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The Multiverse » Groups » The United Aschen Empire

The Aschen Empire, a massive collection of semi-sovereign provinces that reigns over a great portion of the Milky Way Galaxy, paranoid, arrogant, and cruel, a once prosperous nation spirals into poverty, and self-destruction.



Geopolitical Alliances and Active Military Conflicts

Puppet States

Cool relations, or Neutral

Active Declarations of War

Branches of the Imperial Government

Private Corporations and Universities


"War is Peace, freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength."


Official Name: The United Aschen Empire

Other Name(s): The Aschen, The Aschen Confederation, Aschen

National Color(s): Blue and White

National Slogan: "Ad Victoriam."


Government & National Population




Democratic |---------------I------| Authoritarian

Political Left |------I---------------| Political Right

Open Society |-------------------I--| Closed Society

Hawk Lobby |--I-------------------| Dove Lobby

Interventionism |--I------------------| Isolationism

Key Members of Government:



Imperial Viceroy - Ariane Dreylock

Speaker of Parliament - Sire Elrad Hunt

Key Government Officials


Administrative Divisions
35 Imperial Provinces: Aerilon, Aquaria, Arastel, Aurelia, Blackrock, Canceron, Caprica, Castiana, Cimtar, Cosmora, Cryo, Djerba, Forge, Gemenon, Imperial Outer Territories, Leonis, Libron, Molecay, New Haven, New Hope, New Vira, Outlook, Pangar, Paradeen, Picon, Pegasus, Proclarush Taonas, Sagittaron, Scorpia, Tal'dor, Tarai, Tauron, Thraecia, Troy, Virgon, Yellowstone

Population: 2.5 Trillion

Core Worlds: 8 (Population: 20 Billion avg. 2 billion)
Outer Territories: 137 (Population: 20 Billion, avg. 200 Million)
Colonial Frontier: 30 (Population: 5 Billion, avg. 10 Million)
Pegasus Project Core Worlds: 10 (Population: 58 Billion, avg. 8 billion)
Pegasus Claimed Worlds: 1,577 (Population 10 Million, avg. 250,000)

Major Race(s):

Population Breakdown:

Aschen - 100%,
a. Caprican - 21%,
b. Tauron - 30%,
c. Assorted Aschen Ethnicities- 40%
d. Isirian - 10%
Other - 0%,

Language(s) Spoken:

Common (English) - 40%, Taught in Public Education
Lingua Anquietas - 91%, Official Language, Taught in Public Education
Old Langaran - 52%, Taught in Public Education
Tauron - 24%,
Gemonese - 16%,
Other - 5%

Religion(s) Practiced:

Kobollianism - 95%
Athiesm - 3%,
Monotheism - 1%,
Other - 1%,





Primary Tech: Medical Technology - Aschen Medical technology is bar none some of the most advanced Technology known to the Universe. The Aschen are adept in Genetic engineering, biological manipulation, medical nanotechnology, vaccines, and anti-aging treatment. This medical technology stems from research into derelict ancient technology, as well as the Aschen's own heightened understanding of the nature in their environment. Notable projects include the Anti-Aging project, Chronaline Project, and the Reverse-Necrosis project, which has shown promise in reviving the recently deceased.

Secondary Tech: Advanced shields and energy weapons - Utilizing much of the knowledge the Aschen have gained from their own research, as well as research into alien, and ancient Technologies. The Aschen have developed some remarkably advanced energy weapons. Though not exactly adhering to the 'If it kills people it works' Aschen weapons work as a fearsome opponent on the battlefield, with their energy-based properties allowing them to rip through most armors, and have also eliminated the need for physical ammunition.

Aschen Shield technology is also some of the most advanced known to the Universe, where most factions utilize shields and other barrier technology to stop or slow energy weapons, Aschen shields can also strip the kinetic energies from projectiles, rendering them harmless. In addition to the diffusive energy properties of Aschen shields, explosives and other splash-effect weapons are typically resisted by the properties of Aschen shields.

Tertiary Tech: Quantum Technologies - After unlocking the library of the Ancients in the Pegasus galaxy, the Aschen have delved into the sciences behind Quantum technology. Fruits of this research include projects like the Bifrost project, the Quantum Pole Generator, which in theory could provide limitless power to ships, planets, and defense stations alike.

Aschen Weapons



Imperial Weapons


Military of the Empire


The Imperial Navy - The Imperial Aschen Aschen Navy -- though better known as the AHSC, are the backbone of the entire Aschen Empire, tasked with defending the Empire, protecting the borders, and protecting the shipping lines. The standard ship in the Imperial Navy is the Reverence I, a well rounded Aschen ship, packing firepower, troop carrying capacity, and fighter support, as well as Planetary Assault capabilities. The AHSC Also holds several sub branches. The Objective Force, Tactical Operations, and AHSC Strategic Command

Tactics of the Imperial Navy - Tactics of the Imperial Aschen Navy include things like the 'Hub Doctrine' using a central logistical and carrier point to conduct operations. This is evidenced with ships like the Reverence, which is capable of acting as a hub for assault forces on a given planet. In space, Aschen doctrine focuses around roughly the same thing, utilizing a central logistical point and deploying capital ships and strike craft from that point. In addition to these tactics, the Aschen Navy also utilize a 'Doctrine of Fear' tactical approach, often forcing surrender from their enemies.

Technology of the Imperial Aschen Navy- The Aschen Navy utilize the best technology the Aschen can afford them. Individual soldiers are equipped with the standard Type 53 Disruptor rifle, with a sidearm or PDW of either a Plasma rifle, Compacted-Disruptor rifle, or Disruptor pistol. Aschen soldiers can also utilized powered armor, heavy energy weapons, and combat skins to provide ground troops with unparalleled resilience and flexibility on the battlefield. Infantry armor consists of kinetic and thermal resistant ceramite armor, layered over a nanomesh composed of trinnium and kevlar, allowing for flexibility, and strength in combat. However these armor systems are slowly being phased out in favor of the CUIRASS System.

Uniforms of the AHSC


From left to right; Officer Dress class A; Enlisted dress class A; Officer winter coat; Officer Duty Class B-1; Officer Duty Class B-2; Uniform without Jacket; Enlisted Duty Class B

Flight Suit:

Flight suits with left sleeve pockets are used by flight-qualified crew (pilots, ECOs, etc.). The flight suit is a life-support garment and can sustain the life of the pilot in hostile environments up to and including total vacuum and freezing temperature. Flight suits also have a metal collar that is attached to maintain an airtight seal between the flight suit and a helmet. Often, when not on a mission pilots wear the suit with the top half rolled down and hanging at their waist, revealing the t-shirt and tank top they wear underneath. It also has been used to make an air-tight seal in a vessel by filling in a hole in the hull. Additionally, the flight suit has a chronometer mounted in a cuff. Pilots and ECOs wear several patches on their flight suits: On the left shoulder a patch designating the ship they are assigned to, and on the right shoulder a patch for what craft they operate, usually a Viper or a Raptor. Moreover, a squadron patch is sometimes worn on the left breast under the outer layer of the suit.

Green Fatigues:

Like the blue officer duty uniforms, the fatigue uniforms display the emblem of the Aschen Confederation, and denote what vessel the wearer is serving on. Rank insignia are affixed to both sides of the collar. The green uniform is worn by both officers in off-duty and informal situations, and enlisted crew as their regular uniform. A tan variation is worn by warrant officers.

Flight Crew Coverall:

When on-duty, enlisted flight deck crew wear color-coded coverall uniforms according to occupation specialty with reflective safety tapes and rubber utility pockets.

Combat Uniform:

(TODO: Combat Loadout)

Rank Structure of the AHSC:

Enlisted Ranks:

Junior Enlisted;
Crewman Apprentice
Crew Specialist

Senior Enlisted/NCO
Petty Officer 2nd Class
Petty Officer 1st Class
Chief Petty Officer
Master Chief Petty Officer
Warrant Officer

Officer Ranks:

Aspiring Officer;
Lieutenant Junior Grade

Junior Officers;

Senior Officers
Lieutenant Colonel
Rear Admiral
Fleet Admiral
Chairman of the Aschen High Space Command

Fleet loadout of the Aschen Empire

Watchtower Class Defense Platform

The Watchtower Defense platform serves as the primary line of defense for both deep space, and planetary star systems within the Aschen Empire. In total, there are four thousand sixty seven watchtowers currently in service, scattered throughout the internal territories of the Aschen Empire.

Length: 150km
Width: 150km
Height: 645km

Primary power plant: Tech Con Q Class Quantum Pole Generator.
Output: Infinite (limited to the stations ability to harness power)

Primary shield system: Tech Con Prometheus class Aegis field generator.
Secondary Shield System: Aerospace Dynamics Mega-Dynatron IV Frequency Resonance Field Generator
Tertiary Shield System: Aerospace Dynamics Invulnalite Megas-Type Hard-Light shield generator

4x XLR-Type 1 Planck Field Generators (Maximum range 1,500 light years)
8x XLR-Type C Planck Field Generators (Maximum range: 450 light years)

Tech Con type X 'Lockdown' Ion field subsystem (Capable of generating ion-field eddies that make sublight travel nearly impassable within 500 AU of the station)

4x 'Tera-Graviton' class Singularity drivers oriented in the body of the station.

Duralthene, and Kanvium armor plating.

Honeycomb Superstructure allows the station to take an incredible beating, even while unshielded, onboard light-mass fabrications allow for real-time repairs, and logistical support for even large fleets.

Warship Classes of the United Aschen Empire

Reverence II

Manufacturer: Aerospace Dynamics
Platform: Reverence
Model: Reverence, Second Generation
Class: Planetary Assault Carrier
Cost: Cb75.6 Billion

Length: 28,960 Meters
Width: 11,447 Meters
Maximum acceleration: 3,407G
FTL Range: 5.7 Million LY
Engine Units: 3 DDG Titan Plasmic Fusion Engines.
Reactor: 16 Deuterium Fusion Reactors. (One Reactor outputs 12.6 Trillion Kilowatt Hours, or 4.57200 × 10(13) megajoules)
Hyperdrive Rating: n/a, uses Aschen FTL
Primary: Tech Con Heavy 107 Frequency Oscillation Magnetic Type 03 Shield Generator. (Energy Mitigation: 150 Megatons per square meter of shield)
Secondary: Tech Con Special T66 Hard Light. (Energy Mitigation: 500 Megatons per square meter of shield)
Tertiary: Graystone Industries Class 07 Magnetic Resonance Type 22 (Energy Mitigation: 105,000 Megatons Overall)
Auxiliary: Aerospace Dynamics Dynatron N7 Frequency Resonance Shield Generator. (Energy Mitigation: 97,000 Megatons (overall))
Hull: Kanvium Reinforced Tri-Strontium hull
Hull Armor: Kanvium Plating (Can absorb 500 Megatons per square meter of energy)
Weapons; 6x Energy Projectors (1.4 Gigatons per second, or 6,694,400 terajoules)
5,000 Turbodisruptor Batteries (1500 port, 1500 Starboard, 500 Forward, 250 Aft, 500 Dorsal, 750 Ventral) (Turbo Disruptors impart 14.6 Megatons per second)
Plasma Cannon Turrets (150 Kilotons Per Second)
Missile Launchers
Torpedo Launchers
1x Magnetic Acceleration Cannon running the dorsal structure
1x Singularity Cannon running the dorsal structure.

Compliment: 1,500 Squadrons of fighters, or Bombers (Vipers, Apollos, Century Bombers, etc.)
Crew: 500,000 + 1.5 Million Soldiers to assault planetside.



Manufacturer: Tal'Dor Drive Yards
Platform: Icon
Model: Iconoclast
Class: Battleship
Cost: Cb38.2 Billion

Length: 5,650 Meters
Width: 2,851 Meters
Height 860 Meters
Maximum acceleration: 4,512G
FTL Range: 2.5 Million LY
Engine Units: 5 DynaTek Olympus Ion engines.
Reactor: 8 Deuterium Fusion Reactors. (One Reactor outputs 12.6 Trillion Kilowatt Hours, or 4.57200 × 10(13) megajoules)
Hyperdrive Rating: n/a, uses Aschen FTL
Primary: Tech Con Heavy 107 Frequency Oscillation Magnetic Type 03 Shield Generator. (100 Megatons per square meter)
Secondary: Tech Con Special T66 Hard Light. (Energy Mitigation: 500 Megatons per sq. meter)
Hull: Kanvium Reinforced Trinnium hull
Hull Armor: Duralthene Plating (Duralthene armor is essentially taking the old Tri-Strontium alloy and coating it with trace amounts of Adamantium.)
Weapons; 8x SuperMAC Batteries
16x Turbodisruptor Batteries (8 Port, 8 Starboard)
6x Phaser Arrays (3x Port, 3x Starboard)
4x Prow mounted Fusion beam Cannons
4x Polaron Cannons
Missile and Flak batteries

Compliment: 15 Squadrons of strike craft
Crew: 15,000 Personnel

Aschen Fleets

Primus Fleet - Chairman Gina Inviere
2,500 Ships
RII Minor Transgression
RII Enlightenment's Fire
RII Profound Solitude II

Imperial Defense Force, 2nd Fleet - Langara - Admiral Claire Hanley
2,500 Ships
RII Resplendant Fervor
RII Penance

Classis III, Sector Tal'dor - Tal'Dor Orbit - Admiral Leila Hartwick
4,676 Ships
RII Long Night of Solace
RII Unrelenting
Sacred Promise II

Classis VII, Sector Yellowstone - Aschen Rim - Admiral Niles Copeland
1,100 Ships
RII Tenebrous

Fleet of Retribution - Orbit over Langara - R. Adm. Darren Morrison
1,177 Ships - down from 2,344
RII Infinite Spoils - Damaged

Fleet of Profound Solitude - Molecay Orbit - Adm Ceres Genna
2,500 Ships
RII Far Sight Lost

Fleet of Tranquil Composure - Pangar Orbit - Adm Nolan McIntyre
3,455 Ships
RII Pitiless
RII Valorous Salvation
RII Triumphant Declaration

Fleet of Inner Knowledge - Tal'dor Orbit - Adm. Sheila Nagala
2,799 Ships
RII A Psalm Every Day

Classis I, Sector Langara - Isirian Space - Admiral Elisha Whitcomb
2500 Ships - down from 3,500
RII Harbinger of Piety
RII Commitment and Patience

Imperial Defense Force, 1st Fleet - Tal'Dor orbit - Gov. Kayana Georgiou
5,000 Ships
RII Ardent Prayer
RII Purity of Spirit

Fleet of the Impenetrable Aegis - Stationed at Tal'dor - Adm. Terrence Shiloh
8,500 Ships
Command Carrier - Hrunting
CNV Atronach
CNV Flameborg
CNV Caladbolg
CNV Matriarch
CNV-S Thanatos

Fleet of Rigorous Prayer - Langara - Adm. William Harkin
1,065 Ships from 3,500
RII Devotion
RII Infinite Sacrifice
Command Carrier - Harkening

Classis XIII, Sector Arastel - Isirian Space - Adm. Raphael McGregor
ACB Aurora
RII Penance
Command Carrier - Zelbinion
RII Clarity of Faith

Classis XII Sector Thraecia - Isirian Space - Adm. Leia Nash
2,500 Ships
RII Absolution
RII Bloodied Spirit
Command Carrier - Rosa De Maius

Classis X, Sector Ragnaar - Stationed at Thraecia - Adm Teyla Jameson
2,500 Ships
RII Infinite Succor

Classis IV Sector Cosmora - Cosmora Archipelago - Adm. Mickey Grayson
3,500 Ships
RII Revenant
RII Twilight Compunction
RII Rapid Conversion

Classis VI, Sector Harvest - Adm. Rowen Mott
4,500 Ships
RII Truth and Reconciliation
CNV Mikah






Currency: Cubit, plural Cubits

Cubit (Cubits)

Aureus (Aurii)

10 Aureii = One Cubit

Denarius (Denarii)

10 Denarii equals one Aureus, with 100 Denarii equaling one Cubit.


Cubit: (10 Aurii, 100 Denarii, 1,000 Sestertii)

Gross Domestic Product: 45,000,000,000,000 Cubits

Housed Under: Ministry of the Treasury, Ministry of Plenty

Economy Type: Free Market.

Economic Tendencies:

Core Worlds:

Consumer Goods
Material Production
Refining Raw Materials

Outer Territories:

Heavy Industry
Synthetic Chemical Production
Refining Raw Materials
High Technology

Colonial Frontier:

Light Industry
Raw Materials

Pegasus Project:

Raw Materials
High Technology
Energy Weapons

Major Exports:

Energy Weapons
Medical Technology
Shield Technology
Energy Weapons Components
Cybernetic Components
Advanced Alloys
Advanced Engineering

Major Imports:

Raw Materials
Manufactured Goods


Miscellaneous Information


Legal Stances:

Legal Drinking Age: No Controls applied

Driving Age: 16, 18 in Caprica

Age of Sexual Consent/Adult Classification: 16, 12 in Tauron

Military Enlistment: 17

Voting Age: 17

Reproduction: No controls applied.

Status of Drugs:

Marijuana - No Controls applied
Tobacco - No controls applied
Cocaine - Legal with prescription
Alcohol - legal, adult age restrictions apply.
LSD - Illegal.
Caffeine - legal, no restrictions.
Heroin - Illegal without a prescription.
Opium - Prescription required.
Methamphetamine - Illegal.

Firearms: Private possession of firearms of any kind is legal. Plasma weapons are restricted to age 20, Disruptor weapons are restricted.

Death Penalty: Approved.

Speed Limit: Varies from Province.


Kobollianism - Commonplace, encouraged and accepted globally.
Atheism - tolerated.
Monotheistic Faith - Seldom tolerated but not illegal.

Pornography: Legal, age restrictions apply.

Prostitution: Legal.

Polygamy: Legal.

Homosexuality: No Controls applied.

Stem Cell Research: Private research encouraged through government grants.

Cloning: No controls applied.

Slavery: Legal to enslave non citizens or Xenos. Illegal otherwise.

Hunting: Seasonal controls apply/License required.

Consumption of Meat: Legal.

Litter: Minor offense, 1,000 cubit fine.

Suicide: Discouraged.

Gay Marriage: No controls applied.

Abortion: Illegal, carries the same punishment as murder.

Sexual Activity:

Pedophilia - Illegal.
Beastophilia -Illegal.
Xenophilia - No controls applied.
Rape - Punishable by death.

Obscenity: Public Nudity is legal and commonplace, otherwise moral laws apply.

Taxation Systems: Income, sales, and property. Maximum rate of 25%.

Prerequisites for Citizenship:

Automatic Citizenship:
Born in the Aschen Confederation,
Native world absorbed into the Aschen Empire
Born to parents who are citizens,
Member of the Armed Services for 15 years

Partial Citizenship:
Nationalization through the IIA,
One Parent is a Citizen,
Marriage to an Aschen Citizen,

Prohibited Immigration/Visitation: Under Review

Censorship of Media: heavy party controls on the media

Characters Aligned

117 Characters Aligned, played by 41 Players

Character Portrait: Tahira Ali

Tahira Ali played by Ylanne

"We choose, and in so doing, we define ourselves. We are defined by our choices, though we may be remembered for the worst of them. But what choices we make, they will affect others. And perhaps given time, we may change in the eyes of others."

Character Portrait: Sire Thomas Zarek

Sire Thomas Zarek played by barney_fife

Sire of the Sagittaron Province and Member of the House of Parliament of the Aschen Confederation.

Character Portrait: Helena Cain

Helena Cain played by barney_fife

Fleet Admiral in the Aschen Confederation

Character Portrait: Michael Samuelle

Michael Samuelle played by barney_fife

Agent in the highly classified IIA's Section One

Character Portrait: Cashmere

Cashmere played by Tawanos

A renegade Aschen with flowing dark green hair wearing a combat ready environment suit a modified pistol and wicked looking motorcycle. She will sell her ability to enhance tech to any who can pay. Sister of Helena Cain, Aschen Fleet Admiral.

Character Portrait: Kayana Georgiou

Kayana Georgiou played by barney_fife

Governor of Tal'dor

Character Portrait: Whisper (Jacquelyn Rose)

Whisper (Jacquelyn Rose) played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Aiyanna

Aiyanna played by barney_fife

Intelligence. A mind that burns like a fire.

Character Portrait: Fatin Farah

Fatin Farah played by Ylanne

"I do the work of God. If I die, then all glory be to Him. You can stop Hataf, but you cannot still the hand of God, not for one moment."

Character Portrait: Marlene Angel

Marlene Angel played by barney_fife

Director of the Imperial Intelligence Agency

Character Portrait: Claire Angelique-McGregor

Claire Angelique-McGregor played by Absenthia

You thought this was a good idea.. how?

Character Portrait: Elise Bradshaw

Elise Bradshaw played by Saviarre

Character Portrait: Sire Mollem McGregor

Sire Mollem McGregor played by barney_fife

"Order is the key to prosperity."

Character Portrait: Aschen 3rd Armored Company

Aschen 3rd Armored Company played by barney_fife

3rd Armored Company attatched to the Wing City Occupation

Character Portrait: Sam Adama

Sam Adama played by barney_fife

An Enforcer in the legendary Ha'la'tha

Character Portrait: Malcolm Barrett

Malcolm Barrett played by barney_fife

Special Agent in the LDA's Overt Intelligence Agency

Character Portrait: Jordan Duram

Jordan Duram played by barney_fife

Special Agent in the Aschen Empire's IIA

Character Portrait: George Montgomery III

George Montgomery III played by barney_fife

Director of the Langaran Defense Agency

Character Portrait: Paul Wolfe

Paul Wolfe played by barney_fife

Director of the IIA

Character Portrait: Nikita

Nikita played by barney_fife

Agent in Section One

Character Portrait: SOLCOM

SOLCOM played by barney_fife

Solar System Command for the Aschen Military

Character Portrait: Romo Lampkin

Romo Lampkin played by barney_fife

Well known defense attorney in the Aschen Confederation

Character Portrait: Madeline W.

Madeline W. played by barney_fife

Chief Strategist, and Profiler for Section One

Character Portrait: Masako Suzuki

Masako Suzuki played by RolePlayGateway

A young man from the former People's Island Republic of Manjuin. An exceptional hacker of dangerous skill.

Character Portrait: The Guatrau

The Guatrau played by barney_fife

Leader of the Tauron based Ha'la'tha

Character Portrait: Narim Plishkin

Narim Plishkin played by barney_fife

famous Aschen scientist and Bio Scholar, responsible for playing god and cheating death.

Character Portrait: Marlene McGregor

Marlene McGregor played by barney_fife

Judge Magister for the Aschen Empire's Ministry of Law

Character Portrait: Gina Inviere

Gina Inviere played by barney_fife

Chairman of the AHSC, and Commander of the Fleet of Profound Solitude.

Character Portrait: Helene Chaska

Helene Chaska played by barney_fife

The Minister of Defense for the United Aschen Empire

Character Portrait: Calen Ramos

Calen Ramos played by Nemo

A proud Aschen warrior.

Character Portrait: Julia Hagan

Julia Hagan played by youplaythisgamewell

Daughter of Owner and CEO of Tech Con, Miles Hagan. Ruthless, Rich, and Righteous.

Character Portrait: Sheila Nagala

Sheila Nagala played by barney_fife

Flag Officer of the Fleet of Inner Knowledge and Fleet Admiral of the AHSC

Character Portrait: Vincent May-Rose

Vincent May-Rose played by NotAFlyingToy

An island in space, sanctuary among the stars.

Character Portrait: Jayden Ryder

Jayden Ryder played by Script


Character Portrait: Varg Mörder

Varg Mörder played by Namaru

Character Portrait: Raphael E. McGregor

Raphael E. McGregor played by barney_fife

Admiral of the Third Fleet of Glorious Consequence

Character Portrait: Mickayla Carver

Mickayla Carver played by EverFidelis

"Strange woman from a strange land, and noone makes a peep about it?"

Character Portrait: Elena Centro

Elena Centro played by Zarhara

GI Joe Intelligence Operative.

Character Portrait: Elijah Alexander Kenton

Elijah Alexander Kenton played by Rulke

"I swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I totally did create an unstable formula that threatened everyone on this planet, and I'd do it again!"

Character Portrait: Shimizu Takayama

Shimizu Takayama played by barney_fife

Recently crowned Taiyou Emperor.

Character Portrait: Lunatea

Lunatea played by barney_fife

A newer, improved AI designed by Graystone Industries.

Character Portrait: George Hendricks

George Hendricks played by barney_fife

Lieutenant, Caprica Province, Central Protection Force

Character Portrait: The Black Hand

The Black Hand played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Eros Fletcher

Eros Fletcher played by Rulke

CEO of LogicRoad

Character Portrait: Kenneth More

Kenneth More played by Tank Emperor

Lead Scientist in Logic Road

Character Portrait: Echo Alpha

Echo Alpha played by Script


Character Portrait: Confederation Protection Force

Confederation Protection Force played by barney_fife

The notorious Aschen CPF, committed to keeping the Aschen Safe.

Character Portrait: Dr Kai Chester

Dr Kai Chester played by Sick Puppy

Specialist in the biosciences

Character Portrait: Sasha Everett

Sasha Everett played by ivygirl123

young marine biologist

Character Portrait: Dominic Hagan

Dominic Hagan played by Nemo

The illegitimate son of Miles Hagan; an ambitious young man with all the time and money in the world.

Character Portrait: Leanna Sable

Leanna Sable played by ChaoticMarin

An Aschen medic, Leanna is a woman with a big heart in search of ways to better the world. Her parents have been missing for a very long time.

Character Portrait: Vanora Rees

Vanora Rees played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Derek Adams

Derek Adams played by Ruanzilla

The Commander of the 'Unyielding Heirophant', Derek is attached to the Aschen Third Fleet of Glorious Consequence.

Character Portrait: Matt Harris

Matt Harris played by Disdain

Aschen citizen, employee of Tech Con. Somewhat jaded with life in general and unsure of where to tread next.

Character Portrait: Cynthia Ross

Cynthia Ross played by Ruanzilla

Caprica City Police Officer

Character Portrait: Sonja Petralia

Sonja Petralia played by Ruanzilla

Proprietor of a several prominent nightclubs in Caprica City, Sonja is both a strong and successful business woman.

Character Portrait: Chad Garay

Chad Garay played by Patcharoo

Chad 'Supremus' Garay

Character Portrait: Drew Pierce

Drew Pierce played by RolePlayGateway

An Aschen professor of physics and mechanical engineering.

Character Portrait: Kelby Heremosh

Kelby Heremosh played by lostamongtrees

Research specialist at Graystone Industries. Native to Caprica City, Langara. Survivor. Bio-interested.

Character Portrait: Braxton Mortemira

Braxton Mortemira played by lostamongtrees

Aschen Citizen

Character Portrait: Gerard Lorrette

Gerard Lorrette played by lostamongtrees

Aschen Citizen

Character Portrait: Alisia Fray

Alisia Fray played by AppleSauce

Aschen Citizen

Character Portrait: Shannon Bennet

Shannon Bennet played by Ruanzilla

Character Portrait: Isac Montelle

Isac Montelle played by RolePlayGateway

"Physics is the center of the universe, giver and taker of life." - Dr. Montelle

Character Portrait: Aklothep

Aklothep played by Arcayne

"My master has his eyes on you...he has his eyes on everyone and sees everyone"

Character Portrait: Aaron Ward

Aaron Ward played by Script


Character Portrait: Aschen Marine

Aschen Marine played by barney_fife

Generic Aschen Marine

Character Portrait: Shari Kruse

Shari Kruse played by Moonscar

Aschen security officer.

Character Portrait: Bravo

Bravo played by Architect

Character Portrait: Chris Braddock

Chris Braddock played by Gasmask

"I've come to kick some ass, but I'm all out of ass to kick."

Character Portrait: LDA Agent

LDA Agent played by barney_fife

Generic LDA Agent

Character Portrait: Glimmer Sheen

Glimmer Sheen played by Maree

A bold woman who seems to fear nothing and has a need for speed.

Character Portrait: Bryn Magus

Bryn Magus played by barney_fife

Commander of the Iconoclast Class Ship 'Vigilanti Eternas'

Character Portrait: Aschen Fleet of Tranquil Composure

Aschen Fleet of Tranquil Composure played by barney_fife

Aschen fleet assigned to the outlying sectors

Character Portrait: Next

Next played by Phil_J

Character Portrait: Aschen Fleet of Righteous Vigilance

Aschen Fleet of Righteous Vigilance played by barney_fife

Aschen fleet assigned to the Outlying sectors.

Character Portrait: Dayson Gorm

Dayson Gorm played by SlightlyIrregular

All good. No bad.

Character Portrait: Jerry Jackson

Jerry Jackson played by NotAFlyingToy

Cowboy Cop

Character Portrait: Divine Confessor

Divine Confessor played by barney_fife

Generic Confessor of the Aschen Empire

Character Portrait: Charles Kesslee

Charles Kesslee played by barney_fife

Grand Confessor in the Aschen Empire known for his sadistic and brutal methods.

Character Portrait: Iago Soun

Iago Soun played by Kuroe

"I like the cold. I find that it makes it less likely that someone will talk to me."

Character Portrait: Leia Nash

Leia Nash played by barney_fife

Admiral of the Aschen fleet of Righteous Vigilance

Character Portrait: Mantrid

Mantrid played by barney_fife

Supreme Bio-Vizier for the Emperor

Character Portrait: Aschen Second Fleet of Homogenous Clarity

Aschen Second Fleet of Homogenous Clarity played by barney_fife

Aschen fleet originating from the core worlds.

Character Portrait: Henry Flynn

Henry Flynn played by Architect

"There's a reason why the Blackout zones are walled off you know."

Character Portrait: John Warren

John Warren played by Glory

Part time gun runner, full time bar crawler.

Character Portrait: Callandra Henderson

Callandra Henderson played by barney_fife

Security Captain for Tech Con's PMC

Character Portrait: Jessica Wilt

Jessica Wilt played by Quantics

Character Portrait: Asha Martin

Asha Martin played by Moonscar


Character Portrait: Kathryn Connors

Kathryn Connors played by barney_fife

IIA Agent recently promoted from InOps to the OID, Considered the Protege of Marlene Angel.

Character Portrait: Leanne McGregor

Leanne McGregor played by youplaythisgamewell

The cousin of Raphael McGregor studying law at Caprican Institute of Legal Ethics but aspires to become an actress.

Character Portrait: Orlin McGregor

Orlin McGregor played by barney_fife

Commander of the Tria, and Admiral of the Fleet of Inner Knowledge

Character Portrait: Karen Rodia

Karen Rodia played by fish-with-a-knife

A peaceful traveler from New Haven.

Character Portrait: Reto Baldr

Reto Baldr played by fish-with-a-knife

Big tough guy with a warm heart. Literally.

Character Portrait: Aschen Fleet of Inner Knowledge

Aschen Fleet of Inner Knowledge played by barney_fife

Auxiliary Expeditionary fleet assigned to Isiria

Character Portrait: Aschen Third Fleet of Glorious Consequence

Aschen Third Fleet of Glorious Consequence played by barney_fife

Large Aschen fleet stationed in the Outer Territories

Character Portrait: Chloë McGregor

Chloë McGregor played by barney_fife

"There are those that deserve the title of 'Civilized Being' and the rest need little more than extermination.

Character Portrait: Pirandello/Kruger

Pirandello/Kruger played by barney_fife

The Security Forces of Pirandello/Kruger

Character Portrait: Jarrod

Jarrod played by theonewhoruns

Jarrod is a smuggler of everything ranging from weapons, to non-humans, to drugs and anything in between. He despised the Aschen and never misses an opportunity to wrong them or to break thier laws.

Character Portrait: Cain the Cannibal

Cain the Cannibal played by OldManPsycho

The Infamous Space Pirate.

Character Portrait: Arren Valaj

Arren Valaj played by barney_fife

Assistant Security Chief for Tech Con Group's Terran HQ

Character Portrait: Isambard Prince

Isambard Prince played by barney_fife

"I'm very good with pain."

Character Portrait: Éclaire Hanley

Éclaire Hanley played by barney_fife

Admiral of the Imperial Defense Force

Character Portrait: Aleron Kalzerius

Aleron Kalzerius played by Durandal

Part of the Aschen Special projects Division

Character Portrait: Amelia Montrose

Amelia Montrose played by barney_fife

Commander of the Imperious Class Command Carrier "Pride of Langara."

Character Portrait: Tidus Khaine

Tidus Khaine played by barney_fife

"It's about time."

Character Portrait: Elanna Torres

Elanna Torres played by barney_fife

Flag officer of Battle-group 34, and commander of the Command Carrier 'Kapisi'

Character Portrait: Classis I Sector Langara

Classis I Sector Langara played by barney_fife

The first fleet under the Aschen Empire's new designation system.

Character Portrait: Bryon Clegg

Bryon Clegg played by barney_fife

Flag Officer, and Commander of the 'Keeper of Abassid'

Character Portrait: Erin Solis

Erin Solis played by barney_fife

Former CPF Operative now working for the IIA's InOPs division.

Character Portrait: Classis II Sector Molecay

Classis II Sector Molecay played by barney_fife

The Aschen Empire's 2nd Fleet, originating from Molecay.

Character Portrait: Classis XII Sector Thraecia

Classis XII Sector Thraecia played by barney_fife

Aschen fleet assigned to the Thraecia Province

Character Portrait: Classis IV Sector Cosmora

Classis IV Sector Cosmora played by barney_fife

Fleet originating from the Cosmora Archipelago

Character Portrait: Appollonia

Appollonia played by Ersatz Creed

" An Aschen Adept Of War."

Character Portrait: Anton Valerian

Anton Valerian played by barney_fife

Marine Sergeant, 104th Company

Character Portrait: Marcus Ruben

Marcus Ruben played by FreePolity

Commander of the Aschen Battleship Indefatigable

Character Portrait: Cyrus Ward

Cyrus Ward played by Joseph_Bennett

A young man wishing to serve his Empire.

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