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The Multiverse » Groups » The WCPD

The Wing City Police Department, dedicated to protect and serve. One of the most formidable law enforcement agencies on the planet, considering the near limitless potential crime for a city on the crossroads of worlds.


Until about eleven years ago, the WCPD was corrupt to the core. It was run by a womanising and money-grabbing man named Edward De'jaques, who was about as criminal as the criminals he claimed to be catching - though in reality as long as you paid him enough, you never got caught. Police brutality and accepting bribes was commonplace.

Katy Lockhart joined the force at the age of eighteen, after having experienced the corruption of the force first hand, and decided to do something about it. She and her sister, Naia Lockhart had been orphaned when they were still in their single digit years, and lived with a benevolent old woman in the slums of Wing City with a collection of other children for the majority of their childhood.

Both Lockhart sisters joined the force, Naia a few years later as she was three years the junior, and fought tooth and nail against the corruption. Midway through their forcing their way up through the ranks, a childhood friend of theirs contacted Naia again - Dannyl Jeanson, one of those who had lived in the old woman's orphanage as well. He persuaded her that their efforts were futile, and the best way to combat the WCPD's corruption was to undermine the entire organisation. Using his looks and charm, he drew Naia away from the force and into crime.

In the climax to the little saga, Katy eventually reached - through careful lies and manipulations of De'jaque's expectations - the position of Commander of the force, and from there she cracked down on the reigns hard. From her position, she brought Edward down, and reformed the force, though rather than taking his place as the chief, she instead recommended a long-time senior officer for the position, Harold Miller, who she knew well and had more experience on the high-up than her. With the WCPD now actually doing good, one might have expected Dannyl to stop crusading against it - but alas, no, he continues to wage psychological warfare on the force, attacking both officers and those close to them.

Katy and Miller later expanded the force to include a Special Operations Department, the SOD, which works both in Wing City and outside of it to track down the most serious villains. The WCPD has had frequent contact with the SCD (Special Cases Department, based in the US) and works with them regularly via their contact in Wing City, Carter Fleetham.

Miller recently handed the reigns of the force over to one Casey Delancy after Lockhart once more declined the position after returning from a long period of leave.

While at present there is not a clearly defined WCPD structure in the writer's head, they operate much like any normal police force - with the exception of heavier fire-power, anti-magic/metahuman units and magical/metahuman members. The SOD are something like a localised FBI. A

As well as the SOD, there is a further specialised branch of the WCPD dealing with non-humanoid citizens - the Department of Integration.

MisterMars wrote:They're not a policing agency in that they go chasing down every murderer and thief, but they do work in hand with the police involving crimes that occur between humans and non-humans. The DoI boasts a plethora of experts on various species and deities to help the WCPD detectives resolves crimes that would otherwise baffle your typical officer.

If the WCPD already doesn't have non-humans working for them, the DoI is also jointly in charge of those.

But the main purpose of the DoI is to manage all human vs. non-human relations, including, but not limited to:

Integration and adjustment
DoI provides free services to people human and non who are new to Wing City and not accustomed to sharing their lives with one another. The adheres to a strict policy of tolerance, and requires citizens to take a series of classes to get themselves adjusted to the fact they might be sharing a pint with a troll or a giant talking wolf at any given moment.
They also offer counseling and psychiatric sessions, headed by one Ezra Kohlberg. Those who are having trouble adjusting or have been in violation of strict interspecies tolerance laws have to attend counseling and get examined before their offense is rectifying. Again, if a non-human is found guilty of a crime through the WCPD, cooperation with police and the Department can clear their record of the incident.

Registering and keeping track of interspecies partnerships
You a werewolf in love with a selkie and want to get hitched? You get your marriage license verified by the Department. Wanna make a baby? Okay, but you need to register your prospective child with the Department. Rampant hybrid making is a problem in Wing City, and the Department of Integration wants to keep track of them all, better safe than sorry.
Lovers quarrel stemming from your differences? Again, couples counseling is provided pro-bono!

The Homnivore Registry: (subject to change until I can find a fancy name for human-eater)
Hey, we understand, sometimes you just can't help the fact your species has been hard-wired to prey on the naked ape. And we're not going to judge you for that.
Buuuuut, we do have rules and regulations you have to follow before you chow down, buddy.
-One, you have to put your information on a registry (kind of like the sex offender registry) so that the Department can keep tabs on you if you go human-noshing outside of regulation. It makes it easier for the WCPD to track you down in human murders with pieces missing, if you know what I mean.
-Two, there are STRICT rules concerning when and where you can partake of your long pig:
(I'm still working on these, but I know I want to allow for predatory creatures to, within their rights, act as vigilante justice. WCPD has a crime problem as is, what with the seemingly neverending stream of mass murderers and all-around douchebags. If a criminal is causing physical harm to another person, they no longer apply as 'off-limits' and are free to be snarfed up. Something like that. I jokingly call it the Omnomnom Ordinance)
-Three. Which is where cooperation with the WCPD would be most needed, the homnivores are allowed to have their pick of criminals on Death Row [INSERT by Parabola: post-death] (or the select few weirdos that want to go out that way). Practically hassle-free meal taking should be incentive enough to get any human-eater to follow the rules.

Buuuut, as we know many of them won't, special agents within the DoI work with WCPD to deal with offenders. [INSERT by Parabola: An unauthorised eating of a human(oid) individual is treated as murder, with all the applicable consequences.]

Of course, most homnivores get around all these rules by preying on anything but humans. The Registry only deals with human-related things.

Finally, the branch related to the policing of the police - any and all investigations revolving around WCPD members - the Special Investigation Branch.

Cloasse wrote:This branch of the WCPD focuses mostly on crimes committed by or against police or military personnel from the area. Note that crimes committed by or against police and military personnel who originate from or are under orders from out with the Wing City area are not looked into by this branch.

This branch has a Director, one who co-ordinates and deals with all of the four teams of agents on personal levels. Each team is made up of five people.

The only named team at this current time is as follows:

Edan Cephas; Lead Agent
Romanae Retna, Tom Davids; Senior Field Agents
James Isaacs; Field Agent (and ICT co-ordinator)
Benjamin Howards; Probationary Field Agent

The above posts go from most influential to least influential. As a Probationary Field Agent, Benjamin Howards must go through two years of undisrupted service to the SIB before he can be classed as a fully qualified Field Agent. His main objectives are to learn and assist.

Directly opposing this is Edan Cephas. He has been an SIB Agent for over ten years and, as such, has climbed through the posts before being offered his own team. He makes the major decisions and answers only to the Director of the SIB, Mordecai Tavi.

Romanae Retna and Tom Davids are both Senior Field Agents. They have both been with the SIB for six years, although Davids originally started on a different team and was transferred when Cephas took over his own team four years prior.

James Isaacs has been at the SIB for three years, upon request of Director Tavi. He is mainly found in the office as opposed to on-field, and generally shares a technician’s lab with forensic analyst with Daniel Jane when he is not in the open plan office above.

As well as Daniel Jane, Iante Clowes is also one of the two in-house analysts to reside in the SIB offices. Both he and Jane are younger than the agents, and neither are trained to deal with on-field situations, although both are aware of how to load, fire and maintain a firearm as per theoretical training that occurred in their line of work.

Highest Ranking Figures:
Casey Delancey (Chief of Police)
Alison Keating (Commander/Deputy)

Please PM (Ylanne) me if you want a case or wanted figure added to the list below:

Current Cases (contact Script / Ylanne / lostamongtrees to list a case or get a character listed as assigned to a case, though approval isn't required to investigate them):

Kidnappings of powered individuals in connection with Lochlyn Haley. Assigned to: Sonya Ballifrey (contact Saarai, Script or Brafnen)

Serial murderings with animalistic wounds including victims within heavily defended safe room, culprit unidentified but assumed sapient due to some victims also being robbed. Previous officers assigned found murdered. First victim Danny Sparrow currently in a deep coma, yet to stabilise. No player characters currently assigned. (contact Mr. Baneling Squishy)

Kidnappings of powered individuals in connection with Wing City Hospital, to which all victims had been admitted within a week of being taken. Previously considered a cold case after no leads were found and the kidnappings stopped, until a recent attempted kidnapping-turned-multiple-homicide left the victim, Jack Carver still free. Carver had, again, been to the Hospital prior to the attempt. Carver is a previously dormant werewolf and considered potentially dangerous but must be questioned regarding the offender in connection to the other kidnappings. No player characters currently assigned. (contact Mr. Baneling Squishy)

Murder of a female artist in Wing City Plaza by a known assassin, "The Silent Child". No player characters currently assigned. (contact Mr. Baneling Squishy)

WCPD Most Wanted:

Lochlyn Haley, a powerful and dangerous man in command of a small army, conducting kidnappings and attacks across the city (Saarai)
Jacob Haley, Lochlyn's son (Saarai)
Lazarus Bloodwheel, a vampire responsible for a murder on Main Street and attempted murder of the person who attempted to try to stop him (duramon) - NOTE, no name attached, only photograph.
Pluto, a soul eater disguising himself to trick people into easy targets (LeBeau) - NOTE, no name attached, only photograph.
The Silent Child, an assassin, responsible for the death of Gambit's wife (Mr. Baneling Squishy)
Elijah Alexander Kenton - creator and distributor of Elysium, last seen escaping the R.I.P, considered highly dangerous (Rulke)
Peter "Sharashka" Volkov - wanted for pro-human (anti non-human) terrorism, murder, etc. (Saarai)
The Ringmistress - wanted for terrorism, murder, etc. (Saarai)
Sister Ovus - bank robbery, jailbreak, assault, murder (Saarai)
"Whisper" - wanted for terrorism, murder, resisting arrest, assault, cultist activity, considered highly dangerous (Tiko)
Alucard - wanted for large scale property damage, conspiracy to commit genocide (Noremac42)
Jeff the Killer - described as a murderer 'with no eyelids' who wields knives and seemingly kills at random. (FancyPyro)

Characters Aligned

37 Characters Aligned, played by 21 Players

Character Portrait: Aiedail

Aiedail played by Script


Character Portrait: Tommy Davids

Tommy Davids played by Cloasse

Private Tommy Davids, a Primary in tactical warfare (surprisingly). His foot-in-mouth personality and quick temper cause most to overlook the sharp mind Tommy struggles to focus, but pressure can do wonders to motivate him.

Character Portrait: Iante Clowes

Iante Clowes played by Cloasse

Character Portrait: Katy Lockhart

Katy Lockhart played by Disdain

Ex-WCPD Commander

Character Portrait: Alison Sanderson

Alison Sanderson played by Disdain

D.I. with the WCPD.

Character Portrait: Ro Retna

Ro Retna played by Cloasse

Special Agent Retna, SIB.

Character Portrait: Sonya Ballifrey

Sonya Ballifrey played by Script


Character Portrait: Callysta Crowe

Callysta Crowe played by Disdain

SOD Agent with the WCPD, explosives expert and all around firework. [quote]I told you, don't call me Ballista![/quote]

Character Portrait: Simon Keane

Simon Keane played by Disdain

SOD Agent with the WCPD, better with numbers and information than with a gun, but not too shabby with either. [quote]Quiet, I'm trying to re-combobulate my thoughts![/quote]

Character Portrait: Detective Blacksad

Detective Blacksad played by Awinita

Most cats have nine lives, John's got several dozen

Character Portrait: Danielle Kalter

Danielle Kalter played by Disdain

An metahuman agent with the WCPD, rather averse to her general role as 'cannon fodder'. "Just because it doesn't hurt when they shoot me doesn't mean I enjoy it!"

Character Portrait: Matthew Kite

Matthew Kite played by Arrow

A WCPD sergeant, friend of the commander, who consistently refuses promotion. Any higher up, he says, and you start getting taken off the street to eat paper all day.

Character Portrait: Edan Cephas

Edan Cephas played by Cloasse

A former SIB Special Agent attempting to evade his proteg??'s team.

Character Portrait: Michael Connor

Michael Connor played by Disdain

A close-combat trainer for the WCPD and related organisations.

Character Portrait: Daniel North

Daniel North played by Disdain

A friendly if trigger-happy young man who makes a living out of a combination of stunt acting, with a side career in bounty hunting.

Character Portrait: Claire Devreux

Claire Devreux played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Max Cage

Max Cage played by Gasmask

A rookie officer for WCPD.

Character Portrait: Grace Powell

Grace Powell played by Saviarre

I can do this... I can do this... Holy shit, can I do this?

Character Portrait: Mordecai Tavi

Mordecai Tavi played by Cloasse

A native of Wing City going back three generations (although the family is originally Iraqi) this man is the Director of the Special Investigations Branch of the WCPD.

Character Portrait: WCPD Agents

WCPD Agents played by Disdain

Various agents working for the WCPD, who have not yet received full profiles.

Character Portrait: Randin D. Kaye

Randin D. Kaye played by Nemo

A hardened WCPD Detective with a stern code of ethics.

Character Portrait: Wing City Police

Wing City Police played by RolePlayGateway

The force which attempts to keep all criminals at bay and locked up in Wing City Penitentiary, which can accommodate all species of creatures.

Character Portrait: Charlie Munroe

Charlie Munroe played by Saarai

A part-time Luchador and full-time private detective in Van Leugen.

Character Portrait: Faith Park

Faith Park played by Saarai

Former member of the Red Rain Yakuza, currently working as a detective in Wing City.

Character Portrait: Casey Delancy

Casey Delancy played by FizzGig

WCPD's newest Chief of Police

Character Portrait: Slim

Slim played by Gasmask

"Violah! Get down on the ground, no moving!"

Character Portrait: Vernon DuPuis

Vernon DuPuis played by NotAFlyingToy

Once a thief, always a thief.

Character Portrait: Elisio Sepulveda

Elisio Sepulveda played by Dr. Nikolai

"I used to be the guy you came to if you wanted things done quick, I still do that in some way, but now I do it for the law, I serve the citizens of Wing City"

Character Portrait: Nethaniel j. Finch

Nethaniel j. Finch played by CrashQueen

Love I'd never hurt you....

Character Portrait: Mikael Milan

Mikael Milan played by LeBeau

Character Portrait: Alison Keating

Alison Keating played by Script


Character Portrait: Quote (Mr. Traveler)

Quote (Mr. Traveler) played by FancyPyro

A robot soldier with a soul...

Character Portrait: Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson played by Ruanzilla

WCPD Officer - "Have you ever tried to give out parking tickets in this city?" - Daniel

Character Portrait: C. McLoughlan Jr.

C. McLoughlan Jr. played by NotAFlyingGirl

A homicide detective for the Wing City Police Department.

Character Portrait: Leon Theodoris

Leon Theodoris played by Ruanzilla

Character Portrait: Hale Santiago

Hale Santiago played by AdahyNokosi

New agent of the Department of Integration

Character Portrait: Tresten Lovens

Tresten Lovens

Member of the WCPD. A young man with sandy hair and chiseled features.

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