Bastion IVJoseph Deagen

Biological monstrosity, capable of shapeshifting on the cellular level. Looks 18, male, with Italian features. Likes booze and excitement. Likes to smile and kill things, usually at the same time. Fond of dismemberment and eating his enemies.

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by TatersAndTots

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His form changes constantly, but his "normal" one is an olive skinned, big nosed Italian teenager. His teeth are perfectly white, expected with someone with the powers he has, with short dark brown hair. Tends to where random shirts always with jeans.

Powers: A result of the military's bioweapon experiments ,Joe is only human in the vague sense of the word. He is made of a colony of supercells, called hyper-somatic body cells. They have full DNA, meaning he cannot reproduce, but they exhibit a rather extreme ability. Joe has the power of Shape Manipulation. It only applies to himself, but as long as it concerns his body and is made of biological compounds, he can become it.

All of the cells' power is because of the ability to rapidly change their composition and shape on command. AKA shapeshifting. As long as he has the density, he can rapidly change size and shape when needed. He can slip through cracks in walls or even under doors, then rapidly reform. At at the same time the cells can change their color on command as well. This means he can fake the looks of other people, or simply look human. The cells themselves are jet black, mixed with veins of bright yellow randomly.

The cells can mimic organs of other creatures too. If Joe understands the chemical makeup of an organ, he can create it for his use. His subconcious gave him his eyes, mouth, ears, stomach, etc... but he could, for example, add fangs and a rattlesnake's venom pouch, if he takes the time to learn how one is made. NOTE: if he changes form, he looses the usage of these organs. If he turns into pure hyper-somatic cells, he looses his sight, taste, hearing, and everything other than touch really. He cannot feed very well in that form, being blind and deaf, meaning that unless he happens to stumble on a fresh corpse, he will be unable to eat or drink while in that form.

A special ablity of the cells is a kind of black armor created from the manipulation of carbon bonds, The glossy black stuff is made of carbon nanotubules, strands of carbon that are extremly strong compared to all known materials, bonded to diamond. The specific strength of carbon nanotubes are around 48,000 KN - mg - k-1, while steel has one of about 154. This is ONLY stretching forces! Compression, twisitng or crushing foces buckle them easily. These tubes are only a backbone to microscopic sheets of diamond bonded inside and around the tubes. What it looses in hardness, it gain in structure. The hard carbon lattices hold the tubes open, while the tubes keep the diamond sheets adhered together. Combined they create a sen-flexible armor that is very light. It can shrug off anything short of explosives, but a straight-on bullet hit will crack it. Any other shot will be deflected without much damage. Fractured armor is much weaker, which would make it vulnerable to any more hits on it. The broken diamond structure would expose the nanotubes. Then the tubes themselves would be damaged, thus destroying the armor's integrity. He CAN take bullets, but he tries to avoid them if he can. Plus, he has to actually MAKE the armor first. If he does not create the armor, he is as defenseless as a regular human. The armor has uses in making melee weapons as well, such as claws or hammers. On a minor note, Joe can also creating a filter of sorts over his mouth, made of the hyper-somatic cells, that is highly resistant to gas weapons and other irritants (AKA smoke and stuff). It appears as a halfshell over his mouth and nose with six horizontal vanes on each side that hiss quietly as they filter the air. It takes about 20 seconds to make, so he cannot create it on command instantly. Any good nerve again like Sarin would kill him long before he has a chance to protect himself. Also, caustic agents can simply each away the breathing membranes inside the mask, rendering them useless.

The cells are extremely tough and efficient, being artificially made for combat uses. His body can take blows that would kill most humans. The cells are all naturally resistant to compression, having their own semi cell-walls, not unlike plants, but engineered to be strong yet flexible. His 'muscles', modified HC cells, can move his body faster than most athletes, while he can jump over twenty feet if he forces himself, as well as letting a thing strand of cells and carbon nanotubules hold up his entire 300 lbs body weight. He is very dense.

Rather resilient to most forms of death and injury
Superhuman speed and agility, as well as strength. Akin to an Olympic athlete and a competitive weight lifter, not quite Justice League levels
He is always armed with some kind of melee weapon. Don't be surprised if a handshake suddenly turns into a spike that lunges towards your heart.
He can mimic other people easily, even their voices to an extent. Not mentally however;his personality stays the same. He can slip into small spaces like holes or grates to escape others.
Can grow armor on command. Goes from man to walking tank in seconds (30-60 seconds for full growth)

Still human. Without his armor and such, he is just as squishy as you and me.
Take time for any advanced transformations.
The spot that is being changed turns black and yellow, meaning that any shapshifting is obvious, which means he can be killed before he has a chance to change to defend himself.
Not one for subtlety once the killing starts


An odd combination of pitiless and loving. He treats those he thinks are 'innocent' with poise and kindness. He treats those he hates with complete contempt, having no qualms about killing them. Hell, he enjoys it!

Besides his morals he is sarcastic and polite. While his jokes may get mean, he never truly wishes to hurt anyone. Other than his enemies of course.




He began with a life in Philidelphia, in the suburbs of that city, but was stolen by government agents. He had an odd brain disease that made him useful. He was injected with HS (hyper somatic) cell cultures. The military bio weapon was supposed to simply eat him from the inside out. The scientists wanted to study what the cells would do with his brain cells when they got there. What they didn't expect was for the cells to integrate his mind. He ended up with total control over the HS cells that devoured his body, and the military ended up with one runaway experiment and around twelve dead scientists and military personal. Now, he simply wanders, soaking in new sights while avoiding the different groups that would want the abilities he possesses.

So begins...

Joseph Deagen's Story