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"Groba the Hutt sends his regards. Aruetyc runi trattok'o."

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The Hessian, as he is known on Nar Shaddaa, is a 28 year old Mandalorian. With a slender, wiry build and a handsome face, he could once have been mistaken for an ordinary human. But today his face is marked with green war tattoos, his white hair long and unkempt, and one of his two emerald green eyes replaced with a black eye patch. He also has a grisly scar from a lightsaber across his chest. He tends to wear comfortable, loosely fit, soft, green garbs when he's not working. When he is working, however, he wears his Mandalorian armor and helmet constantly, never revealing his true identity. On Nar Shaddaa he is known as nothing but the Hessian.

Tesla Carid without his helmet.

The Hessian in his Mandalorian armor.


The Hessian carries himself with a warrior's pride - the Way of the Mandalorian - even as an exile. He's a no-nonsense kind of man, of few words. He's also a cynic and a loner, who is harsh and unforgiveable, but believes in a greater good, though it is often nigh impossible for others to see how he comes to this conclusion in regard to his actions. He holds a burning hatred for Jedi and Sith. He doesn't hesitate to torture people to achieve his goals, and additionally, he is known never ever to yield in a fight, always ready to choose death before dishonor, as he has been raised in the Mandalorian warrior society. He is not without good sides, either - he is corageous, loyal to his friends (but not necessarily employers), and inventive, always ready to take the initiative in a fight.


Firelance Blaster rifle
Vibroknife (off-hand weapon)
Thermal detonators


The Hessian was born on the battlefield, or so the story goes. In truth, he was an orphan on the Outer Rim, a nameless six year old boy riding with a group of human mercenaries. Eventually, the mercenaries fell prey to Mandalorians. The boy was spared, the Mandalorians being impressed with his fighting spirit. One of them, a strong Mandalorian named Garza Carid, adopted the boy, giving him the name of Tesla. The boy would grow up to be as much of a child to him as his own son and daughter were, and would bear witness to Garza's greatest moment in life, the day he was chosen as Mandalore.

Growing up, the young Tesla, and his brother, Verus, sparred constantly, both growing up to become strong Mandalorians. Tesla was always one step better than his brother, but neither were ever jealous. they proved themselves in battle side by side at the age of thirteen, and when they turned sixteen, they were both accomplished warriors already. When they turned eighteen, Tesla took a wife for himself. But something would happen that would drastically change his life forever. One day, during a Mandalorian raid on a human settlement in the Outer Rim, his wife was captured by Jedi. She later died in captivity. In Tesla's eyes, this denied her the honor of dying in battle, one of the worst fates that could be dealt to a Mandalorian, man or woman. He began to hate Jedi with a passion.

Tesla left on a self-imposed exile, never to return to his village or tell of what had happened on that night. He began to travel the galaxy, making his way as a bounty hunter and mercenary, participating in conflicts wherever there was money or glory to be made, usually both, while trying to forget about his past and seek his vengeance against the Jedi Order. He didn't care about causes. He never cared about right or wrong - he would fight for any side that could pay him or offer him glory. In time, it became a twisted form of warrior's pride of itself - when nobody else would fight for a cause, no matter how hopeless, then Tesla Carid would stand up and offer his services, for a price. And when a Jedi got in his way, they died at his ruthless hand.

Eventually, he came to the Smuggler's Moon, Nar Shaddaa, where he made a name for himself as a mercenary, taking the name of "the Hessian" for himself to finally rid himself of his old identity. As the Hessian, nobody ever saw his face, and his ruthlessness and deadly skill earned him a fearsome reputation in the Vertical City, where even the most deadly bounty hunters only dared to whisper his name under their breath. Eventually, he began to work for Groba the Hutt, a Hutteese crime lord, as his personal enforcerer, a job he was very good at, for better or for worse.

His actions there, and his hatred towards Jedi, however, has earned him a status as a wanted criminal, both in the Republic and in the Hoth Monarchy. But when Groba the Hutt wants a job done properly, he sends the Hessian to do it - and at times like that it is best not to be doing business at all with Groba.

So begins...

Tesla Carid's Story