The gangster of love who makes everybody wonder "Was that an earthquake or was that Bojangles?"

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6'0'' slightly tan medium-length hair that has a fringe covering the right eye. eye color is blood red hair color is deep black has a 4-pack body


lookin for love cause he is tired of being alone, is joker, can be a jerk sometimes but they are rare moments, has good anger control but will snap if pushed enough, builds walls not to keep people out but to see who cares enough to tear them down, loves acting cocky amoungst friends with nothing to back what he is talking about, not great at talking with people he dosent know, even worse at talking with women. Is very open with friends doing whatever he he finds funny, is a comic relief kinda a guy. Will never strike a woman unless life is in danger


everything is hidden away in a various bags of holding. also he has two gloves, one that holds a Desert Eagle, the other holds a M16. At a snap of his fingers the guns can be summoned from the palm of the glove or re-hidden. wears slightly better than normal cloths with some fake jewelry except for one ring on his right ring finger. it is made of 10K gold with a topaz center. his name was carved into the inside of the band. also he is in possion of many gems that do various things. the most common ones he uses are the elemental gems. also he has a necklace which warns him of danger when in unaware of it. lastly he has a Psionic Energy Sword(this acts just like a lightsaber from starwars)


traveling around looking for that special somebody but due to his lack of skill at talking, he fails everytime. sometimes he falls into a deep sadness for hours at a time that borderlines depression. growing up he was not very popular and didnt have any luck with women so he decided to make a change in his life, he worked to become a hottie and when he got his new look he set out hoping that he did enough work to win over his future love.

So begins...

Bojangles's Story

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Nadya was outside the group home and working on the tires of her bike, a serious look of concentration on her face as she pumped air into the rear tire, her eyes trained on the pressure gauze attached to the pump. It want important that she didn't mess this up. Too little, and the tire would still be flat. Too much and... Okay, she didn't know what happened, other than the pump tip popping off and the air escaping so she had to start all over again, which was annoying, but not seriously that big of a deal.

The barely teenaged girl had a plastic grocery bag by her side, full of leftovers that she had managed to sneak out of the kitchen, all in sandwich baggies. It had been the best she had been able to do, but she promised Bo leftovers whenever the other came, and she tried to stick to that! she was kind of hoping Bo would come too. Something in her, she wasn't sure what, was super happy whenever she spent time with Bo.

It didn't feel like a crush though. Just super friendship, that was all. Nadya concentrated harder, eyes on the gauge just in time for the stupid tip to come flying off again. "Gosh Darnit!"

The setting changes from eastern-sol-avenue to The Palace


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The charity benefit for Wing City orphanages was today and right now, and to say that Nadya was a little concerned was not a small thing. Still, she could do this. She was going to be mayor if she won. She’d have to be able to handle this.

The event was meant to be a cocktail party, and so Nadya had gone with her Babushka to get a pretty dress, the elder finding the entire event hilarious and agreeing to come, though she had insisted Nadya wear a lace jacket of the mint green knee-length dress. Her guardian would be there a little bit too, but hadn’t been able to be there the entire time. And now, people were beginning to arrive, and so Nadya, her babushka by her side was greeting everyone with a bright smile and cheer.

She was nervous and scared, but she thought she did a good idea. The preteen had gotten a war mage to be in charge of the security of the ball room that Invictus had quietly, and with no small laughter, allowed her to use free of charge, as part of their ‘donation.’ No one intending violence would be able to make it through the open doors. The mage who had set it up, elderly as he was, was sitting in a corner of the lobby, eyes on the doors to the ball, resting as he watched out for any troublemakers. He was a volunteer as well, finding it hilarious a child got to run for mayor.

Hilarious or not, Nadya took it serious, even if she hadn’t thought she’d be anywhere near this popular. Besides, tonight wasn’t about her. It was about helping other orphans, ones who still didn’t have family’s, ones who needed the help of Wing City. All the fighting, the disaster, the Elysium accidents had damaged the different facilities, the foster group homes all around Wing City. Nadya had a platform to do something about this, and she was going to try her hardest to help raise funds to repair the damage and maybe build new ones, if they raised enough.


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The droid sat in silence in the gatehouse a warehouse owned by the Project on terra named such as it allowed almost instantaneous travel between the station and Terra, however the gate right now was nonfunctioning, to avoid any unwanted entry onto the Prometheus Station.

Alpha was listening to the radio when he heard about the fundraiser being ran by one of the mayor applicants, his head turned back to the gate as it activated, Alpha shot to his feet and went to attention, and stepping out from it was the project director Jacob Anderson followed by Charlie and Delta.

“NC06’s return to the station” Jacob spoke as he finished stepping from the translucent watery gateway, the two NC06 droids turn and head back through the gate closing. “no need to be so formal Alpha” the Professor laughed to himself and approached his creation.

“i wasn’t aware that you’d be traveling” Alpha relaxed and watched as Jacob checked over the NC07 droid, Jacob shook his head.

“You missed a report, why?” Jacob stepped back, half listening to the remains of the radio broadcast. “there have been multiple mass killings that i have been investigating.” the monotone brief report enough to chill Jacob, he glanced at the robot and shook his head.

“Equip yourself with your sidearm only, that fundraiser the radio just mentioned, are you aware where it is?”

A few minutes later and Alpha was acting Chauffeur, his sidearm holstered at his hip, Jacob in the back; soon enough the vehicle would arrive at the palace, and from the vehicle Jacob would climb out, and enter with Alpha walking alongside him.

Jacob would pass by Nadya looking for the host but Alpha would stop and speak up to his creator and charge. “Sir, this young lady is the host of this fundraiser ” Alpha motioned towards Nadya as he spoke, Jacob turned to face Alpha and looked on at his droid with a look of confusion.

“I’m sorry, what?” the middle aged man responds with as calm a demeanour he can


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Nadya giggled at this. "It is a little silly that I'm able to run, but your friend is right. I'm Nadya Alexeev, and I'm running for mayor." The girl gave a brilliant grin and motioned with an open palm to the elderly lady standing next to her. "This is my babushka, Olga." She introduced politely. "It's a pleasure to meet you sir. Thank you for coming out."

She hoped that lots of people would come! The more people that came, the more the orphanages would get help, and maybe the more who would support a push for sensible limits on who could be mayor, and who would band together and support Wing City and it's citizens and safety.

Olga cackled. "And don't you worry about anything here, young man. We're all here to support the most vulnerable people in the city. And if anyone tries anything, that old man in the corner promised to turn them into a peacock!" Olga was hoping someone would try something. It would make her day. Rahal looked up from the corner he had claimed, with a full view of the door and smiled. It did not promise good things to anyone who crossed him. He had plans.

Still Nadya held out her hand to shake, hopeful. It seemed to be going well so far at least.


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Jacob approached Nadya and shook her hand, his robotic hand warming up, as to not chill the young hostess. “I am glad necessary precautions have been taken, though an extra bit of security never hurt” he released her hand from his cybernetic hand, the gel pads that made up the fingers and palm cooling down. “Where are my manners, I am sorry, I am Professor Jacob Anderson.”

“And i am NC07- Alpha” the droid bowed respectfully, and looked down to check the sidearm, the small LED on the hilt glew green, the weapon locked in its hilt and inactive.

“excuse me i have a few signals to monitor.” the droid would excuse itself from the discussion standing at the edge of the hall at ease, motionless; Jacob sighed and looked back to Olga and Nadya. “One of the most stable of the designs but far too often all business.” the Professor, wringed his hands over his wrists, quickly thinking to himself.

“Wing city used to be home to me, if there’s anything you need from me go ahead and ask” Jacob was being sincere, he had a polite smile but could not get the rather intimidating thought of being turned into a peacock out the back of his mind. The thought quite visibly puzzling him.


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#, as written by Sambea
A dark limousine rolled up in front of the even. It was clean spotless. A older male got out of the driver's side and opened the door all the way to the back. Reaching out a hand, another hand can be seen reaching out of the vehicle. Out stepped Devika in an emerald green, deep V neck dress. Her dark auburn hair up in a high bun with loose strands on each side. Behind her out came Edmund, her long lover, in a matching outfit. They both looked up at the building.

"Are you going to be on your best behavior, Ama?" Edmund said in a stern fatherly voice.

Devika side glared at him, "I thought I told you not to use my name outside of our home? These people don't need to address me by anything other than Devika. As for my behavior," she turned around, fixing his tie, and smiling up at him. "I promise to do my best. I did say coming here would be my gift to you, since you have become so... giving."" She mocked him some what for turning over a good leaf and trying to be a good guy. A part of her hated it with a passion, but she needed him and she was willing to do whatever it took to keep him.

"Good, I would hate for this to end in a disaster when all of this is for children... and to make the child look good, but either way it helps kids and I am all for that." He smiled, placing a gentle kiss on her forehead. Devika smiled and grabbed his hand. She wasn't a very touchy kind of gal, but she was in the mood. Opening the door she saw a few people, the child who was running for mayor, and some robot. The girl was busy talking to them so she dragged Edmund over to the corner of the room.

"Looks like she is busy, good. Wouldn't know what to say to her anyway." She whispered into Edmund's arm as she observed the room.


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"...It'll be good PR."

"Show these Terrans that the people of the Empire are not the evil thugs Terran media makes them out to be..."

The words rang in Mr. Hagan's ear loudly,through the telephone and from a Tech Con PR Exec that was giving him advice on how to expand Tech Con into the Terran Market yet again. With Dominic Hagan missing, the company had essentially been returned to him, and Miles found himself yet again running Tech Con, and coming back out of retirement.

Hagan's limo wasn't really a limo, more like a two story rolling mansion, pulled by a large tractor truck powered by a massive Tylium engine that belched thick black smoke into the air.

The trailer could be described as almost a hundred feet in length, broken into two train car like segments for ease of maneuverability. The metal shell was crafted from a lightweight, but strong alloy, however functional the exterior was, it was the interior that left one wanting more.

To Hagan's tastes, the interior bore marble floors and ceilings, with clean and simple white, and black lines, the bathrooms bore toilets that had seats forged from solid platinum, sinks trimmed with gold lead, ornately engraved with mythical designs, rare wood panels fashioned from some of Langara's rarest redwoods that were thousands of years old.

The bed inside the master quarters was linen'd with hand loomed silk from the Temple of Athena, while using the most advanced memory foams that not only conformed to the body, but altered temperature so the bed would always remain at just the right temperature.

This egregious display of wealth surrounded Miles, as he sat on a golden embroidered leather chair fashioned from the hides of the near-extinct Acadian Longhorn, native to the high plains of the Province of Tauron.

The rolling mansion was staffed with butlers, cooks, and maids to tend to Mr. Hagan's every possible want and need. In addition to the full time security staff that were riding atop the rolling motorhome, and escorting it in simple white pickup trucks.

The whole motorcade came to a stop in front of the Palace, air brakes hissing, and a lone Butler going to open the door with a few keystrokes, which caused the door to open with a slight hiss.

The Glamour of the interior practically poured onto the sidewalk, as a second Butler placed a red carpet down, and rolled it out, while a third presented Mr. Hagan with an ivory cane that was carved from the tusks of a Hafirjan elephant, and impregnated with gold and diamond leaf. The head of the cane was ornately molded solid platinum, with gold effects, and encrusted with diamonds.

In Gold lettering along the length of the cane, the words 'avaritia bonum' were engraved in Anquietas.

He wore a designer suit, tailored to his body, a tie threaded with gold trimmed paisely, and a solid gold tie clip studded with diamonds.

A silver lapel pin that bore the Tech Con logo was pinned to his lapel, over a gold silk pocket square.

As Hagan stepped on the ground, the first Butler closed the door behind him, and stood next to the door waiting, while the second one briefly combed some fresh gel into Hagan's hair, making last minute touch ups to his appearance.

Leaning on the cane, he moved forward, two well dressed Tech Con security officers in tow.

It was time to impress, as he made his way into the ball, his two aides in tow. While they did not intend violence, they were paid well to protect their employer, they were also extremely well trained, and armed to the teeth, packing the easily concealed T-65 Combat skin.

This resulted in their stature being slightly larger than most, but Miles wasn't planning on needing their services.

Stepping into the charity event, he tried to hide his disappointment. The place was a dump in his eyes, the Invictus seemed to be slacking. He shrugged ever so slightly, before plucking a champagne glass off of a nearby table. He had to see where his money was going after-all, as a sizable donation, roughly five-hundred million Aschen cubits were working their way through the wire, he had quietly hoped the benefactor of this charity had received word of his Donation, and he would be treated properly.


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“It’s nice to meet you Professor, NC-07.” She said and smiled. “Mostly, we’re here tonight to help rebuild the different foster and group homes in Wing City that received damage both in the latest disaster, and in older ones.” She had been very coached in how to say this. “If you’d like to donate, any of the servers is available to help. Any amount helps.” She assured him and gestured with an open hand at the food table.

“In the meantime, there’s food to eat if you’re hungry.” She offered. There was a series of finger foods from all cultures and of all types available, and servers moving around the crowd, such as it was, with drinks.

The Diva Devika did not go unrecognized of course. Nadya was a dancer, but she played close attention to other arts, and Devika was known across cultures for her singing. Neat! A real celebrity had actually come. Still, she wasn’t certain how to approach, or how to handle this. It didn’t look like she wanted to speak, at least.

Babushka smiled at Professor Anderson. “I notice you have a prosthetic? They’ve come so far since I was your age. Did you design it yourself?” She wouldn’t ask why he needed it. That was rude.

Rahal watched as Miles Hagan arrived and scoffed at the sheer tackiness of the entrance. That was less a motorcade and more a motorhome. Terran media was going to have a field day with trailer park jokes. Still, the mage watched this party particularly carefully.

Had anyone informed Nadya that Miles Hagan, an Aschen, and a big name one, was here? This was going to test the child’s ability to be polite to all her guests wasn’t it? The girl hated that entire nation, had lost her parents to them. At least they seemed minimally armed. With protection as their main intent, they would be able to get through the door, though Rahal intended to keep a wary eye on them. Still, the enchantments and wards laid out should prevent too much violence from being successful. A few standing enchantments would make anyone trying to attack look ridiculous.

Any projectile in the air traveling faster than about 16 mph would be changing into an appropriately sized rubber duck, dependent on the mass of the object in question. Bullets, arrows, throwing stars. All of them should be caught in that net. Any coherent beam of energy hotter than 150 degrees Fahrenheit would find itself rapidly transformed into daisy petals that glittered and shimmered with stored energy. Those two standards alone would deal with much of the potential for violence. The magic had been complicated, and he had needed to collar his apprentice to help with the ward schemes, but it was sure to make him laugh if they were tripped. Attempts to draw up any magic would meet extreme resistance, and Rahal would be alerted.

Quietly, a server received news of the donation of cubits, and quietly he came to Nadya’s side and whispered in her ear about it. The girl stiffened at this, and forced herself not to get upset. This was not the time or place, and she was running for mayor. She had to play nice, even with aschen, especially when they came to…assist.

She did not go over to him though.


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The professor nodded always polite and smiling, when asked about the prosthetics he chuckled. “no i didn’t design them, that would be a co-worker of mine who operates in the medical wing, i could given the time design my own version but, my talent lays in the creation of robotics” he motions to Alpha, whom stood by one of the walls out the way.

“Alpha is but one of two hundred operational stabilized A.I” Jacob said quite proudly, he glanced over towards the buffet set out and shook his head, smiling and chuckling lightly to himself. “damn, i forgot to go to my favourite diner, to pick up a coffee.”

The middle aged man took note of those entering, the singer and then the Aschen business man, his glasses activating and giving him a HUD with details, in the corner of his vision a monitor of how the A.I, Alpha, was doing.

“if you’d excuse me i’ll take up that offer of food and drink” Jacob would say, switching off his Hud and holding out his hand once more to shake with Nadya and Olga before turning on his heel and approaching the buffet table to preview the selection of finger foods. Stopping by a server to donate $150,000 out from his own pocket, the only reasoning he had so much, is well life before he joined the project.