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Named after the latin term, Deus Ex Machinae - Deus is the collective existence of the conscious thoughts of the existing Universe.

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Nyxeth

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Deus Ex Machina is a latin term created by the Romans that commonly translates to "God From The Machine.", a phrase which incurs the meaning of a person or thing appears "out of the blue". Effectively, that is the existence of Deus. Whilst nothing can quantify or measure the existence of Deus, it is a theory by many philosophers and scientists that the Universe is gradually evolving towards a fixed point, as race and species continue to interact and social and genealogical barriers begin to erode, the collective thought pool of the Universe begins to grow as concept becomes more widespread.

This collective pooling of thought and feeling has power, as many races such as the Tyveen and Xindhi can vouch for in their daily life - whilst not directly, both races inherently have aspects in their genealogical abilities that are directly influenced by their shared thoughts. It is no wonder then that as the thoughts of the Universe continue to a single point that it could effectively become a life of its own.

Deus is the collective existence of the conscious thoughts of the existing Universe given pseudo life. Whilst formless and in a state without energy or atomic structure, it is best related to the being ENDER whom follows similar rules of constitution. Due to its forming nature, Deus is what can possibly be closest related to the being 'God' found on Terra-01A (Commonly called Earth by the Human Race.), it is both everywhere and everywhen, all knowing and all powerful yet lacks all the traits at the same time.

Deus has the capacity to bring the Universe to a grinding halt and return it to nonexistence but that would incidentally destroy itself as without conscious thought, it would dissipate into the endless dark. Despite this, one could argue that like a stars life cycle, Deus is a natural step in that of the Universe as life begins to flourish. Based upon this, it is theorised that even on destruction, it is only a matter of time before another incidentally forms amidst the emitting thoughts of the Universe.

Whilst without a specific role, Deus acts upon the base thoughts, wishes and urges of the Universe, what some may quantify as a miracle or divine intervention would more than likely be the subtle interjection of Deus actions into the system, whilst formless, Deus has the ability to alter perspective and conscious action. Best given with example, it is easier to think that Deus has the ability to cause events and actions to happen or not happen by influencing the minds of others.

As such, Deus spends much of its existence correcting events in the history of the Universe continually to steer away from the Universes destruction, whilst some events may seem small in scale it can inherently cause a snowball effect into the advancing future, remembering that Deus exists in all time periods continuously and as such one could see these actions as mere forestalling of its own demise.

So begins...

Deus Ex Machinae's Story