Gambit's BarAzra Solarwing

Also known as The Dragon God or Dragon God Emperor.

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Nyxeth

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Azra is a large behemoth in comparison to the rest of his offspring, nearly doubling their average size he stands imposing and perfect in comparison. Perfectly formed as the original of his kind, his scales shimmer and change as his mood sways, however the theme always stays relevant to the stars and galaxies of the universe, from the bright orange of the sun to the dark and lifeless black of the empty void. Apparelled in the finest materials created, his joints are covered by crisp and inlayed gold leaf plating, his forearms and legs are woven in a dark blue silk and his tail swishes with many bangles of precious metals riveted along it.


Azra was the first of his kind, originally his species was that of mindless beasts, the predator of their otherwise barren world. So aghast was a goddess by the brutal nature of the planet that she chose to elevate one so that they may see a better path. Given divinity for such simplistic reasons, Azra set his path on raising his species to enlightenment and that he did. From the mindless matriarchs of the packs he gave life to three sons, whom would aid him in his task. Those three sons had their own children and the divine blood began to spread as time passed the race began to grow. Years on civilization had been brought to the race that Azra had created, whilst not pretty nor elegant it had a rugged sense of honour and appreciation of that which it had been given, magic.
You see, Azra within his divinity and his bloodline had passed down that power which he had been granted to his sons, and from his sons to their children and the children’s children. Until six unique tribes formed with their own specialities. However not all was pleasant in this spreading of the blood as it began to run thin.
It had been deemed that the younger generations were losing the potency of the divine blood, reverting back into mindless beasts slowly but surely, rules were established in breeding to limit these effects as Azra became one of brooding at such downfall, leaving his sons to govern the civilization in his stead as all his mental energies turned towards a way to solve the problem.

So begins...

Azra Solarwing's Story