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"If freedom is an illusion, its one I am perfectly happy with."

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Nyxeth

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Name: Michael Nix

Alternative Name
: Subject Zero

: Male

Age: 18

Faction: Subject

ESP Type: Offensive

ESP Level: B - 25 G




Psyche Wave



Custom Offensive

Tank Buster: The concept lies in a traditional burst, however the detonation on impact is delayed and the frontal force is heightened. Rather than exploding in exterior contact, the psychic force is forced into the target and explodes internally. Impractical use on other ESPers of equal calibre, primary use is against objects and vehicles.

Burst Flare: Unlike a single burst which is aimed directionally by the hand. The Burst flare is a 360* spherical attack all around the user, a good area of attack tool. Downside, power usage.

Gravity Cannon: Based on the Eraser, as the beam is fired, telekinetic power forces nearby objects and people towards the beam, increasing its destructive potential and accuracy. Downside, power usage.

Gravity Sphere: Whilst a normal Gravity Cannon fires in a beam, similar to an Eraser, the Gravity Sphere is a movable ball of Eraser energy, with the same destructive force, the Sphere is movable by Michael's will in the same effect that an object can be moved with telekinesis, incorporating the effects of the Cannon, the Sphere draws objects and people closer to it in proximity, its downside is its speed at which it moves and the distance from which it can move from Michael.

Gravity Field: Based upon the TL, the Gravity Field is a ESP energy field that incorporates the effects of the TL along with a constant downwards G pressure, not only does this severely limit the abilities of teleporting within its range, it also limits physical movement. The downside of this is its obvious power usage, but also the effects on the user itself.

(Ability List Prone to Updates As Imagination Develops Them)

Appearance: Michael is of a man of average build, with average muscle mass, one who could hold his own in a fight but equelly not a fighter at heart, he has dark brown hair which runs down below his neck, with a long fringe pushed to one side, dangling close to his right eye, his eye colour is that of a faint gray and he has a youthful and energetic facial appearance. His clothing is generally quite casual, with loose jeans and a large belt to hold them at the waist, he also generally wears short sleeved, open free spirited shirts like those surfers might wear.

: Michael can be what some call a free spirit, after release from his 'incarcaration' as he calls it at the labs, he seems of taken to the world and what it offers, never one to say no to anything, he always seems to enjoy riding on the edge, at times to peoples annoyance, but a knowing person, often cuts his antics short if it is at the cost of others. Despite this, he is a caring person and quick to act by nature and those close to him fall under his protection and within combat he can be merciless and somewhat cold, as he treats such threats as a danger to his freedom.

: Assumed to derive from a test tube, the other subjects were Michael's closest thing to family, each one a unique blend of genes in the attempt to further develop the most recent and startling human genetic evolution - ESP. However, such methods of garnering information from out right butchery of the subjects and their kin did not go un-noticed to the EPC - Earth Psychic Committee. The labs were shut down and the subjects were dispersed into the population, those whom were stable enough anyway, those who had sadly developed mental distress from their incarceration were no doubt put to rest. Raging psychics in the public would do naught but good.

With this, Michael became a free boy, to grow into a man as years passed. And as he grew so did his mental capacity to manipulate his ESP, Michael spent much of his time exploring his capacity and under tutelage at one local ESP academy, it became apparent by his "grab the bull by the horns" approach to life that his natural development would be fast paced and offensive. In became clear through examination and testing that he was an offensive type and would be powerful at that, if he lived long enough. He was the type to go all out with little regard for personal safety which curtailed his battle style to that of 100% til the end.

As his brief, but fulfilling training passed, Michael used a rather abundant offer made to him by the EPC. He would inform them of his own development in return for a credit account on their payroll, with that in mind and his sharp wit he began world travels in hopes of finding answers to questions he didn't have and perhaps begin to understand his own existence a little bit more. Aside from this, in more recent years Michael has taken to doing work for the EPC, so he might be able to provide for his 'family', knowing full well that some of them struggle amidst a world where their existence is a secret.

Using this money earned, Michael now owns several safe havens across England, where he and several other Zero Subjects have taken to living within as a group, as the self imposed Big Brother and Leader of the group, Michael plays the role of protector as corporate activity amongst several major pharmaceutical and genetics companies has shot upwards of late, rumours say that the Zero Subjects are in London.

Anything of Note
: Michael is always found with a skateboard strapped to his back, as if its a habitual item of his life.

So begins...

Michael Nix's Story