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The Multiverse » Groups » Forces Vankoryth

Aligned by the night, these brave creatures are sworn to protect the citizens of Verinotte Hollow, in the name of the Vankoryth Detente.


The Forces Vankoryth
Aligned by the night, these brave creatures are sworn to protect the citizens of Verinotte Hollow, Cursed Wood, and Aslund, for the Supernatural Citizen, by the Supernatural Citizen, in the name of the Vankoryth Detente.



On Duty
Missions, operations, and plot lines
  • VENOMSQUAD agents are to report to Reisel Dracul for further instruction
  • If you have questions about The Blood Edict, report to any superior officer.
  • All Forces Vankoryth members are required one shift/mission in Verinotte Hollow Report to Tower Alba at Verinotte Hollow Eastern Gate to receive or request a specific mission, other wise patrol Verinotte Hollow at your leisure.
  • The Vankoryth Detente's Queen of the North is restoring her castle in the Cold Plains. Unfortunately, strange skeletal beasts are disrupting her work and ravaging the castle. Get to the bottom of matters and protect the Queen of the North's Ice Castle. (Dr._Nikolai)
  • Refer to the WCPD's Most Wanted and Verinotte Hollow's Hunted lists for members of society that need curbing.
  • Defilers of the Cursed Wood are to be brought to the Castle Vankoryth Dungeons. Report to Kaiser Zaun for specific instruction beyond basic protection and patrol of the Cursed Wood.(SkullJester).
  • Athena Ivanova seems to have gone missing in the strange and mysterious labyrinth of crypts beneath the statue in the Grove of Aurora. The Sangue di Bistreo is offering a grand reward to any who can successfully recover her corpse.

Verinotte Hollow's Hunted
These individuals are to be apprehended, arrested, and immediately returned to Verinotte Hollow as to be held accountable to the fullest extend of the law of Verinotte Hollow. Highly dangerous individuals of the paranormal variety are to be transported with full escort to the Rehabilitation Institute for the Paranormal.

Maurana - Wanted for slaughter, crimes against the public. Highly dangerous, marked by the Gae Ceann. (CrystalRose, Gasmask)
Victor Krouse - Wanted for questioning and release, failure to comply with posted literature, public endangerment, resistance of authority, accessory to slaughter (Mike53210)

WCPD Most Wanted
In compliance with occupational territory Midland's occupied city Wing City's laws and jurisdiction, these individuals are to be apprehended, arrested, and immediately returned to the Wing City Police Department as to be held accountable in their courts of law. Highly dangerous individuals of the paranormal variety captured in the home territory of the Cursed Wood, or individuals of mutual interest between the occupied territory of Midland and the home territory of the Cursed Wood, are to be transported with full escort to the Rehabilitation Institute for the Paranormal.

Lochlyn Haley, a powerful and dangerous man in command of a small army, conducting kidnappings and attacks across the city (Saarai)
Jacob Haley, Lochlyn's son (Saarai)
Pluto, a soul eater disguising himself to trick people into easy targets (LeBeau) - NOTE, no name attached, only photograph.
The Silent Child, an assassin, responsible for the death of Gambit's wife (Mr. Baneling Squishy)
Elijah Alexander Kenton - creator and distributor of Elysium, last seen escaping the R.I.P, considered highly dangerous (Rulke)
Peter "Sharashka" Volkov - wanted for pro-human (anti non-human) terrorism, murder, etc. (Saarai)
The Ringmistress - wanted for terrorism, murder, etc. (Saarai)
Sister Ovus - bank robbery, jailbreak, assault, murder (Saarai)
"Whisper" - wanted for terrorism, murder, resisting arrest, assault, cultist activity, considered highly dangerous (Tiko)
Alucard - wanted for large scale property damage, conspiracy to commit genocide (Noremac42)
Jeff the Killer - described as a murderer 'with no eyelids' who wields knives and seemingly kills at random. (FancyPyro)

Patrol, Protect, Serve
These locations are considered domain, their residents to be considered civilians

Occupational Territories

Affiliates & Allies

The Rehabilitation Institute for the Paranormals

Suppliers & Manufacturers
If you would like to talk business of supply or manufacturing for the Forces Vankoryth, contact any member of the Forces Vankoryth (or lostamongtrees) to coordinate an appointment.

Hostile & Engaged

The Forces Vankoryth are not currently active in war.

Vehicles & Fleet
  • Mordera V-1

The Forces Vankoryth presently have no mounts known.

Characters Aligned

11 Characters Aligned, played by 8 Players

Character Portrait: Dakida

Dakida played by Terrus

Dakida, a famous vampiric bounty hunter, carrying a gun like Alucard's from Hellsing, but a revolver instead of an automatic.

Character Portrait: Kaiser Zaun

Kaiser Zaun played by SkullJester

The supremacy of our kind is more than a simple notion, it is a cold hard fact.

Character Portrait: Maxime Trubois

Maxime Trubois played by Zarhara

An Ex-French Soldier Turned Revolutionary with a gift he tries to keep hidden.

Character Portrait: Kenshin Hio

Kenshin Hio played by claw

"Though blood is in my veins do not take me for a lesser vampire"

Character Portrait: Manik Chakor

Manik Chakor played by RolePlayGateway

A young looking pischacha who roams the halls of Castle Vankoryth, running errands for the Vankoryth Detente and lingering about.

Character Portrait: General Yves Beauregard

General Yves Beauregard played by RolePlayGateway

Leader of the Dracul Royal Army

Character Portrait: Reisel Dracul

Reisel Dracul played by lostamongtrees

Bear Mountain

Character Portrait: Kat-Lyn Ember Mei

Kat-Lyn Ember Mei played by StarrTiger

Character Portrait: Ulrich Paternosta

Ulrich Paternosta played by lostamongtrees

Colonol of the Forces Vankoryth

Character Portrait: Athena Ivanova

Athena Ivanova played by Rulke

The General of the Entire Forces Vankoryth Comprised of the Union of Two Armies

Character Portrait: Genienne Foiroute

Genienne Foiroute played by lostamongtrees


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