Jay Starbeing

A being made of stars (if that wasn't obvious) constantly falling into different verses.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Freddie-Ammerson



Full Name: Jay Starbeing

Age: Unknown

Gender: Neither

Height: Fluctuates based on what verse they are in and what race they are, tends to be on the tall side of life

Weight: Fluctuates based on verse and race; usually on the thin side

Hair: White, long, and swept to one side. The exposed side is usually shaven. (like this: Image but way longer)

Eyes: Usually lighter colors

Clothing: The picture is inaccurate. They tends to wear white clothing with bright accent colors. The shirt is much the same as in the picture but they have a cape/sweater thing that they wear tied at the waist that goes down almost to the floor. The way it's designed, it covers their legs so that its hard to see if he's wearing pants, shorts, or a dress. They also wear boots with a serious heel.

Family: The Stars

Likes: singing, dancing, nature, making fun (in general and of people deserving it)

Dislikes: girls crying, being too busy

Strengths: Music said to be "magical" sometimes

Weaknesses: Not very strong physically

Character Background: Jay lived a peaceful life in space with their brethren until they was called to life mysteriously and forced to live in a void of mostly blackness. Sometimes they are, quite literally, thrown into different verses and are forced to live there for different amounts of time.

So begins...

Jay Starbeing's Story