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The Multiverse » Places

Places in The Multiverse

This is a list of locations that can be found in The Multiverse.

For Sale

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Main Street

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         /me pounds the floor

This is Wing City's Main Street - the long expanse on which most of Wing City's attractions are situated. It is in pristine condition, with the sidewalks in perfect condition.

Iskjerne Bay

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         "Oh, Sigurd..."

A light breeze whirled faintly, ever so slightly, waving through the hair of the one who spoke out loud the name of the forgotten one. The acknowledgement from mortals would not go unnoticed by the gods, or the ancient ones. Sigurd, the ancestor of the Vikings of Iskjerne Bay, was all but a distant memory and myth to the people who were still living. Yet even now, the very mention of his name out loud was suffice enough to summon a very faint response. It wasn't much, as a single dry and dead leaf fluttered in the wind, twirling through the air past Uhtred the Godless, going randomly in no particular direction. This alone was suffice enough. As the battle for Iskjerne Bay seemed neverending, still there was no answer, no magical help from the other side of Hel.

If ever there was any hope for the Vikings, then a new leader would need to take responsibility and support the efforts made by those of the distant past. Livia and Ragnar seemed unstoppable, even despite the betrayal/loyalty of some of the ulfhednar who appeared to be fighting amongst themselves. Blood and tears, a very hard and strategic uphill effort by the Iskjerne Vikings who were statistically out-numbered, lacking the technology or advantages of such a powerful political army. But what could be said of it? The Vikings themselves had started their campaign, outnumbered and against all odds. Yet they put up a huge and epic fight for survival, battle after battle against superior forces time and time again. There was never any shame in that, for they were always doomed, predestined by the Norns, ever since a few generations ago when Ulfric Ellrulfsson paved their destiny. They should have never even lasted this long, and yet they gave everything. They gave their all, for a future that some already knew was unattainable.

Uhtred himself obviously watched from a safe distance away, having a lot of thoughts and much to say probably that he kept to himself. But it's much easier to watch from far away and judge than it is to be the people involved in the fighting itself. At that moment of realization, Uhtred the Godless must have wondered to himself if he was even worthy enough to utter Sigurd's name, as Livia and Ragnar pressed forward against King Finehair and his remnant army, slaughtering and conquering everyone in their path, including those who betrayed them. Ragnar himself was the son of Sigurd Hring, and this too would not go unnoticed by the titans who judged everyone equally according to their deeds, and not by their own thoughts or what was said. Opportunity was everywhere, as King Harald himself had still not given up hope, and adjusted his armor, preparing to meet his adversaries face to face. Uhtred the Godless must have wondered in the back of his own mind how he could compare to such bravery, or make a name for himself during the midst of all this chaos.

Was he completely Romanized? Or was he still a Dane? That was something Uhtred the Godless would have to decide for himself, without Sigurd's interaction. As he stood there, watching from a safe distance away, Uhtred had his own small army no less, standing behind him and awaiting his orders. Among them were some familiar names and faces, but who were they? Were they Heathen vikings on the side of King Harald, or Christian vikings on the side of the Argosians? Perhaps that was the irony and fate predestined by Sigurd long ago, from someone so ahead of his time that he had actually already planned it all out before vanishing into oblivion, only to breathe slightly once again as his name was whispered into the fading wind. Uhtred the Godless had been acknowledged by the gods, in total irony despite his seemingly calm demeanor. But now he would have to stop being neutral and start making a name for himself if he wanted to keep his favor amongst them. Uhtred the Godless was faced with a difficult choice.

Destiny is all...


Iskjerne Bay is a remote Viking settlement which features a motte-and-bailey Ring Fort, a large Mead Hall made from an overturned longship, and a statue of Sigurd Hring the Dragon Slayer.

Sector 756656

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         /say bis später


Main Street (Continued)

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This is Lorbloo Nuurk, reporting LIVE from just outside Gambit's Bar. Nobody can tell how it happened, and nobody knows where anyone went, that fateful day every single person within Gambit's Bar disappeared into what seemed like thin air. Yes, even the staff! Magical beings, robo-types, and humanoids alike just gone. But, to where? Are they still alive?

More questions than answers have arisen from the scene, whether or not a crime has been performed has yet to be determined. The WCPD suspects foul play but have seemingly nobody to blame. Many have speculated that this disappearance will be tacked onto the charges accrued by Zosimos of the Vankoryth Detente, however they haven't been officially named or associated with the incident to any official degree. Others are pointing fingers at the Aschen, but that theory is easily debunked with the remembrance of the treaties. We've reached out to Detente and Aschen officials, neither of which have offered comment on the circumstance other than to claim dissociation.

Inside Gambit's Bar, the discovery of a strange black sparkly void dust has officials concerned. All persons permit access to Gambit's Bar have been advised to not touch the void dust. I repeat, do not touch the void dust. Eyewitness reports claim that prior to the disappearance, a strange red glow had occupied the windows of Gambit's Bar - others claim it was just a local brown out, and that the light was playing tricks on their eyes.

While investigations continue, the Intergalactic News Network will be stationed here to report on whatever- and whoever -is found to be complicit in this mass disappearance. Stay tuned!

This is Wing City's Main Street - the long expanse on which most of Wing City's attractions are situated. It is in pristine condition, with the sidewalks in perfect condition.

Adventurer's Guild HQ

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         Echo sat down at the bar that was situated at the front of the guild. Bored, she took a sip of the ale that sat in front of her. The Guild was uncharacteristically quiet for this time of year

The HQ for Adventurers across the lands, this place hosts various offices, services, and even holds the Destara Bar on the ground floor. Here is where adventurers can be plotted, adventurers meeting new friends, and quests can be posted.

Terran National Library and Archives

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         Slowly pacing through the library, Stockton steps past the rows of shelves. His eyes carefully watched his surroundings, scanning back-and-forth along the cases filled with books and the several upturned tables.

His gut felt like it was burning. He very sincerely wished he had brought a pistol, or at least something he could stab with. I'm never first to the scene. He takes a moment to stare at a neat, head-sized hole burned horizontally through a bookshelf, the edges of the interior still smoldering. I usually cause this kind of s... Nevermind. I need a firearm.
He walks over to one of the books on the ground, quickly crouching down to grab it. He flips to the very end, where the extraneous papers are, and carefully tears it out as quickly as he can. Withdrawing the pen from his shirt, he raises a knee to serve as a surface. Glancing around and stepping behind the poor cover of a shelf, he sketches out a shape, then fills in the details with smaller symbols.

He takes a deep breath, then tears the page in half. In the brief moment that the paper takes to split into rough, jagged halves, there's a space of nothing. He uses this moment, shoving his hand into the rift, withdrawing a handgun. There's a still-smoldering scorch marked into the slide, which he quickly inspects. Should still function.

He ignores the sudden wave of nausea that strikes him a few seconds later, the aftereffects of using raw, broken magic. It always felt like somebody was twisting his stomach into knots, and doing it often enough could cause him to black out.
He avoided that the best he could.

He chambers a round in the pistol, a Wildebeest .44.
Damn. Guess it's time to roll.

The National Library contains books on topics as diverse as genetic engineering and poetry, janissaries under the Ottomans and differential calculus, war tactics and linguistics, and arcane magic and spacecraft physics. It also contains the archives of the Terran National Government, and copies of edicts passed by Parliament. You can find recordings of speeches by leaders as well as other government documents and forms. The library's home is the entire first floor of Government Center's East Wing. It is an enormous space with impossibly high ceilings, and floor to ceiling windows between twenty-foot tall stacks containing the books. There are tables and chairs in nooks beneath windows and in a few open spaces. The reference desk is crammed between stacks. The carpet is a dark blue, and the walls wood-paneled except where the windows allow natural light to reveal the dust accumulating on the books.

Thor's Tavern

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         Wilhelm Killing felt the fibers of fundamental physics shifting and shuddering, and immediately snapped to attention.

Well I'll be... what an intriguing phenomenon!
he exclaimed, to no one in particular, before getting lost in otherworldly investigations of his own machination.

This legendary hall of heroes, both beginning and end of so many epic tales. So many tales told within these walls, echoes of the battles raging on outside.


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         In the midst of the jubilant crowd, a Schwarzesloch officer discreetly approached the stage, giving it a casual pat to capture Rigel's attention without causing a scene. Rigel turned his head and waved a hand to the crowd before he briskly approached the edge of the stage, reciprocating the officer's salute with his own.

"Report," he muttered, hands casually clasped behind his back.

"Sir, we've spotted unfamiliar faces—appeared to be a scouting party," the officer reported.

Rigel's tone turns to something of dismissive amusement with a light chuckle, "And why's that a problem, exactly?" he questioned.

"Sir?" the officer replied, clearly a bit bewildered wavering slightly in his posture as his hand falters.

"Don't pretend there's cause for worry; guilty of something, are we?" Rigel's tone grew a tad harsher as he lowered himself to the officer's eye level.

"Well, no, sir, we—" the officer started, his voice shaky until Rigel playfully interrupted with a pat on the head.

"Relax. If they swing by again, weeeell, we'll extend a proper welcome—welcomes, handshakes, toss in a few drinks on the house and exchange pleasantries as usual, eh?" Rigel chuckled, pointing a finger playfully. "Ay, ayy? Whether they accept or not, grab a drink yourself, you deserve it. You're dismissed."

"S-sir? Yes, sir!" the officer responded enthusiastically before heading off. Rigel returned to the mic with unbroken confidence in his step, leaning over the mic and holding his arm up to get the crowd's attention.

"Well, this is unexpected. Just got word that we might be graced by some rather interesting guests! Let's give them the finest Noble welcome, shall we?"

Welcome to the city of Noble, a home to a vast array of culture, entertainment and adventure.

Hotel Zafiro Lobby

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         Haruka cast a wary glance around the surroundings before cautiously trailing behind Volare, her steps hesitant and laced with nervous energy. The prospect of encountering a corpse was not one she felt prepared for, yet the pull to find her brother above prevailed over her unease. As her eyes shifted between the looming unknown and the visibly anxious Volare, a unique sense of responsibility overcame her own fear. Despite the chilling uncertainty, she couldn't shake the conviction that, somehow, she needed to be there for Volare in this disconcerting moment. She also looked over at Jack, then down at Eques and tilted her head.

"I've never before met a feline esper before," she projected the thought directly to Eques, but wasn't quite sure if that'd even work. She was testing on a hunch more than anything. She hasn't even really had much experience outside of her aunt who's teachings are clearly more about feeling it out than any concrete lessons. "Or... maybe I'm mistaken and staring awkwardly at a cat like a crazy person..?"

Carpeted in blue with large round couches scattered throughout, lit by an intricate chandelier much wider than it was tall. A concierge stands ready at a podium carved from a piece of the asteroid, behind a deep blue ribbon stretched between two pillars.

Deep 17 Station Metatron

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         ███████ ████ - 08██
████ ██-██
"██████ ██ ███████"
███████ Status: ACTIVE

They were undoubtedly all going to die here. There wasn't anything they could do to delay or stop that.
Kicker caught a disruptor bolt to the throat, the heat instantly melting the armored covering and searing the flesh underneath it, giving him a split moment to reach up before going limp. Shield releases his rifle and darts over to check on his co-captain, narrowly ducking under the next volley and behind, only to be met by the arriving CSU from the rear.

As the atmosphere fully exits the docks, Valiant finds his SAW rendered useless, the gas-blowback system rendered inert. Throwing his PK2 down to strike the dock floor, he raises his arms and steps toward the Aschen troops. One of the disruptor rounds strikes him in the thigh, causing him to stumble forward and end up in a half-kneeling position, arms still clenched behind his head.

Shield looks blankly through his faceplate at the returning security agents, holding his officer in his arms. With another few seconds of hesitation, he pulls Kicker's SR-9 from his hip and places it against his comrade's faceplate, sending a high-caliber round through the helmet of the man in a second, then through his own the next. Both of them go slack, their limp forms half-floating in the zero-gravity environment, secured to the 'ground' only by the soles of their magnetic locks.

About eight seconds pass before the bodies of the two team leaders inflate underneath their armor, the explosive charges cracking the interior and causing blood to seep out in a cloud from the holes punched in their helmets.

4,000 Miles Away, closing distance.
Marauder-6, secondary reinforcement team. Message from OVERWATCH reads as follows.

Secure Status: FAILED


The mining vessel quickly decelerates from FTL, coming to a slow halt moments later.
Inside, the team of forty sit quietly after the synthetic voice flashes over comms.
"Does that mean we can go home?"
"I don't know."

Around six minutes later, the mining barge floats in a cloud of debris, ripped into jagged halves.

The main Deep 17 mobile facility, utilizing top minds gathered for the explicit purpose to ensure the continuity of sentient life as we know it


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One of the lesser cities of the drow it is a location where both rable and royal mix. Structured behind powerful houses, each seeking for Lolth's favor its shadows touch all sides to life. The outlawed and exiled use it for hideouts and influential Houses use it to conceal their true strength. Anything goes, in honor of the Spider Queen... As long as you don't get caught.

The Hall of Heroes

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         Wilhelm Killing stood up, dusted himself off, and set off in a trot towards the tavern.

This massive stretch of marble echoes on into the distance.

Kazzei Plains Force Temple

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         Cordelia hesitated, her gaze shifting uneasily between Jinn and Librarian Yulin. A heavy sigh escaped her lips, and she directed her attention to Jinn, her earlier composure now replaced with visible nervousness, exacerbated by the mention of OttO.

"OttO... that is— he is not my— you cannot simply make peace with a being who— I... want to one day return to this plane, permanently. I want... we Nix want... but the Unmaker wants to baptize this land with his Untime, his own brand of peace," she stammered, her voice trembling with anxiety. Bowing her head, she began to recite something under her breath, a murmured mantra of sorts. "You misunderstand me! I am not unfeeling, indifferent. I just can't... I can't let how I feel jeopardize everything! There's a greater cause than you realize because, for me I— imbalances will always happen, but if there's nothing to return to, then what is the point?"

With that, she turned and bowed again, then walked to the room prepared for her. However, her motions were more unsteady and heavier than before. Despite her earlier attempts to convey confidence, it was evident that she was struggling with a number of things.

The Kazzei Plains Force temple is an ancient massive underground complex with a very strict No Combat policy. There are nine landing pads along with two larger open field "pads" for larger ships above. An ancient Jedi archive also can be found here.


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1. I got here from walking from some weird place, and 2. I came from some other weird place.

Once upon a time, in an illustrious land of autumn hues far beyond the sunset is where your tale began. There you stood, in a field bathed in sunlight, waist high grasses browned by summer passed. It was a golden stretch of curiosity, natural and naked made seemingly for your exploration. Over to the west, a crag of dark stone stretched towards the sky. How did you get here? Where did you come from? The wind itself awaits your response.


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         /say Hello

As you maneuvered closer to the summit, it's shadow swallowed you whole. Towering above you, the peaks pierced midnight into the clear blue sky. Even the ground eluded towards darkness, grasses growing shorter with every one of your steps. The stone mass appeared to have come into existence completely at random, as if a thousand hulking and oddly shaped boulders fell from the heavens. Deep crevices contrasted the wild protrusions of rock, it was truly a wild and mysterious structure.

The Hero's Journey

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Bruh! I just came from the north, fine south then!

Welcome, Hero. You've taken the first step on a long road to greatness. To the north, you will find great adventure. To the south, the safety of The Orbus. Choose your path wisely.

Goldenbridge Ward

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         Kyren Sullenfall heads toward the tavern, his first stop.

You find yourself in the bustling market district of Skyfall Citadel. Stalls line the streets and only give way for doors that lead into established businesses. People are always around, even during the sleeping hours. There is never a quiet moment.

Ruby Flask

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         Kyren Sullenfall settled in, laughing subtly at the inquiry, feeding into his braggadocio.

Oh, only the biggest of beasts that Gaia has, you know. There's nothing like a GARGANTUA to slay after it's been tyrannizing a poor little farm village!
he chortled.

Kyren slurped into his Arcane Ale, hefting the glass into the air with a deep draw on the glass.

The busiest tavern in Skyfall, stocked with meads, ales, and plenty of food. Bards are always found from all across the reaches of the realm to share their stories, providing entertainment alongside the serving wenches. It offers many rooms on the second floor to find rest from travel at a fair price. It is run by an enormous green ogre woman named, Bolga.

Sector 293820

This nearby corner of space is home to the Alternia Galaxy, destination of legend.

The Eusebeia Galaxy

Eusebeia Galaxy is located in the Sarpiverse, an ancient universe. Within the confines of the Eusebeia Galaxy is the Onyx Star System, home to Younger Ayenee.

The Averus Galaxy

Vast galaxy containing many life bearing systems


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         "You are very bold, to show yourself to me."

"You are very patient and gracious, to not smite me where I stand."

The two Elder Dragons stared at each other. Irral, the Dragon Champion of Light. Light's first born Son, and most powerful Champion of her will. Draco, Lord of Darkness, corrupted and healed by his own magic, powerful well beyond his years. Each wore his armor - Irral's own armor a crisp Alabaster and Gold, pure and radiant, and Draco's dark, brooding armor of Midnight Black and Blood Red. Their weapons were sheathed, but were ready to spring into action at a moments notice.

"You by now have sensed it yourself." Draco started. "She is back."

Irral nodded slowly, his eyes searching for the slightest movement from Draco that would denote an attack. So far he saw none. "I have. Your mother's return is troubling. More so if it worries you, who already killed her so many years ago." he stated.

The landscape around them rumbled with their combined presence, and then silenced. The grassland they'd met in very literally portrayed the differences between them. One one side, where Irral stood, the grass was tall, golden, and the flowers were in full bloom. A deer pranced away in the distance. Where Draco stood, the grass lay dead against the earth. Blackened as if burned, the flowers were wilted, a deer lay dying from corruption.

"What would you have me do? Join you in a crusade against your own mother? Only for you to do what? Stab me in the back at the end of the battle? Corrupt my soul again and once more turn me into a grieving, disease-ridden, disgusting human?" Irral's temper flared, and a breeze shook the grass around him.

Draco was silent for a moment before speaking in answer. "No. I would have you finish her off if I am unable to do so myself. Swoop in at the last moments of my life, purify my own soul before killing her. At least that way I can die in peace, rather than decompose, and exist as a soul once more until I find a suitable host once more, or my body regenerates."

Draco's own cursed abilities not only corrupted everything around him, it corrupted him as well. As a result, he was unable to die through non-holy or purifying means. His body and soul each could be torn asunder, beaten back into nothing, and destroyed in their entirety. He would still survive, and continue to spread his influence until he is cleansed of his own corruption, and allowed to finally die.

The Wolf Queen didn't want her pet to die so easily when she granted him his powers. She did a fantastic job of doing so. Too well. He inevitably killed her, too, and even went on to face The Light herself, his body and soul being separated for a million years before he was powerful enough in his Ethereal body to break the sealing magic around his body, and inhabit his shattered, empty husk of a carcass once more.

Irral considered the Shadow Dragon King's offer, and then nodded. "Very well. I shall inform the All-Mother of your decision. In the mean time, expect to be watched. You will not receive help from the Guardians of Light, nor should you expect any. In such a time that you are near death, I will cleanse you of your corruption, and allow you to pass on. But it will not be peaceful."

"Then we are agreed. Farewell, Champion of Light."

"Farewell, Cursed Shadow King."

Irral vanished in a flash of glorious, beautiful golden light, and Draco melted in upon his own body, a puddle of black sludge forming as his form melted into the landscape. The sludge then sank into the earth, leaving that particular area entirely dead, while the wildlife and rest of the world began to recover immediately.

A deal between two great Elder Dragons was made. But only time would tell if it would be honored.

Aslund Midland Owner: Remæus

Midland is the central region on Aslund, consisting mainly of rolling plains and rich woodlands.

Wing City

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         Linus Trucidabunt surprised himself when he grabbed Carmen's hand back.

You have entered Wing City, the third largest city on Terra and its premier capital. Hustling and bustling with activity, this city serves as a hub of social and political activity, as well as the prestigious solo combat capital of the quadrant.

The Fantasia Galaxy

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         The Stjorndrekr drifted slowly through outer Space, entering the Fantasia Galaxy after traversing through millions and millions of light-years and light-miles of gas clouds and dark matter at the speed of cosmic sound, with some assistance from Gaian magic. This small but magnificent space-faring dragon ship was one of three twin vessels or sister ships. Whereas the Stjornhestr returned to Bastion IV, and the Stjornkona headed for Dedelion, the legendary Stjorndrekr had left the galaxy completely and the Empyrean Norsemen on board had just set a record for being the crew and passengers of the most distant Gaian Norse vessel in the universe. The reason why the Empyrean Norsemen had traveled so far, along with the Sjoalfar who accompanied them was still a mystery. But it had taken weeks, months, even a few years for the Stjorndrekr to arrive as it drifts quietly through the Fantasia Galaxy, undetectable by radio, satellite, computer, phone, radar, or most forms of communication as the Stjorndrekr had no electricity and gave off very little if any signature, being only 1/3rd the size of most other transport buses, enterprises and shuttle ships. Although the Stjorndrekr had its own on board built-in ecosystem, 13 escape shuttles and an arsenal of weapons and armour capable of engaging in intergalactic warfare with a crew of 500 or more Vikings, it resembled a classic sea-faring Viking longship, with a sci-fi/steampunk twist, being moderate or humble in size but decoratively elaborate in appearance as it descended towards the Talmora System, making no sound whatsoever as it continued its most linear trajectory to one of the furthest points in the local universe. The dragon-prowed longship gave off no light of its own, only reflecting the distant stars with its silver and gold manufacturing as it hovered quietly, sailing through Fantasia.

A swirl of a galaxy filled with curious places, sparsely explored and easy to get lost in.


A beaming star at the heart of a solar system with four habitable blue planets, three gas planets, and one ice planet.

The Void Sea

A loose conglomeration of star systems, but not much else in-between. Nearby cultural legends insist the region is haunted.


Landmark capital of Asylian Kingdom. Nestled comfortably at Giyana 5, this planet is the hallmark of a visit to the Void.

Aurella High Orbit

High above the landmark capital planet, sitting in a parking orbit.


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         Meteor was a speck in the night sky of the forested planet, and falling.

Kasai Shinrin Owner: shentino

Shinrin - A lush planet 40K km in circumference


Mori Warfang Owner: shentino

You have entered the void - an black expanse with absolutely nothing in it.

Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace of Warfang


The Atrium, a central airy space for the palace

Throne Room

The Throne Room of the Imperial Palace of Warfang

Rhelomia Spaceport

A spaceport made by the SCP Foundation for easy travel to Rhelomia.


Rogue carbon planet with no atmosphere on the surface; it is believed to have once been the core of a gas giant. It has an extensive cave system with its own atmosphere, climate, and biosphere that is accessible via several Ways on the planet’s surface.


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         A brightlight in the sky washed over the land, suffusing it with a purity and sense of joy unlike any other.

As that light washed over the massive Lutesong, the Pillars, Transports, and other forces, they each shattered into a flurry of pure white feathers that glowed with a soft warm light all their own.

Terra Arteghia Owner: Remæus

Arteghia is a diverse continent that is well known for its vast tropical rainforests and numerous independent countries. Arteghia is also known for its mediterranean climate zones, steppes, deserts, and even tundra regions.

North Arteghia

The territories controlled by the communist Federal People's Republic of Arteghia


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         "Then out with it, "Yellow King", or are you going to continue to bore me with your long winded allegory for some chicken broth love scheme you call the multiverse!" Bigsby pulled his hat down from atop his head allowing the massive hat to open up a portal behind the wizard sucking itself and the tree he was behind with him.

It was obvious that Bigsby would need to look over his notes and view the realms once more to see what chaos was being caused. It was such a shame that his vacation to another random locale had been disrupted once more.

Issunar Lutetia Owner: Remæus

This region is comprised primarily of the Lornaine Forest. Many fantastical sightings have happened throughout Lutetia, and while most of the fauna are herbivores, something else could be said of the majority of city populous


Terra Issunar Owner: Remæus

The southernmost landmass on Terra, Issunar is home to bizarre creatures and beautiful landscapes of mountain range, grassland, and forest.

Lornaine Forest

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         The Kreznik experienced a momentary surprise, a guttural grunt escaping her as she collided with an unexpected barrier. Frustration etched across her otherwise inscrutable features, she steadied herself, determined not to yield control of the situation. As the obstacle ceased, the target she pursued started to move along with the mercenaries in their retreat. Disregarding the approaching adversaries that effortlessly dispatched the feeble fog spawn with their various advanced weaponry, she pushed forward to steadily match the pace of the target. She didn't need to actively act as an aggressor, simply outlast. All the while her blade seemed to move of its own accord, grinding against the earth towards her.

Extending her arm, she nonchalantly seized the hilt of the blade, dragging it along as she followed in the wake of the shielded target. The question loomed in her mind: What purpose did these mortals have with a tainted being? Did they not understand the risk or did they just not care?

Meanwhile, the fog, which had been an extension of her essence, moved in tandem with her. The manifestations within it met their demise easily against the firepower of the Aschen marines, but their purpose, along with the distorting fog, was only to delay their approach anyways. Sooner than later that distance was shortening, however.

Lornaine forest is the largest of the forests within Lutetia, and its vast woodlands sprawl for tens of thousands of square miles in all directions.

Lutetia City

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         Master turns back to look over his shoulder, wondering what happened to the others.

A city with more homes for the dead than the living. Though rife with grand, historical architecture, the city is rather run down. Below the city lies a maze of catacombs.


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         The bed wasindeed inviting and very comfortable as morning neared, when one of the Gardenites entered, without knocking, he'd see a pair of animals sound asleep on the bed. One of them a cute Tanookie named Basa with a green scarf, the other a gorgeous Fox with nine tails, and apparently a red gown which acted more or less like a blanket for the two curled up in a ball on the bed together. Lancelot herself, the nine tailed Fox, was snoring in cute Fox noises as she slept like a stone. Protectively curled around Basa like a mother Fox protecting her baby.

Because to Lancelot, that is basically what Basa was.

A watery, remote world deep in the Local Region.

Government Center

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         Cast away from a world she had long been estranged from, or at least a facet of this inexplicable existence that eluded her comprehension, Cordelia harbored a singular focus. Rather than dwelling on the memories erased from her, she fixated on a goal that could potentially make things much... much worse: OttO. This wasn't the result of following orders but an autonomous initiative, born from a desperate yearning for significance. She sought to perform a duty that carried weight, that held meaning, even if recognition would forever elude her.

Once, she was something, somebody—of this, she was certain. However, the Gray Void had warped her, taken her memory, and dissolved her into her fundamental self, erasing even the contours of her former self. To the point she didn't dare to show herself out of fear of being repulsive. Had she been loved, adored, or hated? The answers were lost in the void of her forgotten existence, and it seemed unlikely that she would ever recover them.

For any vigilant security officer watching the monitors, the cameras would distort slightly as doors seemed to open of their own accord. In person, a figure draped in purple charged through the openings, moving at a speed that defied the limits of mere humanity. She was careful, even if reckless, to not bring harm to any non-target, though stealth... that was not of any concern of hers.

You have entered a towering white building with Greek, Turkish, and Moorish architectural influences. It has white columns as well as domes, spires, and Moorish archways with thin pillars. Inside, the floors are a peach-colored marble, the ceilings reaching, and the lights soft and low, allowing the multitude of windows to filter natural light into the space. To venture past the lobby, one must pass through a metal detector and x-ray scanner, and receive a visitor's pass from the security booth. There is a marked military presence, as the TAF has assigned a small unit to provide additional security in the wake of an elevated security threat. A row of golden-doored elevators leads upstairs.

Government Center Second Floor

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         "Warning; Mutiple Terran Dropships on approach. We need to get moving to a better location to meet up with Five Seven Niner." Endless Summer said. Things were really starting to get heated over something. "The Terran Battlenet is bogged down with orders, directions, and other minutae. It is a logicistal nightmare. I can find us a route out. But it will take some doing."\

'Do what's needed, I can handle things from here.' Carolina said. Without a word she then activated her blending camo system and headed through the darkend halls headed towards the elevator banks at first, then turning and going for the stairwell and heading, of all places. Downwards. a NAV point appeared on Carolina's HUD.

"Head for the NAV point. It leads to the sewer network and to the buildings across the street. Worst comes to worst we can always exit through the lobby if need be." Endless Summer then began to sysamtically shunt all resources of the Terran dumb AI into overloading, allowing him easier access and above all else, the resources to match wits with the Terran smart AIs in the network. Which compared to Endless Summer, were pretty stupid.

'Anything better then the sewers ? If we must we can also head for open spaces.' Carolina replied. She turned a corner and took the stairs downwards to the lobby level, and then from there to the streets. There was some damaged transports there. Which were perfect for what she needed. She withdrew a purple energy ball, a plasma grenade, and chucked it after priming it. It stuck perfectly to a armored transport not far away. She did not have as good an arm as Donut, but it did the job.

"Good enough of a distraction. Quickly, follow the new NAV point. We can escape this mess and find a transport out of the city." Endless Summer tagged a nearby armored car parking garage. Perfect for what Carolina was going to need. Unless her speed systems were up and running properly. But when Carolina entered the parking garage she found it was loaded with several dozen troops. And none of them were Terran troops either. "Or we could find us some more enemy troops. I think this is a bad time to mention there were other hostiles in the area."

'Yeah, bad timing.' Carolina thought before she opened fire with her plasma rifles before diving for cover and throwing a frag, then a plasma grenade in tandem. Thinning the ranks of her enemies before moving deeper into the parking structure. Leaving smoking hulking armored wrecks in her wake. This was just not going to be easy. If that.

On the second floor of Government Center, Parliament's chambers and the Prime Minister's office are housed. The hallway boasts Terran paintings and sculptures and doorways to some temporary offices.

Government Center Third Floor

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         Þorgerður rose to her feet, shooting Dvořák a glare until he did too, at least forcing the sour expression away. They bowed respectfully to the Taiyou. "I'll be sure to provide the files you've requested regarding Empress Keiko, your highness," she said. "I'm happy to help however I can, even if certain stipulations would be impossible." She made mental note to schedule a meeting soon with Boisvert-Panelo - clearly, something was amiss in the prisons department, and she'd need to know sooner rather than later exactly the size and scale of the clusterfuck. She also made a mental note to contact Khayyam's office about Dvořák.

For his part, Dvořák watched the Taiyou depart, slowly releasing the tension in his shoulders as they left. Of course Nobuo Takayama would be upset about the prison conditions where the old woman was confined. Why was it that he had a soft spot for war criminals? Dvořák gave Þorgerður a pointed look. "Hope you enjoyed your first meeting with a foreign power. That's usually how it goes. A foreign head of state - or someone representing them - trying to strongarm Terra into whatever awful demand they've got that day. See you." He rather abruptly turned on his heel and left, disappearing into the inner office suite for the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Þorgerður remained alone. Her aides, after all, had left quite hastily once they'd been dismissed earlier.

The third floor of Government Center is home to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Head east for the Division of Immigration and Citizenship and west for the Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

State Reception Hall

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An enormous, ornate room with mirrors and crystal chandeliers, the State Reception Hall boasts five Palladian windows on the North wall, and mirrored walls along the East and South walls. The ceiling is inlaid with paintings and mirror panels and gilded with Brazilian gold. State visitors are received here for a state dinner and ball.

Government Center Fourth Floor

The fourth floor of Government Center is home to the Speaker of Parliament, the Election Commission, Members' offices, and hearing rooms.

Wing City High Court

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         Lewis withdraws a notebook from his coat, a smaller, leatherbound one. He begins writing down the things gone over that haven't already faded from his memory, something he should have been doing when the trial started. That was why he was here, after all.
- full vampiric obtainment of a planet, unknown time range. Planet is Tibra, year 2589. Look into ICON records?
- Hemlok Group. Genetic manipulators? Made "sanguiphage." Stole "aid" materials from the Vankoryth detente, turned into virus/bioweapon. Possible puppet group? Unknown. Research if public organization.
- Hemlok framed Zosimos?
- Find Bruno Babich in Int-Planet travel records, run facial recog if false names are being used. Possible alteration of appearance so identify vehicles, find contacts on Terra. See about interrogation, look into police records for the guy and his coworkers

- Potential that this witness (Hannibal Hattar, age unk, Gardenite) is bullshitting? Follow him to where he's staying and talk to him about it after looking into security. Might need to dress well. Look into his military records if anything is public.
- False terrorism? Potential to damage rep of Vankoryth is strange if they are a puppet group. Don't know about testimony but an attack made by a foreign group to blame the Detente would look bad until it was proved innocent (unless this is a long-play deal)

At the bottom of the page, after writing most of the things he could find about the court, he writes a message to himself.

- Look into what D17 is later. Might be related to Detente, potential puppet organization. One member I've interacted with, might be grander scale than first thought. Record names and interactions, involvement with local govnt, motives, etc. Either visit a website or find a guy who forgets to check his closet
He feels satisfied with what he has down, quietly shutting the book before anyone can get a long look at it, staring up at the front of the room.

Wing City's High Court.


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         In deep space, elements of Classis XII had heard the transmission as it was broadcast. Specifically the Howling Wind, an Imperial Aschen Hastati Class cruiser, which was escorting mercantile elements through the lawless reaches of the local region. Her commander, a young woman listened intently to the transmission as it played on her speakers. Silently, she adjusted the high collar on her uniform and watched the holographic display of the Station Mettatron.

"Queue up three Marine strike teams and send them into that station, perhaps we can help restore order..." The commander said as she keyed up the display.

"EVE, patch a reply through on the same channels we received the transmission. Get those condors into the void, under fighter escort!"

Acknowledged, Commander Paktu. The AI responded.

"Deep Seventeen, this is Commander Paktu, of the Aschen Empire's Hastati cruiser Howling Wind, I have assistance inbound."

The single Hastati cruiser winked out of its formation with the other Aschen warships to reappear several hundred thousand kilometers away from the station, immediately after, six large Condor troop transports under escort by Raptor Talon Starfighters began to make their way towards the station.

"Mettatron station, send Friend-Foe data package, and open a docking bay, I have marine strike teams, and medical teams inbound hot."

Home to Blue Heaven and Terra, ostensibly the gambling and trade hubs of the Orion Spur.

Dimensional Rift

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         OttO stood upon an abstract black ground, a material both solid and shifting, resembling water frozen in perpetual motion. The surroundings were a surreal manifestation of space wrapped around space—a crack within reality illuminated solely by a silvery afterglow.

His gaze fixed upon his hand, or the space where it should be, as the shards seamlessly pieced themselves back together. The reconstruction resembled a cosmic jigsaw puzzle, correcting itself with an otherworldly grace within the confines of this peculiar realm.

"A most fascinating reaction," he said calmly. Masks materialized around him, some seemingly carved from wood, others from a form of gray stone, and he tilted his head. "Ah... is that so? Well, nothing is beyond the reach of nothing, and we have all the time in the world. They'll understand, eventually. Oh, and the Swan?"

As he conversed with the masks, a crack behind him fragmented into pieces, distorting and fracturing space in a wild display. A set of hands, not unlike OttO's own, began to wedge between these fractures, prompting OttO to look back with intrigue.

"W̸̜̏h̴̝̒e̶͉͐r̷̗͛e̷̖̽ ̷̨͝i̴̼͛s̵̢͋ ̷͔͠m̴̖͊ÿ̴̲—̷̬̿ ̴̝̋m̴̤̑y̸͈͊ ̸͉͗f̷̫͠å̸͈c̸̫̋e̴̳̓!̷͙̓?̸̘̀" the figure screamed as the dimensional rift pulsed.

"Well hello there," OttO said with casual dismissal.

Welcome to the Void

Multi-Dimensional Pathway

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         Heralding bumped into one the mysterious people who came from the crazy commotion from earlier in the library. He phased out of place for a brief moment during that exchange. Due to the nature of the place, but also because of his nature.

Interestingly, they seemed confused as he stood right in front of them. He decided to play a little.

Heralding walked around C-21 and look at another of the soldiers. He phased back in to be seen. Then spoke to em for the first time. He was 6'7. Towering over most in his signature purple and blue suit.

"Pardon me, are you lot lost?"

A pathway wrought with warped magium, and temporal rifts, a place that is connected to many other areas and dimensions. The path appears as a warped pathway, with trees and shrub littering the sides. But this is the path one would take to get to Oakwood Landing. Being that this is pathway connected to other dimensions, expect to fight to arrive at your destination. You will encounter savage Red-Rimmed Trolls, viscious Blue-Foot Gnomes, a few different breeds of draconic races, etc. The only way to truly escape the path is to have your own destination in mind. So in order to get to Oakwood Landing, you have to be lead by a resident, or someone who has been there before. Otherwise you will end up elsewhere.

Gray Void

A dimension between dimensions, a place outside space, that shouldn't exist, where the abstract becomes tangible, and things that are forgotten and lost tends to end up.

Wing City Plaza

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         On the notice pillar, a poster, recently put up, read:

Grinning Ghoul Extravaganza Spectacular!!!
Join your host Cassius Countdankworth for a Cabaret and Burlesque show that you will never forget!
Why not enjoy a free spirit or two while you enjoy the entertainment? Which will include: pole dancing, fire juggling, knife throwing, acrobatics, singing and dancing, all performed by some of Terra’s finest beauties.
Starts 10pm on Saturday 1st December at The Grinning Ghoul! See you there!


Wing City Plaza is the figurative centre of the city. This pleasant and open area is home to most of the buildings of importance within the city, from administrative structures to more widely accepted places of entertainment. The central figure of this area is a memorial to those long gone whom fought for the sanctity of Wing City in the past.

Yahcha Galaxy

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         /say e

Yacha Galaxy was created by Allaran Darkbane in 2020, and is short for the Yahoo Chat Galaxy.

Kazzei Plains

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         Lee thought a brief moment then nodded. "Lee is trying to find someone important" She finally said. Meaning trying to find Ezra and got lead to that location. However dshe also had the weird speeder taxi for nearly plowing into her at the time. She produced a hologram of Ezra, now a nice looking young man, the last time she saw him before going to take down those stormtroopers guarding the TIE Defender. "Lee is trying to find this man. Lee followed her visions and was lead to here." She said

The vast, flat plains of Kazzei, filled with seemingly endless grassland and mountains in the distance. The Kazzei Plains is home to an ancient well designed Force Temple


You have entered the void — a black expanse with absolutely nothing in it.

Wing City Spaceport

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         Daniel Altarei smiled as he checked the security system logs. He tagged the people of interest, and started a security sweep to see what was known about them. He wondered if Carmen would discover the tracking device hidden on Sol Senshi, not that he would be able to track the signal once it slipped into hyperspace.

You have arrived at the grand Wing City Spaceport, where all space-faring traffic in and out of the city arrives. There are launch towers for older models of spacecraft, and quantum-distortion field panels for the newer gravitational assistance system.

Lorhill Gardens

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         Tobble moves to the base of the statue, and watches the mouse, purring with satisfaction.

Surrounded in a high wall with wrought iron gates. The garden is well kept and filled with flora, pathways, secret nooks, and fountains. A hedge maze sits in the center.

Side Alley

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         Zii was quite happy about the next things to be done. Completely focused on the library she remembered. She felt like there was a book store somewhere, but she couldn't remember if it was still there after their announcement a few weeks back. Maybe they never opened, for now she didn't want to waste time looking. So she made a beeline for the Wing City Library.

Just as she had the thought she could relax, the void-like presence dissapeared from her senses. But not right before a different and yet similar presence briefly appear and dissapear as well. Now she felt like she truly couldn't relax.

But what was there to worry about if they were gone?

If she was that neglectful and undeligent, she would have died a long time ago.

She continued on, keeping her guard high. But with the same smirk as always, she just sped up her steps through the Main Street.

The side alley outside Gambit's Bar leads to Main Street, but here it is dark, with tall apartment complexes and commercial buildings rising over both sides of the alley in a claustrophobic enclosure. The street is littered with broken bottles and garbage, and the whole place has a certain stench to it. Moving further away from Main Street will only lead to a dead end.

Gambit's Bar

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         Once more, the monochromatic rift pulsed with ethereal energy, and a captivating scene unfolded. Bladed metal pieces shot out, swiftly anchoring themselves to the floor, interconnected by otherworldly ribbons. These spectral strands pulled taut, giving off a melodic resonance that seemed to echo through unseen dimensions. In the symphony of this surreal overture, a graceful purple figure materialized, descending with a gentle tap of clawed feet onto the floor, alighting like a bird.

Avian-like and undeniably feminine, this creature diverged significantly from its predecessor. Draped in an opulent cloak of ornate fabric that billowed around her like majestic wings, further enhancing her avian motif, and under this cloak she wore an elegant silk body suit covering her entirely so no skin exposed. A sharp golden birdlike mask veiled her face. The only exposed aspect of her form was her brilliant, somewhat faded, blond hair, cascading freely in a wild dance with an untamed elegance.

In stillness, she stood, craning her neck forward and turning her head slowly to survey the entire expanse of the bar, in a clear state of bewilderment. Her golden mask betrayed a soft gasp, a muffled sound escaping the confines of its sharp contours. Her searching gaze traversed the room, as if in pursuit of something: the giant that preceded her.

The atmosphere seemed to envelop her, and even the air felt, tasted, distinctively different, carrying with it a subtle familiarity—a whisper of a long-lost memory. She did not linger too long, she looked down and saw the still frozen black sand, and, with a sharp exhale turned towards the door, and swiftly shot towards it, and, opting to use her feet, she opened the door with a not-so-elegant kick and continued to rush through to the side alley outside.

Originally a run-down shack of a dive, Gambit's Bar has grown over the years into one of Wing City's most popular attractions.

Soliversity Avenue

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         /say ...sorry I dunno what I'm doin

Soliversity avenue is home to Solinus University, the public library, and other public facilities of Solinus City.

Region 67

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         The Navy man took off his own glove, promptly extending it to meet Waller’s. “Altman, Petty Officer. Oh yeah yeah, I heard about you guys - I saw some Proconsul in the Parliament Chamber blowing his top about letting more of the Terrans get in on Burzone’s territory. Good television.”

Ohlbert, who by now wore a big smile, was next to shake Waller’s hand. “Oh shit, that was you guys? Fucking legends already.” He replied with a firm shake, the stocky Nordan had an iron grip. As the crew began shaking hands, the Petty Officer gave his brief notes.

“Oh? The natives have been building engines for centuries - sort of in their blood, really. The whole system is one big interlinked series of grav-lines. Yeah, the groundies use the Polar Bear tanks out in the provinces, but the Warriors are mostly for station-occupation, keeps the locals mindful when they see starsteel and everything.” Altman began, pointing to a small wall-mounted display that showed the engine and its cars. “The repulsors are common for a lot of rockier or barren worlds - the Apparatus doesn’t like to slog on ice worlds much anymore after the Second Garden War, so -”

“So they turned over most of the equipment to the natives and left a skeleton force behind. Well, that and volunteers, paramilitaries or … “ Arnhard stopped for a moment, a playful smile crossing his face as he slapped a hand on the rack of bunks and personal storage.

“Anyone dumb enough to take the contract from Central.” Ohlbert finished with a laugh, giving Arnhard a playful slap on the shoulder. The quick joke brought a snap from the Petty Officer and the two then promptly took back to their duties. As the questions proceeded though, Altman led the crew further into the car, which would seem almost like a small house.

“Ah, you can talk to some native and get the whole myth but the heat walls are natural geothermal works in the mantle of the planet that produce pockets of atmosphere. The strongest ones are around Kola, Erdenet and Khovd stations. Despite the planet being mostly ice, the core is actually super-active.” The Petty Officer explained, then reaching his hand out to a nearby terminal, and activating sections of the transparent alloy to allow a better view of the planet below.

From their perch at the elevator, the station was in a perfectly synchronous orbit just within the twinkling veils of light thrown from the planet’s own bustling subterranean engine. “Back during the war the Coalition and Supremacy both built a whole network of hab-stations and military infrastructure to check frontlines all the way back into the Core Worlds.” Altman continued, his arm resting on the box-frame of a terminal as he peered through the glistening bay window, and out to a geyser of ice and rock ejecting into the atmosphere dozens of kilometers away. Somewhere near Sainshand station, by the looks of it.

“Of course by then, the war was over and the standing armies weren’t too keen on staying on an ice ball closer to Sol than it is to New Empyrea.” The Petty Officer remarked. “After that yeah, the Traders were really running the place … until the Red’s showed up of course. One thing their little revolution did achieve was putting the corpos in their place, they’re too busy trying to make rent to Central for their plans now. I’m sure the SI will have a whole history lesson for you during the descent though - how about you guys go get some grub, huh? Ohlbert, you wanna’ be a good host and - “ Before Altman could make his request, Ohlbert already passed by, two middle fingers in the air as he bee-lined straight for the rec-chamber.

“Nyooooooooooope! 10:45 that’s my work day baby, there’s a ball game down in Erdenet I gotta’ watch! Got a lotta’ roops ridin’ on this one!” Ohlbert provided, not even bothering to address Altman’s scowl.

“You know I could have you chaptered for betting? Especially with locals?”

Ohlbert only shrugged and he stopped in the door, forcing one gloved finger up. “It’s not betting, it’s strategized monetary investment. I talked with the Custodian, all good so long as I don’t use the money on-world - apparently then it's like, indian-giving because I know who will win.” With that, he disappeared, and a moment later the television could be heard, and Ohlbert along with it.

” - and now we’re going into our second quarter with the Erde-Yaks in possession!”

“Wooooooooooooooooooo! Make me money you crazy natives!”

“Fuckin’ colonial … uh, Arnie, then?” Altman then looked over to the other engineer as he hefted a box of tools into place.

“Can I take ‘em to Chef Chonoh? He’s on the line today!” Arnhard asked, almost like a child. Altman rolled his eyes with a huff.

“Fine, fine. Do not get them the fermented crab eggs though.” Altman warned.

Without any further explanation, Arnhard would have promptly signed off his last detail and gave them a welcoming wave into the dining and cabin car positioned behind the troop car. They were first greeted by the mixed clamor of passengers and staff, and then by Arnhard stretching his arms up within the throngs of people, taking a deep breath and then belting out.

Chef Chonooooooooh!

Across the car, a firm-limbed Khosti threw his own hands up, still expertly wielding the chef knife he had in his right hand. “Corporal! You’re alive! I swore I saw the Red’s shell Balto Station to bits!”

“Aaaaaah, those sneaky Reds can’t pull one on me! I’d just had a bowl of that frost-shark soup … couldn’t let that atrocity be my last meal.” Arnhard joked, promptly leaning down onto the counter before he then waved the new mercenaries over. “I’ve got some freshies for ya’ - virgin palettes, yeah?” He said, giving a quick nod over his shoulders. The chef narrowed his eyes on the mercenaries.

“Oooooh. Fresh guns? And a new pilot?” Chonoh began, which Arnhard only dismissed with a wave.

“Yeah yeah, Ohlbert’s already on about all the superstition - I think you permanently zapped him with that hallucinogenic cheese spread of yours.”

White Bysalag, reveals the truths of the worlds around you! … you wanting some?” Chonoh offered, and Arnhard shook his head.

“Nah-hooooooooooooo-no-no my friend, I’ll just do the usual,” He began, then looked over to the new guests. “That’s a snow-yak steak, Edenites - er, Terrans compare it to wagyu.” He said, then taking a handful of the small menus. “Now, Chonoh here has cooked his way through every war zone this side of the Veil so he can whip up anything - personally? I’m a sucker for his soft-shell crab sandwich.”

Chonoh crossed the blade over his chest, bowing to the Corporal. “You are too kind, In-Worlder - but, I have fed troops all over the Transveil, it is true! Now I get to make good money for it though, I don’t need the Corporal’s credit-chips!” The two shared another joined laugh, while they let the new guests peruse the menu.

Region 67 forms a buffer territory, checking Soviet ambitions in the Local Region with a miliary district perpetually occupied by the Terran Central Colonial Authority.


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         "The mission is simple."

They always said that.

Regardless of who it was that contracted him, they never let up with that phrase. Sure, some didn't say it outright, but there were always too many similarities in how the Terrans handled things. Confidently give task, casually ask fee, haggle, reconcile. They all operated the similarly.

It was never simple. There was always a stipulation, something that complicated things considerably. It could be something as stupid as "leave no witnesses," or "take this," or "don't be seen at all," few of which he obeyed, and even then, grudgingly.

Maybe it was his fault for getting into this line of work.

He entered Terra four years ago. Came into Solinus city, a hopeful, dream-building place for it's advanced... well, everything. He didn't have any university education, but he hoped to get a job, regardless. 700 bits was all he had, and he spent most of it after buying a car, of all things. He loved that car, but it wasn't the greatest by any measure.
He got into a fight. That was how he got hired. Ended up beating a carjacker and taking his gun. Somebody saw it.
He was approached a few days later and offered a job. "Easy, lots of money, simple work. Honest."
Then he got into enforcement work. Being a gangster who beat people and got paid next to nothing for it.

It was probably worse that he climbed the ranks, but he needed the money and didn't think about it too much. He did his best to stay a good person. He still sent most of the money over to his family, so maybe there was some good in that.

He wasn't going to do 'good' today.

Armen thumbs the revolver in his coat, opening the cylinder and running his finger over the rounds inside of it. Eight bullets. Snapping the cylinder closed, he walks over to the drop-off point, a small box in the corner of an alley.
He takes a coat from it, pulling on the long, brown jacket and placing his own inside of the crate. From inside the trench coat, he pulls a beanie and glasses, which he also puts on.

He breathes deeply and removes the revolver from the other jacket, placing it inside of the pocket on his right side.

He then walks down the street, and into the bank.

Welcome to Nero, the central hub of financial exchange and government affairs in Solinus City. Platinum obelisk buildings and skyscrapers stand tall above the sprawling crowds of wealthy denizens. You have stepped into the pride of Solinus.

Lada VAZ-2107

One of Armen Bagrov's only possessions, this car has been meticulously cared for around three years, and is much older than that.

Veshrac Jungle

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         "130 seconds ETA to insertion, GH-24. Ready yourselves."
The voice crackling over the radio belonged to the pilot, steadily flying an Overlord chopper to a clearing in the vegetation. Inside of the passenger seats of the helicopter, three young men sit unsteadily, cradling an assortment of weapons in their laps. The lads are all wearing a gray-green digital camo shirts and green khaki pants, and from there the gear becomes more personalized, some of them wearing black body armor, one other wearing a lightly kitted mag carrier.
Across from them sits a grinning older fellow, seemingly their leader. On the shoulder of his solid green shirt lies the words WRAITH - JULES R. #22, a ranking and name, his gear and blue jeans distinguishing him from the rest of the soldiers sitting in the Overlord. Still grinning maliciously, he pulls the mouthpiece of his radio headset closer to his face, and says, in a seemingly sympathetic tone, "Hey, how many of y'all are carrying 7-6-2 by 39? I'm going to need it when you get your asses kicked," holding up his RPD.
One of the men, with the name SPECTER - WILL F. #882 written on his jacket laughs and says, "You know, Jules, you chew through that stuff way too fast, spraying blindly at every frog that chirps." SPECTER - JONES K. #637, checking his 590A1's action, winces slightly, and jokingly says, "Yikes, Will, you'll be the first to get shot in the back, just be careful."
The third Specter, SPECTER - HOWARD L. #979 seemingly new to the experience, turns pale and moans, "I think I'm gonna be sick..." to which he's met with several exclamations demanding that he doesn't throw up anywhere near them.

The helicopter slowly lowers itself into a clearing, and all of the men quickly jump out, shuffling through the heavy winds thrown down by the blades of the chopper to gather together. The Overlord quickly raises itself up again, taking off towards the northwest.
The men slowly gather themselves, grouping together, and Jules withdraws a folded map that he opens, holding it out for the group.
"Alright. We make our way to this riverbank, where Howard and I will locate the crashed drone and snatch the black box out of it. It's optional to take anything else out of the thing and if we can, we will. Once we reach the river, Jones, Will, both of you will scout out west to find an extract point. There're stories of local hybrids here, so it's a good idea to keep an eye out. Might be primitives, so watch your back, poison's a nasty thing to deal with. In all fairness, though, interactions with locals hasn't been recorded in a while, so we should be alright in that department. Just carry a loaded gun. Once we get to extract we can get out of here. Any questions?"
There's no response from any other of the team beyond a nod from each, and they set off, deeper into the jungle.

Countless species of animal wildlife and multitudes of tribal people are known to make their homes within the Veshrac Jungle. Among these are the noteworthy Mira, a fierce tribal race of catfolk.

Caprica City

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         That's bad.
He didn't get a good look at the ID that Koishi had given, but it was drawn on what looked to be some kind of printer paper.
That's not going to fly at all.
He lowers his hands to reach into his chest pocket, withdrawing a small canvas wallet, the green color of it faded slightly with age. He rifles through it for a moment before withdrawing three cards, all a glossy plastic. One was his personal ID, showing him as a registered corporate citizen. It listed his real name, one he didn't attach much of himself to.
"Business, actually. Here for a job."

The other two were equally as important, one being a work visa that he was beginning to doubt the veracity of, glancing at it a second time. It looked legit, but he really had no way of telling. The company had failed to get him real things before. The final card was a mission statement, stating that "Marcus Walker - SEC Representative, Present in the Aschen Empire for 6 days to contact several individuals in hope of opening Security Specialization to Aschen Gov."
He holds them out steadily, and glances over at Koishi again before straightening his gaze back to the cops.

The capital of the United Aschen Empire.

Room of York

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         Remilia narrowed her eyes at first, a bit surprised by the reveal...she had in truth been out of the loop entirely. Between management of the mansion, and the 'incident' in Gensokyo, she had her hands full.

"No, I haven't heard of either of those things happening. I'm afraid I'll need some time to get caught up to speed."

As she said this, she placed her hands behind her back with a small sigh.

"I suppose I should ask; nobody from Gensokyo has escaped and caused problems during the time I was away?" She asked this, humming to herself softly. "An amanojaku, Seija Kijin, wanted control over the seal between our two realms, and I don't know if she managed to escape during the whole ordeal."

This lavish room is lined with wine bottles which sparkle in the low light. Sleek and polished with dark mahogany, this room is where the higher echelon members of society gather to discuss important things over old wine.

Hotel Zafiro Gallery

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         Dokegata raised a brow and Hyogoro tilted his head.

"Hey, ma'am, who and uh- how did you get here?" Dokegata asked, utterly confused. It was literally like there was no one then there was some one all of a sudden.

Hyogoro on the other hand noticed the golden sheen of the knife and gives a curious tilt of his head. If anything the Kamaitachi understood, and by no means is this a statement of being unintelligent, that blades made of gold were, to say the least, decorative flimsy. It was undeniable, something supernatural was at play here. Kurogane would be interested in that.

"Ey, that's a pretty fancy relic ya have there," he said out loud what he was thinking. "But it seems er... a bit broken?"

Jouji wondered what those two were up to, but as long as they aren't getting into trouble, then it is fine. There were more pressing matters to attend to. And it was no doubt time enough to prepare funereal arrangement for Cobreo. He had to let Diego know something before then, he had a right to, after all. This was soon to be his entire business, and this was his family.

"Anything you want, anything you need, we'll provide if able, courtesy begets courtesy," Jouji says with a bow. But then, pulling out his phone, held it up with intent to keep it out of eyeshot of Fiona. On it was simply a message.

Target has landed on Raju, capture inevitable.

A passageway with arches carved into the asteroid, a door beneath each one leading to a private suite. Three elevators at the end- on the first floor, at least.


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         Strongly agreed, Sinfrost.
The robot peers down on the continent of Ellaria, his eyes slightly whirring and buzzing as the lenses widen and contract to focus on the wide variety of details of the island in the distance.
Quite a beautiful place, I take it this is where we shall begin?

Gaia Ellaria Owner: AxelZero93

Ellaria is a continent with once warmer climates. A great forest covers much of the continent, and there are many swamps. Two towering mountain ranges cut into the continent, one brushing the shore.

Tartarean High Seas

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         Sinfrost rode on the gust until Ellaria began to come into sight.

"Attack, defend," Sinfrost said, "Neither a tactic until we learn how. We are going somewhere useful, to learn to be useful I suppose."

Dangerous High Seas, barely explored


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         The inexorable march toward resolution pressed heavily upon Daku. The Shinigami, harbinger of an end long overdue, grappled with the internal conflict of a mission that demanded capture, not the decisive finality that lethal force promised. The intricacies of this ethical dilemma wove through every fiber of his being, challenging the very code by which he operated.

Leaning into the paradox, he acknowledged the capacity for violence within him, restrained only by the stringent directives that governed his actions. The lack of direct combat only muddied the waters, leaving him yearning for a cause that would align with the principles laid down by Kurogane, his guiding force.

A lingering uncertainty threaded through the air, amplified by the absence of the Aschen. Were they still in relentless pursuit, or had their pursuit waned? In this moment of contemplation, Daku found himself at a crossroads, willing to surrender Carmen to the Aschen's authority, indifferent to the questionable charges tethered to her. The ends justified the means — a sentiment that resonated with his resolve.

"End..." he mused, a denied conclusion lingering in the air, challenging the very essence of finality that his role as a Shinigami seemed to embody. And with his will, he made the Gundam push forward, intent to bring this facade to its end.

A heavily modified OZ-13MS Gundam Epyon, outfitted with dual blades instead of claws along with updated propulsion and beam sword


A relatively undiscovered planet with one major mineral rich continent, an archipelago reaching east, and isolated islands dotting the rest of the planet. A tumultuous ocean rages against the high peaks which occupy much of the land. Nights are very long.


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         The Sol Senshi slowed down as it entered the high orbit of Raju. It seemed dead set on it's target planet.

A number of planets orbit a large star, some of which are inhabitable. An asteroid belt weaves through here.

Wellspring of the Mystics

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         The Tranquility remained, but a haze of darkness spread. From a singular point rose a single black mass of slime and sludge, its consistency equivalent to molasses with chunks of bone embedded within it. This single mass of sludge rose to ten feet in height, growing arms and forming legs and a head. Then it began to solidify and form the rest of the terrifying person that commanded the Darkness of this world. His black Military Uniform looked clean and sharp, as if freshly dry-cleaned and then ironed to perfection, as well as recently re-stitched to ensure maximum perfection in everything. His boots shined, the glass-like metal eating most of the light that entered it, reflecting only what couldn't be absorbed: The Darkness. it exuded darkness like a fountain, as did the man wearing it. The boots led into shin-guards made from the same metal, as well as the rest of the greaves going up his leg. His entire armor-set was made of the same metal; weak points and joints protected by expert craftsmanship and precision.

If Darkness had a standard for Perfection, this was it.

Draco's lips curled into a smile. The Wellspring of the Mystics. Untapped, natural Magical Energy that could be harnessed into building his air-fleet, his armies, himself, and most importantly: A means of either killing, or ridding himself of that cursed Emperor of Mankind. Coal red eyes narrowed as he took in the landscape, and slowly, his hands met behind his back as he walked forward ten steps, to the edge of the well-spring.

The effects on his body were...strange. For one, his skin replaced themselves with their natural scales, war-torn and battle-scar ridden. His reptilian pupils narrowed until they were barely visible, and his lips parted as an audible gasp escaped his lips, the power around him unbelievable. The Dragon was unsure of what to think, but as he watched the power swirl in front of him, surrounding him and uplifting him, his feet leaving the ground as it flowed into his body filling his body with the pure, untouched magic of nature itself. His lips peeled back into a smile as he took in more of the natural well-spring's energy, and he stretched his body out, corrupting all the magic he had just absorbed, turning it into something he could use for himself. His body reverted back to itself and the spring let him go. He slowly floated to the ground of his own power, and his smile widened.

The Spring was alive. In a way. It knew when someone had foul intentions, and cut him off from the natural power it was providing him automatically. That wouldn't matter. He would harness this natural Magic Well and either bring Darkness over Terra for five-thousand years, or use it to create a portal to a planet where he would have much less resistance to his taking over. Where he could build his forces, learn to become capable of space-travel, then Faster-than-Light travel, then come back to Terra, and invade.

Yes, that sounded like a marvelous plan. But he would need time; and minions. It was time to go and look for those seeking power and revenge. Those who could be swayed, whether they liked it or not, into becoming his pawns. It was time to make another move.

-Description Pending-

The Asteroid Colonies

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         Heading Down

The asteroid belt of Sol is home to dozens of hollowed-out asteroids with millions of citizens each. Enjoying life far from the gravity of the rest of the system, these exotic ports are frequent watering holes for luxury-seekers and outlaws alike.

SEC Tyrant-2

A heavy-support fighter capable of atmospheric and space travel.

The SEC Paramount-2

The peak of corporate attainment, a massive space-station designed to hold a massive company, with room to grow.


You have entered the void — a black expanse with absolutely nothing in it.


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         Dusty sits at the bartop, a half drunk bottle of mead resting to her side. Her attention was on a small pile of worn,dirty rings set on the counter, particularly a brass ring that appeared to have a wonky purple stone set into the band. She swings her bare feet idly as she examines the object up close. Her hair is short and shabby, and her amber eyes peek out from under her bangs. Her brown button up is askew, revealing a worn black crop top. She looks like she had just been rolling in a pile of leaves. Setting the ring briefly on the bench, she takes a sip of mead. She immediately goes back to twirling the band in her fingertips.

Terra Aslund Owner: Remæus

Aslund; the largest continent on Terra.

GeneCorp: Blue Heaven Branch Office

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         Belle made an effort to hide her face beneath the veil of her long, obsidian hair, while her unaltered heterochromic eyes darted around, vigilantly scanning her surroundings. She played her part convincingly, attempting to look injured without becoming a complete burden. However, her attention remained conspicuously fixated on Tetsuo, the man who, by all accounts in her own memories, shouldn't be here. As she kept a watchful eye on him, an unexpected startle coursed through her when the security bot appeared. With some fast-talking, Miiya skillfully bought them a little time. There was an audible click that echoed from Belle's direction, originating from something... within her?

"My, my, quick thinking, and yes, let's make haste," Tetsuo muttered, fully aware of the urgency of their situation. He caught a brief glare from Belle, who quietly averted her gaze. Tetsuo continued on, following Miiya's guidance. There was a moment where he smirked and remarked to Belle, "I don't understand your hesitation, Lady, you need not be so courteous to these machines. After all, they have no life no... feeling, they wouldn't hesitate to hurt you, me, or... Miiya. You don't like watching things you care for hurt, and few things you don't care for... and some things you care for more than anything else."

A friendly, polished, carpeted and tastefully-decorated office. While some laboratory spaces remain, they are now bright sterile places viewable from behind glass on the visitor tour.

Road to the Scarlet Devil Mansion

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         *An ominous feline yowl emanates from the forest that Arwen just left, the sound reaching her ears...*

You have entered the void — an black expanse with absolutely nothing in it.


Aslund Gensokyo Owner: Ritnio

A mystical place residing on its own demiplane that is only connected to Aslund through a portal within a certain pool...

Scarlet Devil Mansion

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         It had been quite some time since the last word from the denizens of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Remilia Scarlet had suspended all contact with those she had previously spoken to in Terra, focusing on internal matters within Gensokyo itself. It was unusual for someone as lively and dignified as herself to enter an antisocial period of near-hermit behavior. After some time though, the lights begun to shine in the Scarlet Devil Mansion's few windows visible outside, and fairy maids who were once locked inside were now leaving the mansion to tend to the grounds - both maintaining the gardens on the Gensokyan side and also trimming the shrubbery which had started to overtake the road leading from Castle Vankoryth to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

A letter was sent out to many of her associates and former friends, a letter of apology...

To whom it may concern,
You likely have noticed my absence of late. The Scarlet Devil Mansion has been practically dead - dead as a doornail. What was once a community locale of friendship and unity had entered into a strange period of hibernation...I apologize, sincerely, for this and wish to extend an invitation to visit the mansion to those who may wish to see me once more. We will be resuming operations as per before, and with that goods and services from Gensokyo will be available to the residents of Terra once more.

If you have never been to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, the doors are open for guests - just announce your arrival ahead of time and one of my maids will see to you. If you are looking for an audience with me, please give me at least a couple of days time to prepare, if it isn't urgent.

Yours truly,
Remilia Scarlet

Remilia had her fairy maids deliver these letters out, especially to the Vavkoryth as they had likely been curious or concerned as to what happened to their prior ally...for now, Remilia was focused on rebuilding her prestige and relationships again...maybe, just maybe, she'll attain her heights once more as the regal Scarlet Devil - feared, respected, and beloved...

The Scarlet Devil Mansion (紅魔館, Koumakan lit. Scarlet Mansion or Scarlet Manor) is the Scarlet family's fancy European-style mansion. It is located on a ridge at the Nyx.


Gensokyo Makai Owner: Ritnio

Makai, a hell-like domain.

Club Flicker

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         Corem Drianke watched Tamako leave before he took out his phone to learn her name.

"Tamako," he whispered to himself, wondering if she liked to be called Tammy. He shrugged and went into Club Flicker for his drink.

Club Flicker, home to the hottest & most exclusive music and dance scene this side of Aslund. Flashing lights, lots of neon- dress to impress or you're not getting through the door. Stay tuned for featured performing artists!

Gambler Avenue

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         Synthe Gridd was on her way to Club Flicker in a private car.

The place was swarmed with paparazzi and fans and professionals, and any and all in between. Synthe's Limo was queued behind another in ice white. It was parked at the crystal blue carpet.

Synthe was next.

A prominent avenue in CasDio, home to most of the casinos and night-life entertainment in Solinus City


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         Synthe Gridd spilled out of the subway and into another private car with her friend and the hired security guy in tow. The paparazzi had learned their location and were already swarming the place. High on the excitement of the subway, Synth laughed and flashed smiles as her security slammed the door behind the music celebrity.

"You're really something here," Her friend noted to Synthe.

"Should be one hell of a show!" Synthe nodded in return, still grinning. She gazed out of the window as they made their way through Solinus City, and finally into CasDio. A huge billboard took up one half of a building. On it was Synthe's face.

"Holy shitmas!" Synthe elbowed her friend in the rib and pointed at the billboard. The two of them were silent the rest of the way to the hotel.

CasDio, the midtown of Solinus is by way the largest, most sprawled district of this illustrious city. Extending several miles in diameter it is home to a variety of businesses and living complexes that cater to millions of inhabitants everyday.


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         Two suns later...

"Dad, can I do the rite of koryos?" Kaleb Flokisson asked. Hrafn-Floki the Vitki stopped carving with his seax, pausing before chuckling and responding back with a high pitched voice whilst blindly staring at the sky. "Who told you about the koryos?" he asked, before going back to work in carving his wooden idol of Loki and Sigyn from a single piece of fire-stricken oak. Despite being blind, Floki had spent his entire life building boats and carving wood, and no longer needed his worldly physical vision to smell the trees or feel the grain. Kaleb walked over to his father and sat beside him. "The newcomer, Sitric Cáech said that all young men used to do it. I'm a man now, I'm old enough. I should take care of our family." Floki's son said, speaking openly to his mostly blind father.

"Your son speaks of the koryos," Erik Thorvaldsson said as he entered Floki and Helga's home, checking up on his old neighbors from across the open grove. Floki of course recognized his young friend's voice and said nothing, only chuckling uncontrollably, something he had done all his life as a consequence of pseudobulbar affect ever since he was young. "Were you in the koryos, uncle Thorvaldsson?" Kaleb asked curiously. "Heh, no... Sort of... My father was. The koryos is banned in the Empyrean Empire, but, my father initiated me anyway when I was very young," Erik the Red answered. "What did you do?" Kaleb asked inquisitively. Floki and Erik both paused for a moment, and the only sound in Floki's house was the crackling of fire from the open fireplace, before Floki started carving again silently.

"My father took me far away from our homeland to Iskjerne Bay, and then I came here with Floki... That was the last time I saw my father," Erik Thorvaldsson said calmly, recollecting the past, and the time on the wagon, when Livia Caesarius of the Argosian Empire had paid his father to escort her with some wretched draugr they had discovered on the mainland. "We had a tradition in Iskjerne Bay long ago... It was still practiced there when I left," Floki said quietly. Floki never told his son Kaleb why he left Iskjerne Bay, only mentioning that it was too painful to remember why he left. Kaleb Flokisson till now had never heard anything about his older sister who had died in Iskjerne Bay, as both his parents had never quite finished mourning for her.

"But this isn't the Empyrean Sea Beach, this is Agartha, father. None of you have made any law against the koryos. What is it? I'm curious," Kaleb said with an open mind. Hrafn-Floki again stopped working, and Erik the Red hesitated before nodding and answering the young man's question. "There are four traditions, depending on the tribe," Erik said calmly, sitting next to Kaleb by the fireplace while staring into the flames, trying to recollect everything his father Thorvald Bloodyfist had taught him before they parted ways.

"The ravens, the boars, the wolves, and the bears," Erik said calmly, causing Kaleb Flokisson to glance at his own father. "Is that why they call you Hrafn-Floki?" Kaleb asked, causing his father to giggle uncontrollably once again. "Yes, your father was a raven. The best of them I'd say," Erik chimed in. "No bird has ever taken flight the way your father has Kaleb, and we all owe him our gratitude... Whereas my own father was a bear, solitary, never much for words", Erik continued to educate the young master in the ways of their ancestors, watering it down so to speak. What he actually meant was that Thorvald Bloodyfist was a pure viking, and had a bloody reputation for murdering his aggressors rather than negotiating. In fact, his family's bloody reputation was part of the reason why the tradition had been banned in the first place.

"And Sitric Cáech?" Kaleb asked, wondering about the young foreigner who had brought up the topic to begin with. Erik just shook his head, but Floki chuckled. "Hehehe, I knew his father Ivar, yes. I remember him when he was a child," Floki said. "A crippled boy with brittle bones, slithering this way and that like a dragon, I remember... His father was my best friend, who left him for dead when he was only a week old... I remember that boy when he grew up, and became a vikingr. I envy him to this day... Such a brave lad", Floki said, hinting at some deeper disappointment from his past and reason for leaving Iskjerne Bay, almost off topic. Erik and Kaleb listened quietly as Floki tried to remember, but his Alzheimer's disease made it difficult for him to remember exactly every detail from years ago.

"Well... In any case, that was a long time ago, and those old ways have passed. Nobody does the koryos anymore. Especially now, here in this barren wasteland, it's not safe," Erik the Red warned. But Kaleb was still curious, unpersuaded by their stories. "But it's not supposed to be safe... Father, you know you are getting older now. You're blind dad, and your mind and body aren't what they used to be. You and mother raised me to be a Viking, and I am ready to join the koryos, just like our ancestors did on Gaia long ago," Kaleb Flokisson insisted, causing Erik to rest his hand on Floki's shoulder. Floki nodded quietly, letting out a soft giggle. "Am I really that old? Am I so obsolete that I can not protect my family? Hehehe. Tell me boy, who is able to perform this ritual? You boys won't last one week on Colossa, much less the whole winter, and I am not ready to lose another child so soon," Floki said, again hinting at the fact that he already lost his daughter.

The house was filled with silence for a while, as Floki continued to carve his wooden idol. Kaleb Flokisson sat next to him quietly, disappointed, while Erik the Red scratched his long red beard before speaking up. "You know, I can relate to what the boy is saying." He said. "I'm not a boy," Kaleb retorted defensively. After some back and forth bickering and arguing, finally Floki agreed to let Erik the Red perform the rite of passage, so long as the young men in their colony agreed to certain rules and accommodations. For starters, once initiated the koryos would be forbidden from raiding Agartha or even staying to wander on Colossa, and secondly they were not to be banished from the colony for more than a whole season. Kaleb argued for a year while Erik ofted for a week alone, but the wise old Floki met their argument halfway by allowing the young men to venture out during the winter. Afterwards, the survivors would be welcomed home and granted certain privileges as ulfhednar, berserkers, svinfylking and feathercloaks.

This was the first time in a long long time, since Bjorn Ironside, that any young warriors from Gaian Viking descent would actually partake in the koryos tradition and be initiated formally, in a cult-like spiritual manner in order to become wildlings and religious warriors, leaving their parent's nest to fly away from home and die free, or survive and return as bonified men and certified Vikings in some sacred order or union. Erik the Red and Floki the Blind himself would participate in training the young men and preparing them for their journey. But for this to happen, there needed to be a secret ceremony involving magic, fire, and an animalistic feral rite of passage involving a mixture of beer and mead with henbane and nightshade to produce certain shamanic effects that would ultimately lead the young men to discover their own primal natures, and their innate animal spirits hiding dormant within.


Moon of Gaia. Small, unremarkable other than that it glows red.

Outside the Southwest Corner of Wing City

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         /say Hello

You have arrived at the southwestern corner of Wing City, where there is a small clearing at the foot of the lookout tower adorning the corner of the massive walls. The path continues to the east and the west.

Solinus City Subway

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         Synthe Gridd all but shrieked as they leapt into the car right as the doors were closing. A man in a black suit and sunglasses jotted in right behind her and her associate, who wore a reflective helmet that completely obscured their identity. Synthe adjusted her lime green jacket and ran a hand through vibrant red unstyled short hair.

The train car wasn't packed, but there was nowhere to sit together. She grabbed onto a pole and shot a grin at the other two.

It didn't take long for someone on the car to recognize her. They took out their phone and discreetly snapped a photograph. They sent out a mass text - "She's HERE. OMG." and jiggled their leg the rest of their ride, eyes trained on the EDM star.

Synthe pretended not to notice the people starting to notice, and kept her eyes locked on wherever she assumed her friend's were behind the slick helmet. She was glad they wore a wetsuit looking black ensemble and boots larger than life. Synthe usually assumed it was their watchdog presence that kept the crazies at bay, not hired security.

Underground subway of Solinus City, the nexus between districts and boroughs of Solinus. Watch your step, keep an eye on your things, and keep all fingers and toes away from the subway doors!

Port Solinus Station

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         Synthe Gridd demanded the car be pulled over shortly into their ride, by the station. She hadn't ridden a subway in years and wasn't going to miss the chance! Synthe and her friend in the weird helmet darted across the Port Solinus Station, giggling as they quickly read the chart and found their route.

Large and glistening subway station of Solinus City.

Port Solinus

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         Sometime later, Gabriel and Agares walked through Port Solinus to their destination. Their cargo had been inspected, dismissed, and was in the process of being shipped to their destination.

The bustling port of Solinus City

Solinus City Spaceport

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         Oh jeez, a small crowd- from out of nowhere a security agent appeared to the side of Synthe. Her associate swiveled their helmet to take in the black suited guy in the dark glasses. He looked like he belonged as an extra on Solinus Vice, not working whatever security company Synthe's label had hired.

"Miss Gridd?" He addressed the two. Synthe nodded and glanced over her shoulder. They had arrived right in the nick of time. The security agent moved a hair closer to her and addressed the crowd, "Let's keep it moving, folks!"

Synthe and her associate were escorted through the crowd.

There were a lot of people in Solinus City - and a huge military presence, to boot. It seemed a more systematically civilized place than Granpaix. Being the main landing point for Terra, it felt more like... well, Terra! She even spotted a MAEGA hat or two bobbing in the crowd. That was Aschen merchandise. She wasn't aware they still even had presence here. Maybe it was an ironic statement of anti-Aschen sentiment? Curious.

The party of three passed through the port, the terminals, the luggage, and out into a private car. They were headed to a hotel for the night. The next concert wasn't for another day, and was a late show at Club Flicker. Was Solinus City ready for the sounds of Synthe? She sure hoped so!

Capable of servicing the largest of Terra's freighters, the sprawling industrial suburb of Solinus City Spaceport has emerged as the heart of a bustling city with a robust modern industry.

Cape Florens Marina Portico

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         Rio Dellèvon wasn't happy to receive the news. Life had been pretty easy as of late. He had the dueling club, he had the hustle. He had his own little flat and a cute little girlfriend. There wasn't need to travel and he was perfectly fine with that. It's not that Rio wasn't ambitious. Ambition ran in Dellevon blood. Rio hadn't the need to travel, and his curly head was all the better for it.

Then came the text.

Of course it would be Cobreo who kicked the bucket first. He was like a shooting star. Fizzled out a little early, by family standards. Life was cruel.

Alright. Diego packed a couple track suits, t shirts, enough underwear for double the time and socks a plenty. From the back of his closet he had rooted the dark suit. It was corduroy and black and comfortably cut, with sharp shoulders and a narrowing silhouette. The duffel bag wasn't heavy, made of a fish skin from somewhere off the shores of Cape Florens.

The River Zwart raged and echoed throughout the blue crystalled dome of the Marina. From here Rio would take a private river jet all the way to Kanderdam. There was some business, and a funeral to arrange. He hated having to do things.

A blue crystal dome atop black stone columns. Grand stairs carved down in a sweep to the marina on the underground River Zwart. Parking in the rear.

Night Shuck

You have entered the void — a black expanse with absolutely nothing in it.

Cursed Wood

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         Eurydice's gaze followed Lewis as he fell backward, and she almost instinctively reached out to help, but before she could react, he vanished into nothing. A teleport scroll? Hopefully, he's okay at least, she thought, concern etched across her face.

Then the vampire, Ulrich, addressed her, mentioning a trial. Yes, that bastard's trial, that's right, Eurydice recalled, her memory clicking into place. But before she could engage further, Ulrich, too, left the scene, and she found herself essentially alone in the eerie surroundings of the Cursed Wood.

Her phone vibrated, pulling her attention away from the fading echoes of the conflict. Eurydice glanced at a message from Draven, which read, "Where are you?" She quickly typed back a response, her fingers dancing over the screen: "Sry, coming."

With that, her shadows began to crawl up her like liquid, enveloping her in their shadowy embrace and returned her to her Black Dog self. Her arms of darkness rolled like waves, effortlessly carrying her motorcycle to her side. As her shadowy visage solidified, she straddled the bike, cranking the engine, ready to make her way toward her next destination, her mind still swirling with the strange events as she drove off.

Dark and foreboding, the trees seem older than time itself. Larger than life, and equally as imposing, they stand distanced as if politely ignoring each other. Fog swirls around the bases of these trees, obscuring the earthy ground. Flowers dare not grow in this forest, for the canopy of leaves blots out the sun, and the temperature is stagnantly cool. There is something amiss about this forest.


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There was a small humming, buzzing noise. Then, in the middle of an empty street with nothing but crumbling orange leaves blowing down it, driven by a warm breeze, the air cracked. A large rectangular shape began to cut its way out of nothing, shimmering in the air, occasionally distorting and bending into red, green and blue fragments, then snapping back into place. The The wavering, grainy air inside the rectangle opened, giving way to darkness. A man dressed in an expensive Armani suit stepped out of the 'door', and onto the street. Once he had both feet on the street, he nodded once and the rectangular digital portal flickered out of existence.
Surveying the street and the old, decaying Victorian houses that lined either side, he nodded and murmured to himself, satisfied. "Yes, yes. This will all do very well. A good purchase, indeed. This will do nicely." He began to stroll down the center of the street, taking mental notes of everything he saw.

Once considered an affluent neighborhood in Vargeras, Fontainebleau has gone downhill. The century-old homes - once the pinnacle of opulence - have been reduced to crumbling shells of chipping paint and questionably tilting foundations.

Le Lierre Bleu

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         Giovanni Bistreo adjusted his cufflinks, turning them straight and smoothing the crease on the inside of his wrist. The exterior of Le Lierre Bleu was borderline hideous. It didn't stick out like a sore thumb, rather it was another part of the sore sight of Vargeras. Whatever, he sighed to himself. Let's get this out of the way.

The inside was in considerably better condition. There were a few couches, refinished with blue velvet but still strikingly from the time they were from. This whole room would be a time capsule if it wasn't for the refinishing. Thankfully the glass remained with a dusty sheen. It could have looked like a disco ball had exploded in here, but it didn't. The Dellevon Intergalactic touch of futurism hadn't smothered this property, and for that Giovanni was glad.

"Excuse me," He said to the concierge, "Is the management available?"

When the concierge met Giovanni's eyes he signed his own death certificate. Immediately hypnotized, entranced, the concierge nodded slow. He was in a fog now, and would remember none of what was happening or to come. An easy mind to takeover, Giovanni thought to himself. The man was a little older, and must have been quite simple.

The concierge moved like a zombie towards the management office. He rapped on the door twice. They heard the loud scraping of a chair on the floor, a few heavy footsteps, and the knob of the door rattled. Someone behind the door swore, the door jiggled in it's frame. The door reverberated with a thump as it was kicked from the other side, and the knob jiggled again.

Suddenly there was silence.

Giovanni was about to offer some assistance to the door when in one fluid motion the knob jiggled and swung back wards open with all of someone's might. The hotel manager, a portly man that may have been cross bred with a gnome, went rolling backwards with the force of it all. Giovanni didn't blink as he watched the globe of a man wind his way back to his feet.

"Am I interrupting?" Giovanni asked, not moving a muscle, his face like stone. The portly man didn't even spare a glance at Giovanni, waving him in and huffing and puffing his way back to the once-fluffy chair behind his desk.

"Feckin' door," He mumbled between breaths. Giovanni raised a hand and flicked it away. Behind him the concierge nodded and left the room, slowly pulling the door shut behind him. As he did, the portly man froze and started again to his feet, jaw dropping as it softly clicked shut. His eyebrows fell and his face darkened on Giovanni.

"Feckin' help, an' what do you wont?" The hotel manager lowered himself back down and shot daggers with his eyes at the now closed door.

Giovanni waited the long minute it took for the hotel manager to give his attention from the closed door to Giovanni in full. He waited for the man to settle into stillness, for his eyes to soften with the curious confusion of someone who was beginning to realize they had absolutely no clue what was going on. He watched, still unblinking, for another minute as the rotund man searched Giovanni's face, his neck, and paid close detail to his chest. When the hotel manager's eyes met with Giovanni's again they were struck on the verge of horror.

This was Giovanni's favorite part. His lips peeled back, revealing sharp fangs designed to pierce the flesh of creatures as large as he. The hotel manager tried for the door- he wasn't able to move more than an inch, for in a blink the vampire was on him. He gargled as his blood was feasted upon, whimpered as his life slipped away, too horrified at the circumstance to fight back more than a twitch.

"Ahhhh," Giovanni pat the now dead hotel manager on the shoulder and shoved his corpse to the ground. He descended into the office chair and placed two bloody palms on the desk top.

Home sweet home.

Old but beautiful. Dark blue velvet couches and plants imported from the far away planet of Canus. The inside in way better condition than the out.