the bandages on his wrists
"Hmmm? What's with your arm?" Komachi asked slightly distracted.
Rodger williams "got in a fight is all"
The old man seemed to come back to his senses, he had been lost in thought it as it were.

" Ah, any questions? Hmmm " The man frowned rubbing his chin. " I suppose I should ask if you need any help navigating around here since you said you were not sure how you even got here in the first place. Do you have a place to stay while you figure things out? " The aging marksmen asked with a touch of genuine concern in his voice. His eyes drifted over to the boy's wrist.

" They healing alright? Or do you need some help with that? I've got some medical background. " He offered.
Komachi finally got the response from Issac, spacing out from his thoughts. ”I mean, Yeah I guess... I don’t have a place to stay. But that much’s obvious.”. She resisted the urge to rant about Yukari’s shenanigans, much to her anger. If there was something she’d talk about, it would be where she could stay. She’d could probably afford a few nights at some hotel or encampment, but she wanted to hear Issac’s recommendations for any places.

The bartender came up to her, giving her a meal and some drinks. It looked appetizing enough for her to indulge in. She grabbed a bag hanging by her side of her sash, and opened it. It was just her moneybag. Komachi had received the wealth from all the ferrying she did. She only used it for Danmaku in case of a duel, but it was still coins. She counted the coins and gave them to the bartender.

”So you heal people? That’s good.” She was only referring to how it increases her workload.
rodger looks at komachi "you and me both" remembering how he was supposed to be on the other side of town by now
The old man simply nodded at the young demon. No need to press a matter if the boy didn't need or want the help. His attention turned back to Komachi. " There are a couple of places around town for lost folk, they are pretty reasonable most of the time, if cramped. A couple of overnight place for out of towners here visiting..." He thought aloud. " Either of you could go there if ya needed. " He explained.

" Yeah it is a bit of an odd skill for someone like me to have. Being mostly metal now." He laughed. " Just leftovers from a past life I suppose..."
" was nice knowing you people but, I need to head off" Rodger stands up and heads for the door
”Actually, I was also planning to leave too.” She said.
While Komachi had a good time with the conversation, she can’t stay in one place forever.
”Bartender, can you have this of out to go?” Komachi said signalling.
She was talking about the unfinished food and drink Komachi had. It was good to eat.
She grabbed the food and drink and stood up from the stool. Hearing a slight creak from the old chair. She grabbed her scythe and held it like a walking cane. Komachi looked around again one last time, seeing less people hanging out and more sunlight shining through the door. Maybe she could come here again if Eiki dosen’t find her and start a possibly hour long lecture.

”It was nice meeting ya Issac!” Komachi said.
"bye ya old dust mop" Rodger mumbled and walked outside