Axoren "Rin" Shadow Rixy

Subject XI. "Now you see me..."

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These brothers/clones escaped from a horrible, tantalizing research facility where they were tortured, experimented on, and treated inhumanely. But now they escaped, they are strong, and they are united!


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Name: Axoren Shadow Rixy

Nicknames: Rin, Shadow, Loser, Subject XI.

Age: Either nine or ten. He is the third youngest of the siblings. As he was born and raised in a lab, he has no clue what his age is.

Appearance: (See image)

History: Rin was actually taken from an orphanage as a baby and utilized as a test subject to develop weapons using people with superpowers or other supernatural abilities as those weapons. And it was not just the painful bad kind, but the dark ones too. The experiments involved Rin being opened up again and again, as one of the "Core Subjects" in their attempts to implant more powers and abilities into him. This hurt him extremely, but over time he got more powerful.

Originally, the scientists had taken Rin because of his unique ability known as "Adaptability", which made him genetically able to accept and utilize all foreign tissue. However, he was not the only subject it turned out. One day, Subject XIII, the one who came after him, caused large scale destruction. This new power caused a huge amount of damage that let him escape, and caused the release of many other test subjects as well. What was surprising is that they all shared white hair and red eyes, and even their facial features were similar if not the same. Additionally, all had bar codes planted on them, mostly in the same place, under the left eye. Add then, they soon learned. Ixian, the youngest of them all and the one who released them all, was actually a clone using implanted memories from the first subject, and he was subject thirteen. The youngest of the clones. Rin himself was the third youngest, Subject XI, and was under the same circumstances.

Outraged, the subjects wiped out the scientists, and then escaped into the world. They sort of keep in touch, but they often also lose track of each other. Supposedly, there is one brother however that is tracking all of them, because he was given a supernatural ability to do so.

Supernatural Abilities:

Enhanced Physical Specs: Nuff Said.

Shadowwalk: Can turn him and anything he is wearing invisible. However, finds it difficult if not impossible to turn other people or the vehicle he is riding in invisible.

Charm: Anyone he kisses, regardless of where, is charmed by him and will be made to do whatever he says. It does not matter what species they are, but those with higher mental fortitude could resist. He insists this ability was given to him as a joke by the scientists.

Shadowstep: Is capable of short range teleportation inbetween shadows.

Fog of War: Rin cannot be targeted or locked on, cannot be tracked using modern technology or magic, cannot have his location divined even by gods, cannot be perceived from a distance.

Unnatural Agility: Although his physical specs are all raised, he is unusually nimble, fast, agile, and dexterous.

Spirit Guardian Summon: Nightsky: A black raven that he can summon, it can utilize his stealth abilities including the ability to turn invisible. Additionally, it can make itself appear exactly like Rin. It is very useful.

Shadow Manipulation: He is able to manipulate shadows and even use them to strike at people. However, this does not appear to be magic.

Adaptability: Rin's body is capable of utilizing and absorbing all foreign tissue without issue, regardless of the source. It may also hold other effects, but this was the main one utilized.

Wind/Storm Element Magic: Lighting, wind, and such are all under his control and can use magic of those elements freely.

So begins...

Axoren "Rin" Shadow Rixy's Story


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The cover of dusk had put the city into the shadow of night, as everything had mysteriously became just a bit more spooky and mysterious. The corners seemed a little more dangerous, the alleys a little more threatening, the streets requiring a little more caution. It was exactly the kind of atmosphere that young boys should not go into at night, except for the well lit or well secured areas.

"Take this, you brat!"

And for Rin, he was getting kicked in the stomach in a back alley, having been assaulted by a group of scoundrels. However, they had not been waiting around for a target, but rather, they had been following him the whole time.

"You think you could just operate in our city without being noticed? And I hear that there is a rather nice bounty on you as well, and the high paying illegal kind at that".

He kicked Rin, and sent him sprawling into a nearby wall of a building. After that, he mumbled some words of discontent at Rin, as he took out a cell phone and began to dial....but the moment before he was about to hit the call button, suddenly the phone in his hand was replaced by a dagger, only it was stabbed through his palm. Rin, who had just been beaten to a pulp, was now standing up and holding the man's cell phone.

"I see, so this is the contact number. This was surprisingly easy to get. I couldn't search online after all, they definitely had some sort of monitoring system for that".

Rin, also known as Subject XI. The third youngest of the "brothers" who were really clones created at different times. He was the tenth clone, as the original Subject I was not a clone but the one they were cloned from.

"You...you bra..."

The man did not even get to finish, as a large Raven swooped into the alley and ate half of his body, after which he spit out the dagger that had been stabbed into his hand.

"Nightsky, feel free to make them your dinner" he told the large bird, which was actually his Spirit Guardian, as he copied down the full phone number. "To think, they would start dialing before confirming I was unconscious. Well, I guess that is just the quality of local thugs".

Soon after, when Nightsky was done nd Rin had gotten all the information he needed, he disabled but did not destroy the cell phone, keeping it with him in case he could use it.

"Alright, with that done...lets go back to the hotel room".

And thus, Nightsky disappeared into thin air and Rin began walking through the dark streets lit only by street lights and moonlight.

The setting changes from asteria-city to Questrios City


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Ao Rixy walked along the road without any concern, as he maintained a calm and unassuming appearance while he walked in broad daylight. However that was only how he appeared, in truth he was highly observant at the moment.

To think, at a time I was not using my Pressence Concealment ability, a kid with a camera got lucky and spotted me. I better keep it up for awhile, make sure they don't spot me...though, it looks like those scientists did well enough without me. From what I heard, they made twelve clones of me. Seriously, what is with those psychopaths...

Ao had no issues with the fact he had just gained a ton of brothers, although he himself maintained distance for now while he was not needed. That was because he wanted to make sure he also did not draw attention to them. Still, the fact that he got spotted around the same time they escaped...he wondered what were the odds of that coincidence happening.

"Well now, you seem to be quite troubled...equally to how hard it was to find you".

The moment he heard that voice, Ao's eyes widened and he immediately turned around. Normally, no one would be able to notice him so easily. It would take an exceptional individual to even have a small chance at finding him. However...

"You are not the only one with presence concealment. Relax, its fine. We could converse right here in the middle of the street and not be noticed, Ao".

The one who had found him, the one talking to him right now, was Axoren "Rin" Shadow Rixy. Someone who was supposedly just as hard to find and pin down as Ao.

"...I see. So you are the one who came to find me huh?"

"Indeed. It seemed like we had quite a bit to talk about...oniichan".

"....why the hell did you call me like that? We are not even Japanese, or anything like that".

"Hey, even if I am mostly serious, I am a kid who had his childhood stolen away. I have the right to be at least a little whimsical".

"Heh. I suppose I cannot fault you there".

And so, the first person to find Ao Rixy was none other then the assassin, the shadow of the Rixys, someone who was actually even harder to find then Ao.