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Dragons, drakes, and all of the lizardesque beasties on the planet Gaia


D r a g o n s
G a i a

The creatures in this group are simply derived of the same genus,
and are in no other way necessarily aligned.

d r a g ยท o n
a mythical monster like a giant reptile. There are many different draconic types on the planet Gaia. Leviathans, sea serpents, flying lizards, transforming dragons, half-dragons, etc. all have a home on this mystical planet. Here is a list of some types of dragons you might find here, as all dragons are welcome.

Dragons Can Be Found...

Characters Aligned

14 Characters Aligned, played by 9 Players

Character Portrait: Cynder

Cynder played by Rougeshadow

Cynder is a black dragon with a dark past. She has powers over Poison, Fear, Wind and Shadow

Character Portrait: Toothless

Toothless played by Princess Awinita

Nothing says "Drunken Dragon!" like a Night Fury that has one little child

Character Portrait: Ixu Shen

Ixu Shen played by Princess Awinita

The Daughter of a Night Fury and a Gold Dragon

Character Portrait: Houpetorlivaij

Houpetorlivaij played by Marcus

Beguiler, Theif Lord, Spymaster, you decide for yourself when you come across this Black Dragon.

Character Portrait: Inikhethadaternock

Inikhethadaternock played by Marcus

Sand Dragon of the southern sands and master cook.

Character Portrait: Dilonbeinaud

Dilonbeinaud played by Rougeshadow

Dead Foul Suffer

Character Portrait: Smaragdos

Smaragdos played by lostamongtrees

Emerald Dragon

Character Portrait: Vatra Margarette Soro

Vatra Margarette Soro played by Sambea

Character Portrait: Irral, the First Son.

Irral, the First Son. played by Scorpion01

The First Son of Light The All-Mother, Corrupted, but not lost.

Character Portrait: Tolyl the Unbinder

Tolyl the Unbinder played by lil_kreen

Lesser of Myrkul's Vein, the weapon of wrath.

Character Portrait: Highlord Dorant Magthulia

Highlord Dorant Magthulia played by Fishbucket

Pray that he comes in peace, for you will not survive war with him.

Character Portrait: Zervi, The Gentle

Zervi, The Gentle played by lil_kreen

A contemplative sort inclined not to eat those with a pleasant manner.

Character Portrait: Wave

Wave played by Wolfreader

a sea dragon, female, shy, nice, fast, glow in the dark scales.

Character Portrait: Urakena

Urakena played by lostamongtrees

Beautiful sea dragon with bioluminescent edges

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