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Setting: Gambit's Bar2010-08-12 07:27:15, as written by Akita
The doors of the bar were slowly pushed open, creaking slightly as a man who stood about 6'2" entered the place. Two almond-shaped royal blue eyes scanned the interior of the bar and most of the patrons in the center area. He wore dark, well-fitting jeans with a sleeveless white shirt under a studded leather jacket. His hair was somewhat long, but was free-form spiked and flexible. Along with his wardrobe, he wore a pair of plain black leather boots with a typical one inch heel. The man made his way through the center aisle of the fairly large area. Taking a seat in one of the old booths, he leaned back on the padded bench and folded his hands out on the table in front of him, lounging. "Interesting place, here. Bartender?" he asked with a calm tone, looking around some for anyone who could serve him.