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Roll is a kind-hearted humanoid "Robot Master", what could be summed up as a type of android, created by Dr. Light to be a house keeper.

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Roll has blonde, blonde hair that is often tied up with a green bow. Additionally, she has blue eyes and ears! (Oh mah gawd!) Universally, she wears a simple red dress. It could be described as a summer dress. Having never been "upgraded" with true armor, Roll wears actual clothes, as she is intended to look human-like. In her original appearance, she wears some sort of red footwear which might seem to appear to be some sort of... imitation of a real shoe, possibly one with velcro straps instead of laces. In her updated appearance in the later games, she has been shown to occasionally be additionally wearing a white, decorative mantle of sorts, and her dress has black, long sleeves with white cuffs at the end, possibly implying a shirt of some sort underneath. Also in later appearances she gains thick, red boots with a black ring around the top that look like they might be an imitation of ugg boots. (Huh?!) It is worth noting that because of one of Roll's powers (See: below) her appearance can change remarkably.



Roll is a kind-hearted robot, who would be described as trying to see the best in everyone. It is heavily implied in some games that she took care of the Megaman 1 Light Bots to a degree. Perhaps like an older sister? However, despite a rather passive and forgiving nature, Roll can be provoked to action under the right circumstances and can experience a rather terrifyingly contrast level of aggressiveness to her normal attitude when pushed into a situation that calls for it. She also sometimes displays an uncanny level of intelligence and maturity for someone who looks so young. Mostly when something calls for such intelligence or maturity. What can I say. She's a robot. Roll has a deep seated dislike of "filthy" things, and an almost compulsive desire to clean things (or people <___>) that aren't clean enough for her liking.


  • Roll has the ability to store and change outfits or armor at will. This could be described as a "Master of Disguise" ability, as her costumes can vary indefinitely. With each costume comes a fitting melee weapon. When she changes costumes, she wold appear to glow white and become immobile for a short time.
  • Roll seems to have great skill in wielding a broom in particular. Whereas her use of other melee weapons is not as great as it could be, generally.
  • Roll is known to hit absurdly hard, even for a robot. On the flip side, she is somewhat less durable than most Robot Masters due to not having much armor.
  • Roll has been shown to know some sort of martial arts, which might be taekwondo with a slight flavoring of Karate and Judo.
  • Additionally, and perhaps her only method of non super short range combat, Roll in some instances has been known to pull an external red cylindrical arm cannon from under her dress.. <-- ...Seriously. Anyway, she slides this arm cannon onto her arm, where it assuredly locks into place. The arm cannon operates on a cooldown basis, as opposed to Mega's chargeup arm cannon. The advantages of a cooldown arm canon are that it can charge shot on the fly without having to be charged up. The disadvantages are that after charge shotting it overheats, preventing it from being used /at all/ for a duration roughly equal to the time it would have taken to charge it up. It's clearest disadvantage is possessing no rapid fire ability whatsoever. It can fire small regular shots, but only one at a time, due to even small bullets initiating the global cooldown.


Roll Light was created to help Doctor Light around the lab. It's probably accurate to say she was around during every classic Megaman game ever made. Due to an inherit cowardice and the fact that, well-... someone had to stay and help Doctor Light, right?! ... Moving on, due to that, she rarely if ever got involved in actually saving the world with Mega Man beyond supporting him from the sidelines. That isn't to say it never happened. (She was originally intended to be a playable character in the games, sort of like Luigi to Mario in Super Mario Bros.) She managed a shop in the later games that unfortunately required "various parts" (See: Bolts, Screws, whatever) to finish parts for Mega to use. It might be assumed that around the future time Wily traveled to steal Mega and turn him into Quint that Roll was separated from Mega permanently. Also, from Roll's creation until Megaman 9, Roll was the /only/ female Robot Master for like ten or eleven years

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