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Ao Rixy

Subject I. The Alpha and the Omega, the Original Ixian Rixy.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by LookingAtPerks


These brothers/clones escaped from a horrible, tantalizing research facility where they were tortured, experimented on, and treated inhumanely. But now they escaped, they are strong, and they are united!


Uploading File...

Name: Ao Rixy

Age: 20, Appears Eight.

Nicknames: Ixian (Original Name), Alpha and Omega of the Rixy Project.

Status: Deceased over a decade ago.

Sealing file...error...

Subject spotted at Spaceport five days ago.

Contradiction detected.

Re-opening file. Alerting Admins. Alerting Operators.

Red Alert. Subject I believed to be deceased, actually alive. Unsealing file, opening relevant data. Updating based on confirmed growth after Facial Recognition and Bar Cone scan confirmed identity.

Adjusting new data with old profile. Opening now...

Name: Ao Rixy

Age: 20, Appears Sixteen.


Nicknames: Ixian (Original Name), Alpha and Omega of the Rixy Project, Houdini.

Status: Alive, and Dangerous.

History: After adoption, various experiments were performed until Original Test Subject died. At that point, clones had already started to be made from taken Test Subject Genetic data, and research data used to assure survival of remaining Rixys from experiments. There was no notable events, or so it seemed, but it appeared Test Subject did not die but escaped at Eight Years Old solo without any assistance and faked death. Reviewing logs taken from scientists who "confirmed" the "death".

Currently, no information is known between then and when he was seen at a space port. Subject was only caught by chance by a picture taken from a child's smart phone from across the street in a fourth story apartment through a window. Marked as highest danger. Given ability to escape and go unnoticed, Eliminate Order instead of Capture or Eliminate with body intact. Elimination of Ao Rixy is one of the highest priorities of all objectives.

Confirmed Abilities at time of escape:

Adaptability: Allows his body to utilize and absorb any and all genetic matter from others and incorporate it. Also allows cells to adapt and prevent cell death, leading to inability to age. Other possibilities of this ability is believed to be likely.

Elementalist: Although it was believed this was one of the things that resulted in his death, it appears it was faked. He was given the ability to freely manipulate, create, and utilize the Fire Element, Water (and Ice) Element, Wind Element, and Earth Element. Can also create lightning/electricity.

Magically Gifted: Has the ability to use magic. Unknown how far he grew it to.

Regeneration: Rapid healing beyond what Adaptability already did.

Telekinetic: Can move things, and people, with his mind.

Foresight: Can predict what will happen and what might happen.

Barrier Projection: Can create various types of barriers.

High Velocity Barrier: Is protected by a high velocity barrier, making attacks of high velocity like bullet guns normally useless.

Suspected Weapon Creation: Given the development of it in the other older Rixys after Ixian developed it and used it to escape, it is highly likely given the amount of time he has had that he also possesses it.

Spirit Guardian: Esso: A small two tailed cat that is actually more powerful then any other Spirit Guardian possessed by the Rixys. (It is actually the source of all their Spirit Guardians too). Currently has unknown limits.

Accel: Temporarily boosts physical abilities, mainly speed. Can be used multiple times to stack, but uses up more energy.

Trion Cubes: Can use the same Trion Cubes as Iviri.

Negation: Can negate a single ability. Likely used it on himself to allow growth, as Adaptability stops Growth without drugs being provided.

Ocular Sight: Can see far into the distance or tiny details most eyes would miss on their own.

Ocular Manipulation: Can brainwash someone if he looks into their eyes for long enough. Time depends on the person themselves.

Sonic Powers: Possesses a variety of sonic and soundwave based powers.


Copycat: Any power he does not currently possess that another Rixy has, he can mimic it. Can only do one at a time.

Ect: Possibly has absorbed other abilities since, should be considered highly dangerous.

So begins...

Ao Rixy's Story


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Axoren "Rin" Shadow Rixy Character Portrait: Ao Rixy


Ao Rixy walked along the road without any concern, as he maintained a calm and unassuming appearance while he walked in broad daylight. However that was only how he appeared, in truth he was highly observant at the moment.

To think, at a time I was not using my Pressence Concealment ability, a kid with a camera got lucky and spotted me. I better keep it up for awhile, make sure they don't spot me...though, it looks like those scientists did well enough without me. From what I heard, they made twelve clones of me. Seriously, what is with those psychopaths...

Ao had no issues with the fact he had just gained a ton of brothers, although he himself maintained distance for now while he was not needed. That was because he wanted to make sure he also did not draw attention to them. Still, the fact that he got spotted around the same time they escaped...he wondered what were the odds of that coincidence happening.

"Well now, you seem to be quite troubled...equally to how hard it was to find you".

The moment he heard that voice, Ao's eyes widened and he immediately turned around. Normally, no one would be able to notice him so easily. It would take an exceptional individual to even have a small chance at finding him. However...

"You are not the only one with presence concealment. Relax, its fine. We could converse right here in the middle of the street and not be noticed, Ao".

The one who had found him, the one talking to him right now, was Axoren "Rin" Shadow Rixy. Someone who was supposedly just as hard to find and pin down as Ao.

"...I see. So you are the one who came to find me huh?"

"Indeed. It seemed like we had quite a bit to talk about...oniichan".

"....why the hell did you call me like that? We are not even Japanese, or anything like that".

"Hey, even if I am mostly serious, I am a kid who had his childhood stolen away. I have the right to be at least a little whimsical".

"Heh. I suppose I cannot fault you there".

And so, the first person to find Ao Rixy was none other then the assassin, the shadow of the Rixys, someone who was actually even harder to find then Ao.