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"A Jedi. How quaint. I suppose I should welcome you to Hoth, but I don't want to give you the wrongful impression that I like you."

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Tall, muscular, and with long, brown, unkempt hair, Rasha Graan is an impressive warrior. His eyes, as dark as the night, are full of fire and inner energy and passion; they are eyes that can scare someone into silence, or charm a woman into his bed. He likes to wear white or grey garbs similar to Jedi robes, because of their comfortability, together with heavy furs due to the cold nature of his home planet, Hoth. In battle, however, he tends to wear light armors that allow him great flexibility and yet offers some protection. In battle, his eyes tend to turn dark, wild, and outright savage. It's because of this that he has earned the Sith title of "Darth Vicious", despite not being very vicious.



Wild and hotheaded, arrogant and sarcastic, Rasha Graan can at first give off a rather off-putting appearance. His arrogance goes to the degree that he openly offers sarcastic remarks to political envoys if he doesn't trust or like them. This aggressive nature is connected to Hoth's aggressiv expansionist policy as well, which has been formed in the mind of Rasha. However, he is not entirely without good sides. Corageous, merciful against defeated foes, and proud and noble, he cares greatly for his people, and loves the Hoth Monarchy more than his own life, characteristics all unusual within a Dark Lord of the Sith. He respects and listens to his brother, the other of the Twin Kings of Hoth. If anyone harms his brother, the people of Hoth, or the Monarchy, Rasha Graan will go to any lengths to extract vengeance upon them. As a Sith, he harbors a great distrust for Jedi, whom he sees as pretentious and arrogant, preachy fools.


Rasha Graan uses a red-bladed lightsaber with an unusually long handle several times the length of a regular lightsaber handle, in combat, a weapon that he has developed an entirely own fighting style with, a style relying on both flexibility and strength. he wields the lightsaber with masterful skill, and its aggressive appearance seems to fit his own nature as if the two were made for each other.

His lightsaber


One of the Twin Kings of Hoth, Rasha Graan's past is veiled in mystery by most. While his brother spent much of his time in the past training as a Mandalorian, Rasha spent his time in the gladiatorial arenas on backwater planets in the Outer Rim, where he developed his martial skills and made a name for himself. He grew famous, much because of his ferociousness, and his love of the glory that one could earn in the Arena, but also because of his undeniable, self-developed skills, though in the beginning they were crude. Gradually, his fighting style grew more and more refined as he grew more famous.

One day, Rasha, however, left the Arena to return to his homeplanet of Hoth. A frosty snow-covered planet, it was a hostile but inhabitable place where a small civilization was growing, and where he had spent his happy childhood. It was when he was on Hoth that the planet became a battlefield between Republic forces, and pirates that had made the planet their home base. Many civilians suffered during the extended conflict, which took a heavy toll on all of Hoth. Rasha, fighting side by side with other warriors of Hoth, fought to rid the planet of both the pirates and the Republic, each as guilty as the other to making the planet's human settlers suffer. Eventually, the pirates were routed, and the Republic withdrew from the hostile planet, seeing no value in it as a settlement. Left behind were the humans of Hoth, and Rasha.

It was not long after that, that Rasha reunited with his brother, who returned from a life with the Mandalorian clans. The two would, with promises of glory, wealth, and with the help of ruthless strength, force the humans of Hoth to unite under a single banner; the banner of the Hoth Monarchy. It was a long and arduous process, but at the end of it, Rasha and his brother were crowned the Twin Kings of Hoth. They began an aggressive expansionist policy using military as well as economic might and influence to lay many Outer Rim planets under their influence. Many resisted, only to find when defeated, that living within the Hoth Monarchy was not so bad after all. In a span of a few years, Hoth had risen from a small hostile human colony, to a civilized galactic superpower, due to the hard work and passion of the Twin Kings.

Somewhere during this journey, Rasha Graan took a wife for himself, Isis, whom he married and had a son, Lucas, with. It was also sometime during this journey that he and his brother together explored, grew knowledgeable in, and eventually mastered, the Dark Side of the Force. Together, they became Sith Lords of Hoth, and in secret, started the Hoth Sith Academy. It did not corrupt Rasha, as it did with most Force users, nor his brother - on the contrary, it allowed the Twin Kings to grow even stronger as warriors, and as Force users - but it was something both of them found it wise to keep secret.

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