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The Ubiquitous Scout

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by RedRaine

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Name: Rietta Flaywood
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 22
Appearance: Rietta stands at average 5'4 in height. Her hair is a deep violet that is easily taken for being black. Her hair is long, about to her hips in length, and, for the most part, straight. She has short cut bangs to frame her face while her tangs are braided for neatness. She wears a long black one piece with short sleeves and a hem that reaches to her knees. She has black breeches from her waist down that she tucks into her dark leather boots.

Attributes: (15 Traits)
Melee Attack - 5/10
Melee Attack Speed - 7/10
Ranged Attack - 3/10
Ranged Attack Speed - 9/10
Defense - 2/10
Stamina - 7/10
Agility - 9/10
Reflexes - 8/10
Armor - 3/10
Items - 6/10
Abilities - 7/10
Magic Attack - 6/10
Magic Defense - 4/10
Magic Potency - 4/10
Luck - 8/10

Overall - 88/150


One could say Rietta's personality resembles the snake like objects she wields and they would be mostly right. Rietta is a strategist by nature and is usually pondering something or another. She can be quiet but only because she doesn't see a reason to talk more than necessary. She, however, is very easy to read as her face is very expressive, often portraying her true feelings on the matter. Rietta is focused on completing her tasks or orders and is even more focused on doing in the most efficient way possible. As Rietta only focuses on what is important, she can be found lacking in knowledge when it comes to everyday situations and social conventions; this is sometimes noted to be a form of naivety. She's not very good with people so she can be seen as avoidant and anti-social.



True Focus
- For every moment Rietta doesn't move she is able to focus multitudes greater than she normally could. This focus helps her with movement prediction, situational calculation as well as her aim.

- Rietta is very agile; this, complimented with her slim stature, helps her perform impressive physical feats.

- Rietta has a sharp and fast mind coupled with even faster reflexes. She is able to give multiple tasks her full attention without dampening her focus with either.


- She wears mostly cloth clothing but has light chain-mail lined underneath her dress to protect her torso.


- Ouroboros is a metal chain where the ends resemble both the head and the tail of a snake. The chain itself is unbreakable and is activated when the head clasps over the tail in a circle. When active, Ouroboros grants the user a number of special abilities.


Snake Calling
- Ouroboros allows the user to generate portals just within the user's reach, essentially one's personal space bubble. Each portal summons a large hook crafted in the shape of snake's head attached to large chains of green and black energy. The user is able to summon as many portals as their strength allows.

Demon's Grip
- Snake chains summoned by Ouroboros are able to latch onto anything: this includes, but is not limited to, people, the earth, water and even air. These can be used to attack the opponent from afar or reel them in as well as zip around the battlefield quickly, if not instantly, as well as close gaps between her and her target.

Haunting Glare
- The snake head hooks summoned by Ouroboros corrode magical wavelengths just from the proximity. This is to say, any magical form is effectively dispelled when it comes into contact with the hooks. If they latch onto a user of magic then the user is also unable to perform any magic while the hooks still hold them.

Asp Infusion
- The user is able to summon green and black energy constructs in the shape of snakes. These constructs have a physical form and can be manipulated as the user sees fit.

Visceral Nest
- The user creates a bubble of clear energy around the user roughly 5 meters in diameter. While in the bubble any enemy is constantly drained of their energy while the user benefits from it, increasing their physical abilities in accordance to the power drained. As it is mostly clear the only way to notice is the occasional flicker of green energy that films over the bubble.


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