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The Multiverse » Groups » The Vertigan Race

A deviation of humans that originate from the planet Vertiga, the Vertigan Race is a race of warriors who are far more agile and strong then any normal human. Their society is based on combat and survival.


Due to the harsh beasts and plantlife of Vertiga, and living off of the local food of the planet, the humans of a colony ship that warped way off course and crashed onto Vertiga evolved into the Vertigan Race. They still look like humans, but they are all physically more adept and significantly faster. One Vertigan is capable of taking on an entire team of soldiers.

Vertigan Blood Abilities:

Vertigan Strength: Vertigans have abnormally high strength, capable of pushing large vans on their own and jumping up a whole story when they are nine years old.

Vertigan Climbing: Vertigans are natural climbers thanks to the jungle and mountainy terrain of Vertiga.

Vertigan Gene Superiority: Any child between a Vertigan and a Human, or any other human compatible race, will result in the child being a pure blood Vertigan. The Vertigan Gene seems to defeat all others, including Werewolf genes and Vampire genes.

Vertigan Sensory Ability: Vertigans have more acute senses. Their sense of touch, hearing, sight, taste, and smell are all enhanced to a significant degree.

Vertigan Spatial Awareness: This is probably one of the only issues of being a Vertigan. While a Vertigan will have exemplary combat capabilities with any weapon they can hold, slash, or throw, they have...difficulties with guns. With enough training they can hit a target, but otherwise....well, Vertigans do best with melee and thrown weaponry. Things that they can hold and touch.

Vertigan Healing: Vertigans can heal at an accelerated rate when they sleep. It takes two nights for a broken limb to heal.

Vertigan Nightvision: Vertigans can see in the dark.

Vertigan Agility: Vertigans seem to be naturally lighter and faster, as well as having quicker reflexes the most.

Vertigan Agression: Another issue with being Vertigan, you are far more aggressive and may lash out more. Self Control is taught, but anger is always an issue with Vertigans.

Vertigan Focus: Vertigans can focus on things easily, but they can not handle a few situations. Vertigans are horrible for desk jobs, and should probably never be PR reps.

Vertigan Bloodthirst: Once a Vertigan starts fighting, well...don't be seen as an enemy. Just...don't.

Vertigan Comprehension: While intelligence may vary as mush as regular humans, Vertigans can learn things faster. Emphasis on can.

Vertigan Teachings:

Control: A battlefield is not chaotic, it is organized. It is methodical. It is order. And any Vertigan must be able to know how to control it to be their best. They must not just fight ruthlessly, they must fight with passion and intelligence.

Combat: Vertigans are taught combat, though most seem to know it at birth. They are wild and savage, yet calculated and ruthless.

Care: Friendly or Civilian Casualties are to be avoided. Of course, no Vertigan is considered a civilian, but that is besides the point.

Calm: Vertigans are taught to remain calm when a fellow soldier falls. Despite this, when someone they care about falls, or really anything major happens, they can get very angry and very hostile to the ones they see as responsible.





Homeworld Info:

Vertiga is a jungle planet, temperate and filled with life. It has over 200 known predators, 100 more unknown predators even the Vertigans have not documented, and various species of fauna, both hostile and non-hostile. Most trees are safe, and the Vertigan Cities are built into the trees. Vertiga Ebin Wood is as strong as iron, and is very structurally sound.

Vertigan's are ruled by clans. Each one has a mark on their hand and back, imprinted at a young age after they pass the Rite of Passage. All clans communicate and co-operate, however they also war and fight. Sometimes, they do both at the same time. Co-operate and fight. However, there are sacred zones where major fighting is forbidden.

Vertiga has only one law. Common sense. If something seems criminally wrong, don't do it. Such as murder, rape, and so forth. A crime on a fellow family member or clan member can be treated worse then on another clan.

Some of the major clans are:

Clan Rashal:

Lands: Kerryl Valley and the surrounding mountains, Kerryl River, Kerryl Lake, Rashal Mountain (capital/home city is here, inactive volcano), Rosewell Falls (Weddings held here), Proving Grounds, Stormwind Coast, The Flooded Canyon, the Flooded Cavern, Dextrel Mountains, The Main Crashsite.

Wedding Ritual: Simple wedding ritual. The two being wed stand over a small waterfall, sometimes naked sometimes not (usually are, no one likes getting the clothes they have to walk in or carry wet), as they get married, then once they agree, jump into the lake below. They hold hands from the start of the wedding until they hit the water. The entire party then follows about five minutes after.

Popular Weapons: Daggers/Throwing Knives, Staffblades, Armblades

Coming of Age Ritual: The initiate is locked in a cave known as The Proving Grounds naked with nothing but a Staffblade, and must skin the pelts of ten creatures inside, taking the right claws of each creature (known as a Krecklion) as proof.

Clan Berkbel:

Lands: The Berkbel Thick (Dense jungle, Capital/Home city), Eldrin Coast, Cavien Bay, Southern Thick, Handarin Canyon (largest Canyon on the planet, and the most densly forested), Hope's Cliff, Crashsite Beta.

Wedding Ritual: The wedding party gathers around as the couple, using only a weapon of choice and the clothes on their backs, must together take down a Trecelon, a creature that can only be killed by well armed great warriors or precise teamwork. Killing the creature officializes the marriage, dying obviously ends it.

If they live, a celebratory party is held. If they die, a Sorrow Party is held. Vertigans don't like sadness or bad emotions though, so they make every party, even Sorrow Parties, filled with loud energetic music, dancing, and a tribute to celebrate the victim's life, not death. There is also some stunts or two to do.

Popular Weapons: Swords, Shortswords, Bows and Arrows.

Coming of Age Ritual: Similar to Rashal's, only instead of a Staffblade you get a sword. Additionally, it is not held in a cave, but in a sealed off part of the original Colony ship that crashed on Vertiga. They keep the ship powered for the added danger (Broken powered machinery and live wires can be dangerous :3.

Clan Jerrel:

Lands: Diamonddust Cavern, Orren's Peak, Ershel Jungle (full of Vertigan Ershel Wood), Cellex Ridge, Corral Canyon, Crash Site Charlie
Wedding Ritual: To put things short, the couple stands together while the words are said, and once that is over, they kiss, duel each other, first three cuts loses, kiss again, and then no matter the age sleep together in the same bed get the idea.

Popular Weapons: Shields, Vakrels (Shuriken like objects shaped like discs), Mauls

Coming of Age Ritual: You are locked in a part of a network of tunnels called "Echo Caves" with no food, weapons, or water for a week with creatures that can hunt in pitch dark conditions. You have only one goal: Survive. So that multiple people can do it, there are multiple parts of Echo Caves capable of it.

Clan Dakova:

Lands: Davoka Mountain, Dakova Cliff (Capital/Home City), The Misty Springs, The Ardon Jungle, Shallowsprings, The Run (Obstacle Course), Verrigan Valley, Mistfall

Wedding Ritual: This one involves packs of these small creatures called Thraxen. Essentially, you get married while the Thraxen are released, meaning you have to quite literally fight for your right to get married. The marriage Ceremony is simultaneous to the battle, with it ending with a kiss after all the creatures are dead.

Popular Weapons: Axes, Shields, Vakrels

Coming of Age Ritual: This one is rather simple. You have to run an underground obstacle course. What makes it difficult? This obstacle course is the second toughest and deadliest obstacle course on the planet, you get chased by vicious beasts that want to kill you, and the entire obstacle course is slowly getting flooded with water.

Clan Brellin:

Lands: Brellin Cove (Capital/Home City), Brellin Marshes, Brellin Island, Itashi Mountain, The Crater, Crash Site Delta, Sunburnt Coast (known for its red sand), Vrellen Jungle, Lambiant Grove, The Darkswamp

Wedding Ritual: The couple stand naked near the water as the words are spoken and then they agree to marry. Afterwards, they step into the Marsh, and kiss. At this point, someone puts on party music, and the entire party strops down and jumps in. Drinks and food are passed around on Rafts, and there is plenty of attempts to dance while swimming. Afterwards, the couple will then get out, redress, and ride a zipline across the marsh together before going to their home/new home.

Popular Weapons: Staffblades, Bows and Arrows, Spears

Coming of Age Ritual: The subject walks to the marsh wearing a traditional robe before sunrise, just like Addian did to prove to his father, the Clan Leader, he was a man. The subject must then discard the robe and enters the marsh with nothing but a Spear at sunrise, They must killl five creatures five times bigger then themself and drag their heads back before the sun goes down.

Clan Dorvian:

Lands: Serenity Coast, Serenity Stardock, The Scar (Jagged Valley that doesn't qualify as a Canyon), Oran River, Dorvian Skycastle (Capital/Home City), Dorvian's Trail (River), Lake Varshed.

Wedding Ritual: Everyone hangs from a vine or a branch as the ceramony takes place. Once it is done and they kiss, the couple is wrapped in vines together into a sort of cacoon, and rolled down a hill and onto a large boat. There is then a giant boat party, which ends with the couple arriving at the city. The party then resumes at one of the Dining Halls reserved for parties such as birthdays and weddings and Coming of Age.

Popular Weapons: Swords, Daggers/Throwing Knives, Armblades.

Coming of Age Ritual: To prove you are an adult to the Dorvian Clan, you must capture, and ride for five minutes, a Grelliken. Then you have to kill it. After that, you have to swim in the coldest river, Ellyien, upstream till you reach the waterfall. Once you climb up the side of the small waterfall, you jump back down, ride the current till you get back to your starting point, and you have suceeded.

Vertigan Made Weapons:

Vakrels: Disc like Shuriken objects that can be set to burn through incredibly strong metals, just like any of the Vertigan Weapons.

Magnetic Weapon Neutralizer: A small device that has versatile uses. When deployed, it creates an electro-magnetic field in a large area. This field disrupts energy weapons fire, causing the energy to dissipate, and will immediately pull any bullet or projectile moving as a fast pace out of the sky. This allows Vertigans to engage advanced armies with ease, as it disables their ranged weaponry. On a larger scale, these things are brought in on armored vehicles for a larger affect.

Vertigan Armor: Vertigans only aprove of armor that is lightweight, but strong. Vertigans respect strength, but also agility. The ability to move on the battlefield is key for them, so they do not use Heavy Armors. Vertigan Armor is light, agile, and filled with many pockets.

Vertigan Staffblade: Basically, its a staff with two blades. One that can be extended on the top, and one at the bottom. They can both be extended at the same time for increased effect. Additionally, the staff can be seperated into two for double staff blades.

Vertiga Resources:

Vertiga Ershel Wood: Strong as steel, can burn but wont turn to ash quickly. However, is harder to use to build things with.

Vertiga Ebin Wood: Vertiga Ebin Wood is as strong as iron, and is very structurally sound.

Endrium: A material used to make various of the Mag-Based Equipment, like the Magnetic Weapon Neutralizer and Mag-Clamps.

Corvellium: A metal found only on Vertiga to anyone's knowledge, Corvellium is used to make some parts of Vertigan Armor.

Callium: Popular material to use to make the currency (which is Coins), as well as wiring as circuitry.

Terraxium: Incredibly lightweight and durable, its used to build structure that no one ever wants broken.

Carbonoid Sunsteel: A metal that has a melting point so high very few if any materials have one higher then it. It is used to make all Common Use Vertigan Weapons. Thanks to its high melting point, Vertigan weapons and arrows are superheated so that they melt through modern and futuristic armors. This allows Vertigan's to face armored opponents and vehicles, being able to slice right into them.

Braxien: A rare mineral found only on Vertiga, it radiates energy that they can use as a power source. It is unknown if it will ever run out of energy, but it helps power Vertigan equipment.

Vertigan Plantlife/Vegitation:

Aldarian Fruit: A common fruit that grows fast, this is eaten by all species on Vertiga, even the carnivores which uusally otherwise only eat meat. It is highly nuitritious and delicious. It also appears to help extend lifespans. Its juicy and fruity, and somewhat sweet.

Grtartian Fruit: A common fruit. It takes a little longer to grow the Aldarian Fruit, which grows in about a week. Biting into this fruit will give you a burst of fruity flavor.

Various Animal Meats: The meats of the various animals hunted around Vertiga. Take care, some of Toxic "pouches" where they store the venom that goes into their teeth.

Alontiva Fruit: A very valuable fruit that is a bit less frequent and takes much longer to grow, it is usually used to bite down on when in pain. It has properties that help null pain and help stimulate healing.

Ebinroot: This root, harvested from Ebin Trees, provides various nutrients that are important in the Vertigan diet. However, they also cause some mild hallucinations when you take too much of it.

Galllogen: Leafs harvested from the Gallogen plant, they are bitter in taste but are a staple in the Vertigan diet.

Additional Culture Notes:

They are named like this: (Firstname, Nickname, Clanname)

Vertigan's use a coin currency.

Vertigans are reckless, but not stupid. They will not do something obviously suicidal.

Vertigans are typically bold, brave, and brazen. A modest Vertigan is a rare sight indeed.

Vertigans become adults at age nine.

Most Vertigans forge their own weapons using the Forges. It is believed that doing this will make them one with their weapons, and allow them greater control and skill with them.

Any more questions can be PMed to me.

Characters Aligned

9 Characters Aligned, played by 7 Players

Character Portrait: Bella, Bells, Brellin

Bella, Bells, Brellin played by RedPitbull

Brellin clan

Character Portrait: Allen Fang Rashal

Allen Fang Rashal played by Mr. Baneling Squishy

Son of Damion Kracken Rashal, Leader of Clan Rashal.

Character Portrait: Damion Kracken Rashal

Damion Kracken Rashal played by Mr. Baneling Squishy

Rashal Clan Leader, and a single father.

Character Portrait: Quinn Bladesong Dorvian

Quinn Bladesong Dorvian played by Terrus

A vertigan from the Dorvian clan, his weapon of choice is a blade attached to a fairly long rope he keeps curled up at his hip.

Character Portrait: Carter Buzzsaw Brellin

Carter Buzzsaw Brellin played by DiamondJack

"What are you looking at?"

Character Portrait: Jinny Colonel Brellin

Jinny Colonel Brellin played by Akita

A member of the Vertigan Race, and the leader of the Brellin clan.

Character Portrait: Aimee "Jax" Berkbel

Aimee "Jax" Berkbel played by Faithy

Character Portrait: Akasa (Ana Stark)

Akasa (Ana Stark) played by Kuroe

Character Portrait: Shalna "Quietbird" Dakova

Shalna "Quietbird" Dakova played by Mr. Baneling Squishy

Daughter of the Dakova Clan Leader, Emmisary of Clan Dakova, and one of the three Lord Hunters.

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