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*This Artwork was not created by me. It belongs to sandara of Deviantart.

Name: Van Cassel
Age: 23
Height: 6'
Weight: 167 lb.
Race: Human

Physical Description:
Tall and lean, Van is more wiry than muscular, but what he lacks in body mass he makes up for in maneuverability and dexterity. He has a pale skin tone, blonde hair and blue eyes.

Youthful, Van is prone to impatience and overzealous behavior. He lacks the hardened battle experience to be a skilled tactician or veteran. But what he lacks in experience, he makes up for in natural talent and aptitude. Outside of battle, Van is reasonably laid back, but his impatience can get the better of him from time to time. He is a fast learner, but for talents he doesn't have a natural aptitude for, he frequently gives up before giving a solid effort.

Recent graduate of Academia Celestia. Van had a natural aptitude for magic, and though his combat oriented drive may have made him more suited for the ranks of Everia, his inclination towards healing lead him to Celestia. He studied both the healing arts, as well as partaking in the arts of combat magic. While what Celestia offered in such areas was not as extensive as what Everia could have provided, he has become a formidable battle-mage.

Abilities and Talents:
  • Piano: Van is a talented pianoist.
  • Swordsplay: Van has pursued swordsmanship in many forms, enjoying it both recreationally as well as practically.

Lore of Celestia:
As a graduate of Academia Celestia, Van is formidable and knowledgeable in much of what the Celestia Lore has to offer. These are merely his most commonly used spells, and within the realm of Celestia magic, he is versatile.*

  • Saving Grace: The touch of the Mage brings the celestial energies of the heavens to bear, filling the touched individual with new life and renewed energy, as well as restoring the body's wounds, knitting together skin and muscle where accident or blade has caused injury. The spell can heal light to medium wounds, cannot mend broken bones or bring someone back from the brink of death if too much blood loss has occurred, it also relieved tiredness - though this is not a cure all, though it removes the feeling of fatigue it can mean that the person then works themselves to death with over-exertion, though the body is fooled into losing feelings of tiredness, it means that the warning that tiredness provided goes unheeded.
  • Moonlight: The Mage banishes the darkness with a radiant beam of moonlight, illuminating even the darkest of spaces and showing demons and their foul ilk true fear, as well as granting allies relief from their fears and filling them with strength. The spell creates a light, either on the tip of a stave, the palm of the hand or a separate orb, that illuminates the surroundings. Demons and the like have a very strong fear of this light, and will cower away from it should it come near to them. Allies under the light are filled with a powerful courage, and provided with fatigue relief similar to that of Saving Grace.
  • Sunlight: The Mage calls forth the fiery energies of the sun to burn at their foes, searing flesh and blackening bone. The spell generates a fiery projectile in the form of either a single bolt, a cone, or an aura of fire around a weapon. This fire acts as any other against the normal races, but against demons causes even more severe burning and can turn them to ash within seconds.
  • Starlight: The Mage summons the light of the stars to fall on their allies, offering a divine protection against harm. The spell places a starry aura on its subjects, that blunt any blade that seeks to strike them (to a point), meaning that what might otherwise have been a severe gash becomes but a bruise. Magical powers and demonic weapons are most effected by this, weaker spells failing completely on contact with the aura and demons burning if they touch it.
  • Nova: The Mage calls on one of their most powerful spells, drawing more of the sun's power into them than is possible for a lesser mage before unleashing it upon their foes in a devastating pillar of wrathful power. The spell takes several seconds to cast, as the mage begins to glow with a celestial light, rising into the air before the power erupts from them to form a large pillar of searing fire that deals massive area of effect damage.
  • Divine Shield: The Mage calls on the protective power of the stars to form a single, nigh on impenetrable barrier of celestial energy to protect their allies. This spell brings a wall of stars into the path of the enemy, impassable for most demons, though strength decreases as the surface of the barrier increases. This barrier can take the form of a single large wall, a single large dome, or smaller domes around particular allies or groups of allies.

Arcane Spells: Though focusing primarily on Celestia magic, Van is a reasonably versatile mage, and within the realms of traditional arcane magic, he is reasonably formidable, though not as much so as his primary focus of healing and Celestia magic.

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*All Celestia spells are credited to Arrow.

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