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The Multiverse

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Where legends collide, warriors rise, and titans fall. This is a massive open world that you are free to explore and interact with; a sandbox for your characters.

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Character Portrait: John Smit

Has the least original name, made for averageness.

Character Portrait: Matt Watts

Monitor Tech 044592126

Character Portrait: Ricardo Lengeles

A bit overconfident in his knowledge of Fuchsia City, and Pokemon as a whole. But, he is a nice guy, once you get to know him.

Character Portrait: Melania Cassardi

Melania Cassardi can be called many things. Blunt, Aggressive, demanding. Foolish is not, and has never been, one of her descriptors.

Character Portrait: Bigfun  tasblet- genericure

Character Portrait: Mary Springwater

A young, talented, half-Fae musician. She is just nineteen years old.

Character Portrait: Jenny Uskglass

A small, Pale skinned child with hair as black as midnight, and eyes like those of a raven. Her overly wide, toothy grin is horribly unsettling, as is her unblinking stare.

Character Portrait: Sayren Krakenstalker

Too ambitious for his own good.

Character Portrait: Timmy Heffson

Character Portrait: Menden Felerey

Menden Felerey is a 27 year old guy

Character Portrait: Daniel Cooker

He is a 30 year old male. His occupation is as a rifleman of the US Army. He is a Corporal.

Character Portrait: Gemini

thief, chaotic

Character Portrait: jasontaylor

Variety qualityessay

Character Portrait: Solstice Maze

A Gray Witch, descendent of Persephone

Character Portrait: The Leopard

An adult, male Indian Leopard with a taste for human flesh.

Character Portrait: Amarantha Cruse

A high Fae woman looking for adventure.

Character Portrait: CHARA DREMUR

Adolescente lleno de determinación y aprendiz de brujo

Character Portrait: Terry Leazule

Person of not much interest yet

Character Portrait: Freydis Eriksdottir

Freydis is the daughter of Erik the Red and Thodhilda Jorundsdottir.

Character Portrait: Leiv Eiriksson

Leif the Lucky, son of Erik the Red and Thodhilda Jorundsdottir.

Character Portrait: Call Girl Photo

Call Girl Photo

Character Portrait: Dao hi

A Evil sorcerer Who has Great magical power, And every time he dies He would be reincarnated to a human child.

Character Portrait: Rya

A young Female adventurer

Character Portrait: Valkon

Valkon is a great warrior who lives within the multiverse, he is immortal but not indestructible.

Character Portrait: Behar Demeter

Prime Artifex of ICON's Federate Mission.

Character Portrait: Ollie

I Like to fight

Character Portrait: Daniel Altarei

Systems Engineer

Character Portrait: Myuria Haruhara

Detective Second Class, Galaxy Police Intergalactic fugitive task force.

Character Portrait: Strycker

An icon of legend to the Oberon, given new life in the Multiverse.

Character Portrait: C.U. Strycker

A Colonial Union ship named after the war hero Strycker.

Character Portrait: Gu Secondhand

Character Portrait: Elphric

A transdimensional wizard with a sense of adventure

Character Portrait: Soap

He is, unfortunately, a telepathic bar of soap.

Character Portrait: Mabus

Mabus is a young dark elf with pale blue skin, shining gold eyes and long pitch black hair. He is the leader of the Dark Elves Guild.

Character Portrait: Abernathy

A simple Oberan farmer.

Character Portrait: Conqueror Worm

An interstellar creature who haunts the far-reaches of space...

Character Portrait: Norn Catalissa Jioral

A brilliant tactician and princess of the Jioral Kingdom.

Character Portrait: Flayn

Sister of Seteth in Garreg Mach Academy.

Character Portrait: Jack Mack Flack

no family and acquaintances, just a human with no history

Character Portrait: Jill the Angel of love, pride, and peace

be calm now child you are love by me and a i support you no matter what

Character Portrait: Jill the angel of love and pride

be calm now child you are love by me and a i support you no matter what

Character Portrait: J the Devil of Reality and time

reality is a illusion for you but warship this guy you will see the truth

Character Portrait: Soulless

An ethereal being

Character Portrait: Jack Grimm

Recording artist

Character Portrait: J the Devil of Reality

reality is a illusion for you but warship this guy you will see the truth

Character Portrait: Andrew Lenard

"You can call me Jippy."

Character Portrait: William Bacher

Character Portrait: SwervoCitizen

Character Portrait: Lewis Stockton

"Hunter 132, nice to meet you."

Character Portrait: Joseph Bennett

A very confused former user of RPG.

Character Portrait: David Baxter

"I believe in a non-aggression policy. So please, for my sake and yours, STEP OFF."

Character Portrait: Jay Azzar

Employee of the INN, focus on non-terrestrial affairs and high politics. Originally from Aberash, dark skin and blond tousled hair. Bright gray eyes, dressed very dapper.

Character Portrait: Shina Amaritz

A leader and fighter exploring the Multiverse to find its beauty, its challenge, and his lost friends.

Character Portrait: Hermann der Cherusker

Hermann the Cheruscan, aka Arminius is a Germanic Barbarian and war chieftain famous for his role during the Battle of Teutoburg Forest.