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When science collides with religion in an attempt to recreate God's own perfection in the form of flesh and steel.

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Frozen Soul

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  • Name: Project 07748 - Omega
  • Alias: Arriliam
  • Age: 22 (Based on Factory release date)
  • Gender: Male
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Class: Assassin
  • Religion: None
  • Height: Six feet & 8 5 inches
  • Weight: 220 KG
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Hair: Short, Spikey
  • Eye Color: Charcoal Black, green pupils
  • Nose: Normal size, slightly pointed
  • Mouth: Small, red lips
  • Hand-usage: Ambidextrous
  • Skin Tone: Pallor-Caucasian
  • Physical Condition: Prime, athletic
  • Voice: Articulate, partly deep tone
  • Power Classification: A

~ Photographs: ~

Arriliam, Portrait:


Skeleton Build:


Arriliam, Stage II:

~ Soon to Come ~

Arriliam, Stage III:

~ Soon to Come ~


~ Mannerisms, visible traits and distinctive signs ~

- Neck, right side: Translucent Moon (Art)
- Back: The Rising Sun (Art)
- Left arm: Eight rune symbols used as means to identify himself (Scar)
- Logical (Mannerism)
- Arrogant (Mannerism)
- Curious (Mannerism)
- Calculated (Mannerism)
- Deceiver (Mannerism)


~ Soon to Come ~


~ Soon to Come ~

So begins...

Arriliam's Story

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Character Portrait: Arriliam
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The rather irritating reverberations of steel cogs and sockets gyrating around neolian axes pierced the scenery, heralding the approach of science's greatest creation since the solar reactors. Biological fingers proceeded to coil and uncoil in a repetitive process as the examination of his motor functions commenced, nano-built limbs arching back and forth as each step taken brought Arriliam closer to the dojo's entrance. Sable orbs flickered briefly as the visual table detailing the current status of his internal subroutines glinted across a pair of emerald pupils.

"Physical aptitude - 98%."
"Tactical processing - 92%."
"Sensory peripherals - 100%."
"Battery status - 82%."

Tattami gates lethargically unsealed as the male stepped in the chamber, bowing his head slightly in respect to all those present: "Shall we commence ?"

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Character Portrait: Arriliam
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Chainwheels shrieked alike a witche's lament whilst hydraulic systems amplified the drive tempo, a rigid left arm now forming the blockade between the opponent's fist and Arriliam's torso, the male's intention of amply absorbing the lash now evident. Pale lips fringed as the revile impacted with biological flesh, yet a solitary strike could not force the sentinent being to cringe.

Logic, reaction.

The retort came promptly as a right hand now swept through the ambiance in an attempt to clasp the competitor's wrist in an iron grip, fingers widely unwound as to maximize the tactics success. If the scheme would bare fruit, Arriliam would fleetly crouch upon his Glutes' whilst forcing his foe to innerly arch his torso, the male taking advantage of an obvious perk: his increased weight.

Agile legs would aim to entwine with the competitors own limbs, securing him in a stationary position as both arms would retract at 90 degress towards his own spinal column, sinewy fingers entirely extended as one would position them for martial arts blows, Arriliam launching set after set of rapid strikes directed at Dinaeus' upper trunk area.

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Character Portrait: Arriliam
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The parquet howled in exasperation as the sheer force of the impact propelled Arriliam several feet away from his foe, stringy motor functions strained in the effort to halt the male's undesired advance. The organic being was undervalued, a blunder which only a buffoon should perform in a skirmish.


"Weight reduction process initiated. Designated mark: 60%." - the bellowing voice echoed, it's tone tinted by aggravation and palpable enervation. Victory was known as his Valentine, and this particular incident would have no different outcome - the only issue was the required time to uncover a valid solution in order to overcome his competitor: If abusing the burden provided by his exo-skeleton would not offer the desired results, then agility could simply compensate.


Not a single step was allowed the privilege to adjust it's pace by the use of toes, each leap taken executed with only the assistance provided by his mounds and thus increasing the raw energy in each sprint taken. The present gap of space took trivial trices to enclose itself as Arriliam commenced another slash of spontaneous blows produced in three exact steps: An interior jab orientated towards Dinaeus' stomach, which would quickly reform under the shape of an uppercut, finishing in an attempted elbow collision with the adversary's neck whilst another arm would accompany the actions without delay, 'impersonating' a shield.


Several prolongations of the already executed offense could only inquire one rational thought: a routine. Yet, as the last elbow attempted to stab the male's 'Adam's apple', a right leg arched in an upward axis, aiming to perpendicularly collide with the opponent's shoulder area in order to force a breakdown.