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The Multiverse » Groups » Taguel

A Tribe of 'Sentient' Hare Like Beast which seem to be somewhat larger then an Earth Bread Clydesdales, they often live in secluded groups or 'Families' which communicate through a telekinetic link rather then through vocal sounds.



(These are ROUGHLY and I mean ROUGHLY based off 'Taguel'. Seeing they lacked any lore I simply used the aspect of them 'shifting' and eating habits.)



Creature(s) whom are born in the Mythical Woodlands known as [color=purple]Iveal, these Beast(s) are believed to bring those who spot them 'Great Fortune' or 'Luck'- thus they had been dubbed the 'Sacred Hare' by Human(s) and placed under a form of 'Worship'. Though there are those who desire to slay any creature that Human(s) happen to put on a pedestal above their supposedly 'Almighty God' and their repeated attempts at slaying any appearing Taguel then eventual success resulted in them learning how valuable the Creature(s) furs are. The Birth of the Mythic Beast Hunter(s)Group (MBH) soon followed. The Taguel however lacked an understanding to why Human(s) would suddenly offer them worship or to why they would also suddenly or abruptly attack them. However regardless of this the Taguel remain a proud Warrior Race who generally live a Tribal Life Style[/color]

Physical Appearance

The Taguel are very large, Hare-like Creature(s) that seem to rival the Earthen Grizzly Bear in both size and girth. Though they aren't any manner of Ursidae and reside in the Leporids Family. Their Appearance, Shape and Coloration vary on the Creature(s) Sex, Birth Date and Birth Parents, the Male(s) are generally more Bulkier|Thicker while the Female(s) are Thinner|Softer, the Strength of Male(s) being far greater while the Female(s) seem to be much quicker, the size of either or can be greater then the other.

They posses three finger(s) and opposable thumb(s) which allow them to manipulate if not craft things|tools, their arms are something thin and their 'hands' also double as paws though like any Leporids they lack padding. Their heads are oval shape, where its thickest in the center but it thins out at the nose and the back of the skull, though as their neck extends down to their upper torso or 'body' it seems to thicker out once more. The Females seem to have a thin waste which widens out when it comes to their lower torso- and atop their heads seems to be a large set of 'fan like' ears which can grow long enough to reach the creature(s) mid torso. Upon their faces seems to be a long set of whiskers which allow them to pick up on vibrations from bellow their feet, the ear length can often indicate the sensitivity of their hearing. The Taguel's legs seem to be the most muscular part on their body, after all its what allows them to 'spring' or 'jump' even with their somewhat heavy bodies, upon their paws, and feet seem to be a set of sharp claws which are used to pry the scales off any manner of Reptilian Creature, their teeth are also horribly sharp.

The Creature(s) Iris seems to take up a large portion of their eyes and can vary in coloration, though the most common color seems to be a fleshy pink. (This often results in people assuming the entirety of their eye is a single color) They only have three toes on their feet and the claws seem to be the thickest there, the creature posses a thick yet cottony tail which is similar Hare over a Rabbit.

Shifting|Humanoid Form

Apart from their 'Strength, Speed, and Endurance' the Creature(s) seem to posses a unique ability which is similar if not the 'same' as the Cursed Creature known as the Lupine|Werewolf, which involves a 'violent' metaphorical shift from Beast to Man and Man to Beast. Its a seemingly disturbing process which can cause those whom watch to either hurl or cringe- though unlike a Lupine|Werewolf its more rapid.


The 'Humanoid' Form of a Taguel is somewhat most of them deem as a 'curse', seeing it forces them down to the level of a Humanoid and in some cases into a physically weaker state then the Homosapien. Though they retain some manner of 'Height' in this form they lose a great deal of their 'physical' strength and 'wall like' endurance in turn for gaining soft Humanoid Flesh. Though the Creature(s) also retain various features to indicate their species such as bits of fur on their Humanoid Bodies, the long set of fan like ears- whiskers and the cotton tail extending from their tail bone. They also still have jointed legs similar to that of their beast form, three fingers and thumps as well as seemingly sharp claws.


The Creature(s) don't really posses any abilities aside from 'Shifting', 'Strength', 'Speed' and 'Wall-like Endurance'. Though they can pick up on various traits such as Magic or Weapon Proficiency through vigorous training like any other Species (Or Human(s)), their 'Fur' or 'Hide' seems to be thick enough to deflect if not endure any normal 'Weapon', and Lower Level Magics- though their eyes and Weapons|Equipment made of Dragon|Wyvern Bones are able to pierce it. These 'lack' of weaknesses while in their 'True Forms' results in the Creature(s) being somewhat Prideful if not Egotistical, however

Aside from these weaknesses they have moments where a 'normal' weapon can cause the creature(s) harm, albeit..


When the Creature(s) fur ends up getting damp. This is something of an uncanny yet amusing 'weakness', seeing the Taguel love to take their 'Baths' and seem to hate any manner of dirt of filth getting in their lovely coats.


Though what's even more comical when it comes to drying off the creatures seem to shake the Water loose or free from their coats similar to that of a Dog which has some hilarious results.



The Taguel seem to live a more 'Simplistic' Life Style, often in small Families which consists of a Male|Female and their offspring or in a group similar to a Tribe which seems to have a Chieftain and His|Her 'Followers'. The Creature(s) generally live in large huts with what seems to be hay beds and construct their 'armor' or 'clothing' out of the scales out of Wyvern(s), though they use a set of elastic bands which are made of the long leaves which seem to droop from the Trees in the [color=purple]Iveal, the bands allow the armor to fit both their Humanoid and 'True' Form.


When the Taguel aren't hunting' the Larger 'Airbound Wyvern' they are Hunting a small, Aquatic|Fish Variant of Wyvern known as a Dragon Fish, similar in shape to that of a Catfish but a distant Cousin of the Wyvern and prey to many Mythical Creatures. They often make Game of hunting Dragon Fish as the creature(s) don't take lightly to being captured and made other Creature(s) Dinner.

Aside from Hunting for Wyvern and Dragon Fish the creature(s) seem to primarily be Herbivores, eating any form of Vegetable or Fruit aside from the 'Dreaded Potato'. Their favorite fruit|non meat food seems to be a big purple prickly fruit called the 'Dragon Fruit', its hide or outside seems to mimic the thick hide of a Dragon, while to the Taguel looking like 'Fire'. They often feed these to their young so they can get excellent training at prying apart a Wyvern|Dragon(s) Scales, the fruit in question is dangerous to Humanoids and its juices can cause the skin to blister|boil|burn. The Taguel's favorite part of the Fruit seems to be the seeds.


The Creature(s) like Leporidae can have from three to six offspring at a given time, and are known for reproducing 'like' Rabbit(s), though during first and the first few weeks of life the Taguel's offspring are small and helpless, some believe they are as big as the palm of a Human(s) hand and blind. The Taguel often given birth to multiple Pups at once, albeit by a protective sac which the Mother chews|eats|removes from them. However the Mother Taguel will instinctively ween out any 'runts' in order to allow the stronger more healthy offspring a better chance at survival. The Children or 'Infantile' b]Taguel[/b] aren't visible as they are generally hidden within their Mother(s) fur for the first few months, forcing the Father to be the one who provides for them until then.

The Taguel seem to have an 'illness' that occurs three times a year, albeit mimicking flue like symptoms and unless the creature devours Dragon Fruit regularly in order to bolster its anti bodies will die because of it- they seem to generally keep a fresh stalk of Dragon Fruit encase such an occurrence happens, seeing there is always a chance both could catch sick at the same time. They will stay in their huts until the illness passes within a weeks time.


Throughout the Taguel(s) Lifespan and until they get old the Creature(s) retain a sense of 'playfulness', which is quite an interesting sight to see being how large the Creature(s) are, they often express happiness in a manner similar to a Hare|Rabbit, for example- cooing, gently grinding their teeth or leaping around in the manner called 'Binky'.

Characters Aligned

8 Characters Aligned, played by 3 Players

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"Hah. Just because I look like a Rabbit doesn't mean I can't tear you limb from limb, remember these words well."

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