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The Multiverse

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Where legends collide, warriors rise, and titans fall. This is a massive open world that you are free to explore and interact with; a sandbox for your characters.

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Character Portrait: Robert I of Ellaria

Hrollaug Sigurdsson, formerly the Norse prince of Iskjerne Bay and a prominent leader of the Vikings, now a French nobleman.

Character Portrait: Broden Markus Lavenriuss

Person in search of a new life in the Barracks.

Character Portrait: Abner Lancaster

Person in search of a new life in the Barracks.

Character Portrait: Akiro Skolia Akinora

Character Portrait: Treize Khushrenada

Character Portrait: Zhelir Darkfall

Character Portrait: Gonthrakt Durkarr

Bounty hunter.

Character Portrait: Nicholas Bridenstein

Astronaut from Earth.

Character Portrait: Chesley Marquardt

Chesley, or Chess for short, is the awkward adventurer wondering how they got here.

Character Portrait: Karvi-3

Karvi-3 is a small 25-foot-long convertiboat, one of the escape pods belonging to the Stjornhestr, an Empyrean Norse spaceship.

Character Portrait: Gas Pirate Leader

This is the commanding officer for the Gas Pirates.

Character Portrait: Friggdar the Mining Foreman

Mining foreman for Mephistopheles Mining.

Character Portrait: Tarrhoun Nephrebit

Admiral of Fleet Mining Operations.

Character Portrait: Wolfgang Yorisson

Wolfgang Yorisson is a Norse explorer.

Character Portrait: Empyrean Norsemen

The Empyrean Norsemen serve King Halfdan Svensson of the Empyrean Norse Kingdom of Gaia.

Character Portrait: Svegdir Staghelm

Svegdir Staghelm is a Norse explorer.

Character Portrait: Mithras


Character Portrait: Charybdis de Vould

One of the ancient crab-like natives of Bastion, Charybdis is the matriarch in a long line of royal scarabs.

Character Portrait: Aiden Draw

Pan, female, BNHA quirk: Aim, idk-

Character Portrait: Ragnar Lothbrok Sigurdsson

Ragnar Lothbrok is the son of Sigurd Hring.

Character Portrait: Ragnar Sigurdsson

Ragnar Lothbrok is the son of Sigurd Hring.

Character Portrait: Squidles

There kind and really smart and stick to what there heart says.

Character Portrait: Erik Thorvaldsson

They call me Erik the Red.

Character Portrait: Amanda Liam

(NSFW Character) Horse-anthro; Indagator

Character Portrait: Wilhelm Killing

Lost mathematician.

Character Portrait: Helianthus

A quiet, sharp witted field chief of SOGA, Helianthus is the handler of a maverick asset running loose in the Local Region.

Character Portrait: African music download

Love songs, Sexy musics, Arousal songs

Character Portrait: F

Character Portrait: Taylor Green

I am marketing leader of all ed medicines

Character Portrait: JUNKO ENOSHIMA


Character Portrait: ICON

The Interstellar Nations represent one of the two largest collective of human states in the Multiverse, and prided as the bastion of liberty in the MV.

Character Portrait: Jin Konguo

A broken ronin. A sworn sword of the Raitosodo, and loyal soldier to clan Takayama. A vengeful samurai.

Character Portrait: Markos Agathon

Commander of the Hastati Class Cruiser [i]'Conflagration'[/i]

Character Portrait: Aleksander Gregor

A leading scientist of the Outer Veil Institute, Gregor is renowned mathematician and proponent of an obscure theory known as 'mayhem mechanics'.

Character Portrait: Maksim Vytalion

Former Red Halo mercenary, now a senior security chief of the Xamoyos expedition's paramilitary force.

Character Portrait: Aris Adalet

Senior xenobotanist and 'renegade' of the Outer Veil Institute's Xamoyos expedition.

Character Portrait: Paul Walton

Lead xenobiologist of the Xamoyos expedition and a veteran researcher of the Outer Veil Insititute.

Character Portrait: Teroreo

(Mediumcore) Oreo is a quaint little prehardmode terrarian, great crafter and builder, also quite happy usually(will not go down without serious effort, and will respawn, albeit not with atlantean gear, just copper tools)tier:post skeletron mage

Character Portrait: Deminimi

An op Demon!!

Character Portrait: Dragomir "Drag" Banheim

Good with anything computer related. Curious. Strong sense of justice.

Character Portrait: Goffre Alvisson

Goffre Alvisson is a Norse jarl under King Halfdan Svensson, and the great grandson of Stryder Alvirsson.

Character Portrait: Jozefina Auttenburg

Known as the 'Goddess of War', Colonel Auttenburg has earned an infamous reputation across the Local Region as commander of the Exogarden's 44th Mechanized Battalion.

Character Portrait: Naruto uzumaki

I have multiple forms I get stronger with each one

Character Portrait: LONELY

Character Portrait: Colonial Union Soldier.

Generic Colonial Union Marine.

Character Portrait: baymaxx

Character Portrait: Halfdan Svensson

Halfdan Svensson is the great grandson of Hethel Svensson.

Character Portrait: Thorvald Asvaldsson

Thorvald Asvaldsson, father of Erik the Red.

Character Portrait: Wōđanaz

Wodanaz appears to be a wandering old man with a long grey beard and dark blue cloak wearing a wide brimmed helm of gold.

Character Portrait: lilliah Okumura

she is the daughter of Rin okumura and she is also half demon like her father.

Character Portrait: Paul Clarke

Oberon exploratory astronaut.

Character Portrait: Shuichi Minamino

Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Taiyou Empire of Greater Niihama

Character Portrait: Tarō Kanō

Minister of Defense for the Taiyou Empire of Greater Niihama

Character Portrait: WOLF

Killer of men