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The Multiverse

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Where legends collide, warriors rise, and titans fall. This is a massive open world that you are free to explore and interact with; a sandbox for your characters.

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Character Portrait: Ilyssa Jo Horntvedt-Siegel

Terran Intelligence Bureau agent serving as liaison to the National Policy Agency

Character Portrait: Ladon Sidiim

Leader of the Federal Liberation Front

Character Portrait: Dracosuchus

Dracosuchus is a tetrapodal chireptiliavian dragon with many interesting attributes and complex features.

Character Portrait: Tyrus

Molecay Rebel with a cause

Character Portrait: Kilgallen Restaur

An unknown, wondering the same as you. What ill wind blew us all here?

Character Portrait: James fresh

Just a normal guy trying to find a calling

Character Portrait: Malison "Mal" Hex

His name means Jinx, the opposite of a good luck charm. Everywhere he goes good luck leaves. Quiet, Grumpy and Quick-Tempered, Mal's not one for a

Character Portrait: Daisy J Jackson

just your normal human with bunny ears

Character Portrait: Jacklynn

A soldier girl devoted and determined to serve her own own people

Character Portrait: Darth Arack: The Dark God

The Ruler Of The Dark Sith Order.

Character Portrait: Juniper Reeves

a girl who's not too sure about who she even is

Character Portrait: Elizabeth el

She was raped and fakes a smile and is scared of men

Character Portrait: Saigo Toda

Saigō Toda is the 6th Sōke of the Saigō Chaya Dōjō in Niihama City.

Character Portrait: Saigō Toda

Saigo Toda is the 6th Soke of the Saigo Chaya Dojo on the 1st Floor of the D2 Arcology in Sector Two and near Sector Three of Niihama City.

Character Portrait: John Cyborg

Powerful, hardy, strong and witty. My sword will pierce any stone or anyone's heart!

Character Portrait: Jonare

A man who has never had to defend, till now.

Character Portrait: Nicole Mitchell

Nicole Mitchell, also known as The Razor, is an undead vengeful ghost and a vigilante who hunts down evil criminals; especially rapists and murderers.

Character Portrait: Eric Draven

Eric Draven, also known as The Crow, is an undead vengeful ghost and a vigilante who hunts down evil criminals; especially rapists and murderers.

Character Portrait: Harry Anderson

SARC rescue and boarding agent, used in case boarding of vehicles, in and out of space, is needed.

Character Portrait: Colson Delaney

Colson Cormac Delaney is the President of the Litavian Council Republic.

Character Portrait: AAA Dumpster Rental Of Union City

Garbage Dump Service, Dumpster Rental Service

Character Portrait: Aeli Aimani

Character Portrait: Sishi

Yanagi and Aeli’s cat

Character Portrait: Yanagi Eiko

Character Portrait: Mariah Merkler

Character Portrait: Ander Heidelsson

Ander Heidelsson is a Nordic Aryan scientist, chemist, biologist, archeologist, paleontologist, anthropologist and marine biologist.

Character Portrait: Dr. Roland Schmidt

Dr. Roland Schmidt is a Nordic German professor and physicist at the Astrius Academy's science facility and research department.

Character Portrait: Oleg the Seer

Oleg of Kiev is the successor of Prince Rurik and next prince in line to the Oor Rus throne.

Character Portrait: Prince Rurik

Rurik the Varangian founder of the Oor Rus Vikings.

Character Portrait: Santo Berghen

No comment.

Character Portrait: Bit

A slender and long-limbed woman with blue hair and an androgynous look

Character Portrait: Raschiel Sakatitae

A charismatic business person struggling with their identity

Character Portrait: The Vacuum Salesman

An eldritch being, determined to inflict pain upon you through his manipulative ways.

Character Portrait: Yona Seikatsuoka

A sweet but secretive Elf woman with a mysterious past.

Character Portrait: Haze Drallen

A lost little girl pitied by nature

Character Portrait: March de Isla Azul

Flirtatious blacksmith who acts before they think. "Charmed, I'm sure."

Character Portrait: Mack

ita a futuristic wolf

Character Portrait: Rinya Nohara

Rinya is an assassin who utilizes daggers and poison to defeat her enemies swiftly and efficiently. She is often underestimated due to her looks and disposition.

Character Portrait: Bluetear

I'm a shut in

Character Portrait: Alexander 'A.D.' Dorsey

Corporate Netrunner, but with a side-job.

Character Portrait: Lisa DragonFury

A bold girl with an adventurous spirit and a kind heart

Character Portrait: Leon Elliot

Desert-travelling Oberon, part of the Mobile Infantry.

Character Portrait: Lucy Lovelace

A cute cartoonish raunchy wild party girl

Character Portrait: Grayson Mantz

War veteran, Now a bounty hunter/assassin

Character Portrait: Minori Okiumura

Odd; Quirky; Quiet; A bit of an oddball, but one of the smartest people you'll ever know.

Character Portrait: Birger Torvesson

Birger Torvesson is a Norse Gaelic artist, mapmaker, and explorer for the Empyrean Norse Kingdom.

Character Portrait: Kelsey the Healer

Kelsey the Healer is an Empyrean Norse völva, a sort of witch doctor and medicine woman with knowledge of herbalism and healing arts.

Character Portrait: Stjornhestr

Stjörnhestr is one of three magically endowed space-faring Viking longships belonging to the Empyrean Norse Kingdom.

Character Portrait: Logan Haakonsson

Prince Logan Haakonsson is a descendant of Erling Snake and Astrid Trygvirsdottir, heir of the Empyrean Norse Kingdom, and leader of the Empyrean Sjóálfar, married to Princess Alruna Halfdansdottir.

Character Portrait: Fudorn Auricsson

Fudørn Auricsson is a jarl, shipbuilder, smith and the great grandson of Fudørn Ivansson the Wise.

Character Portrait: Rufus the Bald

Rufus the Bald is the champion of King Halfdan Svensson.

Character Portrait: Stjornkona

Stjornkona is one of three magically endowed space-faring Viking longships belonging to the Empyrean Norse Kingdom.

Character Portrait: Snorri Jonasson

Snorri Jonasson is a talented Empyrean Norse skald, poet, writer, storyteller and musician.

Character Portrait: Empyrean Sjóálfar

The Sjóálfar or Empyrean Sea Elves are an elvish-dryadic speaking faefolk and elite mercenary unit for the Empyrean Norse Kingdom in service of Prince Logan Haakonsson.