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Adrienne is one of the more perfect specimens of humanity, her build unchanged by the amount of combat training and martial arts she puts herself through. Her slim, willowy frame curves in all the right places, giving her an edge over the more weak-minded men. Her pale complexion and wide, empathetic eyes make her seem weak and fragile. However, her every step exudes confidence, a strength of will that shows her internal power and determination. Her face his regal, with high cheekbones and a petite mouth, which is normally pursed in a sarcastic smirk. Adrienne wears her hair tied up in a tight bun, secured by a pair of stilettos, disguised as ornate hairpins.

Adrienne dresses in a tight-fitting synthetic body-glove, which clings to her shapely form, allowing her remarkable freedom of movement in close range fighting. The knee-high combat boots provide sturdy footwear. Worn over the body-glove, Morales wears a brown leather trench-coat, which hangs down to her ankles, and is showing signs of age and wear.


Adrienne tends to release her stress through being incredibly sarcastic and this, combined with her ruthless personality and drive can make her a difficult person to work with. She has, however found the perfect partner in Jeremiah Snow. His devotion to religion, and the purging of demons make him a fanatical ally, with her leadership skills keeping him in line. As a team, they work well together, his muscle and her brains.


Unsurprisingly, for a scholar, Adrienne carries four leather-bound tomes on her person at all times, in a large canvas holdall on her back. Three of these contain the true names and conditions of banishment of over five thousand demons. These books are locked with hexagrammic locks, which can only be opened by someone with Adrienne's gift. The fourth, is a particularly nasty spell-book, containing several summoning rituals for major and minor demons alike.

Also contained within the holdall, are several throwing knives, also carrying pentagrammic wards, over a dozen scrolls of banishment, vials of blessed acid and a hatchet, for when the sabre really isn't enough to bring down a persistent demon.

The smith that forged Snow's longsword created a sabre for Adrienne, modified to fit her needs as a demon-hunter. The blade fits her traditional fighting style well, the curved, top heavy blade perfect for broad cuts and slashes, balanced by the wire-wrapped basket hilt. Hammered into the steel blade are pentagrammic wards, each one designed to cause utter agony to the demon or unholy.

Last, but not least, is Zane. Zane has been with Adrienne for a while, a faithful and loving companion. Unfortunately, Zane is a demon trapped inside the body of a Capuchin monkey. A scrawny affair, Zane tends to ride atop Adrienne's shoulder, yapping and glaring malevolently at passers by. The demon within the monkey is rather dangerous, but cannot do any more harm than the average monkey.

Adrienne is a savant, with the majority of her magical ability focussing around the gathering of information. Once invoked, she can gather information about the history and content of any inanimate object simply by touching it. This can be incredibly useful for tracking prey, but the risks of touching a tainted item can be massive, especially powerful ones. Using this power for long periods of time can be immensely draining.

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Adrienne Morales slipped in through the door, one hand resting on the hilt of her newly aquired rapier, the other keeping the weighty satchel hooked over her shoulder. She brushed her hair back from her face, removing her hand from the rapier to wrap it up into a tight bun.

Adrienne paced across the room, her long-coat billowing out behind her, exposing the sheaths for both the sabre and the rapier. With a tired thump, she dropped down into the soft leather interior of a booth, placing her satchel on the table in front of her.

With a deft gesture, she summoned a service android and ordered a vodka martini. While she waited for a drink, she rummaged in the bag, pulling out a belt of throwing knives, and vials of a clear liquid. Lastly, she pulled out a massive tome, bound in a weathered material that looked suspiciously like human skin. The book was held closed by nine locks, each inscribed with a crucifix.

Muttering a word that would unnerve anyone sensitive to magic, Adrienne flicked open the volume, and placed her hand on the first page.