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The current occupants of a small cargo transport shuttle that has been converted into a cross-galaxy live in transporter. Native to the planet Norvnu, which no longer exists.


"We are leaving. We are going to The Promised Planet of Haevenia.
Now is the time to fulfill the prophecies left for us

We embark tomorrow.

Please meet at the space port, sector G3, ramp 9.
We have been cleared, this departure will not be hostile.

We do not know when we will get there
We do not know if we will get there
All we know is that we must try."

To receive a boarding pass for the Auroragon, please contact lostamongtrees

Characters Aligned

19 Characters Aligned, played by 5 Players

Character Portrait: Joruv Komfeiv

Joruv Komfeiv played by lostamongtrees

The Inventor, husband of Shaselia Komfeiv, mastermind of Ratus Messis

Character Portrait: Shaselia Komfeiv

Shaselia Komfeiv played by lostamongtrees

The Last Gardener of her planet, perhaps even her race and species.

Character Portrait: Vorvo Caverok

Vorvo Caverok played by lostamongtrees

Son of Maniria and Hudon, who doesn't want to leave. He worries space will be their end.

Character Portrait: Phetalia Bagain

Phetalia Bagain played by lostamongtrees

Daughter of Daughter of Ephalia and Derud Bagain, her passion is gaming and electronic music.

Character Portrait: Maniria Caverok

Maniria Caverok played by lostamongtrees

Wife of Hudon, the cosmetics entrepreneur is leaving her success behind for her husband's dreams.

Character Portrait: Ephalia Bagain

Ephalia Bagain played by lostamongtrees

Wife of Derud Bagain, who believes space is their only hope for the future.

Character Portrait: Paricia Bagain

Paricia Bagain played by lostamongtrees

Daughter of Daughter of Ephalia and Derud Bagain, Paricia has hope for what lie ahead in the unknown.

Character Portrait: Meson Caverok

Meson Caverok played by lostamongtrees

The younger brother of Hudon Caverok, who hopes there will be love on the ship.

Character Portrait: Hudon Caverok

Hudon Caverok played by lostamongtrees

Husbond of Maniria Caverok, the second and only other hand in the Ratus Messis project.

Character Portrait: Derud Bagain

Derud Bagain played by lostamongtrees

Wife of Ephalia Bagain, who secretly funded the production of Ratus Messis.

Character Portrait: Roren

Roren played by Floorgan

Roren is the son of Salentia and Brother of Celestia.

Character Portrait: Ured

Ured played by Floorgan

Ured is the father of Celestia and the grandfather of Celestia and Roren.

Character Portrait: Celestia

Celestia played by Floorgan

Celestia is the daughter of Salentia and the Sister of Roren.

Character Portrait: Salentia

Salentia played by Floorgan

Salentia is the mother of Roren and Celestia and the daughter of Ured.

Character Portrait: Torem Seteiv

Torem Seteiv played by claw

The Hacker

Character Portrait: Lowen Padarame

Lowen Padarame played by claw

The Hitman

Character Portrait: Auroragon Travelers.

Auroragon Travelers. played by Remæus

"Into the unknown we go... Whatever it may be that awaits us."

Character Portrait: Wolov Andefor

Wolov Andefor played by lostamongtrees

Best friend of Opum, traveling with the Sateivs.

Character Portrait: Reven Parahdame

Reven Parahdame played by freemixer25

"There is so much out there, Even if it takes me till i'm old a grey, im going to see a new world."

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