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The Multiverse

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Where legends collide, warriors rise, and titans fall. This is a massive open world that you are free to explore and interact with; a sandbox for your characters.

Character Portrait: Master As an immortal, Master is strong, silent, and solemn; driven by that which extends his life: the construct of the first fallen archangel.
Character Portrait: Arcus Sol The dashing blonde Chairman and CEO of Sol Enterprises.
Character Portrait: Dante Piranesi Personal bodyguard to Arcus Sol.
Character Portrait: Ultimate Gambit Thief, Bartender and Owner of "Gambit's Bar."
Character Portrait: Alvaron Ward Knight of Royal decree of the land Aventime. One to up hold justice and the law of the land, adept at combat by the sword. Whilst not magically inclined, most of his apparel and weaponry is enchanted, including the sword; Forlorn's Edge.
Character Portrait: Holy Soldier Weapon of God
Character Portrait: Cryoface A Snow Warrior from the land of Lore, Cryoface is skilled in the art of melee combat, but is also learning how to control the ice magic inherent in his creation.
Character Portrait: Aden Torindega
Character Portrait: Tobias Malari An aging soldier, looking for redemption after a life on the fringes of society.
Character Portrait: Nikki Oceantide A half-elf witch with mastery of nature-based magic, she was kidnapped from her academy before her training was complete, and thereafter sexually abused by her captors before a dramatic escape.
Character Portrait: Vexar Marques The silver haired man seems to catch you out of the corner of his eyes. His attention doesn't stay there long. He returns his attention to what he was doing.
Character Portrait: BabyJesus The God of Disco
Character Portrait: Gary Mandolera A paladin in the traditional sense, but following the faith of the sun god Pelor, Gary travels the land looking for shadows to vanquish.
Character Portrait: Aventime The King of the Pantheon of the world of Aventime, known as the 'King God', 'The Farther', 'The Creator' ad infinitum.
Character Portrait: Reikoku Hakujou A ruthless killer, seeking revenge trying to take down his best friend Blade, and the kingdom that banish him
Character Portrait: Yukito Mizune A dedicated sould reaper who use his power to protect his mother
Character Portrait: Sieshi Chikan A angel, who is leader of the knife clan, or the tactician clan, he is by far the exact opposite of what an angel should be, he smokes and is very perverted, he also sometimes goes against god which has gotten him into trouble numerous times.
Character Portrait: Kenji Mizune Yukito little brother, excel in martial arts skill even to Yukito standard
Character Portrait: Ruhe Ruhe is a young girl in the healers guild, as least she appears to be. In general she is wise, magically tuned, and a very grumpy person. She also has a weakness for fine wines.
Character Portrait: Kitsune She was born half a shinigami and is half wolf, and now is turned a vampire because of a vampire that was insane... She originates from the bloodline Shinigami no Shapeshifta (im making it seem that it means reaper of shifting.) Her bloodtype is O+...Her
Character Portrait: Victor Soloman Kronus Insane to the very core. Victor hears voices, sees ultra-violent hallucinations and fantasizes of tearing people to shreds. Once a simple thief, now he focuses on destroying the fabric of society. Nothing is sacred or taboo.
Character Portrait: Adam "Overkill" Roberts Master of the shadows. Overkill knows only combat. Every movement and action is calmly factored into what could possibly happen if chaos were to break out in his surroundings.
Character Portrait: Vladimir Complete drunk-drug addict. His one goal in life: be far from sober.
Character Portrait: Taretha Rake An elemental summoner, focusing upon the use of water and air.
Character Portrait: Klaus Winterman A rather eccentric young wizard in the Renaissance era.
Character Portrait: Rafen Rafen is a space marine of the Blood Angels chapter. He is a careful man, with a strong sense of right and wrong. He cares much for his birth-brother Arkio, even more so than the rest of his battle-brothers.
Character Portrait: Vincent Farwell A mysterious man with an unknown past, he always carries his weapons and keeps hidden inside his helmet and full-body armor almost fearfully. He is a stranger to all but his own world, and unfortunately knows no way to return there.
Character Portrait: Mitsukai 5'6" in height, 17 years old, student. Picture:
Character Portrait: Xanidas Xanidas is a shaman of sorts. Feeding from the earth to strengthen his magic.
Character Portrait: Spheera DISCLAIMER: This is a NORMAL wolf. She does NOT talk, use magic, use telekinesis, read minds, speak through thoughts, hear thoughts, etc.
Character Portrait: Archer Full Name: Aelia 'Archer' (Arc) Garreth She is a spear wielding girl who normally passes herself off as a young man. She is very protective of those she deems it necessary to be. She is straightforward and normally keeps a stoic like appearance.
Character Portrait: Vexar Vexar's persona. This is a mere image of Vexar Marques, as he is not currently in the plane you may be in. Thus he is only watching the surroundings of his persona.
Character Portrait: Malcolm Chapel Commander General Malcolm Chapel, rider of Kronor the Crystal Dragon. Kronor himself is a large beast, standing easily seven times over the Malcolm in question.
Character Portrait: Hadgren Darkmane A large and grimly dark red furred anthropomorphic fox, despite his size and physical strength amongst his over all appearance, he is rather jovial and pleasant. A philosopher of sorts.
Character Portrait: Issachar Remaeus Transcendence.
Character Portrait: Vi Vi gives off the appearance of a furry animorph. She has bright white fur and three tails, mimicing a kitsune.
Character Portrait: Rose Smythe A friendly mentor, just here to help
Character Portrait: Hole in the Wall The hole in the wall. V. 2.0
Character Portrait: Zaxelci Maski Character from Dark Angel
Character Portrait: Salem detra Kaulle [Lemon] Character from Don't Turn The Lights Off DATE OF BIRTH: October 31, 1993 AGE: 15 GENDER: Female RACE: Human
Character Portrait: Hattis Detro Kaulle Character from Don't Turn The Lights Off DATE OF BIRTH: October 31, 1993. AGE: 15 GENDER: Male RACE: were-pire
Character Portrait: Matlyna Mandir [Mat] Character from Seen In The Light If The Moon Age: 15 Gender: Female Race: Human Dorm: Precious Hope Student/Teacher: Student
Character Portrait: Johnathan Bard A young man from 19th Century London. Soon orphaned after the death of his parents in a fire, a merchant and his wife. Johnathan became another street urchin in the crowded city. That is, until he met a strange man who called himself The Professor. After
Character Portrait: Rashnu The Angel of Judgement.