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The Multiverse » Groups » Vankoryth Détente

A faction of vampyric creatures who reign over the Cursed Wood. "Expect from thy blood no more than thy blood expects from thee."



Attention Detente Members
Please submit any and all bundles that need to be added to the sequential to the Out of Character Thread
If you don't know how to bundle, a tutorial can be found here.

Season One
A Turn of The Harlequin
In which The Harlequin is sired

Creeds of the Night
In which the Creeds are reviewed

Daemala Detente's Dominic
In which Dominic joins the Vankoryth Detente

Feast for Vankoryth
In which the Vankoryth Detente decides what to have for dinner

A Mortuus Marvel
In which during a killing spree, an Undead Dragon joins the Detente

Death Says Aloha to Alohi
In which a young woman chooses between death or death

Bad Blood
In which Casren meets with The Lessards

Blood On Our Hands
In which The Vankoryth Detente meet to discuss Werewolves and The Lessards

Mariotto's Sword
In which Mariotto is announced dead

A Collared Problem
In which The Vankoryth Detente make some hairy decisions

Season Two
Detritus of the Detente
In which the Vankoryth Detente forms a powerful alliance and gains new members

Stronger Than Ever
In which Casren and Mortuus meet again

Alliances in the Night
In which the Vankoryth Detente have unexpected guests.

A Creation, Final Chance
In which the Vankoryth Detente aligns with Hell, and meets with a new influence.

In which the Vankoryth Detente gains powerful allies and a new enemy

Glorified Garbage Disposal
In which the Vankoryth Detente strike a deal with the Assasin's Society

Uriel Spencer's Letter
In which Louis Vernon emerges from the library with an old letter and a new twist

A Strange Friendship
In which the General Beauregard extends the hand of hospitality, with a deal

Vampire of the Orient
In which the Detente expands it's influence

Ember's Spark of Life
In which the Vankoryth Detente gain a new blood

Season Three
Wing City Battle Of Monument
In which the Vankoryth Detente claim new domain.

How To Ruin Breakfast
In which the Vankoryth Detente are presented with an Ubarum problem.

Flesh Delivery
In which the Vankoryth Detente receive a delivery from the Assassin's Society.

Not A Plaything
In which Casren and Mortuus confront a problem

Letter's Bounty
In which the Vankoryth Detente gains a bounty of a member.

Dinner Delivery: Family Special
In which Casren gets a Camera

Art and The Crawling Chaos
In which Casren and Nyarlathotep meet over art.

Turning of Sapphyre
In which the Vankoryth Detente gains a member through alliance

Dragon Drinker
In which Manik Chakur recruits a special type of vampire

Season Four
Gifts of the Orient
In which the Vankoryth Detente gain peace and power.

Coming of Nyt
In which the Vankoryth Detente spreads it's influence to Eastern Wing City

Framed Tribute
In which the Detente hands over evidence of the kill

Naivety of the Young
In which the Vankoryth Detente confirm things, and prove mortals weak

Van Helsing, Forever
In which the Vankoryth Detente sires a new member

Reunion Under Presssure
In which the Vankoryth Detente gets a new old member.

Flandre Goes Insane Again
In which Flandre goes insane again.

The Cosmic Design
In which the Scarlet Devil Mansion is attacked by Fear itself.

A Friend For A French Man
In which a friend and comrade is turned from french.

Season Five
They Grow Up So Fast
In which the Detente matures

Under the Wing City Police Department
In which the WCPD acknowledge the Detente

RIP Relations
In which the Vankoryth Detente becomes aligned with the Rehabilitation Institute for the Paranormal

Pandora's Box?
In which Zosimos and Fear meet again, and the Scarlet Devil Manor is liberated

Blood Invests in Omnicorp
In which The Vankoryth Detente buy stock in Omnicorp

Alucard's Wrath
In which Alucard is not very happy about the Van Helsing turn

Smelling Enemies
In which Kaiser Zaun and Ulrich Paternosta meet, and a Detente Enemy is acquired.

The Construction of Radiance
In which Tiaan in a love letter to Driselda creates Radiance an Ice Palace, and the Domain of the Detente is expanded.

Remnants in Gambits
In which the Lessards express their noncompliance

A Brother Awakened
In which Casren's old brother awakens and expresses interest in politics

Season Six
Speciosissimas Mutatio
In which Casren preforms some magic, and Mortuus becomes more alive

LSD Generally
In which the Forces Vankoryth gets a new General

Fountain Follies
In which another Bistreo rises to political power in the Detente

In which the Vankoryth Detente signs a contract with Descorp

Merek's Dream
In which Merek has a vision concerning Alucard

An Edict Affirmed
In which the Detente gets permission to act in Wing City in the name of the Blood Edict

Not Hated Not Loved
In which the Vankoryth Detente establishes that they are on even grounds with the Invictus

Grand Opening of Tauvyr Tavern

Portrait of Adventure
In which the Harlequin has a find

Aligned Bounty
In which a delivery from a bounty hunter goes better than expected

Season Seven
As Deep As Your Coffers Run
In which the Detente re-seal things with the Assassins

Descorp Delivery!
In which there is a delivery from Descorp

A Talk with Timo
In which Casren and Timo discuss Timo getting to stretch her legs

Alucard: The Hunt Begins
In which a bounty hunter steps forth to accept the challenge of hunting Alucard

Casper The Friendly Not Ghost
In which Casren makes his leave, and the Detente acquires a human member, sort of.

Casren's Call
In which Casren prepares to leave, and a secret of the castle is discovered.

In which Verinotte Hollow observes wartime procedures, and Descorp experiments on the Detente.

Just Axe Zosimos
In which Zosimos makes a deal, and Verinotte Hollow gains a gang.

Do We Drink Of The Ambrosia
In which the Forces Vankoryth get a spectacular upgrade, and become more and less human

New Beginnings and Old Grudges
In which Alexander Bistreo greets Jaeda, Famed hunter, into the Detente, with a quest of sorts

Season Eight
A Future With Teeth
In which the Bistreos, representing the Vankoryth Detente, pay a visit to The Palace

Ball of Chaos: Highlights
Memorable Moments from the Ball of Chaos

Mortui Libidine
In which Zosimos and Timo dance

A Call for Action
In which the Detente & Invictus live broadcast, calling Terra to action.

Desiderans Diademate
In which Kaine and Daemala discuss the future

A Bloody Mystery Unfolds
In which the Castle Vankoryth is attacked, and the Vankoryth Gargoyles emerge.

Rings of Deceit
In which a meeting is held, Descorp leaves Terra, Rings are revealed, and an enemy is announced.

Arrest of Lazarus Bloodwheel
In which Lazarus Bloodwheel is arrested for crimes committed in Wing City.

Season Nine

A sealed envelope appeared on the doorstep of every occupant of Verinotte Hollow, as well as the Cursed Wood. It was a formal invitation to the current residents to attend the Second Ball of Chaos, to be held in Verinotte Hall.

Mortal In The Courtyard!
In which a non-vampire appears on Castle Vankoryth grounds, and Ulrich takes him for a drink

The Party Of Politics
In which Daemala calls everyone together to discuss party & politics & the future

It's Almost Free Real Estate
In which The Detente enters a new market

Akio's First Volunteer
In which a scientist of sorts arrives at the castle: best not disturb!

Detente's New Lost Lamb
In which Akio finds a lost hiker at the door, and a snack turns into a siring

Second Ball of Chaos: Highlights
Highlights & fun from the Second Ball of Chaos

Might We Masquerade?
In which the Vankoryth Detente discuss their place in the world.

The Arrest of Zosimos
In which Zosimos is accused and taken into custody

Season Ten

A Haunted Song
In which Terun makes a purchase and a friend

Veins of Truth
In which a diplomatic message from Myrkul's Vein per Imperium protocol is brought to the Vankoryth Detente

Daemala Goes Dark
In which Daemala Tauvyr strikes a deal with Draco to ascend in status as Queen of the Vampires

Dead n' Screwed - Never Stupid
In which Ulrich Paternosta visits the WCPD to address concerning information & a tarnished reputation

Social Immortal Soiree
In which The Vankoryth Detente host a Vampire Only Soiree

In which Ulrich Paternostra is approached by a mortal hater who isn't backing down

The Public v Zosimos
In which Zosimos stands trial for crimes against humanity & the undead

Domain & Asset

Alliances and Families
Aligned by Blood, treaty, honor

??? [/center]


Characters Aligned

60 Characters Aligned, played by 32 Players

Character Portrait: Jaeda

Jaeda played by Moonscar

Got no salvation.

Character Portrait: Kaine

Kaine played by Nevan

An ancient creature of the night, who calls himself Lord of the Revenants. He resides with the Valkoryth Detente.

Character Portrait: Anamaria Van Helsing

Anamaria Van Helsing played by Rulke

The only daughter of the famed bounty-hunter who carries an extraordinary likeness to her mother. Often seen with two percussion pistols, vintage 1879, her brown trench, and a fedora to match.

Character Portrait: Dakida

Dakida played by Terrus

Dakida, a famous vampiric bounty hunter, carrying a gun like Alucard's from Hellsing, but a revolver instead of an automatic.

Character Portrait: Kaleb Wuthers

Kaleb Wuthers played by Kyrie

Innocence in a package. A young vampiress, trapped by not knowing what to do.

Character Portrait: Brett Vaelentine

Brett Vaelentine played by ChinaSorrows


Character Portrait: Alohi Kalua

Alohi Kalua played by CelticCat

Young Hawaiian woman who was blessed and cursed with the ability to use magic for sixty days before it killed her. However, on her deathbed, she was turned into a vicious vampire.

Character Portrait: Dots

Dots played by RolePlayGateway

Dots is a young girl, around the age of 19. She has moved to Wing City for no imparticular reason at all, and she loves it here. She is a vampire.

Character Portrait: Catira Edrene

Catira Edrene played by Moonscar

Am I so terribly unassuming? Marvelous.

Character Portrait: Mariotto

Mariotto played by RolePlayGateway

No longer living the undead just dead dead.

Character Portrait: Timo

Timo played by CrashQueen

U jelly?

Character Portrait: Xiucosendr Von Delacroix

Xiucosendr Von Delacroix played by RolePlayGateway

Character Portrait: Mortuus

Mortuus played by Moonscar

An undead dragon with a hunger for corpses.

Character Portrait: Driselda Lacopt

Driselda Lacopt played by Rougeshadow

A daughter of Cold Harbor

Character Portrait: The Harlequin

The Harlequin played by Nevan

Do you want some... Entertainment?

Character Portrait: Daemala Tauvyr

Daemala Tauvyr played by lostamongtrees

A member of the Vankoryth Detente, She is a devious devilish woman who will capture your heart and feast on your blood. Or turn you, and bicker with you for eternity.

Character Portrait: Charles Lemarr

Charles Lemarr played by RolePlayGateway

Centuries old vampire born of spite.

Character Portrait: Casren Bistreo

Casren Bistreo played by lostamongtrees

He's old and insane, wise, but crazy. It's hard to tell, er...which is more an accurate definition. But what is certain, he is a vampire.

Character Portrait: Dominic Mulligan

Dominic Mulligan played by RolePlayGateway

Monster? Oh come now. I'm no more a monster than a pelican eating a fish." (DECEASED)

Character Portrait: Dayo Jamilla

Dayo Jamilla played by FizzGig

Child vampire

Character Portrait: Kaiser Zaun

Kaiser Zaun played by SkullJester

The supremacy of our kind is more than a simple notion, it is a cold hard fact.

Character Portrait: Daciana Johannesque

Daciana Johannesque played by RolePlayGateway

Character Portrait: V Luhan

V Luhan played by Freddie-Ammerson

A god of music, though he doesn't like flaunting that fact. He is also a vampire.

Character Portrait: Risika Neferet

Risika Neferet played by RolePlayGateway

A Mercenary: Hire at your own Risk

Character Portrait: Ix Blacklight

Ix Blacklight played by Jo_Tunn

Character Portrait: Ubarum Xul

Ubarum Xul played by lostamongtrees

A curse to the Mortal world, a beast of Vampires meant only to damn.

Character Portrait: Tiaan Shyrias

Tiaan Shyrias played by Rulke

The Last Snow Elf now a Vampire

Character Portrait: Louis Vernon

Louis Vernon played by Marcus


Character Portrait: Dren

Dren played by Marcus

Vampire Lord who is about to throw the city for a loop.

Character Portrait: Casper Harpert

Casper Harpert played by Curtsive

"I've probably got at least a month on me right now."

Character Portrait: Remilia Scarlet

Remilia Scarlet played by ColeMaibara

The "Scarlet Devil", the self-professed descendant of Vlad ??epe??.

Character Portrait: Maxime Trubois

Maxime Trubois played by Zarhara

An Ex-French Soldier Turned Revolutionary with a gift he tries to keep hidden.

Character Portrait: Kenshin Hio

Kenshin Hio played by claw

"Though blood is in my veins do not take me for a lesser vampire"

Character Portrait: Manik Chakor

Manik Chakor played by RolePlayGateway

A young looking pischacha who roams the halls of Castle Vankoryth, running errands for the Vankoryth Detente and lingering about.

Character Portrait: Grace Lylac

Grace Lylac played by RolePlayGateway

"The one who turned me, and then took me into her care has vanished........"

Character Portrait: The rat

The rat played by lostamongtrees

Character Portrait: Page Dracul

Page Dracul played by RolePlayGateway

Character Portrait: General Yves Beauregard

General Yves Beauregard played by RolePlayGateway

Leader of the Dracul Royal Army

Character Portrait: Merek Dracul

Merek Dracul played by TheNoremac42

Lord Merek Dracul, an elder vampire, descendant of Dracula, and head of the Dracul family. (WIP)

Character Portrait: Reisel Dracul

Reisel Dracul played by lostamongtrees

Bear Mountain

Character Portrait: Sakuya Izayoi

Sakuya Izayoi played by Rougeshadow

Character Portrait: Kat-Lyn Ember Mei

Kat-Lyn Ember Mei played by StarrTiger

Character Portrait: Lazarus Bloodwheel

Lazarus Bloodwheel played by duramon

They say that the very sky cried blood upon his entry to the world. Then again,He was born moment's before the great war.

Character Portrait: Zosimos

Zosimos played by lostamongtrees

Sambuco of the Sangue di Bistreo

Character Portrait: Alexander (Alex)

Alexander (Alex) played by Mr. Baneling Squishy

"Strange how you seem to have no control over your own life...."

Character Portrait: Dracul Protective Front

Dracul Protective Front played by Rulke

These are the soldiers who are situated in the Cursed Woods, patrolling and protecting the inner sanctum and all those who side with the Vankoryth Detente.

Character Portrait: Ulrich Paternosta

Ulrich Paternosta played by lostamongtrees

Colonol of the Forces Vankoryth

Character Portrait: Benjamin Dullahan

Benjamin Dullahan played by Gasmask

A biker hunting heads and taking names.

Character Portrait: Frédéric Bistreo

Frédéric Bistreo played by SkullJester

The hidden man behind the curtains, its all fun and games, hiding from the sun, running from the fame~

Character Portrait: Athena Ivanova

Athena Ivanova played by Rulke

The General of the Entire Forces Vankoryth Comprised of the Union of Two Armies

Character Portrait: Omega Delta

Omega Delta played by xfaithyx123

''What am I? Only I know.''

Character Portrait: Alek Constantine

Alek Constantine played by Knosis

'All of God's creatures have a place in this world.. You are not one of those creatures.'

Character Portrait: Feron Fatemist

Feron Fatemist played by TheNoremac42

An Italian vampire warlock-necromancer with a taste for blood and fine wine.

Character Portrait: Vendetta Vine

Vendetta Vine played by scarletlove

vampire with a vengeance

Character Portrait: Genienne Foiroute

Genienne Foiroute played by lostamongtrees


Character Portrait: Terun Veillon

Terun Veillon played by lostamongtrees

"Forever young."

Character Portrait: Akio Revela

Akio Revela played by LookingAtPerks

Vampire, Boy Like, Badass, Distrustful of others

Character Portrait: Dermot Whiting

Dermot Whiting played by TheHaze

"Larder's full, boss."

Character Portrait: Gregory O'shanahan

Gregory O'shanahan played by halo_book_lover

random hiker

Character Portrait: Venlak

Venlak played by Valveskur

"The true battle is within. We must learn to control our desires rather than letting them run free."

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