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The Multiverse

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Where legends collide, warriors rise, and titans fall. This is a massive open world that you are free to explore and interact with; a sandbox for your characters.

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Character Portrait: Master

As an immortal, Master is strong, silent, and solemn; driven by that which extends his life: the construct of the first fallen archangel.

Character Portrait: Cryoface

A Snow Warrior from the land of Lore, Cryoface is skilled in the art of melee combat, but is also learning how to control the ice magic inherent in his creation.

Character Portrait: Drakus Flavaar

Drakus is a handsome yet devious man. He has a ring on his finger and a reputation for trouble.

Character Portrait: The Imperial Guard

The backbone of the Imperium of Man.

Character Portrait: Ivera Clue Rixy

Subject VII. "Now the truth is revealed!"

Character Portrait: Koishi Komeiji

Character Portrait: Meeko Maow

"What was done cannot be forgiven."

Character Portrait: Atrix Akir

"Where I am from and who I am does not matter...I have to succeed!"

Character Portrait: Vampiric Rage

An experimental creation bred for war that became failed after gaining a sentience and ultimately taking his freedom.

Character Portrait: Remilia Scarlet

The "Scarlet Devil", the self-professed descendant of Vlad ??epe??.

Character Portrait: Keith nexus

I like fighting

Character Portrait: "Lord-Regent" Radegast the Trainer

"Yeah well that's just, like, your opinion, man."

Character Portrait: Millen

The Demon King that was slain 1000+ years ago....or at least, was supposed to?

Character Portrait: Iviri Tac Rixy

Subject IX. "Please...dont hurt us...just leave us alone!"

Character Portrait: Neko Saken

If you believe everything that you see, you might want to close your eyes and look more with your history.

Character Portrait: Mindcaster, the Dark Archon

The psionic melding of two high ranked Dark Templars, this Dark Archon is the direct superior of an Observer that has been visiting the bar for research.

Character Portrait: Peter R. Sheffield

"Howdy, y'all seen this person?"

Character Portrait: Flynn the Volitale

Born into a twisted bloodline but raised by boundless inquisitives she searches for artifacts from beyond her world to someday constrain the presence sustaining her clutch mother.

Character Portrait: Liam_FireMage

I am a Fire Mage at the age of 15. My closest friend is Wolfie.

Character Portrait: Kassandra Tierdath

A priestess, whom is lost. She wield's a gunblade and wears clothing fashioned out of elder dragon scale. Her weapons and boots are made of dragon claws and teeth. She is fierce and prepared.

Character Portrait: Firecloud Ari

An alcoholic and general ne'er-do-well, Ari is a strange woman with no clear's all for the sheer Hell of it.

Character Portrait: Marlene Angel

Director of the Imperial Intelligence Agency

Character Portrait: Tahira Ali

"We choose, and in so doing, we define ourselves. We are defined by our choices, though we may be remembered for the worst of them. But what choices we make, they will affect others. And perhaps given time, we may change in the eyes of others."

Character Portrait: Aewisp

Air Elemental

Character Portrait: Aeryn Jace

"I am my own person, so stop refering to me as just my father's son".

Character Portrait: Avia L'arie

Sing like a songbird, strike like a hawk.

Character Portrait: Sire Thomas Zarek

Sire of the Sagittaron Province and Member of the House of Parliament of the Aschen Confederation.

Character Portrait: Motoko Attenborough

Master of Mobile Suits, what will happen next when Motoko, Retired Ace, enters the fray!

Character Portrait: Abbie

"Things aren't always what they seem."

Character Portrait: Sophia Voth

Once a skilled assassin, Sophia has begun to rethink morality.

Character Portrait: Arianne Drulovic

"Call me what you will, Ms. Shaw," said Drulovic, inclining her head almost dismissively... "I imagine I could be called almost anything, and it would be, at least partially, true."

Character Portrait: Daemala Tauvyr

A member of the Vankoryth Detente, She is a devious devilish woman who will capture your heart and feast on your blood. Or turn you, and bicker with you for eternity.

Character Portrait: Flandre Scarlet

Sister to Remilia Scarlet.

Character Portrait: Aldaris

As strong a thief as he is a scholar, Aldaris is the definition of a combat tactician.

Character Portrait: Vegeshin Kanahashi (Youth)

A young violet eyed teenager; high spirits; powerful will. Dedicated to being a beacon of hope in the depths of others despair. A wonderful Friend.

Character Portrait: Carmen Dellevon

Dark hair, quiet mover.

Character Portrait: Gabrielle LeBeau

Youngest daughter of Remy [Gambit] and Tayrn LeBeau.

Character Portrait: Lira Stavru

Half Human Half Wolf who has strong teleportation abilities

Character Portrait: Vegeshin Kanahashi

Vegeshin Kanahashi, A Hybrid being. Half Youkai, and half Saiyan. [quote]Hn, and to think, I was convinced I'd be fighting a warrior. All I see before me is trash.[/quote]

Character Portrait: C.O.R.e

"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. " -C.O.R.e

Character Portrait: Saldon

A rogue Lycan assassin. He is the last surviving member of the group knonw as Mugen and now he leads the new organization himself.

Character Portrait: Emiko Touko

"Sometimes things ARE black and white."

Character Portrait: Lord Saladin Akara

Yes, the one and only true original.

Character Portrait: Fei

A new type of witch.

Character Portrait: Gayle Rue

Originally a vain, sadistic, greedy, unhappy woman before her suicide, Gayle was given a second chance to attone for her previous actions before being finally judged and sent to the OtherWorld.

Character Portrait: Champion Iris

Iris is a Pokemon Master and a Dragon Type trainer hailing from the Village of Dragons. She is exceptionally young for her role as the head of the United Pokemon League

Character Portrait: Kianna

Wife to Mollem McGregor, this cunning woman also serves as the Black Hand, personal bodyguard to the Divine Shadow.

Character Portrait: Rei Harkov

I've got a bad feeling about this...but a job's a job.

Character Portrait: Yanni-Cai Azura

A different type of witch.

Character Portrait: Lukas orion

Character Portrait: Éclaire Hanley

Admiral of the Imperial Defense Force

Character Portrait: Demor Ragani

"Yea, I'm....not normal."

Character Portrait: Atani Berentes

Wife of Ryan Berentes, pretty far along pregnant.

Character Portrait: Hopi

A tribal man native to Xamoyos, simple in nature but still quite wise.