Ruelle Vallentina

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First Name:Ruelle
Last Name:Vallentina
Sexual Orientation:Homosexual
Birthday:October 1st, 1906


Eye Color(s): Maroon
Hair Color:White
Highlights:Pure Silver
Hair Style(s):Long, jagged and flowing
Skin Material:Soft-Paste Porcelain
Body type: Slender
Weight: 112 lbs

About him/her

Personality:Soft and cold, sometimes can be seen as uncaring and monotone
Bad habit:(s)Biting on his fingers until they bleed
Like(s):Sweets, sugar, sleeping, reading, writing, black roses
Dislike(s):The darkness, being left alone
Hobbies:His craft [see occupation]
Allergies:Freshly cut grass
Fear(s):Solitude for eternity
Special Powers/Abilities:Can occasionally manipulate weaker indvidiuals

Talents and Dreams

Occupation/Job:Doll/Perfume maker
Talents:Creating dolls/perfumes

Family and Friends

Relative(s): None
Best Friend(s):None as of yet
Friend(s):None as of yet
Pet(s): Two ravens: Ruin and Malice


Blood type:O-
Outfit(s):Long, crimson stained white robes similar to that of a cult leader/member, his feet may or may not be bare
Accessories:Crimson hair ribbon
Scars:A jagged mark that runs down his back
Tattoo(es):Black rose on his left wrist, back
Jewelry:Jewelry made from thorns


Theme Song:Red Swamp Bottom
Favorite Food(s):Taro cake
Favorite Drink(s):Red water
Favorite Color(s):Black, red, white
Favorite Animal(s):Ravens
Favorite Number:13
Favorite Season(s):Fall
Favorite Holiday(s):October
Favorite Time of Day:Midnight

So begins...

Ruelle Vallentina's Story


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#, as written by Starboi
"No one believes in a pointless future-"
"I want to feel it poignantly until the day I die."
"This "treasure" of mine is so trivial-"
"It can't be, it can't be. I'm on that dried up, irregular course yet again."
"What are we going to do?"
"...Maybe we should do this!"

Ruelle didn't know which shadows to listen to, it didn't seem to quite matter what he said; so he shut them all out and adjusted the crimson ribbon that held up his long, silky white hair as he floated along because he didn't know what else he was supposed to do. "It's not fucking funny!" he finally snapped, with both laughing in unison again. For as much as this wasn't something he liked, it was another event he had utterly no control over, which was again something he didn't like. Too much to deal with in a day and with a burnt down asylum to mark just how far the Grand Fall of Elle went into collapse yet another time over. "Why won't you leave me alone?" "You know why-" "I don't, that's why I'm asking you for something- Oh, it looks like I've forgotten, haha." His robes were soaked, cults don't give many replacement items, really.


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The Tethys Ocean was known to be a cold, and unforgiving ocean among the inhabitants of Langara, a planet that was important in both Galactic Commerce, and the Empire of which it was the seat of power.

The sky was blue, and the harsh sun beat down on the ocean, the air was calm, and there wasn't a single cloud in the sky. It was a good day to fish, and that's exactly what the fishermen of the MV Coho, an unassuming fishing ship happened to be doing.

Fishing nets were cast, and the sound of a bell filled the air.

A gutteral cry almost immediately followed. "Air adhart lร n!"

The grizzled captain cried from his post within the helm station of the ship's pilothouse. "Sinn a 'dol a tharraing a-slaodaidh math an-diugh!" The Captain cried out once more, while the boat continued to move underway.

One of the crewman spotted the figure in the water not shortly after, and his hand outstretched, the ragged redhead in a bright yellow rain slicker cried out. "Corp san uisge!" He shouted.

Another voice rang up. "Dรจ?" A second fisherman asked, and a small group began to gather on the main deck of the fishing boat.


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#, as written by Starboi
The shadows dipped beneath the water, leaving Ruelle with nobody else to explain what the Hell he was even doing out in such hostile waters- if they even understood what he was about to use as the biggest lie he could possibly come up with in that particular moment; chewing on his fingernails. He hated the fact that his hair was always dripping with water and it would be worse now that he had ACTUALLY been in water for how long now? Jesus.

"I was ah... left out here. Yeah! Left. Out here. In the freezing water-"


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Character Portrait: Ruelle Vallentina

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Fished out from the cold waters of the Tethys Ocean, Ruelle would find themselves pulled onto the deck of the fishing boat and surrounded by salty looking, inquisitive sailors.

They looked among each-other, whispering in the similar language that they were heard calling out earlier.

Finally the captain emerged from within the boat, a cob pipe dangling from the corner of his mouth, wisps of smoke wafting up into the salty air.

"Cรฒ tha seo?" He asked, and the others simply shrugged, as the captain moved slowly towards the strange individual, eyes narrowing, accentuating his wrinkled, suntanned face.

Subtle whirs from his prosthetics followed his movements, as the captain circled what he figured was a young lad. "Carson a tha thu nad sheasamh; faigh plaide no rudeigin?!" He called out, and one of the sailors quickly shuffled about the deck, grabbing a folded blanket from a nearby bench, and draping it over.

It seemed nobody on this boat spoke a word of english, or common.