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A passionate magician built for battle.

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by RedRaine

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Name: Lucas Remington
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 21
Appearance: Lucas is 5"10, not short, not too tall to tower over others, but tall nonetheless. He has flaming auburn hair that spikes out everywhere as if the locks of his hair were as frayed out and as wild as the fire he wields. He wears a white long sleeved shirt, charcoal black pants and a white cloak that encompasses most of his body. He's somewhat lean, just lightly toned, and looks battle hardened; his stature revealing to the world as one that has seen an endless amount of battles before him.

Attributes: (15 Traits)
Melee Attack – 3/10
Melee Attack Speed – 8/10
Ranged Attack – 1/10
Ranged Attack Speed – 1/10
Defense – 2/10
Stamina – 10/10
Agility – 5/10
Reflexes – 7/10
Weapons – 4/10
Items - 1/10
Abilities - 10/10
Magic Attack – 10/10
Magic Defense - 4/10
Magic Potency - 10/10
Luck - 4/10

Overall - 80/150


Lucas personality almost resembles the flames he controls; he's both passionate and expressive and looks to the world with an arrogance on his face that seems to challenge it to its core. Unlike ones associated with flames though, he is not short tempered or ill mannered; he doesn't do things with the purpose to harm. He isn't, however, the epitome of patience, he just has enough to get him through daily interactions with minimal interference. Although he doesn't purposely hurt others, he tends to be a bit of a bully and loves to tease the ones he cares about. He can't exactly express his feelings well when it comes to serious or sensitive situations so usually his words come out rather brashly and ill thought out. However, despite his difficulties, he is incredibly protective of the ones he cares about and will stop at nothing short of razing everything between the two with fire.


Talents: Being a student of Everia Lucas has developed his skills and abilities to suit his nature as a battle mage.

Hand-to-Hand Mastery
- With rigorous training Lucas is very talented in hand-to-hand fighting; he specializes in short and powerful strikes, such as punches, palm and elbow strikes to overwhelm the opponent.

Weapon Proficiency
- Lucas is somewhat skilled in all forms of weaponry. This is due to the nature of his main weapon Crow. Although he is a Jack of all, he is a master of none.

Potent Magics
- Lucas has always had very potent magics ever since his very first spell; his magics are so potent that it works as a natural amplifier for his own spells. His spells are also less likely to be deflected, disrupted, interrupted or redirected.

Flame Turning
- As Lucas is a master of flame magic he is able to influence all forms of heat and flames, magic or no. He is able to increase the power of flame based magic with his own and can influence the flames of others. If a fireball were to be aimed at Lucas, as long as it is mostly powered by the opponent, even though he cannot turn it around completely he can reduce its power or redirect it off to the side.

- Lucas took a year as an apprentice blacksmith in order to create Crow. Over the years he has refined his abilities with the use of magic. He is able to craft and repair any type of metal object. This includes various types of armor and weapons of the sort. Due to his mastery of his magics he is able to do this at high speeds even on the battlefield. However he must have the utmost concentration and would be sent to the back lines. Because of his communion with earth he is able to make the purest of steels and, with enough time, his works have twice the amount of durability than it would normally have.

Weapons: Lucas carries a special hilt crafted specifically for him; both he and the blacksmith spent near a year perfecting it.

- A solid black onyx handle/hilt that resembles the hilt of a long sword; however the hilt does not fully extend to cover the back of the hand like a longsword and with the front part of the hilt extending downwards diagonally, the full hilt resembles something similar to the hilt of a cleaver. With specific materials and endless combinations this version of crow does not heat up with the presence of fire.

Items: Lucas carries 10 small stone slates/tablets on his person.

Stone Tablet x 10
- Used as an emergency device for earth magic when the user is not in contact with the ground.

The Basic Book of Spells
- A book he keeps strapped to his belt/pants. Filled with miscellaneous day-to-day spells such as night vision or levitation. He only learned the basics just enough to pass his first year and immediately forgot about them until one of his teachers discovered his problems with them just days before graduation. As a side requirement to graduate, Lucas has to keep this book on him at all times till he masters them. Fat chance.

Magic: Lucas has always had an inherent penchant for magic; even when he was young his magic had always been incredibly potent. Lucas was learning to master his main element, fire, by himself when one day a wandering magician named Cypheed came into town; the mage realized that Lucas also had dormant abilities in Earth as well. Due to discovering it a bit late Cypheed knew that under normal circumstances Lucas would never be able to use Earth to its full potential. However with a spirit pact, Cypheed bestowed to Lucas a lost art that would be able to match his abilities in fire and then some. Cypheed, unable to stay long, suggested Lucas join a school or guild of magics; they would be able to help and mold him into the magician he was meant to be.

Child's Flame
- Basic Fire magic that creates small flames the size of ones eyeball. The flames can move up to 5 meters away from the user before flickering out. As it is a raw flame the strength of it is dependent entirely on the potency of the user's magic. At it's best it can cause a flammable object to ignite instantly.

Dragon's Roar
- By compressing a large amount of Fire magic into a tiny ball the user is then able to super heat any materials it comes in contact with. The ball itself is no larger than a die or small rock at most; however with more power it can grow to the size of the user's palm. The resulting expansion of fire magic causes a sizable burst of flame to erupt when activated. As it requires a high amount of concentration it cannot be used as a projectile and must stay within the reach of the user or else it would destabilize and, at worst, explode uncontrollably.

Dragon's Breath
- The user is able to expel a wave or pillar of heat from a medium attached to the user's body. However due to the nature of the ability it is required that the user be in motion as the ability takes upon the speed that the medium is traveling at. It can be used with small mediums such as the fingers or a stick but due to the wild nature of the magic it requires an incredible amount of control; it's use becomes increasingly easier the larger the medium is to it is best used with the user's limbs. The size of the wave is directly proportional to the medium used along with it.

Dragon's Glare
- The user creates a ball of fire from their hand. The ball is then spun at high speeds while continually compressing the power of it until it takes the form of a disk. This disk can then be thrown at high speeds towards a target. Due to the offensive nature of the disk it is highly effective on any manner of barriers as it not only cuts, but grinds and shreds at the defenses. The user is able to make, at most, two disks; one disk per hand. The size of the disks are also directly proportional to the amount of power put into it.

Mother Earth
- Due to a spirit pact with Earth element spirits, this single ability allows the user to freely control the components, properties, and location of the earth around him. This ability ranges from summoning walls of earth to creating sand from its rapid movement. One conditional of its use is that the user must have direct contact with some form of earth to use it. If the user releases contact with the earth at any point the magics will immediately cease to work.


Lucas has been raised in a small village in the country since birth. His parents were rather simple folk and lived peacefully yet Lucas always wanted to explore the world around him. Even when he discovered his powers at the age of 6 he hasn't been able to leave home for the adventure he's always wanted. At the age of 10 he packed up his stuff and moved to the city; eager to join a school of magics in hopes to both master his powers and find a reason for adventure.

So begins...

Lucas Remington's Story