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"The Empire stands on the threshold of perfection. However, tyranny hides behind every corner, and we must not fall from perfection." - 5th Emperor, Dakus Tu'Vask.


The Empire of Amara


The Amarian Symbol, known as the Eye of Amara, is the representation of the Amarian God, Amar. Amar was known for his all seeing eyes, and the structure surrounding the eye is taken from the mountain where the Capital now sits. "Behold, The eye of the God, seated above the Throne of Emperors." - First Emperor.

People of the Empire
Amarian's are highly regarded for their skills in combat, as well as technological advances. The average Amarian male stands at six feet, and weighs anywhere from 190lbs to 280lbs. Females average in height at five feet, eight inches and can weigh anywhere from 130lbs to 180lbs. However, the Female Amarian has more dense muscular structure and tend to be stronger than most males. The average Amarian is mostly muscle, with only 1% body fat, and they strive to maintain a strong physical appearance. The average lifespan of an Amarian is 500 years, however, some live twice that. Most Amarian's are split up into three main factions, or tribes, centered around their status in society. The first tribe is the Imperial tribe, this is the nobles and royalty among the Empire, and even includes the Emperor himself. Most members of the Imperial Tribe are weak bodied, focusing on intelligence and maintaining their nobility. The Second tribe, the Warrior Tribe, is the large tribe within the Empire. Every able bodied son or daughter joins this tribe at the age of 18 and some decide to stay. Those that decide to leave the tribe may do so after four years of service to the Empire, this is to instill discipline and resiliency in the minds of the Amarian's. The third tribe, the Science Tribe, is dedicated to improving the technology of the Empire, and strive to achieve this goal with every new invention they create. They are responsible for everything the Empire has to date and the reason for their long lifespans.

Government and Laws

After the fifth emperor's declaration of power, the Government was split in two. One side gave the Emperor control, but the creation of a High Council cut that control in half. Now the Emperor can act on the will of the people, but the decision of laws and how they are enforced is left to the High Council. This was done to prevent tyranny from forming within the Empire and create a safety net for the citizens of the Empire should an Tyrannical Emperor come to power. It is important to note the laws are meant to limit the Military's use of certain weapons in battle, the current laws of the Empire are as follows:

  • The use of Weapons of Mass Destruction are Strictly forbidden.
  • Planetary devastation weapons are forbidden.
  • Mass Causality weapons, are forbidden against non-combatants.
  • Prisoners of war must be treated fairly and returned to their faction post-war in good health.
  • The Militia is Forbidden to turn their weapons against Amarian's, in an act of tyranny.

Star Ship Technology and Weapons

Amarian's are not reliant on nuclear technology, though they posses it they power everything on special crystals found natural or artificially created. These crystals, known as Therma Crystal, produce heat as well as electricity on a scale varying based on the size of the crystal. Smaller crystals are used as light and heat sources, while larger one power star ships and space stations. Individual crystals are used to power weapons on battle ships since these weapons require larges amounts of energy and heat to function.

FTL Technology
The Amarian FTT systems, called Phase Shift Drives, work by scrambling Planck particles around the hull of the ship and with a focus beam of these particles at the bow allow the ship to open a hole in space, a slipstream if you will, which can propel them light-years away from their starting point. However, this only works in a straight line, making multiple jumps necessary to reach some destinations.

Amarian weapon systems are reliant on Ion technology, Dark Matter technology, Anti-matter technology, and Anti-particle technology. The main batteries on an Amarian battle ship is Ion Cannons, for their ability to puncture shields and heat of armor hulls. However, Larger vessels, such as Dreadnoughts and Super Cruisers, use Anti-particle cannons as a main battery, with sub weapon systems using Dark Matter tech and Anti-Matter tech. To note, most Dark Matter and Anti-Matter weapons are forbidden by the council due to their ability to distort environments on a planets surface making most labelled as WMDs.

Troop Technology and Weapons

Armor Technology
Amarian troops rely on EXO-suits and EXO-skeletons when in battle, used to enhance their movements as well as provide protection of ballistic weapons. These suits are made to withstand a close proximity nuclear blast, however, if their are within 50meters of the blast the Amarian's inside will be cooked alive. The Suits also have their own Phase Shift drives build into them, making it possible for them to warp into battle. However, the range of these drives is limited and can not exceed 90,000 meters. Also, these drives can not work in quick succession like the Drives on the star ships, meaning they can not warp around on the battle field.

Troop Weapons
the shoulder mounted weapons used by the Amarian troops is plasma based, for their effectiveness in an atmosphere. Ion weapons are employed, however, they are less effective on a planets surface than in space. Ion's are affected by electrons on a planets surface, as well as the gravitational pull, making them virtually useless. Mass Causality weapons, use as light machine guns, are usually mounted on tanks or other vehicles, though some can be carried by troops, they are controlled differently and a highly disciplined trigger finger must be employed to prevent civilian's being caught in their fire.

Special Forces
The Amarian special forces is divided into two divisions. The first is CES or Covert Extraction Specialist, and are used to capture high value targets using the best in stealth technology and tactics, if the CES is coming after you, you really screwed up. Using cloaking technology allows their ships to remain invisible to optics and sensors alike. However, on their EXO-suits, the field only works if their are completely still, making the training they under go extreme. CES is the hardest division to enter, requiring a soldier to be scouted by them and endure harsh training programs for months before they even have the option to join them.
The second division is, by far, the rarest seen. Known as the Stalkers, among the regular military, they focus on assassinations and intelligence gathering. Their real name is SIS, or Secret Intelligence Service, and members are pick right from basic training to join. Once they join, their records are wiped clear, birth records, military records, everything as if they never existed to begin with. Hence why Nothing is known about them, other than they exist.

Systems Controlled
  • Amarian System - Onyx Galaxy.

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Tenth Emperor of Amara.

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