Samael, Angel of Death

Accuser, seducer and destroyer.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Nevan


The legion of Angels under the command of the God of Israel


Samael, the Severity of God.

The Archangel

The accuser, seducer and destroyer. Samael is seen by many as the most controversial Angel in Heaven, and has been depicted by mortals as both a righteous angel and a foul demon. Among his peers, many distrust him due to the grim and destructive duties he is given over others, and has repeatedly been accused of many great crimes. Most notably, he has been charged with the crime of being the snake who tempted Eve, and of taking Lilith as his bride shortly after she left Adam.

This caused outrage; at one point Samael was almost cast from the pearly gates and denounced of not only the title of Archangel, but Angel also. Somehow, he managed to keep his position, and has rarely been seen in the White City since. Never-the-less, he remains an important member of the Heavenly Host, with a force of angels under his command that many claim to be two million in number.

He is most known, however, as the Angel of Death, charged with the duties of reaping the dead. According to various accounts, when Samael met Moses, Metatron addressed him as "Samael, who takes soul away from man".

The Angel of Death

The Angel of Death, charged with reaping the souls of man. Many depict him as a Skeleton wielding a large scythe, and wearing a black hooded cloak that drapes around his form, stalking those who are about to die so he can take their souls for himself. Being Death is quite possibly an overstatement, as Samael has never been seen to take the form of a Skeleton, though it is certainly within his power to do so. Some even suggest that The Grim Reaper is Samael's servant, a construct of spirit and bone who performs his duties for him, and capable of being in many places at once.

What is clear, however, is that in order to adequately perform, Samael needs a host of impressive combat abilities, allowing him to fight against even the most dangerous of Demons, as only an archangel should.

The Man

As a man, Samael is proud and powerful, though to say that being an Archangel automatically makes him good and righteous would be foolish. He is known to have been mated with three of the four angels of sacred prostitution; Eisheth Zenunim, Na'amah, and Agrat Bat Mahlat, who each eventually fell to become succubi in Hell.

So begins...

Samael, Angel of Death's Story


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Character Portrait: Samael, Angel of Death

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#, as written by Nevan
The gate was destroyed; the war drums began to play, a deafening series of bangs shaking the ground, as giants stood behind the walls using mallets the size of trains against leather strapped tightly over angelic bone. With each thundering pound, an Archangel and but a few thousand of his host marched into the dust and debris, where his fair-winged legions held aloft shields of gold and white and formed a wall where the gate had been not minutes before.

As visibility returned, Samael thrust himself over the heads of his underlings and stood a good head or two above them, right before the charging legions of Demon-scorn. As they got closer, he brandished a black scythe in his left hand, and a shining great-sword in his right.

The front line of the demons got closer, filing in to a finely tuned point in order to breach the gate's new defences with one fell swoop. The first few, however, would not make it, as a single sweep of his scythe sliced through a score of hell-spawn, sending hundreds flying back to form a glorious rain of lifeless bodies.

Samael sweeped again, aiming not for the Demons, but for their spirits now wailing and screaming in the air... And each shattered in turn, filling the angel with their essences.

"Death has come for thee, Demon." He addressed each and every one of them, his voice a bellow.


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Character Portrait: Samael, Angel of Death

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#, as written by Nevan
Samael, Angel of Death said not a single word, his sword raising in silent victory as his legion of Heavenly warriors fell back behind the walls. The archangel himself spread his wings, and cast them down with such force as to shoot him high above the city of light as to get a birds' eye view of the battlefield.

Retreating was indeed a smart move for the fifth circle, he noted, as standing against more than one Archangel was a foolish attempt for even a greater demon.

No matter. The war had just begun, and Samael would see it through to his end. If one thing should stick in the minds of Leviathan's demonic legions, it would be a simple fact:

All things die, and Death comes for all.

The man continued to soar, higher and higher until he disappeared from view completely.