TerraSteven Solis

A rising soldier in the ITDM, Solis has proven a loyal and capable pawn, but underneath his steely eyes and obedient expression lies ambition.

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Ottoman

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Seated in the closer arm of the galaxy, the Coalition is one of the largest governments to emerge from Scatter; a planet of war and conflict.



General Information

Full Name: Steven Ambrose Solis

Title: Lance Corporal, Fireteam Abel, 3rd Squad, Bravo Section, 5th Troop, 789th 'Charlemagne' Battalion

Moniker(s): Steve, 'Peeps'

Birthdate: May 3rd, 2581

Age: 23 Scatterran Years

Gender: Male

Bloodtype: O+

Species: Scatterran

Race: Azrican

Occupation: ITDM Infantryman

Social Class: Lower-Middle

Orientation: Heterosexual

Physical Information

Apparent Age: Middle twenties

Voice: Baritone

Overall Attractiveness: Average

Eye Color: Green

Glasses or Contacts: He wears contacts most of the time but still keeps an old pair of reading glasses.

Hair Color: Brown

Hairstyle: High and tight

Weight: 87.6 kg

Height: 1.86 meters

Skin Tone: Celtic



Color: Green
Music: Electronic Ambient
Literature: Satirical Fiction
Expression: Amiable
Curse: Fuck
Mode of Transportation: Feet

Drinking: Yes
Smoking: Yes
Mannerisms: Popping his knuckles, snapping his fingers, yawning in private.

Optimist or Pessimist? Pessimist

Introvert or Extrovert? Extrovert

Logical or Emotional? Logical

Business or Pleasure? Business

Confident? Somewhat.

Animal Lover? Eh.

Greatest Strength: Determination

Greatest Weakness:

Priority: Advancement

Philosophy: Steven first

Pressure Point: Family
Is this obvious? If one catches him off-guard, he'll snap at them before regaining his composure.

Most comfortable when talking with his squadmates, doing his jobs, or on his own.

Least comfortable when being with people he doesn't know, being berated.

Religion: Athiest

Political Affiliation:

So begins...

Steven Solis's Story

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Character Portrait: Steven Solis
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OOC Notes

Setting: Wing City Plaza2013-03-10 03:49:15, as written by Ottoman
Steven Solis approached behind Hones and the accompanying commando, eyes narrowed on the both of them as he debated just killing the two, but instead he decided on the more economical of his options and simply let a hand rest on the sub-machine gun he wore in a shoulder holster. It could be drawn, of course, to deal with the both of them if need be, but for now the dark man stood behind the two of them, checking his watch for but a moment before he approached.

"... I'd advise stepping away from that rifle, corporal." Spoke the man, his words simple and strong. Solis would kill the two of them if they threatened his directives, and his tone said such.

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Character Portrait: Steven Solis
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OOC Notes

Setting: Wing City Plaza2013-03-10 04:04:03, as written by Ottoman
Steven Solis glanced calmly at the one who dared to speak to him, his own weapon soon drawn and brandished, the wielder knowing full-well that what he held was hot and ready to fire. "This is an MFR flechette rifle, sergeant." Solis spoke rather calmly, the weapon hefted to easily be directed at either of the men in the room, "And it will be your death if you say another word."

The ITDM trooper glanced over to the corporal, making sure that he had done as he said. Good man. "That goes for you too, corporal." Those bombs would go off, and he'd make sure of it.

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Character Portrait: Steven Solis
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OOC Notes

Setting: Wing City Plaza2013-03-10 04:28:10, as written by Ottoman
Steven Solis didn't flinch at either the sight of the detonater or the grenade, simply taking the moment to rake the two men with the automatic rifle, the flurry of flechette rounds making up at least half of the magazine of his weapon. Without any grimace did he witness both of the men's bodies be riddled with the darts of his weapon before they all detonated, shredding the corpses into a sickening myriad of ground meat and crimson haze, their body armor providing little protection from his weapon.

The moment or two it took to dispatch both of the hostiles forced the man into action as he threw away the rifle, soon diving for the grenade he tossed out of the window, a few moments later the burst from below shattering the windows about him. So much for stealth, Steven mused quietly. Besides his muttering, he did his job, moving for the anti-materiel rifle and setting it back up in the window, careful to set it on its bipod and search out his target.

"Target... acquired. Clear to fire?"