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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Methodical_Madness


Name: Ze’lin
Race: Fallen Angel
Sub Race: None
Alias: None

Description: A tall man with pale skin and brown hair. His eyes are a bright orange color around the pupil which in itself is a rather odd thing. Pitch black wings transcend down his back. His face is thinly shaped and he all around is moderately built though his body is racked with scars. He wears a dark and twisted smile quite often and his eyes show his anger and hatred at the best of times. His worst scars are over his right eye, along his back and the one right where a humans heart would be, mementos of how he had been cast aside.

Equipment: He wears brown padded leather armor along with a hunting knife and a sword with a hilt designed to be held with 1 or 2 hands. The brown padding he had cut two holes into for his wings when he had stripped it from a group of bandits who had attempted to attack him on his first days after being cast aside. His sword is a long, thin piece of steel with a shard edge that is designed for striking and straight cuts through men though it is not designed for one who is used to moving lightly upon their feat, stabbing, thrusting and curving. His hunting knife is of simple design, made for multiple purposes and is kept rather sharp.

None, many of his abilities had been stripped from him when he had fallen.

Persona: There is no real way to describe his persona, he is evil and malevolent at times and at others he is completely the opposite. It all comes down to circumstance as to what he is like.

Family history: He has none

Social history: Coming soon

Biography: Coming soon

So begins...

Ze???lin's Story