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The Multiverse » Places

Places in The Multiverse

This is a list of locations that can be found in The Multiverse.

For Sale

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The Infinite Void

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         Let's see if anyone remembers me at all, lol.

This mysterious place seems to go on forever. A modest crowd of recent apparates has congregated nearby, discussing their confusion in remembering Gambit's Bar as their last known location.

Iskjerne Ring Fort

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         Fulgar Thornheim heard the commotion outside resulting from the approaching Argosian contingent. Frustrated with the lack of Sigurd's presence, he spun on his heels and headed outside, his attendants in tow.

Ring Fortress of Iskjerne, home of the Mead Hall.

Iskjerne Village

Iskjerne Village is an un-enclosed open viking farm village with crop fields, small shire-like earthware houses, stables, wells, gardens, pig pens, chicken coops, sheepfolds and cattle farms. There is also a public trading hub or marketplace.

Iskjerne Arena

Iskjerne Arena is a large open field or range entered by walking between two large statues, one of Sigurd Hring and one of Ivar the Boneless.

Iskjerne Sawmill

A sawmill erected near the small open forest with easy dirt road access to Aether Dock.

Iskjerne Bay

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It took over a half hour for the pagans to defeat their enemies at the Argosian encampment. Hundreds lay dead or injured on the blood soaked hills. It had been the most brutal, most intense battle ever on Viking soil, topping even the likeness of Sigurd Hring's rebellion against the Taiyou Empire in former days gone by. The Vikings faced heavy losses. Their dead alone outnumbered the Argosians a hundred to one. It was a hard sight to witness, and yet it was only the beginning. What the Vikings now lacked in number, they made up for by seizing the Praetorian supplies and equipment, arming themselves with Argosian weapons and shields, and distributing the much needed wealth amongst themselves. Ubbe Ragnarsson, the grandson of Sigurd Hring himself, walked up calmly towards the burning encampment, wide eyes glaring at the Decanus as he struggled to hold back the onslaught of Viking savages to no avail.

"Alea iacta est."

The Decanus said to Ubbe as he glared back. The young Viking leader simply rotated his neck and shoulders before twirling his axe in one hand and stepping forward to greet this brave Argosian leader. He and his Praetorian guards had fought bravely, and Ubbe felt it would be an honour to kill him personally as he motioned for the remaining Vikings to stop their advances. But before Ubbe could step any closer, the Decanus suddenly fell on his own sword, committing suicide right in front of him. Ubbe Ragnarsson walked over to the Decanus slowly after watching this display. He had impaled himself, and was still sitting upright, resting on both knees with his head down.

Ubbe gently nudged the Decanus with his boot, but he didn't move. He glanced over at his fellow Vikings and shrugged, before walking past him. But as he walked by, Ubbe gritted his teeth and suddenly turned around, swinging his axe horizontally at the back of his neck, taking the Decanus' head clean off of his shoulders as it hit the ground and rolled forward, still wearing his helmet as his decapitated body fell over on to the charred grass. The Vikings roared with victory. It was done. Afterwards, the young prince would gather up the rest of his Viking warriors and continued forward towards the mountains, apparently looking to join the other groups that were already advancing towards the caves. Those who lingered behind him would make a mockery of the Argosians by playing soccer with the Decanus' head, kicking it back and forth like some sort of sick and twisted Viking ball game. It was apparent that the Iskjerne Vikings were no longer being civil towards outsiders and invaders. They had been pushed over the edge and were tired of being oppressed. They meant business, and they were now prepared to take their war over to enemy soil, and face them in their own backyard.

Meanwhile, the Iskjerne Castle was already under siege as Duke Rollo and his Ellarian Normans faced a similar fate. The Frankish army was a bit larger and better fortified than the Praetorians, armed with heavy crossbows which they used to keep the Vikings at bay. At least for a short while. They had barricaded the castle's inner doors and began dropping heavy rocks on invading Pagan heads, along with buckets of hot boiling water which melted their faces and burned their skins like sizzling poultry. Those at the front line would scream and cry out to their gods as they fell in agony. The smell of burnt flesh permeated the scene as King Harald watched from the castle's open courtyard, studying and observing the onslaught, trying to think of a good strategy. After a few minutes, he motioned for his Viking warriors to form a shield wall and accompany him in as he raised his own shield over his head and charged.

The large bolts and heavy rocks continued to rain down upon them, but with a roof of Viking round shields now overhead, the Norman projectiles had little effect on King Harald and his Viking warriors. Once they reached the castle's inner entrance, the Iskjerne Vikings quickly used their axes and brute strength to hack away at the barricaded doors, as Rollo's guards tried desperately to push back against them from the other side. But the Vikings were powerful and fought with great fury, and every time one of them rammed into the door, a dozen or so Frankish mercenaries on the other side would be pushed back momentarily before recovering and stepping forward again to keep the doors from breaking. It was only a matter of time. Soon as the first axe blade pierced through the thick wood and its metal blade shined on the other side, the guards knew that the barricade could not hold much longer. The Vikings were literally hacking their way in, splintering the heavy arched doors one plank at a time. Duke Rollo shouted for some of the guards to step back and ready their spears as he stood above them on the winding stone stairway, terror in his eyes, for he himself had been a Norseman and knew fully well what the Vikings were capable of.

"Les voilà. Sois prêt!"

Duke Rollo shouted, pointing his guards and mercenaries into position. Just then, the heavy wooden crossbar would crack and split as the twin arched doors swung open. The first wave of Iskjerne Vikings stormed in, only to be met with spears as more crossbows rained down upon them from the stairwells above. It would be a hard fight to get through, but eventually the outcome would be the same as before. Only this time, someone else was also making moves. Bjorn Ironside and a small group of Iskjerne Vikings had their own strategy for penetrating the castle. While those at the castle's entrance led by King Harald had rammed their way in, drawing the attention of those from above, this was only a distraction. Bjorn Ironside and his handful of diehard Vikings were climbing up the backside of the castle, using ropes to make their way up to the battlements.

Once at the top, they stealthily snuck up behind the guards and quickly cut them down. Some of the Ellarian Normans, alerted by this sudden infiltration, barely had time to turn their attention on Bjorn's raiders before they too were faced with the stampeding Nordic bludgeons and axes. Bjorn Ironside himself grabbed one of the guards by his throat and lifted him up by his neck, throwing him over the side of the battlements only for the helpless man to scream before his armoured body hit the ground below with a metallic thump. Upon seeing this, King Harald gazed up and made eye contact with Bjorn Ironside, who nodded down to him before turning around and walking away, presumably entering the castle from the rooftop. Duke Rollo's guards continued to fight and kill as many of the invaders as they could, but it was no use. Soon, Bjorn and his men came roaring down the stairs, knocking archers over and hacking down the guards above, giving King Harald's group more of an advantage as they stormed into the open halls and swarmed the castle from within.

Duke Rollo was trapped. He tried to walk to his right, but King Harald's army was already coming up the stairs. He turned and tried to go left, but Bjorn's posse was already advancing towards him. With no other choice, Rollo quickly turned around and bolted into the guest chamber behind him, slamming the door shut. He had abandoned his guards to die as the small remainder of them stood outside the bed chamber, defending the door with their lives. It was only a matter of time. Their gurgling cries could be heard on the other side of the door as the Vikings showed no mercy. The last guard's torso could be heard sliding against the door as he fell to the floor. Rollo used all his strength to flip the bed and dresser up on end and slide them against the chamber door, creating a temporary blockade. It took a minute for Bjorn Ironside to push his way into the room. But as he opened the door to greet his uncle, Bjorn was slightly surprised to find the room completely empty with the window open. He quickly ran over to the window ledge and looked around, but his uncle Rollo was nowhere to be found. Bjorn scowled, placing his hands on the window ledge and gritting his teeth as the other Vikings started to enter the room. A moment later, King Harald entered, but Bjorn just shook his head quietly.

King Harald nodded and snickered, turning to look at the boar-skinned warriors behind him. He made a wave of his hand with his wrist, as if unsure but yet undaunted by what just happened. It was Duke Rollo, after all, a man they had all been aware of and whom they had once respected. Rollo had served Sigurd Hring and fought hard against the Taiyou army, and against Erling Snake's crusader knights. There was no telling what he was capable of, and King Harald seemed mildly impressed, if not a little bit amused by Rollo's escape.

"Well... What are you waiting for? Find him." King Harald said quietly, his deep raspy voice showing a hint of malice or anger, despite his smile and very calm demeanor.

By that point, Ubbe Ragnarsson and the remnant of his group had already met up with Halfdan Ragnarsson and the other two larger groups of Iskjerne Vikings who had descended into the caves. A dozen of them were equipped with weapons, armour and shields that they had confiscated from the dead Praetorians, while the remaining Vikings still had traditional weapons and armor. They made their way through the dark labyrinth of caverns and tunnels, holding oil lamps and torches. Finally, the time for their revenge had come. No longer would the Iskjerne Vikings stand idly by and allow their villages or fortresses to be invaded and destroyed by bullying foreigners. For too long had war and famine, pestilence and the plague of death and suffering been hurled upon them, guided by powers and circumstances that were out of their control. These hardened people, these veteran warriors of the far north, they had somehow managed to survive everything that the gods had thrown at them. Now it was time to fight back, this time in full force as they made their way towards the Rikkisopi Caves, numbering in the hundreds with only one goal in mind. To avenge Sigurd Hring, and ensure once and for all that Iskjerne Bay would remain in the hands of Iskjerne natives. Only this time, there would be no warning, no messengers to alert the Taiyou Empire of the horde that was coming to destroy them. The Vikings were absolutely mad with fury, and there would be no mercy.

Iskjerne Bay is a remote Viking settlement which features a motte-and-bailey Ring Fort, a large Mead Hall made from an overturned longship, and a statue of Sigurd Hring the Dragon Slayer.

Iskjerne Watch Tower

Iskjerne Watch Tower, also nicknamed Bjorn's Tower, overlooks all of Iskjerne Bay from its hidden rocky high point where it was carved into the face of the Weargtooth Mountains, accessible by a steep long winding narrow stone stairway.


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         Master O nodded in agreement.

Very well. I'll tell the others.
he said, before grabbing his coat from the rack and departing for the docking bay.

Sol Terra Owner: Ylanne

Terra is home to billions of diverse beings (indigenous, transient, and migrant) of infinitely varied species and backgrounds. An enigmatic world of adventurous (and often perilous) enterprise, Terra is as aberrant and peculiar as it is unique.

Raptor Bar and Grill

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         /say hello

A bar and grill serving alcoholic beverages and hearty meals, featuring local Xamoyan favorites. A cozy atmosphere.

Pagos Way

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         Reinhart Elvengar nodded, waving for the party to follow him as he set out for the mines in the valley. This was going to be an easy job, with all of these skilled shooters.

With confidence, he set out towards the city gates.

The wind blows cold through the way, the lights of businesses casting a warm glow. High walls can be seen peeking above the rooftops. There are things out there that shouldn't be let in.

Gromp's Gun Emporium

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         Reinhart Elvengar headed out of the shop, speaking loudly with his men about their plan to clear the mines.

Here's a great place to buy gnome crafted firearms, as well as a small variety of imports. There is a gun range out back where you can practice shooting ice sculptures of the wild creatures found around Xamoyos.

Gromp's Shooting Range

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         Norg Fungona looked around, not expecting a crowd...

Ice sculptures in the shape of wildlife of Xamoyos; raptors, some of giant turtles, and there was even one or two sharks mingled in. The colorful side-lighting transformed the ice targets into a rainbow of creatures.

The Hidden Glen

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         As the time passed and days began to change, so too did the unhatched infant dragon. It had slowly evolved and developed nicely into something which looked very similar to a gliding lizard, only much larger. It's oil bladders started to mutate and become gas bladders, while it's gills became gliding membranes. It's lungs grew bigger while it's toes and claws grew longer. Finally, the tiny dracodylidae was ready to hatch. It wiggled around and twitched quietly, pushing its slightly curved elongated snout against the egg shell from inside its pink, gooey veined center.

At first there was a crack, and soon the egg shell began to break away as the tiny forelimb of a dog-sized reptiloid reached out from between the cracks, curling its talons and hooking on to the edge of the busted shell. Then another hooked claw appeared, gripping the egg's outer shell as the scaley dragon lifted itself up. The egg's lid rested on the creature's head as it poked its face out, it's large round golden snake-like eyes simply menacing and frightening to behold with their diamond-shaped black pupils and slanted, scaley brow ridges. If ever a slimey salamander could look evil or dangerous, it was now, as it tested the air by tasting it with its forked snake-like tongue. It was obvious just from its appearance that this animal was a carnivore.

But even predators have to partake in the race for survival at some point. The infant dragon's natural borne instincts took over, and within moments, it managed to break free from its heavily armored egg shell. It didn't seem like much, but the struggle to get free had left the little baby dragon exhausted and tired. It crawled out into the world for the first time since its conception, and proceeded to rest between the protruding roots of the old willow tree. Although its scales were harder now, its flesh was still soft and slimey, covered in a protective layer of mucus which gave off a pheromone that would temporarily ward off predators. However, the baby dragon was still brittle and weak with soft skin and cartlidge-like hollow bones. Breaking free and hatching from the egg was tiring and the baby dragon had no choice but to rest afterwards. It would bask in the sun and dry out, allowing its body to absorb the sunlight and warm up, giving its heart and lungs the boost needed in order to get its blood pumping. The dragon's skin was sandy in color and semi-transparent like a newborn gecko. Although it had claws, its talons were still soft and very small, more useful for climbing and digging than for hunting or fighting off hungry wildcats.

After a few minutes, the newborn's claws and skin had dried out and hardened wonderfully. The large lizard reared its head up for the first time, and like a frog or gecko, would almost comically lick its large round golden croc-like eyes with its blackish purple, forked snake-like tongue. It was tasting the air, and becoming more familiar with its surroundings. The baby dragon could already smell other animals from over a mile away. It could hear their footsteps with its false ear lobes, located behind its eyes where it still had gills. It had a rounded snout and looked almost cute, if only for its small size and disproportionately big eyes, tiny cat-like claws and itty bitty webbed toes. It croaked its throat, or tried to, but no sound was presented by the creature's tiny call to its mother. It couldn't even chirp, for its body was still developing and the baby dragon had not yet learned to use its vocal abilities. It tried again as it's neck bulged, but again to no avail. Soon, it began to crawl or slither on all fours, taking its very first baby steps. It started to crawl along the forest floor, leaving the natural nest it had been in between the roots of the still burnt but partially green, old thriving willow tree for the first time in its entire life.

The Hidden Glen is a lush area, surrounded by the vast forest that lay south of the great city. While everything seems peaceful now, the glen has been witness to horrific battles and dark deeds.


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         The rattle and din of automatic fire followed the agent as he ran along the street, his weapon resting vertical against his shoulder while two feet sprinted him until he was near an overturned taxi. Stopping for a moment, he only made a quick hand sign to two men in cover nearby him.

“You two! Who’s been shot?!” The agent barked, putting his back against the crumpled taxi as bullets shot overhead. Windows shattered and glass rained onto the pavement, bouncing against blood stained concrete.

“No one yet! Adama is bringing the particle gun!” The Moluk screamed from his cover, racking the bolt on his assault rifle before inching away from his cover. In the alleyway behind the two Moluk riflemen, a third man appeared from around the corner hauling a cylindrical weapon over his shoulder.

“It’s going over your head, solamilitis!” The Moluk rifleman screamed as he took up position behind the rocketeer, who braced himself against the corner of the building. The agent scrunched himself down onto the pavement and against the frame of the taxi, flinching through the catastrophic ploom of the particle cannon accelerating the air into charged particles.

The agent’s ears continued to ring as he rolled himself onto his back, one hand slapping at the frame of the taxi. With a snort, he promptly spit - if only because the taste of the air was so repugnant.

In the nearby alley, a squad of Moluk infantrymen had gathered to support the flank - across the street, Tyrus and his squad engaged the street gang and seized the cafe. The agent managed a short chortle before his own breath seemed to overcome him, waving a hand over toward the cafe and encouraging the Molukai forward. “Seize and str- fucking forward!

Yannis racked the pump of his scattergun, stepping out from behind his dust covered comrade and then shrugging forward to the other infantry behind him. Snapping the weapon up, the shotgun barked in two thundering shots as he passed one of the gunmen strewn out on the pavement.

“Do you know these bandits, portitor?” One of the Moluk riflemen said with a chuckle as he bounded across the street, making sure to keep his boots free from the gore of a twelve gauge to the skull as he took position at the trunk of a car.

“Only that one!” Yannis yelled, hoisting the shotgun against his shoulder while he crouched down next to a Moluk squad leader. The Sergeant braced his assault rifle against his chest, holding a fresh magazine in one hand.

“This is Raptor - we have the cafe and civilians secured, let the moveremus have their signal!”

There was squawking and garbled words from the radioset hanging off the chest rig of a young, pudgy-faced Moluk - he couldn’t have been any older than nineteen - as he stood by the ruined barricade. Nodding, he hitched a hand upward into the sky and aimed between the two eclipsing buildings that were the Colonial Langara Hotel and the Imperial Embassy. In his hand, a single-shot flare gun.

While the Battle of Nethe raged along in a quagmire of senseless blood and death, a single flare went spewing into the skies above the city.

”This is Captain Petrescu, we have secured the evacuation route through Embassy Row - begin the rescue of all our brothers and sisters from Nethe!”

A watery, remote world deep in the Local Region.

Fort Veritas

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         Marlene quietly rolled her eyes and disconnected the transmission, placing her telephone reciever on the hook and turning to her intercom.

"Ready my transport, I'm leaving for Terra."

A heavily guarded military installation converted from an abandoned military building, Fort Veritas sits about a half a mile (and not quite a kilometer) away from the actual highway. It is surrounded by tall, reinforced walls with guard towers. To enter, you need to pass through the security station manned by fully armed military officers. A series of buildings in various stages of construction sit inside the walls. The central building is a low-lying, concrete structure that appears to be only one story. This is the headquarters of the Terran Armed Forces (TAF.)

The Abandoned Slums

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         Even though Isaac knew that this was part of the plan, his brain still registered only shock and fear at the moment the tranquilizing round made contact. His hands grasped at the air in a futile effort to remove it before its effects took hold and he fell, paralyzed and unconscious. This was definitely not one of the more glamorous undercover operations he'd taken part in.

The joint NPA and TAF team moved in quickly, the ground team already on the car by the time Ladon and Isaac's bodies had hit the ground. The agents pored methodically over the entire vehicle, leaving no compartment unseen, even as the detainees were bound and hooded for transport. "Five ready for transport," one of the agents radioed back.

"Acknowledged. Any ID?"


The team worked mostly in silence, cataloguing the materials in the truck and inside the abandoned apartment building, before tagging the items, too, for transport back to headquarters. Isaac, of course, had no way of knowing that several of the team members hadn't even been told that he was an undercover. Director Metternich had decided it was the strategically smarter choice, just in case any of the Molukai detainees started questioning the legitimacy of the supposed Hataf contact.

And so while most of the team worked to secure the scene, a secondary unit arrived to transport the five to Fort Veritas - all pre-arranged, of course, to prevent any inadvertent embarrassment to the government.

This area is clearly abandoned, and it appears to have housed some population for some extended period of time. There are well-constructed shacks here, tossed together with sheets of wood and corrugated metal, and they have obviously withstood the ages. There is no sign of any current residents.

Gambit's Bar

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         Ultimate Nightcrawler landed in a pile on the floor, vomited by whatever bizarre plane from which he had just come.

Gathering himself to his feet, he took a look around his old friend's bar, and wondered where the crowd had gone.

Ehhhh?! Where the hell is everyone?
he shouted, unaware of the other patrons.

Originally a run-down shack of a dive, Gambit's Bar has grown over the years into one of Wing City's most popular attractions.

Port Solinus

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         Sometime later, Gabriel and Agares walked through Port Solinus to their destination. Their cargo had been inspected, dismissed, and was in the process of being shipped to their destination.

The bustling port of Solinus City

Solinus City Spaceport

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         Master O inhaled the crisp night air as he exited the shuttle, visibly pleased. Nevertheless, he had work to do, and headed out into the city.

Capable of servicing the largest of Terra's freighters, the sprawling industrial suburb of Solinus City Spaceport has emerged as the heart of a bustling city with a robust modern industry.


Nondescript Terran Shuttle.


Elven nation, "land under the stars"

Viridescent Woodlands

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         Kilgallen Restaur awakens from a reasonable rest. The woodlands had always been a wonderful place to get a nap/

Viridescent Woodlands seem more untouched and wild than other parts of the forest, with more ground flora and canopy shade.

Astral Sea

Terra Astral Sea Owner: FizzGig

The Astral Sea is southwest of Aslund, and is home to various island chains in addition to Eden Isle.

Emerald Crater

You have entered the void — a black expanse with absolutely nothing in it.

Niihama City: Sector Two

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         The sun had slowly began to set, and to Yukiko it was by far one of the worst sector two neighborhoods she had been in. She took one brief moment to look up to all of the arcoligies that towered high above her, spreading out into metal decking that supported the urban sprawl above them. Her eyes then briefly darted back to the well decorated teahouse in front of her. She paused a moment to reach into the front pocket of the jeans she was wearing, to pull out a small crumpled note.

Scribbled on the note was a set of Kanji characters, she glanced down at them, and then back up.

"So this is the rumored 'Saigo Teahouse'" she mused to herself as she glanced upwards, and slid the note back into her front pocket, smoothing the creases in her form fitting anime themed t-shirt, which was worn under a loose fitting hoodie, it was a fitting disguise and tended to keep people from bothering her, if she looked like a common street urchin. It was a clever disguise she had used often to blend in with the local populations.

So she decided to take a step forward. Slowly she reached out and grasped the door handle, and slowly pulled it open, marveling at the inside.

She stepped in, hood pulled over her head as loose strands of hair flowed across her face, she knew all eyes were on her, but she decided to speak up, swiftly entering as the patient had left.

"I need to see Doctor Toda."

The lower class reside in sector two, and while it isnt the dredges and slums like Sector One, it's not the most desirable.

Sector 64717

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         Firecloud Ari looked infuriated, but there was more than a little fear on her features as she left The Void. She had been there before, but on her own terms. This...this was different, and she did not enjoy being ignorant. She peered around her cautiously, her hand on that ever present knife on her hip. Despite her hangover, she was sharper than ever, and very confused as to why Gambit's was gone...and how leaving it had brought

Uncharted Space Sector 64717 Owner: RolePlayGateway


Human Village

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         As a warm wind passed through Human Village, it rustled the apple tree enough for a fruit to drop not far from the one who sat beneath. There were no clouds to block the rays of the sun from dancing along the transparent crystal seed. What a curious object...

The lone human village.

Lakonia Minor

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         Nagala listened quietly, and intently to the briefing, making special care to digest the information presented, while cross referencing talking points with her own personal data device, EVE listening, and collating the information as it was being disseminated. This world, Hadriatica was home to a great many diaspora, and refugees, under normal circumstances, the Empire would pay them no heed, unpersoning them, and considering them traitors to the Empire.

"These terrorists need to be put to the sword before they can terrorize our home worlds. Normally this wouldn't concern us, but the threat here is obvious." Nagala mentioned to her XO, while he nodded and began to take notes.

"I've forwarded your query to the Ministry, Admiral." Iusif replied. "Your deployment requests have also been approved." He added.

"Very good, Ad Victoriam, Iusif." Nagala replied, as she turned to leave the briefing, figuring that everything would be forwarded to her in due time. For now, she was to draw up invasion plans, and get EVE to coordinate with the Exogarden for the liberation of Hadriatica from this organization.

Quietly, Nagala moved to slip away from the gathering of military personnel so she could return to the Bum Rush, she was slightly annoyed, and didn't think the Hastati cruiser would amount to much, but some positive PR was just what the Empire needed in this day, and age.

The Lakonia system sprawls around an old, ancient yellow star. Several large and small void bodies are found across the reaches of the star system.


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         /say What are you looking for?

Once upon a time, in an illustrious land of autumn hues far beyond the sunset is where your tale began. There you stood, in a field bathed in sunlight, waist high grasses browned by summer passed. It was a golden stretch of curiosity, natural and naked made seemingly for your exploration. Over to the west, a crag of dark stone stretched towards the sky. How did you get here? Where did you come from? The wind itself awaits your response.

Collenham Mountains

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         They passed through the road around the corner without any complications. The other travelers spared but a passing glance as they made their way through the mountains. Southward went their cart, clicking against the rocks which scattered the worn path. Finally, even their laughter died away as they made their way towards the mountain highway.

The Collenham Mountains are a majestic range of ridges bisecting Aslund from west to east. Somewhere distant, or maybe it's in your head, you can [url=]hear a faint tune[/url].


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         With a wild smile, Moonlight followed the two into unknown

As you maneuvered closer to the summit, it's shadow swallowed you whole. Towering above you, the peaks pierced midnight into the clear blue sky. Even the ground eluded towards darkness, grasses growing shorter with every one of your steps. The stone mass appeared to have come into existence completely at random, as if a thousand hulking and oddly shaped boulders fell from the heavens. Deep crevices contrasted the wild protrusions of rock, it was truly a wild and mysterious structure.

Mountain Cove

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         Sishi watched Yanagi’s calm nod, scampering out the door as it opened. She climbed upon the rough oak cart, watching as all fifteen boxes full of wares to be sold were placed in the back compartment. Aeli and Yana were currently putting their bags of food, clothes, tents, and various other materials in the front section. The would sit there in the beginning of the journey, using magic to roll the cart, but they would soon migrate to the back and summon otherplane horses to pull. Sishi has made this journey with them for six years now, and she had recognized their patterns. Mewling softly, she curled up against the wooden plank separating the back and front compartments and let herself fall back asleep. The cart set into motion.

This is a dense woodland valley nestled deep within the Collenham Mountains. A fresh water river feeds into the valley from the surrounding mountains, and the landscape is lush and teaming with life.

Saint Lemeux

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. . . Lutetia City, the rat swamp, as some called it. Some parts of the city were absolutely gorgeous, especially near Saint Lemeux, with its old history and timeless buildings. During the day, the downtown area of Saint Lemeux was absolutely marvelous to behold with its carefully crafted old gothic-styled grey stone architecture and hanging green vines and air plants, large statues and menacing gargoyles, beautiful cherubs and angels, and bright red thorny rose gardens. Here it looked like Paris, with its cobble stone roadways and sidewalks, and the large St. Lemeux Cathedral with its enormous blue church staples, yellow clock tower and vivid multi-colorful stained glass windows. Saint Lemeux made downtown Lutetia look like a peaceful, busy little sanctum. At least during the daylight hours.

. . . But at night, this was a different place. It was dark, shadowy, cold, quiet, a little foggy and spooky. Saint Lemeux seemed like a ghost town at night, with the only real street activity being the presence of the parting monks in their black hooded robes and bone chilling vocals as they sang together in harmony without playing any other music, sounds or instruments. Their angelic voices echoed their Evêquec faith, giving the downtown area an aire of gothic mysticism and sanctified holiness that rivalled even the best gospel singers of the time. All the colors in the city faded to black, and the only light besides the moonlight came from the old black lamp posts on the sidewalks and whatever other hues could be seen cascading from the stained glass windows on to the cobbled streets.

. . . Nicole Mitchell Shang was sitting on the steeply pitched rooftop of the very tall clock tower as it began to chime, it's loud automatically functioning internal clock bell echoing over the city, signifying that it was now midnight once again. She watched quietly from the shadowy eaves behind a stone statue of a small hooded angel with its outstretched wings, somewhat bearing the likeness of the blessed virgin mother. Nicole wasn't a very religious person herself, having come from Tianshi City in Shintenchi and hailing from a family of mostly Shinto practitioners like her father. She had been buried at her family's ancestral tomb, which was a large stone rectangular sepulchre which sat above ground at the Tianshi Grand Temple, unlike the individually marked crosses and gravestones she saw at the Saint Lemeux Cemetery where her friend Eric Draven had been laid to rest.

. . . Nicole sometimes visited the church's cemetery in order to pay homage to Eric's grave, as well as to Sergeant Darryl Albrecht's grave. Officer Albrecht had been a police officer and a detective of the LCPD who had been killed in action while helping Nicole and Draven to take down a powerful crime syndicate, and Nicole sometimes left red roses by their headstones to pay her respects. Terra in general was a dangerous place to roam about at night, and Lutetia City was no exception. Especially here in Saint Lemeux, where werewolves and vampires like Alec Constantine of the Vankoryth Détente lingered, hunted by people like Marc Favre of the Ardalean Society, and where Lutetia City Police sirens and cruisers echoed throughout the night, followed by rushing firetruck engines and the occasional ambulances originating from Saint Abelard Hospital, usually to clean up the mess.

. . . It was here where pathologists like Ninette Segal worked together with officers like Élodie Blanc to try and solve some of the many cases that came pouring in every single day, some more stranger than others. Luckily for Nicole and Draven, they didn't have that problem. Sergeant Albrecht had taken the liberty of scrambling their case files and deleting all evidence of their existence before he died. The other detectives down at the LCPD were already aware of Officer Albrecht's misconduct and had planned to do an investigation on him after the Van Drake case, but unfortunately he was murdered in the line of duty before they could even put the pressure on or squeeze him for information. Darryl Albrecht had taken his secrets to the grave, which meant that nobody would go looking for Nicole Mitchell, or start suspecting her of anything, especially since she was already dead.

. . . But Nicole was not a vampire, or a revenant of the undead. She didn't bite people, drink blood or perform lycanthropic acts of cannibalism on unsuspecting victims. Nicole was something else entirely, like a ghost, a poltergeist or something beyond the normal happenings throughout the city. She had been summoned, brought back from the dead by a white cat named Gabriel in order to avenge her sad and despairing soul. Was her body possessed by an archangel? Nicole Mitchell Shang wasn't entirely sure what had happened to her, or how it all worked out, but she was absolutely certain that there had been a genuine reason for why she had been risen from the dead. With her father's killer now behind bars at Saint Lemeux Prison, she wondered how long she would be destined to continue roaming the planet, bouncing from city to city, fighting crime and taking out the bad guys until she could finally rest in peace.

. . . Nicole Mitchell gazed ahead at the giant yellow moon on the horizon, overlooking the nightly lit city streets below. The church's clock tower was amazingly tall and gothic, with its yellow clock face appearing almost as large as the moon itself, several tens of stories high where the wind blew evermore intensely with no buildings to obstruct it. Nicole's dark almond colored hair blew wildly behind her as her long black leather trenchcoat flickered and flowed along with the chilly breeze. Most people would have been able to see their own breath as they exhaled from that high up. But since she was already dead, when Nicole sighed heavily, no air came from her lungs. It was as if she had only been reinacting what natural breathing habits she had in life, for the act alone was useless. Nicole didn't need to breathe. She could neither drowned nor suffocate. She could not be harmed by flames, stakes or even silver bullets, for she had become something else entirely, something supernatural which could not be explained so easily. As the white cat Gabriel jumped up on the ledge of the rooftop and laid down beside her, Nicole began to pet him quietly while lost in her own thoughts, or what she could only perceive to be her own memories.

The administrative center and heart of Lutetia.

La Sirene Bistro

Bistro with a small parking lot. The sign displayed, 'La Sirene'. Despite the restaurant's small size it looked very high class, with decadent fabrics and fresh flowers. Meet with the hostess to find a seat at the breakfast bar, or at a booth.


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         Meteor flickered emerald and nyoomed off west

Terra Aslund Owner: Remæus

Aslund; the largest continent on Terra.

Matrano West Docks

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You have entered the void — an black expanse with absolutely nothing in it.

Yukikaze City

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         Taylor pulls down under the clouds, following the escort of the two much more advanced aircraft, doing a quick look over of his readings.

Second largest city on Niihama


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         Paul sensed that something had changed, and looks down at the notepad at his feet.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not sure I can do that. I would likely be tried as a traitor to my nation. And I would probably need my ship's navigation system to show you anyways."

Onboard the three Oberon ships, the message is recieved and translated. About twenty seconds later an alarm is tripped, and each of the operational crew at the bridge are alerted that their security was being opened up by some sort of virus. At around the same time, they were alerted that a swarm of objects were approaching them, and quickly.
This was when it became apparent to the Oberon on board the CU Henderson that the Aschen were almost clearly going to attempt an attack.

The two smaller carriers prepare their main guns, three heavy railguns that fired rounds as large as 1 meter, as the virus on board the Henderson is isolated and stopped. The Henderson broadcasts another message to the Aschen, being sure to now isolate their communications program from the rest of the databanks. The next transmitted message was as follows.

"Start transmission. It has become apparent to us that you have hostile intent. As already explained, we do not wish to fight or come into contact any further with your people, but will engage in combat if pushed to do so. You have been given permission to interrogate the captive Oberon in any way you see fit, as they have unwillingly trespassed into an area under your jurisdiction. It may be advised that you inform them of the fact that they have been ordered by the Colonial Union itself to comply, as they likely will be hesitant to do so. If anything else is required of us or of your captives, you may ask. We do not wish to engage in hostile activities with your nation. End transmission.

Although they say this, they are fully prepared to fight, more out of paranoia than anything.

Pan'Chek is a main sequence star within the Cygnus Arm of the Milky way Galaxy, it's a typical yellow dwarf star that has eleven planets, mainly populated by the Aschen Empire

UCFS Thunderstorm

This is the UCFS Thunderstorm, a rather small gunship, but heavily armed with the most advanced tech the United Citizen's Federation has.

Military Encampment

You have entered the void — an black expanse with absolutely nothing in it.

Adventurer's Guild HQ

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         "I should ask you," Peter says. "You're more familiar with this place, I'm sure." He stands up, slowly removing himself from the seat, careful not to knock anything over due to his bulky armor. "Where do you reckon we should run to put these up?"

The HQ for Adventurers across the lands, this place hosts various offices, services, and even holds the Destara Bar on the ground floor. Here is where adventurers can be plotted, adventurers meeting new friends, and quests can be posted.


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         Omnia giggled, thoroughly entertained with the show. She probably could've halted Irral's retreat long enough to see him torn asunder by the Aschen, but the Dragon was no issue and she was here only as an observer. "Guess that is that then... She decided to leave before the Aschen got their Planck field up and in range of her.

With a flash of light and distortion of space, Omnia was gone, off to Orbit Terra and provide tactical assistance to her Captain. The need to hurry was for naught, however, as the Aschen left the scene to pursue their quarry.

The system has a middle-aged yellow star with two planets and a single structure in orbit around it. The primary gateway system to the Yl'l'tei Galaxy where the Continuum primarily resides.


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         "The strange cluster of stars in Pramia's night sky disappeared, one by one, as the battle came to an end."

What had happened, up there in in Ospian'lik?

Welcome to Pramia, please do try to pay attention to warning signs.

The Milky Way

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         The 6th Order, a once powerful terrorist faction which has since become less powerful. It splintered after the untimely death of their leader; The Final Order was made up of those who were followers of Hristofor and still believed in his goal to bring order to the multiverse through chaos, and that by destroying all forms of leadership they will free people from the shackles of control.

The Light of Faith was the religious sect of The 6th Order who joined only due to their devotion to Harashaz, manipulated into joining by Hristofor. They instead chose to incorporate The 6th Order's military discipline into their religious teachings, but swore no allegiance to The Final Order. They had no desire to continue their desires - and instead wished to spread their technology to others...especially The 6th Order's former enemy, The Aschen. Due to their tension with The Final Order, they wished to hinder them by supporting their enemy and help The Aschen crush the remnants of their enemy...

...What remained for the new factions...was tough to tell.

The Milky Way Galaxy is a large barred spiral galaxy that is approximately 100,000 light years in diameter, and contains over 400 billion stars, of which about 17 billion are Earth-sized.

The Orbus

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         Master turned to look over his shoulder, noticing too late that someone had passed through. Too absorbed in his course-plotting, he disregarded the incursion and returned to his work.

Sol The Orbus Owner: Remæus

You enter this mysterious place surrounded by a curiously dry mist. You can't see more than a few feet in front of you, and you're not quite sure how big the place is. Nevertheless, here you are.

Lakonia Minor System

You have entered the void — a black expanse with absolutely nothing in it.

Orion Spur

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Dogoda Station, somewhere in the Local Region

Distress signals were a fickle beast, Captain Intana thought to herself as she stood on the command deck of the CNS Agatha Rune, a 234m Atlas class Destroyer of the Exogarden’s patrol squadron as it listed quietly some six hundred thousand kilometers from the large arco-habitat. With a central habitat spanning nearly fifty kilometers in keel, Dogoda station dwarfed the Rune like an elephant and an ant.

For the nearly sixty thousand souls that called it home however, this tiny ant was their only hope of immediate rescue. It had taken the Rune almost three days to burn into the local space of Dogoda station, in which time a routine reactor cycling had gone from bad to worse. Two days ago, a power cascade had burned a six meter hole through the reactor shroud and dosed some eight hundred workers and technicians before failsafes could remedy the problem.

In nearly 72 hours, the number exposed had grown from eight hundred to nearly twelve thousand - not just reactor technicians and powerplant staff either. Now, their families were beginning to show acute radiation sickness, friends and colleagues that worked in completely different systems were now showing symptoms as well. A six meter hole in a reactor with more safeguards than a vault had poisoned thousands in the span of days.

What was even worse was that as problems compounded with the Dogoda station’s powerplant, other station systems soon began to falter and fail. Oxy-scrubbers in the outer-habitats lagged, air slowly spoiling until the very breath was stolen from the lungs as one entered a room thought safe. A working crew of sixty had suffocated to death deep within one of Dogoda’s scrubbing chambers in this way, and another twenty hospitalized with severe hypoxia recovering the bodies of their colleagues.

To call this an unmitigated disaster was an incredible understatement for Captain Intana, who gripped tightly at the railing of the deck. Splashed across a large airscreen projected at the front of the bridge, Intana watched closely as a pair of techs strode along the hull of the station’s reactor module. The Captain’s hands tightened, knuckle going white as she barked out to the sailors below in the pits of the bridge.

“Can somebody get me a god damn tight beam with station control? Those techs are standing on a fusion bomb held together with vac-tape!” Her voice carried along the bridge, comms-techs struggling to establish communications with the station after an array breakdown.

“Station comms are fried, a radiation spike hit their crystal matrix. We can reach them through code-line, but they’re repairing a systems bus now.” An Ensign reported, turning from his command banks.

“Slave the line directly to my Focus when we do, get some drones orbiting the station. Start finding every god damn leak in that hull - and get those techs away from that reactor module!” Intana ordered, quickly issuing her orders remotely with the soft wave of a hand before she turned to the bridge lift. Intana was bound for drone control, a Lieutenant joining her with a tablet in his hand.

“Captain, twelve hours before the reactor problems a ship flagged by the ESPF was renting a slip in the station’s dockyards … “ The Ensign began, turning with the Captain to join her in the lift.

“It’s a big station, smugglers stopping by, waiting for some contraband to cool off, could be anything.” The Captain replied, folding her arms neatly along her back. The concern etched on the young officer’s face drew pause from Intana for a moment though; as he continued, her sharp grey eyes narrowed.

“If it were that, I wouldn’t have pulled the ticket - SIGINT approximated the drive plume to an OPA merchantman that had recently ported in Hadriatica.” The Ensign said, offering a satellite image picked up from an interstellar probe listing aimlessly somewhere out in the depths of the Local Region.

“Spacer militias this far from their Shore planet.” Intana remarked, bringing one hand curiously to her chin. She studied the blocky compartments and sharp metal decks of the merchant vessel, looking at the sleek white wolf painted across the keel of the Roadehkar. She looked Govolian in design, a vessel built for harsh space and trade in a realm of stars where anything was a threat.

Intana was certain she saw the launching cells for missiles, and the bowsprit magnetic break of a keel-mounted railgun. Merchants were often heavily armed in regions of space like this and in the Garden, though the Roadehkar’s 340m keel seemed to be lacking merchant containers and compartmenting.

That was something Intana always used to spot pirates. No one carried a hold full of dried snack cakes and a nuclear missile at the same time for good reason.

“The Gidanadrome can pick up our OPA merchantman, when is the earliest a liner barge can reach the station for a mass evacuation?” Intana then inquired. A flagged cruiser leaving just prior to a catastrophic reactor malfunction was odd enough, though of the more pressing concern to Intana was the station itself.

“We estimate a day and a half at best, the Hutatha is an old aid ship grandfathered into the Terran Navy but slow - though, they’ve dispatched all hands for a humanitarian mission.” The Ensign promptly reported, shifting while the lift began to descend softly. Putting his own hands by his side, the Ensign’s face darkened for a moment. “We’ve been unable to communicate so far with station control however, and haven’t informed them of the vacuum fire: the Hutatha may be only a day out, but in twenty hours that hole will be bigger and - “

“That’s why re-establishing comms is a top priority. My plan is to piggyback some multi-drones into a comm-line with the Runey. Hopefully Lieutenant Commander Page will have a fix for the reactor shroud in the meantime by then.” Intana stated bluntly, watching the doors then peel open into the drone control deck where a pair of Starfleet officers stood before a holographic, orbiting view of the t-shaped station.

“Captain on deck! Disembark the first stack of multi-drones!”

Lieutenant Commander Winley Page stood with her hand fixed over a vac-helmet at her side, promptly saluting with the other hand. Nearby, a technician monitored a drone terminal, where outside the first of ten MRD drones disengaged from their coupling stations on the Rune’s hull.

At only 13 meters in length the Mors drones weren’t any particularly large or well equipped craft, though their usefulness in carrying the large pod relays for comms was understated. It would take around thirty of these drones to establish an adequate audio/video comms-line - accessing station systems would take the systems deck another two and a half hours to complete - but would at least be a functioning link between the Rune and station control.

As the first stack of ten drones drifted along into the empty void between the destroyer and Dogoda station, the distress call that had cycled before station comms were fried continued to blare through the darkness.

This is Dogoda Station broadcasting on emergency rescue frequencies, we have suffered a catastrophic reactor malfunction and are in dire need of radiation control. If you receive this broadcast please retransmit."

The Orion Spur is a small, nondescript branched arm of the Milky Way also referred to as "The Local Region". It is relatively sparse and lacking in resources.

Ship of Lights

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         Morgan La Fay nods slowly.

An unusual construct fabricated entirely of some otherworldly crystal, this vessel is shrouded in mystery.

Caprica City Cosmodrome

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         Morgan La Fay started to walk some more, approaching the sidewalks of Iter Caprica 1 "Big brother is a personification of the party that rules this place." Morgan explained, stepping through a pair of glass doors that slid open on their own, the cool Caprican breeze wafting through them.

Caprica City Interplanetary Spaceport, where all traffic passes through on, and off the Aschen capital world of Langara.

Callis Caelum

Major north/south road flanked by towering skyscrapers on both sides.

Iter Caprica 1

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         Morgan La Fay stood silently, waiting for Claire to make her decision, the light changed for a moment, and the cars came to a stop at a nearby intersection. While the light was red, it chirped in a soothing melody.

Road heading West from Victory Square

Septem Viginti Quattuor

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         Morgan La Fay materializes from nothingness, and solidifies back into human form. “Where will you go from here?” Morgan asks.

A Chain of convinience stores owned and maintained by Tech Con Grocery Holdings, Septem Viginti Quattuor is stocked to the brim with all kinds of goodies.


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Or so they thought...

The Vikings tried to build a sand castle, but after a half day of digging they realized that Floki's plan didn't work as the structure caved in. Gathering the information he heard from everyone, Floki realized that he needed a more stable shelter. But without any trees, rain or grass, he would need a replacement for wood and water. So to compensate for their time, Floki proposed that they keep digging and use the rocks and stones on the ground to build an earthdome over the top of the dirtpool, using the red and black dust beneath their feet to support the earthdome like underground walls, giving them a temporary underground shelter which, once covered in the red dust, looked just like another hill on the sandy desert.

This worked, for a time, allowing Floki to think about his options. They couldn't go back. Their transport crystals were only good for a one way trip. He needed to formulate another plan. The following day, the Vikings left the earth lodge to explore the moon further. Floki learned that the sky was black with a red haze during the day, the stars were bright, the 3 suns were further away, and that Gaia itself looked absolutely stunning, a magical glowing blue and green sphere which looked huge from the moon's surface. Floki listened quietly and walked with his 6 followers for miles, but they never found anything other than rocks, salty metallic tasting sand and scarce bits and pieces of driftwood, which they collected anyway. But after a while, and many more attempts, Floki was about to give up.

On the third day, things were starting to get worse. The moon was starting to get windy, and reddish orange dust storms covered the horizon. Floki and his team were too far from their shelter to return in time. They needed another plan, and quickly. Floki led them towards the large fallen rockpile at the base of the mountains and hoped for the best. Time was running out. The Vikings were tired, dehydrated and getting sore. They needed water, and Floki prayed to his dark gods that the large rockpile would be able to shelter them from the incoming red dust storm before they got sand blasted.

But as they got to the rockface, they didn't find any of the large fallen boulders which resembled a shelter. Floki sat on a rock and lowered his head. He failed. He knew it. He understood why Helga deceived him. It was because she loved him. But he knew in his mind that he had given up. He cursed himself and threw his walking stick on the ground, palming himself in the forehead while cursing. But all of a sudden, he heard a yell.

"Floki, come! Come quickly! There is a cave." Helga shouted. A cave? Floki contemplated. If large enough to hold seven people, a cave would be an even better shelter than a rockpile. The Vikings quickly headed into the cave as Helga and Thodhilda prevented the blind leader from falling. But as they entered the small tunnel and headed deeper, the cave started to open up and get bigger. But there were no other passageways. It just went straight back and expanded into a large dark empty chamber. They used the gear they had brought with them to lite candles, and at first they didn't see any particularly interesting shadows. But the chamber had another small tunnel going down even further into the cave, hidden by it's own size, shape and color, both by the darkness, and by the shadow of its reflection. Halfdan almost didn't see it, until he stepped into a hole and fell through, twisting his ankle.

The cave seemed to go on forever, and they still saw no sign of life anywhere. Erik the Red helped Halfdan to his feet while Floki gave up his walking stick so Halfdan could support himself. Now the Vikings were really in trouble. They kept walking slowly deeper into the cave tunnel until finally, like a miracle, they started to notice something different. It sounded like thunder and rushing water behind the cave wall. They traveled further, going around the cavebend, but they didn't expect what they were about to see. For right there at the very end of the cave, was a massive subterranean ecosystem which was blue and green, and had been untouched by anyone until now. It was lit up by the crystalline stalactite and stalagmite formations which formed what looked like an open jaw entrance through a sinister looking smile with sharp pointy teeth for pillars. This seemed to be the only way in or out of the enormous breath-taking underground environment. The light seemed to be originating from the candle lights they were holding, as if the crystalline structures had been some sort of magical amplifiers that made the innermost rigidly dome-shaped part of the cave lite up. Whatever this place was, it had some type of force field around it. It seemed to be protected from outside interferences by some form or manner. Was it technology? Was it anti-technology? Or was it Gaia's magic? If so, the implications were interesting as the inner cave seemed to nullify teleportation, wormholes, time traveling and other strange phenomena. Whatever it was, the hidden gem in the cave was like an underground oasis or paradise with waterfalls, hazey mists, forest jungles and rocky steps up a miniature mountain deep down inside the hollow red moon. They had found water.

The Vikings weren't done yet...

Moon of Gaia. Small, unremarkable other than that it glows red.

Wing City

You have entered Wing City, the third largest city on Terra and its premier capital. Hustling and bustling with activity, this city serves as a hub of social and political activity, as well as the prestigious solo combat capital of the quadrant.

Main Street

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         Astrid's mood rose as she noticed the foundling start to follow behind her. The strange girl looked almost happy, which made her feel oddly similar. "Keep up now, I expect great things from you and I won't be disappointed." She found herself proudly leading Haze into the heart of Wing City, her stride leaving nothing to the imagination for the city's many predators.

This is Wing City's Main Street - the long expanse on which most of Wing City's attractions are situated. It is in pristine condition, with the sidewalks in perfect condition.

Cursed Wood

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         Catherine's smile seemed human. According to the library there were all sorts of vampires, some who could hide their fangs though an illusory mask or even retract them into their teeth. He didn't think much of it individually, but was building up the idea that this woman might not be your average vampire. Average vampire... he thought, and a wave of sadness washed over him. A feeling of powerlessness that Xavier had felt before. He was never sure why, and now wasn't the time to give his emotions too much credence.

Xavier pretended not to hear her question him about the restaurant remark. Surely she was trying to bait him into some embarrassing show of ignorance. He couldn't figure out exactly what it was, so would resign himself to glumly leading her along. Xavier hated this. His chance to influence her first impressions of him, before the others got to her. Oh, he was sure the others said things behind his back. All in some telepathic trance, knowing Xavier didn't have to capacity for that sort of thing. Did they think he was a moron? He'd like to see THEM write a self-enhancing subroutine that can build onto itself and convert the OS of any software. Hahah! Hah! Hah... I worked really hard on that.

Distracted by his thoughts and focus on keeping his seething irritation in, Xavier paid little to no attention. Unlike what she had heard before, Xavier spoke quietly. His words were telling of his mental state. They were coloured by a certain sour snark, delivered toward no one in particular.

"Cool. Cryptic. You'll fit right in..." Creature of the night. Why don't you act like it? Moron.

"Follow closely, here." He said, moving more precisely between the trees. Past one particularly dense cluster the great iron gate of Castle Vankoryth, seemingly coming from out of nowhere. Tapered to either end was a large stone wall, the size and length of which suggested the two should have been able to see the castle from much further way. Even more perplexing was the towering gothic fortress itself, a truly foreboding presence among the dark woods. No movement could be seen past the gate, no sound or sign of life.

"If you were invited, the gate will open. Otherwise someone should be out shortly." Xavier was not in the mood to speak with the higher-ups at the moment. He also didn't feel too comfortable near the castle at the moment. "I'll scedaddle, then. Got stuff to do. Have fun... Uhm..." Xavier realised he hadn't asked for her name. Whether she would tell him or not, Xavier's green hoody would turn a transparent grey. His figure following suit, taking the form of mist as his body dissipated where he stood. The mist snaked down into the fog, rendering itself completely invisible to the eye. Xavier needed to let some steam off.

((OOC: all good to close this encounter off.))

Dark and foreboding, the trees seem older than time itself. Larger than life, and equally as imposing, they stand distanced as if politely ignoring each other. Fog swirls around the bases of these trees, obscuring the earthy ground. Flowers dare not grow in this forest, for the canopy of leaves blots out the sun, and the temperature is stagnantly cool. There is something amiss about this forest.

Accursed Gate

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         Ghost of Aurora floated through the gate, disappearing into thin air after a moment. Where the sunlight kissed the tree-line a single blue rose bloomed.

A tall and foreboding gate stands at the northern edge of the Cursed Wood. Nobody remembers exactly when it appeared, but many rely on its superstition of keeping the creatures in the Wood.

Millenium Plaza

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         Ras quirked a small smile at Judex’s frown, brushing it off at present. “It is pretty scary if you think about it, I guess.” He folded his arms, wondering what type of person would talk to machines. He supposed it was possible, but it seemed such an odd field to pursue. Then again, he couldn’t really talk.

“Well, lead is pretty heavy so you might not be able to carry around a box of it. And half the reason people get phones anyways is to show it off.” He gave a small chuckle.

The Central Plaza of Hayslem City, it has connections to all over the city, a hub if you will. It was named the Millenium Plaza as it was the site where the Demon King Millen was sealed over one thousand years ago.

Dracos Valley

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         The ground near Danegh would begin to shake. This was no earthquake, but something far more significant. Before his eyes, he would witness the biggest animal in the land. It was massive, dwarfing all it stood by. The dinosaur was known as a sauropod, its long neck stretching into the sky. Each step it made would cause the ground to experience aftershocks, which wouldn't be unusual for an animal weighing 200 tons.

This was no ordinary sauropod however, this was the titan of the land. In comparison, Danegh would be no bigger than its toe. It approached the norsemen, its long neck craning down to get a good look at him. There was wisdom in this animals eyes, it understood who he was and recognized he was not a threat. It opened its mouth and groaned, the sound capable of penetrating his very being.

Dracos valley, a large expanse of land home to a diversity of beasts both large and small.

Vixi High Orbit

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         Azul needs to find somewhere to go, he had been standing there daydreaming for only God knows how long. There were people around, although due to the blurriness of his visor he couldn't truly discern what was happening. Swords sheathed, mind somewhat at ease, he walks forward kicking a piece of metal on the ground.

This relatively stable space floats just above Vixi, almost perfectly geosynchronous.

Metropolis City

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         “I think for the sake of my interests in the Local Region and the Aschen Home State in the future, you and your government familiarize yourselves with the business of nation-building - despite your propaganda, there’s actually far more important beyond your corner of the galaxy that more of you are learning of. Considering the past and current terroristic nature of your government even, the Exogarden took a moment considering just who their true enemies were before moving forward against the OPA.”

The intelligence chief spoke dryly as Johnne and Maric studied the information before them. “There was an OPA splinter cell that had infiltrated Eden Prime’s nuclear reactor sectors a few years ago - the ESPF had cleaned them up but their network had been left behind. They planned to steal spent fuel rods for use in dirty ordnance, though just because we stopped them in the Shore Planets doesn’t mean we stopped them elsewhere.”

“On Bathe the spacer propaganda and civil arm has been at work across the stations, and a peculiar ship has been dispatched for some months now. I believe this ship to be of particular interest in the goings on - as it was last docked in Hadriatica if I recall.” Rada began, then looking to Prince with a nod toward a picture of the planet hanging over the table. “If the Aschen and Terrans are alongside the Exogarden on Hadriatica, our governments will benefit from a multilateral situation handled by the expertise of the Apparatus.”

Metropolis is the largest city on Eden Prime and serves as the centepiece of the National Capitol Province. It also functions as the political center with its many embassies for other in the Interstellar Nations.

Club Purgatory

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         Bit was sitting on a stool at the main bar of the club. In front of her was a tall glass full of some black cocktail; from time to time the neon lights gave some green-silver metallic sheen to the drink. She was smoking a beedi and discrete hints of hibiscus fragrance were floating around her.
Bit was wearing black shorts with a beaded metallic fishnet tank top, and there was little doubt about what she had to offer to the clients of the club; but she obviously wasn't putting much effort into adopting a pleasant attitude for them or event paying any attention to them. She was indeed mostly keeping a stern face with a tormented look, while at some other moments a fleeting divergent squint gave the impression she was looking through people or things.

The hottest night club on Eden Prime located in Metropolis City.

Avenue of Heroes

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         Peter shakes his head a bit. "You don't need to. I can't take your money. And anyways, I have some other arms. But thank you!"
He continues walking until he reaches the building with the sign saying 'Adventurer's Guild." and stops outside the door.
"I think this is it, let's check it out."

Essentially the "Main Street" of Hayslem City, this road also holds various parks and had various statues of previous people granted the title of "Hero". At the center, where the road first began construction from, is a statue of the Hero who slew Millen.

Astrius Academy

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         Therion nodded happily, there was indeed a cafe there and it had excellent chai. With a grin, he started to make his way to the plaza, "I'll lead the way. You should try the chicken panini if you're into that sort of stuff. The sun-dried tomatoes really pull the whole thing together!"

Astrius Academy is not a normal school, but a school for interest, knowledge, adventure, and phenomenon. It teaches people about robotics, magic, lasers, spirits, and all sorts, and it has grades between Pre-School and College, able to handle any and all.

Hayslem City

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         Demor considered his options before shrugging. "I'll meet you at the VR Arcade she was last seen at. As for Secret Back Exit... You two can use it if you want. If I don't want to be followed, then they're not going to follow me." Demor was casual with his tone, but at the same time, he wasn't messing around. Despite his relaxed tone, his stance and body language dictated something else. As seen in the Grand Magic Games, he could easily and consistently move at speeds too fast for the human eye to comprehend, even when in dire circumstances such as low magic power, or even injuries to his body.

He rubbed Iviri's head affectionately as the boy stated that he wouldn't understand what his brother was saying sometimes, and smiled. "Don't worry about me, Iviri. I'll be alright." he smirked. "You two enjoy the baths... I'm off to meet your brother." he said, his tail stretching and bringing him to his feet, allowing him to walk away towards the locker-rooms where he could get dressed, and then walked out the front door. On one hand, it was smart to try and find a secret back door, but on the other hand, the Aschen likely knew where the VR Arcade was anyway, so they'd inevitably find him again anyway.

First, Demor went to his home, grabbing a picture or two of Montrose for Ivera to use in the investigation, before heading towards the Arcade in Questrios

The Planetary Capital, and Royal Capital, of the Continent, Hayslem is experience a time of great prosperity. Well, there is the occasional monster outbreak, and rising crime, but its still a shining beacon.

Takayama University of Niihama

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Ragnar Sigurdsson listened quietly as Livia Caesarius explained the very basics of civilized culture to him. Ragnar was still very accustomed to the medieval lifestyle, and to the isolated Viking Age cultures of the far north who had yet to be influenced by Romanesque architecture, plumbing and pipelines. She explained to him how the knob with the red sticker stood for hot water, while the knob with the blue sticker symbolized cold water. He observed her quietly as she demonstrated how the bathtub worked. Of course, he had already figured that out, but he was interested in what she had to say as she demonstrated the proper way of doing things to him. If he was going to fit in, and be seen by the Argosians as anything other than a savage, Ragnar Lothbrok was going to need to pay attention and learn how to adapt.

As she dunked the soap in the water, Livia could feel the ice cold water on her arm. For her and her people, the water seemed perhaps a little bit too cold for comfort, yet Ragnar Lothbrok Sigurdsson appeared to be quite relaxed as he remained sprawled out in the tub with his arms resting over the sides, looking at her. To the Legata's surprise, Ragnar didn't even have goosebumps. Apparently, his body had been adapted to the extreme cold temperatures in his homeland. In fact, as the running water in the bathtub was about fifty degrees, to the hardened Northman it seemed quite warm and comfortable. He started to peel his bandages off as the water began to loosen the tape and soak through the gauze. There was still some blood, but not much, and definitely not enough to be life threatening or turn the color of the bath water as he relaxed quietly.

Ragnar didn't say anything about the soap. He knew what it was, as the Vikings in his homeland had used all natural scentless lye soap to wash themselves regularly. In fact, for having a reputation as savages and primitive barbarians, the Vikings were actually some of the most hygienic and cleanest people of their time period. Whereas most medieval cultures were lucky to even find clean water, with high ruling queens, kings and monarchs bathing only once a year, and lower class people rarely bathing at all, the Vikings were known to bathe once a week on average, and the Northmen even had a specific weekday known as Wash Day in the Norse language devoted specifically to hygiene and cleanliness. Their taste for grooming and hygiene was one of the key factors why the Vikings had been able to avoid the bubonic plague that had swept through Europe and Rome as far as Asia, killing thousands.

Ragnar Lothbrok was one of the few exceptions, however. He had in fact contracted the plague, but only after he had decided to raid Europe and make a decent name for himself. He was sick for a very long time, even on his deathbed, but had managed to pull through with the help of some ancient Chinese medicine he had obtained from one of his slaves. It wasn't the first time Ragnar had almost died, and it certainly wouldn't be the last. After all, here he was again, recovering from several lashings and poisonous snake bites inside the Takayama University of Niihama, being cared for by some of the best doctors and nurses in the galaxy. As he took the soap and began rubbing it on his body, it was clear that Ragnar Lothbrok was going to make a full recovery. He had started to rub some of the soap suds through his hair and beard when Livia stopped him and showed him the bottle of shampoo. This was something new to Ragnar, for he had never heard of shampoo before.

Ragnar placed the wet bar of hypoallergenic soap back on the edge of the tub before cautiously taking the bottle of shampoo and conditioner, examining the contents carefully. Once again, he sniffed it before leaning back and making a strange face. There were so many different scents and fragrances throughout the Taiyou hospital, some more natural than others, he thought to himself as he squeezed a large portion of the shampoo and conditioner into his hand, rubbing it into his hair. It was way more conditioner than he actually needed, but he didn't know any better. It was his first time ever accommodating to such a highly technological and advanced civilization. As he continued to bathe himself in the water, squeezing his eyes closed as foamy shampoo ran down his face, suddenly he heard birds chirping. But they weren't like normal song birds. There was something off about them, for they sounded awfully mechanical and artificial to the Viking pagan chieftain.

Even with his eyes closed, Ragnar could tell that something was amiss. He picked up on the tone of Livia's voice as she began talking to someone over the phone. At first he thought she was talking to him, until she continued talking. Ragnar splashed some water on his face and slid down into the bathtub, dunking his head under the water before resurfacing with soaking wet hair wrapped around his face and neck. He pushed his hair out of his eyes and glanced up at Livia as she spoke.

"I'll leave you to get cleaned up, the doctor will check you over, and we'll get you some clothes." she said before standing up and making her way for the door, closing it behind her to give him some privacy. Suddenly, he felt very alone and uncomfortable again. Ragnar gazed around the empty bathroom, taking a mental note of everything once again and storing the images in his brain. He stood up slowly, feeling more revitalized after taking a bath as the water ran down his body back into the tub. He stepped out of the shower and grabbed one of the towels that was hanging on the wall, wiping his face off. His body was still slightly sore, but not nearly as much now that he had loosened up and moved around a bit. After drying himself off, Ragnar wrapped the towel around his waist like a skirt or kilt before opening the bathroom door and stepping back into the patient's recovery room. He grabbed the wheelchair that had been placed for him and sat down on it. He fumbled with the wheels for a moment, trying to figure out how to operate the wheelchair on his own. After a minute, he rolled himself over to the open window, dragging himself on his heels as he pushed the wheels with his hands.

Once he finally reached the open window, Ragnar Lothbrok gazed out over the open city, taking in the view while savoring the wind on his face.

His Imperial Majesty Nobuo Takayama University, a prime educational facility known for it's sciences, and engineering.


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         Gaia: High orbit

Amidst the magic imbued void of space, a single distortion opened up, cloudy tendrils of spatial energies opened up as a single Taiyou ship, the Shizuru Maru jutted fourth from the nothingness of space.

Once it decelerated, Captain Susumu Kodai watched the displays intently, It had been some time since General Hama had heard from the Argosian legions dispatched to Iskjerne Bay, and rather than risking lowering the defenses at his portal facility, he had opted to redirect the nearest Imperial ship to perform a high-orbital reconnoiter of the Iskjerne Bay region.

Captain Kodai briefly checked his instruments, they were beyond the interference field, and everything seemed to be working nominally. This was good, so the Captain turned to his bridge officer. "Are we in position?" He asked in Taiyou, with which the officer nodded, and a magnified image of Iskjerne Bay flitted into view on the screen, there was a lot of darkness, but the orange glow of flames could be made out in the pixelated image.

"Clean it up, we're going to have to wait until daybreak to take additional photos." He said, the overwhelming feeling that something was amiss seemed to wash over him.

"That's a lot of fire down there... I wonder what happened." The Captain asked quietly, as they magnified the image.

A planet within the Sirius System that orbits the dead star; Eras. However, Gaia is not lacking light. Two other stars orbit the planet itself; Atargatis and Sagittae. Three moons provide temporary night when eclipses take event, otherwise Gaia is always bathed in sunlight. It is only due to the magical nature of Mother Gaia which provides the necessities for fantastical life to grow, the planet always ever watching over her beloved children who roam her earth.

Crystal Nexus

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The following morning, the Vikings awoke from their slumbers and arose from their tents near the campfire, which by now had died, leaving behind only a pile of burnt charcoal and ash. Floki collected some of the charcoal fragments in a glass jar, mixing it with animal dung and a handful of salt before adding some water from the melting ice and dew drops collected from his tent. He then opened a different jar of deep Prussian Blue powder he made using iron, copper, crushed rock salts and other natural minerals which he then added into the first jar. He closed the lid on his jar and shook it up, mixing all of the contents together, creating some nasty dark blueish green mixture. Erik watched curiously, not entirely sure what Floki was doing, but he wasn't about to ask or question anything as the weird thin eye-shadow wearing war veteran poured the contents on to a metal plate and set it out in the sun to dry. It seemed he had a plan.

"So now what?" Halfdan asked as he stretched and yawned, blowing his nose and washing his face in a wooden bowl of water before handing it over to the next person in line.

"Now we go there," Floki said, pointing to a set of archways arranged in a particular pattern almost like Stone Henge, each one actually containing a hidden portal to another location.

This was the Crystal Nexus, a place that Floki had only ever heard tales about. He was very excited to see it in person for the first time, and he couldn't wait to figure out if it still worked. Hrafn-Floki fumbled with the small transparent sunstone in his pouch pocket before gazing up at the peak of the mountain just in front of him, and at the magnificent archways which rose above it in a circle. It was absolutely beautiful, he thought to himself, but he also knew that the journey wasn't finished yet. There were other obstacles his band had to overcome in order to make it work.

But, being undaunted, Floki had a plan. He gathered everyone up at the top of the mountain for a small meeting after breakfast to explain the situation, and the strategy he had invented to overcome the challenges ahead. Because the Vikings were so few in number, getting all of them in at one time wouldn't be a problem. But Floki only had one crystal, and secretly he knew that all of the Norsemen were going to need their own crystals if he was to get all of them through the portal and into the other side. Suddenly this became a major problem for the diehard spiritual leader.

Or did it? As the clever Floki started discussing his plans with the camp, it became clear to Erik Thorvaldsson what Floki had been doing with the plate of blueish green charcoal clumps. Apparently, he had somehow discovered a way to grow his own crystals using charcoal, salt, animal dung and a metallic blue colloidal powder he had used to make ink and dye. Although he wasn't entirely sure how it worked, what Floki didn't know yet is that the animal waste contained ammonia, a key ingredient used to synthesize rock crystals. He was already ahead of the game, but it would take a little bit of patience before the others caught on.

As the days passed, slowly the crystals began to form. All the while, they had been left outside and exposed to the elements, being charged naturally by Gaia's suns and the bright red moon, a process which helped the synthetic crystals to grow faster. To the others who followed Floki, it must have seemed like wizardry, but the clever old fool wasn't done yet. He still had to trick the system, somehow, and re-direct the portal from one location to another if he was going to get his party on to the surface of the red moon Colossa, a destination that the Crystal Nexus wasn't entirely designed to take them. Once again, it seemed that the Vikings were faced with a major problem.

But once again, Hrafn-Floki the Ghostslayer had a clever trick up his sleeve. His former king, Sigurd Hring, who had long ascended and was now One with Gaia, was certainly aware of everything that Floki and his Viking explorers were up to. Sigurd had taught Floki how to use a sunstone, and how to bend light through a prism to form a rainbow. In life, Sigurd had taught Floki that if there was a will, then there must be a way. Floki just had to think deeply, and discover it. Floki the Vitki slowly scratched his partially bald head, standing before the archways and studying their alignment intently. He started to wonder if he couldn't somehow bend the space within the portal, just as he had once bent the sunlight through a prism to form multiple other pathways and colors of light.

"That's it!" He shouted. Floki just couldn't control himself, as his fingers and muscles twitched, causing him to spasm with excitement as he let out a childish chuckle, smiling as he gritted his teeth and looked again.

"Floki you fool. Why didn't you see this before?" He criticised himself before walking over to one of the archways and examining it more closely. Slowly, clouds started to block the sunlight. After a moment of staring at the gate, he chuckled again softly, then walked through the archway and around it, studying every inch of its design before looking up at the overcast skies.

It was at that moment that Hrafn-Floki figured out what he was going to do. He would bend space-time, and re-direct the portal's wormhole from one destination to another by arranging the crystals in a certain way that would trick the mechanism into sending his party to the moon. But in order for his plan to work, his Vikings were going to need some kind of divine assistance from their gods. He began to call out quietly to Sigurd Hring, and to the great mother Gaia herself, asking for a sign.

At that moment, as if by pure coincidence, there was a break in the clouds. A single ray of sunlight beamed down over the mountain, lighting up a small area within the center of the archways. Floki watched silently for a moment, awestruck at what he was seeing. He took it as an answer from the gods, and soon, Floki was yelling at everyone else in the camp to hurry up and join him as he bit down on the knuckle of his index finger to make sure he wasn't dreaming. Halfdan the Black, Erik the Red, Floki's wife Helga, Thodhilda and the others hurried up to the peak of the mountain where Hrafn-Floki was standing, gazing with wide eyes.

He walked over to where the beam of sunlight was shining and stood in the golden light. He started fumbling with the sunstone in his pouch pocket again, waving his other hand and coaxing everybody else to hurry up and join him. The small band of Vikings quickly walked over and stood in the middle of the lit circle with him. All in all, seven Vikings stood together in a tight group as Floki told them all to pull out their blueish green crystals and hold them up to the light. As they did this, Floki pulled out his transparent clear sunstone and held it out in front of them so that the light from the sun would bend, transversing through the sunstone and forming a prism, shooting different hues of rainbow colored light beams to the other stones in everyone's hands. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet beams of light projected over the Viking's seven faces, and suddenly all of the archways lit up as the many different portals became activated. Floki's plan was beginning to work as it started to get windy, and the gateways started to spin and twist with bright blinding white swirls of shimmering light.

A vortex began to form in the middle of the clouds where the sunlight was emanating from, and soon it started to tunnel down around Floki and his Viking explorers until it touched the mountain top, directly in the center around the ring of glowing archways, creating a dark flowing curtain around them. The wind was intense as the powerful vortex spun counterclockwise, slowly distorting the time and space around the gateways. But while it started to look dark and gloomy outside the vortex, inside it was glowing with bright colorful lights so powerfully intense that the Vikings were forced to close their eyes and cover their faces to stop from going blind. Only Floki managed to keep his eyes open, for he could not seem to pull his attention away from such intense power and absolute beauty. It was like a merry-go-round that he had never seen before, proof that the old gods were indeed a very real force and presence in their daily lives. He simply had to watch it all transpire.

The vortex got stronger and stronger, becoming faster and faster before the spinning white lights inside each gate started to get sucked inward towards the spinning vacuum. There was lightning and thunder, booming and crackling electricity, and for a moment it seemed as if the Vikings had been standing in the very center of a super dangerous nuclear reactor. And then suddenly, without warning, it just stopped. The lightning and thunder ceased, the winds dispersed, the lights started to fade and the vortex slowly disappeared, retreating back into the sky from which it came. The Crystal Nexus returned to its original normal deactivated state, and everything went silent.

Floki and his Vikings were gone...

They had disappeared entirely without a trace.

Welcome to Gaia's Crystal Nexus! One can choose to avoid the long days, weeks, or even months of travel by using a Transport Crystal. The Crystal needs direct sunlight to work, so it cannot be used at night.

Wing City Spaceport

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         Jay Null clicked his prosthesis and moved onwards. He had things to do!

You have arrived at the grand Wing City Spaceport, where all space-faring traffic in and out of the city arrives. There are launch towers for older models of spacecraft, and quantum-distortion field panels for the newer gravitational assistance system.

The Port

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         Michael Lewis shrugs and says, "Anywhere but here, I guess. Somewhere."

Proxi The Port Owner: Vexar

After making your way through the rounded entrance of the port buildings; you find yourself in a complex series of walkways, pathways, and stairways... A large winged statue grabs your attention.


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         Haze watched the armored man disappear fully into the portal, wondering if he would be okay. She took a hesitant step forwards, glancing at Moonlight and then down at her feet. She walked quicker, reaching out to the crackling portal. As her finger brushed against it, she clenched her eyes shut and drew in a deep breath.

Considerably more cool was the air, it's damp presence in your lungs. Despite the appearance of the crag's outside, the inside was completely hollow. Upwards stretched the ceiling into complete darkness. Why was the interior in entirety not as dark as high above? Curiously enough, you would notice, a strange blue mass did glow at the heart of the structure. What was that glow?

Ten-Shi Zaibatsu Tunnels

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         It was quiet inside the massive Ten-shi Zaibatsu complex, only the sound of dripping water on concrete filled the empty void of silence as the massive gear shaped nanosteel, and tungsten door remained shut, cutting off access between the worlds of Gaia, and Niihama. Since the first incursion at the hands of the Harii warriors years past, the Taiyou Empire spared no expense in ensuring the area was secure, and now housed an expansive military command and control facility that controlled access between the two worlds. Two Taiyou soldiers stood in silence on the other side of the door, one of them was looking up at the massive gear shaped door that loomed over them, he marveled at the engineering, two solid meters of nanosteel plating, which protected a solid titanium-tungsten composite, and was filled with lead. Naoto Kojima, one of the soldiers guarding the door knocked on it twice, and the door gave him a solid, and reassuring sound.

"It's meant to withstand a hit from a nuclear bomb." Corporal Fujiwa said while giving Kurasawa a sidelong glance. "Nothing's getting through unless we let them." He said, hefting his Seburo C30 assault rifle across his chest, letting it rest from it's sling across his back while Naoto checked his watch.

"Aren't the Argosians supposed to be checking in by now?" He asked, and Fujiwa shrugged, looking towards the indicator on the door. The door itself was recessed back away from the portal far enough, that the technology would work, and there was a single CCTV Camera wired through the plascrete, to allow the Taiyou authorities to see who was on the other side, and so far nothing was illuminated by the brilliant high pressure sodium floodlight that illuminated through the portal, and into the Rikkisopi cave system, the only source of light within. Silently, Naoto looked up to the control room, and the officer within shook his head, signalling that there was nothing on the other end. They were overdue for check in and it was time to relay that information back to General Hama. So the officer picked up the telephone, while looking down into the main portal room through two inches of ballistic glass, and he nodded to the soldiers below.

Naoto cast his gaze around the large rectangular chamber, there were two reinforced nanosteel blast doors on either side, and two heavy MGs positioned against the doorway, where soldiers could take position and defend a potentially breached doorway. Naoto then cast his gaze to two levels of bullet proof glass, the operations center, where they could see and administer the facility.

Beyond the pair of blast doors were large cooridors, that went to the rest of the facility, the breach into Niihama's sewers had been fixed with reinforced concrete, and the entire facility only had one way in, and out to the surface, and that was a large central elevator which was controlled by keycard access.

Overall, the entire facility was tightly secured against invasion, and General Hama wouldn't have it any other way.

So in the silence, Naoto checked his weapon one last time, and stepped down from the steel grated ramp that led away from the large gear shaped door, slowly he made his way, step by step towards the blast door on the left, before he stopped, and turned around to rest against one of the heavy machineguns, and cast his gaze upon the brightly lit, seven meter tall doorway to the other world.

Inside the operations center, General Hama was going over battle plans, since it had been some time since the Legion checked in, and they were drawing on roughly six hours overdue.

"Our men lack the technology, and the training to go in and perform an extraction." Lieutenant Colonel Shiro Makino commented, as he looked down towards the large map of Iskjerne Bay, along with small models of all of it's fortifications. "Our weapons don't work past the gate, and they have us both outnumbered, and outmatched unless we completely retool our loadout." He explained, bringing his hardened gaze up to Hama.

"We could send in the Umibozu, they've got hand to hand, and training with a variety of traditional weapons." Colonel Sanada remarked. "We could send in a squad, and have the entire situation assessed by sundown."

"No." Hama objected, splaying his hands out across the map. "We cannot have anyone with any cyberization, their prosthetics would shut down, killing them."

Hama frowned, and then moved over towards a console, picking up a telephone, and dialing a number.

Ten-Shi Zaibatsu Tunnels

Empyrean Sea Beach

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         Empyrean Sea Beach... three months later...

There was a knock on the door. Three consistent knocks in a row, simple and to the point. It was an elfen mercenary from the beach. He was wearing pure 999 golden reflective material, almost resembling aluminum foil and light metallic elven armor so shiny and perfect that it reflected like a gold mirror. His skin was iridescent and shiny with color changing hues of green, blue and purple like some kind of aquatic sea creature, and his scaley skin seemed to blend in and perhaps even merge with his scale breastplate and shoulder armor. The messenger had solid black eyes with V-shaped silver pupils, and at his side was a long curved sabre reminiscent of a silver scimitar.

"It's open..." Prince Logan responded from inside his private chamber. It was a rather basic room of antique design resembling something like a home office. The prince was sitting at his polished wooden desk, examining a tabletop miniature spinning globe of Gaia suspended by its axis points and connected to a bronze base, twirling it around with his fingertip.

As the tall elven naval officer opened the door, he held it open as another, much smaller figure entered the Prince's chamber and hobbled over to the chair on the other side of the prince's desk. Prince Logan could hear tiny footsteps approaching his desk, but whoever it was had been so small that he couldn't see the source of the footsteps over the edge of his desk as the chair across from him seemed to pull away and move on its own. A few seconds later, however, a small individual lifted himself into the chair and sat down, looking up at Prince Logan with just his eyes and ears showing, and the top of his long red cone shaped hat.

It was a garden gnome. But not just any garden gnome. It was the commander of the Empyrean Gnome Network, a sentient race of intelligence gathering little magical people who were native to the island and had somehow, despite the presence of the Norsemen, comically deemed themselves to be the sole rulers and guardians of the island, and the most powerful force in all of existence. This bold claim wasn't entirely true, but the Empyrean Norsemen respected the little gnomes and admired their fervor. Prince Logan had befriended the Empyrean Gnome Network, advised by his own elfish counsel, for the tiny domestic soldiers served a purpose and despite being very small, could be either a nuisance to the Norsemen, or a useful alliance. Their commander's name was Cloud Wrestler, and yet he only stood barely over 19 inches tall as he gazed up at Prince Logan with weariness in his tired eyes.

"Hello again young lad," the long grey bearded gnome said sluggishly, looking a bit dazed. The sea elf stepped into the prince's chamber and closed the door behind him, guarding the entrance.

"Oh, your excellency. I didn't know that was you. To what do I owe this great pleasure?" Prince Logan asked, sliding the model globe off to the side of his desk before pulling his seat forward and leaning in to get a better look at the little person sitting across from him.

"I've come to inform you that..." Cloud Wrestler leaned forward to peer into Prince Logan's eyes, raising his index finger to speak. But before he could, the old gnome closed his eyelids and lowered his hand again as his head started to hang forward and he suddenly fell asleep.

Prince Logan waited for a response, blinking as the commander started snoring loudly. "Commander Cloud..." the prince said calmly. But as the gnome started snoring more loudly, Logan slammed his fist down on the desk and spoke louder. "Commander!" he said affirmatively.

Commander Cloud jumped up and opened his eyes again, raising his index finger once more to finish his long lengthy speech, and make his demands. No way was some young punk Empyrean Norse prince going to try and startle him. Cloud Wrestler wasn't afraid of anybody or anything, as he tried to remember what he was saying.

"Um.. ah yes.. the Empyrean Gnome Network is proud to announce that our forces are in position." the commander said with authority, furrowing his hairy eyebrows. Prince Logan had no idea what Cloud Wrestler was talking about, but he was sure it was probably good news as he nodded quietly, listening to what the tiny fellow had to say.

"Zzz... Zzz..." the commander started to doze off and snore again. Prince Logan glanced up at the elven guardian at the door, who stood perfectly at attention, as still as a statue without flinching or even making a sound. Logan began to sympathize with the elven soldier for a moment, before slamming his fist down and calling his name again.

"Commander Cloud!" he shouted, causing the gnome to jump back in his seat and open his eyes again. Cloud Wrestler had to grab on to his red cone shaped hat and look around at first before he remembered where he was, or how he got there. But then it occurred to him. His army was all alone in the field. He had to get back to work.

"Hm? Oh yes, right... Carry on," the tiny leader commanded before hopping out of the chair and making his way back to the door. "Oh, and tell your king that last week's payment was short. He still owes us for the gardens," Cloud demanded. Prince Logan seemed confused.

"The payment was short? But that wasn't the - I had my own carrier deliver that basket..." Prince Logan assured him. But as the elfish warrior opened the door for him, Cloud Wrestler scoffed and retorted back to him.

"We agreed on 86 puffy marshmallows. I only counted 84, you owe us 5 more" the gnomish commander dictated as he scowled up at the much taller prince. Logan blinked again. He didn't understand the commander's logic, math or reasoning, but it actually amused him more than anything. Marshmallows of all things, in such a peculiar and specific amount. It was a small matter to the Empyrean Norsemen, but for some reason the gnomes were obsessed with marshmallows, something that the other Empyreans couldn't care less about. It seemed like a fair trade.

"My apologies, your excellency. I take full responsibility. I will have my servants double count the basket next time, and I will see to it that you are compensated..." the prince said.

As the commander of the Empyrean Gnome Network left the Prince's chamber, Logan would just smile quietly and shake his head while looking at the elfish warrior. The sea elf rolled his eyes and smiled also, saluting Prince Logan before leaving the room and closing the door behind him. Prince Logan leaned back in his chair, slid the model globe of Gaia back in front of himself on the desk and begin spinning it again. The life of an Empyrean Norse prince was interesting indeed.

You arrive at the long beaches of the Empyrean Sea. The waves lap at the land, leaving behind odd trinkets of shells or dried creatures from beneath its great and rolling green waves. There seems to be an island in the distance. If only there was a boat laying near by ...

Hayslem City Universal Port and Dock

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         Peter falls out of the aperture, about two yards from the ground, which could be said that he wasn't quite expecting. He lands on the floor with a 'thump,' cracking the tile. He slowly pushes himself up, getting onto his feet.

This landscape seems utterly alien to him, not just after being in the surreal landscape that was the Aether.

He wonders if he's ever seen anything like this, a city, and comes up empty handed.
He dusts himself off and starts walking.

Starting under the ocean and rising up into the sky, this sea port is also a skydock, a space port, a submarine launch area, and also somehow still a smuggling route into and out of the city despite the security.

Rosetta Continent

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         Flying through the sky, Okora gazed upon the continent below her, identifying the place she needed to go, she began her descent.

One of the five large continents on this planet, this massive landscape is filled with all sorts of terrain, and Hayslem City, the Capital, is at it's heart.

Old Hovercar

An old dusty scent fills this vehicle. It creaks slightly as you climb in, the overhead light flickering.

Aziora City

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         It was the annual Paris Danceathon Massif Spectaculaire! The arena was packed with couples twirling, twisting and holding onto one another… and through this crowd, Jazzei fought, trying to find her partner… until she tripped and fell into someone! He caught her in his strong arms and smiled, his blue eyes almost dazzling her. “Bonjour madame!” He said in his broken French, heavy on the Kenyan accent.
“Bonsoir Monsieur!” She replied. “Allons-nous danser?”
“Indeed, we shall dance. It has been awhile.”
And they danced. Around and around, moving with the crowd and finally finding their way outside. He lifted her up and twirled her, set her down and she spun away. It had gone quiet. “Avons-nous gagné?” she asked.
Giggling she turned, only to find him far away. He smiled back, as white as the desert sand upon which they both now stood. And then she heard a gunshot. It echoed across the sand, hitting her ears with a thunderous roar! And her lover fell.
“Theos? THEOS!!!” Shouting over and over again, she tried in vain to get to him... but he just kept getting further and further away, until, out of desperation, she collapsed into the sand and tried to crawl to him, watching helplessly as he reached out, eyes dead, lips whispering… “Jazz…? Jazz…?”
“I can't reach you!” she sobbed. “I’m trying, my love…! I'm trying! Hold on...!”
But no matter how hard she tried, no matter how fast she ran, crawled or swam, she just couldn't get there fast enough, and by the time she did… it was too late.
He was lying face down, his blood staining the sand… but there was something more disturbing! His fur was darker than it had been before, greyer, and patterned with jet black stripes rather than the faint mink ones that she was used to! In fact, come to think of it, he didn't even look like her Theos anymore! Tentatively, she grabbed the stranger's shoulder and pulled him, turning him over… and immediately drew back in horror...!
Then she screamed...!!!

Shuddering, Jazzei jolted awake, and started searching… becoming more and more agitated... pulling back the bedsheets, rummaging inside drawers and even looking under the bed! She cursed! “Sacre bleu!” Where WAS it?!!! Bastet Of Bubastis! Don't let it be…! It couldn't be…! Oh no! No no no…! She suddenly remembered! Dropping it! Her bag! Her precious bag containing, not just her worldly possessions, but... her methadone! Holy shit! Not good! NOT GOOD!!!
And with that awful revelation came a sudden sinking feeling… of bile rising in her throat…! Holding a hand over her mouth, she quickly stumbled to the toilet and got there just in time!
After heaving and retching (for what felt like an eternity!) her guts finally ceased twisting themselves into knots. With hands shaking, she pulled the lever, cleaned herself up as best she could and then tried to crawl on back to bed, wanting nothing more than to curl up and die…!
A shadow fell across her… “Theos? Maman?” she whispered, “Est-ce vous...?”

Aziora City is one of the newer cities, formerly a town a few years ago until Valentine Inc. arrived and brought in various businesses, causing the rapid development and growth. It is located inbetween Hayslem and Questrios.

Michael's Tavern

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         “Yeah, some people are content on sitting on their asses all day when they got money to burn. But honestly...I first started out at a Mercanary and doing some bounties for the government. Once you did a year of that stuff you never really leave that business. Be a shame to sell mechs and weapons when you don’t even get to use them yourself. I loved mechs in my early years, will love them until I die.” Russian spoke with a chuckle.

He soon took a sip before speaking again. “The stuff you see on the job can get brutal, weird, or even downright strange. There’s also random perks and demerits in the occupation as well...But, once you get used to it you can stare a god in the face like he is another human being and give him or her the middle finger and tell them to shove it.” He laughed at that.

“Certainly takes a lot of beer after doing that when you get your ass knocked two ways to Sunday...Woth it when you show him what’s for...”

An upscale dining establishment and bar in Aziora City

Northern Main Street

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         Shrknar the Reshr'c glanced over towards Lectre Mansion, wondering what history this city held. No matter, he'd have time for exploration later. Continuing on, he picked up his pace — the Queen was not one to wait.

This is the northern extent of Wing City's Main Street, passing to the north of the Wing City Gardens.

Wing City Business District

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         Gabriel Ereb steps out of his Wing City branch office for the last time. He looked over the building fondly, but he did not tarry. While there were wonderful memories in this city, it had not become economically viable for the company to have its headquarters here any longer.

"Come, Agares." He smiled at the armored soldier beside him. "It's finally time for us to depart."

"Yes, sir." The alpha trooper nodded before escorting the aged businessman to the waiting hovercar.

The business sector of Wing City, currently being repaired after a series of terrorist attacks.

The Cheri Teahouse

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         Master sits down and haves himself some tea.

The Cheri Teahouse is an upscale teahouse in Wing City's business district, it serves as a hangout for members of the Red Rain Yakuza, but also as neutral ground for different criminal, and law enforcement, organizations. It's known for it's fine assortment of teas and alcohol, as well it's decor.

Wing City Gardens (North)

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         Yuki turned around to face him. More and more it felt like things had been falling into place in her life and making sense as this conversation went on.

"I don't think I'm ready to be trained by you," she said, and then hesitated.
She didn't want to say it, but harder words had to be said before she left.

"And if I'm to be honest, Vegeshin-Sama, I don't think you're ready to train me either. It's why I have to go home. I need to get away. From... This."

She gestured, not to him but the area between them. She couldn't really explain what it was she needed to get away from, but in a way she understood that defining her journey by trying to appease him was the same thing that would hold her back. Hopefully he understood it too, but there was nothing she could say to make it better if it hurt him.

The hug didn't make her blush shyly like the schoolgirl she was, cause any squirming or even prompt her to push away like it might have in the past from embarrassment or other overwhelming emotions. Instead she returned the hug, a tight squeeze not unlike the glomps he was threatened with in the past.

"Oh Mr. Kanahashi, I'm going to miss you, but I promise I'll still write."

And then it was over. She let go, physically, metaphorically and took one step away to look up at his face. She had run out of things to say, but where ugly tears had run down her cheeks before now sat a small, content smile. When he next saw her, when she next saw him, things would be different. She let the look linger a few moments before she nodded at him, and walked right on past in the direction home. It was a strange feeling. She felt like she had just said no to everything she had ever wanted, but felt more mature for it. The world loomed ahead and she felt so much bigger and braver now.

You are in Wing City Gardens - the most beautiful demonstration of natural flora on all of New Terra. Surrounding you are vividly colored flowers and extravagantly trimmed hedges. Weaving throughout the garden are small stone paths with benches scattered alongside.

Wing City Town Square

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         The Rocketeer stops, muttering something about having to get off-planet, and fast.

This area is the very center of Wing City, in the midst of the Wing City Gardens.

Wing City Gardens (East)

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You are in Wing City Gardens - the most beautiful demonstration of natural flora on all of New Terra. Surrounding you are vividly colored flowers and extravagantly trimmed hedges. Weaving throughout the garden are small stone paths with benches scattered alongside.

Sol Avenue

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         On the wall, a poster, recently put up, read:

Ghoul Extravaganza Spectacular!!!
Join your host Cassius Countdankworth for a Cabaret and Burlesque show that you will never forget!
Why not enjoy a free spirit or two while you enjoy the entertainment? Which will include: pole dancing, fire juggling, knife throwing, acrobatics, singing and dancing, all performed by some of Terra’s finest beauties.
Starts 10pm on Saturday 1st December at The Grinning Ghoul! See you there!


This is one of Wing City's main streets. (todo: expound!)

Sol Avenue and Lady Une Drive

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         "I'll be sure to check with the warden's niece then...regardless of what Nadya wants." Nadya crossed her arms and pouted at this, slumping in her seat. She knew he had her number, but ti was still annoying to be called out. The man considered the veil and the repercussions. "Alam's released triggered the fail safes that woke me and my brothers. Unfortunately, Makru and Kissare are more easily commanded by him." He could admit that. "It has to do with how we were made. Though I am, physically, the weakest, magically I am the strongest, and my will is a match for Alam's." He wasn't about to fall under his father's spell again.

"I will, of course, contribute to fixing the veil. It is partially my own fault, after all." Still, he wondered how the spells on Alam failed. He'd have to look closer to find it out.

Nadya bite her bottom lip and looked around. "I'll help too." she promised. "I don't know how much I can do as Nadya, but I can still try." She was determined to help, and that was the truth.

This is where Sol Street and Lady Une Drive intersect.

Eastern Sol Avenue

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         Stepping onto the wood steps of the deck without a sound a pair of emerald green eyes shifted slightly and took in the door before her. It seemed to have not been opened in ages yet was easy to unlock, instead she hit the buzzer, then knocked twice. Finding the door unlocked as she knocked on the thing it pretty much fell open. "Sir Bannon ?" Tantomile called out as she stepped into the house and looked around the entry way. Typical for a sol avenue resident, well kept, heavy duty on the farmhouse style, infact if it wasnt Wing City, Tantomile would have thought she was going into her own home.

She went over to a nearby decrative table and saw that days mail on it. It had been opened. Feline ears formed on her head as she listened carefully around her. Withdrawing a pistol from her hip she held it in hand as she called out again as she used her magic to shut the door softly "Hello ? Kurt Bannon ? Anyone home ? I was sent to get you to safety before any undisired come for you."

She entered the kitchen and looked around, clean and neat, however there were some dishes in the sink. So Kurt must be home somewhere

This is Sol Avenue, the eastern thoroughfare through Wing City.

Hildre Street and Sol Avenue

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         Right as the tanks trades were rumbling in the streets behind him, Dee acted faster than he ever had upon seeing the space where Catherine stood upon, the facade of the building above her was crumbling straight down ontop of her. "Jìnlái kàn!" He cried out in Chinese before tackling her dead off her feet and out of the line of fire so to speak as the ground shook madly and never seemed to stop. Dust rained on the space the woman once stood. Dee had angled his body to land under her on the crumbling pavement "Are you alright Lady Catherine ?" He asked her. He nodded towards Dheed who stood next to Elijah.

His gaze however was taken briefly as Cain stepped into view. Oh wonderful. This fellow seemed to not notice the crumbling ground around them ?! Dee's gaze went from Catherine, t oDheed, to Cain, then right to a bolt that snapped off the foundation of the watertower.

Oh Not Good

This is where Sol Avenue and Hildre Street intersect.

Eastern Wing City

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         Josephus' Lance was a study craft, even amongst his own kind, and the Iron Lord piloting it was no fresh-faced neophyte, or stumbling Guardsmen. As soon as the Shards opened fire it banked left, assuming an almost fully horizontal position, and responded with immediate, and extreme prejudice. All four twin-linked Heavy Bolters roared again, spraying indiscriminately towards the Shards, as their filthy, heretech sonic weaponry tore at the hull. Several sections felt the sting, namely the underslung Bolters, both of which were rent, and rendered inoperable almost as fast as they had began to fire. The glass of the cockpit shattered as well, forcing the pilot to level out, and battle new drag. It only served to piss him off however, and with a flick of two switches the dorsal mounted Turbo-Laser Destructor unleashed absolute hell, two more Hellstrikes in toe, towards the one that begin to shift, and charge. The pilot wasn't about to have any boarding, or grapple nonsense, and barrel-rolled as soon as his violent payload had been let loose, a rapid ascent following in its wake.

The ground-bound Marines found themselves in a rather similar position as Alpha advanced. The Veteran Sergeant was a little dismayed as the heretical machine sliced clean through a hellstrike missle, and downright dumbfounded when somehow, by seemingly sorcerery, it didn't explode until after the infernal machine was in front of it. When the second missle simply went haywire, thankfully streaming directly towards one of the airborne Shards, he came to the conclusion that their enemy had some form of control over machinery. In his mind likely a Heretech Sorcerer, or twisted machination of the Dark Mechanicum. Either way he wasn't stupid enough, or brash enough to fall for the contraptions obvious goading.

Instead he, and his men formed their ranks, each Heavy Bolter spewing a near-endless, but deliberately aimed cascade of Kraken Rounds. They moved with silent focus, each man of the rear-line firing over the front-line's shoulders, including the Havoc. The mixed volley of holy Imperial death was well-trained on the center of Alpha's electromagnetic force field in the hope of hammering a crack in to it. In the end it didn't matter though, their main goal was to ensure Cain's successful evacuation. Destroying this aggressive hunk of heretical trash would merely be a bonus.

Just behind the current fray came the rest of the reinforcements from Gonthar as well. Four Assault Valkyrie's, all armed to teeth, had been deployed just behind the replacement Thunderhawk. Though trailing, they pushed it double time, and the distance they lagged behind was, in the end, a boon from the Emperor Himself. It positioned them just barely in Heavy Bolter range of the second PNC deployment, and without hesitation each Valkyrie began a break-neck strafing run to try and decapitate the pincer in its tracks.

You have entered the easternmost portion of Wing City. Here stands most of the public services buildings, such as the police department, hospital and fire station, as well as a good-sized post office. Traffic here is more than a bit congested, and maverick pedestrians are a common occurrence in this part of town.

Eastern Wing City Outskirts

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         A pod shot though the sky. A fireball crashed into the outskirts slums. From the pod came a black Imperial probe Droid. The Droid began to scan the area.
Light-years away aboard her Super Star Destroyer Night Raider Akiera Krin watched the droid's progress seeing everything it did as it moved though the slums. The Droid would keep as low a profile as it could hopefully just blending in with the population

This is the easternmost section of Wing City.

Wing City Eastern Gate

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         Otto looked down at the bundle as the rest of the guard started moving to assist. Just the names on the top layer of the bundle meant he wasn't letting this package out of his sight. There was way too many resources for one single spot and he knew the Jinhai weren't too particular on what humankind called for assistance. He had a feeling the administratum really needed to get its hindquarters to minding Myrkul's servitors. The shotgun on his back unwreathed his shoulders shifting metal and barrel to look far more snakelike. The heavy shotgun could move itself around as he needed to carry the bundle.

Otto hefted the bundle of beacons packing over to the line of IG to set down the beacons beside the imperial officer. His gun slithering behind him Otto picked it up by the head as the animate weapon shifted inside his mind to turn back to a gun. Heavy assault shotgun raised the 'safety' turned off by way of a grinding growl from the weapon leveled at whatever threat the Commissar engaged with.

Otto set his mind to amputator shells as his ammo of choice that clicked into the weapon on their own. He decided better of it and the shells vanished into the weapon and stun shells took their place. Getting ammo samples wasn't hard and the weapon could hold a few patterns of them. Ammo counts raised in his mind as the weapon recieved matter from its own small teleport locus clicking them into its clip.

You are beneath the massive eastern gate into Wing City, set into the massive walls surrounding the entire settlement. To your east is a paved road, while the west leads into Wing City.

Outside Eastern Wing City

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         He was positive he'd managed to keep the ghost of a smile off his face, nodding solemnly as he regarded Chase. Raya would skin him alive for agreeing, if she found out, but his nephew was of his kind. Wanderlust and more eventful life was a drug to some, and the lad had it bad.

"Get your things, then. I'll tell you more on the way. Meet me in the glade to the southeast."

Past the sparse vegetation lies the eastern gate to the most famous city in known existence.

Main Street (Continued)

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         /say hello

This is Wing City's Main Street - the long expanse on which most of Wing City's attractions are situated. It is in pristine condition, with the sidewalks in perfect condition.

Gambit's Storeroom

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         Cuspid spots a bottle of Blud and grabs it. She bit and spit the cork off and away, chugging until a buuuuurp. Cuspid tossed the bottle in the bin and slinked into the shadows, heading for the only exit.

You have found your way into the back store room of Gambit's Bar. You are surrounded by crates and boxes full of various types of alcohol, food, and dinnerwares. This room is fairly large, and the boxes aren't stacked in the most organized fashion... it almost looks like something could be hidden in here very easily.

Hidden Passageway

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         The valojelea sunk, sunk, sunk down, bumping up against the floor. Was that a brass ring?

This is a hidden passage from Gambit's Storeroom, heading to... who knows.

Gambit's Bar Basement

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         The glowing valojelea squeezed between supplies and boxes and whatnot, through a narrow passage meticulously planned to be obscure. Jellyfish knew no boundaries. It continued south.

You have found your way to the basement of Gambit's Bar. Vast quantities of foodstuffs and the hardware necessary to power a bar and nine stories of hotel are stored here, among various and sundry tools and other pieces of hardware. It's difficult to move around, as if whoever laid this place out doesn't want you to find something.

Gambit's Passage

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         /say Hey, where did you...? What's... What's back over here?

This dark passageway winds beneath the bowels of the city. No light marks the way, save what one brings with them.

Smuggler's Route

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         Losethos Jehovat inhaled the deep, familiar stench of the Wing City Underground.

Ahhhh. Now that's convenient.
he smiled, taking the moment to enjoy his ease of passage.

This long winding tunnel leads out of the city, providing a route for smugglers to relay their goods.

Eastern Seaboard

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         Mr. Ereb's jet banked over the seaboard, heading towards the coast. Emails were sent, calls were answered, and video calls were held. Meanwhile, in Solinus City, many preparations were underway.

A coastal area along the eastern shores of Aslund, featuring a number of prominent port cities and tourist destinations.

Ridgecrest City

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         "Shit. I'm out of time. I gotta go." Jennifer said out loud to herself. With the final showdown coming, it was time for her to damn the consequences and bolt for the portal. It was getting to the point where there wasn't much of a city left to fight over. Starting to look like Wing City, actually.

Decked out in her improvised post-apocalyptic road warrior armor made from concrete, rebar, and scrap metal that made her look a bit like a miniature Aggron herself, she slammed in the boot up sequence for the portal to Ruula, specifically to Castelia City.

"Come on, come on...this thing is going to light up every sensor around, I don't think I can hold this bottleneck..."

Finally, she saw the iris open! The stargate was ready to go, thank Palkia!

Taking a deep breath for no real reason, she proceeded to dive in!

A large city that has fallen into ruins with the shadow of Draco's Legion ruling the area with an iron fist. To prevent an invasion, the portal to Ruula has been destroyed...leaving the defenders with no escape.