The RuinsAvras Shatar

Assassin by nature, he displays a cold look with a hint of arrogance. A strange, black tattoo in the shape of a snake is etched in his skin, starting from the upper part of his right eye, stretching all the way down near his cheek

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Frozen Soul

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A tall man, with spikey black hair and silver eyes. wielding a athlethic body, he stands somewhere at around 6 feet tall, bearing an intricate tattoo in the shape of a snake from the upper part of his left eye to the middle part of his left cheek. A black eye-patch covers his right eye.


Silent, calculated, yet has a warm tone in his voice when he speaks. His eyes are deep, seeming to stare inside your heart once they lock on you. He moves gracefully, with a agility matched by few, silently, just like a sparrow in the night.


His equipment is mostly made out of black leather, but can be rarelly seen due to the black cloak that covers most of his body, leaving only the handle of what seems to be quite a large and sturdy sword be seen, poking out of it with it's tip.

He has been known to travel large distances in quite a incredibly short time, yet nobody has ever gotten to see him do it, or to hear his secret.

So begins...

Avras Shatar's Story

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