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The Multiverse » Places

Places in The Multiverse

This is a list of locations that can be found in The Multiverse.

For Sale

All Places


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         The ship in the lead, known as the CU Henderson, grimly accepted the response, and sent another message.

Start transmission. Understood. We are in violation of your laws, although we had no former knowledge of said laws. We, however, will not leave until our request has been met. We are powering down our weapons and will wait here, as long as it is required for our people to be released. We withdraw our former statement, but if any harm comes to that crew, we shall attack. These are our demands, and this is our decision. What are yours? End transmission.

They do, indeed, power down their main energy weapons. Most of the fighters stay where they are, with half of them withdrawing and returning to their vessel. The two lighter carrier ships move until they are equal with the Henderson.

The three ships sit, in the silent void of space.

Pan'Chek is a main sequence star within the Cygnus Arm of the Milky way Galaxy, it's a typical yellow dwarf star that has eleven planets, mainly populated by the Aschen Empire

Takayama University of Niihama

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His Imperial Majesty Nobuo Takayama Medical Center
Recovery Wing
A week later.

The first flurries of snow danced delicately outside the window, and the sounds of the city were muffled by the sounds of medical equipment. It had been a long trek from Gaia, through the caves, and to Niihama. Livia's charge had undergone multiple surgical procedures, and had been placed in a coma and intubated until the serpent venom wore off, and the body could heal. The soft hum of the television, which was playing some variety show offered background noise, and Livia was seated in one of the chairs, looking at a tablet.

She had shed her armor, and tunica for a soft white tank top, denim jacket, and jeans, with her hair pulled into a ponytail. She definitely looked a lot different than she did during her expedition on Gaia. She swiped on the tablet, and cast a glance over to the man she had rescued, as General Hama's words rang through her head.

"We will hold you responsible for any incidents that may arise from bringing him here."

So Livia had ensured that Ragnar had been restrained, his wrists, neck and ankles bound with stout leather restraints that had been affixed to the bed, and Livia didn't stop there, she recruited two armed ISSP officers, one stood directly outside the room, and the other stood down the hallway, while Livia herself opted to stay inside the room to watch her charge. Fortunately she was informed that Hama was planning another operation to recover the bodies earlier in the week.

The door chimed, and a young nurse wearing all white, trimmed with red, and a simple white paper hate with a red cross emblazoned on the front stepped into the room. Her face was hidden by a white surgical mask, and only wisps of black hair framed two eyes, which were adorned with a fairly nice pair of glasses.

"Kon'nichiwa!" The nurse said to Livia with a smile. "Kare no baitarusain o shirabemasu.." The nurse said with a nod. Livia nodded in reply, gesturing to the man in the bed. "Dōzo." She answered, and slowly went back to her tablet.

It was at that moment that consciousness would return for Ragnar Sigurdsson as the sedatives wore off, jolted into the land of the conscious by a bright pen light that the nurse shined into each of his eyes, after pulling his eyelids open. The Nurse listened to his heartbeat, and checked over his wounds, one by one, ruffling the teal blue fabric of the hospital gown he was now wearing.

"Kare no kizu wa umaku naotte imasu, watashi wa kanarazu isha ni shirasemasu." The nurse said with a smile, notating something in his medical charts.

Slowly Livia stood up, and looked him over, definitely looked a lot better than the day she found him, sophisticated Taiyou medicine had ensured his survival, and he could help her make the case to dig up the bodies of the people killed by Sigurd Hring.

Livia crept up behind the nurse, and looked down on Ragnar, they had just changed his many bandages, and even the cross on his forehead had been sutured, and bandaged. Of course Livia's crude sutures had been removed, and replaced by a doctor's steady hand.

Livia grimaced slightly, and then smiled at the nurse, before looking back down to Ragnar.

"Kare wa me o samashite iru yō ni miemasu." Livia said to the nurse, whom replied to the affirmative with a nod of her head. "Hai! Isha ni ikimasu!"

Livia smiled slightly, before greeting Ragnar in english.

"Welcome back to the land of the living."

His Imperial Majesty Nobuo Takayama University, a prime educational facility known for it's sciences, and engineering.

Iskjerne Mead Hall

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Thorvald was playing a game involving a small cork bottle plug and a cow horn drinking glass, sitting inside the public mead hall on the floor before an open fire when Hrafn-Floki suddenly stepped inside the mead hall, accompanied by a dozen or so ulfhednar and half a dozen berserkers, causing everyone in the mead hall to pause for a moment in order to look at Floki the raven master, his appearance unmistakable and wild looking as ever with his thin crow's peak hair style, black eyeliner and curling fingers, a man of more modest size among the Iskjerne Vikings who stood in the arch doorway to either side of him.

Floki had scurvy and was shaking badly as he approached the campfire with his gang of champions and sat down. Floki was wrapped in a thick fur blanket and only his red slightly frost bitten face and frozen beard were exposed, but everyone could tell it was Floki by his walk and attitude as he started giggling nonsensically and wavering his way through the silence. The entire crowd was filled with silence, having all heard of the exploits and deeds of the reputable shipbuilder, adventurer, runemaster, and ghost pirate slaying naval leader who had once served the deceased King Sigurd Hring, and was now a very vain wiseman and holy leader. Floki had parched bleeding lips and dry red eyes, and skin cold and pale, but he smiled and chuckled once he got comfortable, wiggling his fingers in front of the flames.

Just then another familar old face would walk into the mead hall, standing in the doorway with a handful of well uniformed Frankish-styled armed guards with uniquely curved shields and green and blue uniforms with nanosteel armour and weapons, holding Ellarian crossbows, looking rather out of place for the setting. These highly disciplined archers were not Iskjerne Vikings, they were Ellarian Soldiers, and they were being led by a very tall dark haired Nordic man in a red silk robe with a bright blue dog fur cape and a finely trimmed beard. It was Robert I of Ellaria, the crown duke. But in former years, this noble familiar looking Frenchman had another name.

"That's Rollo the Walker," someone whispered quietly from the crowd that was standing back around the walls, putting distance between themselves and the foreign Ellarian soldiers.

"... It's Prince Hrollaug, son of Sigurd Hring." another voice whispered. The already silent crowd began to gasp at the amazing arrival of two well known Iskjerne Vikings who had been gone for several years, but who had once played prominent leadership roles during Sigurd's dynasty.

Just then, another distinguished figure entered the mead hall and upon seeing the Ellarian soldiers and the reaction of the Iskjerne Vikings, the young man slowly walked around the crowd away from everybody and made his way towards the back of the mead hall. His fine bright red blazing hair and stubbly chin were easy to pick out in the crowd as Thorvald Bloodyfist glanced over to him and smiled. It was Erik the Red, his grown son, having just returned from his quest to escort Livia and Ragnar to the cave system to the north. Livia would pay Erik the Red a good bit of silver for his troubles, but little did Livia or Erik realize at the moment just how much wealthier the Empyrean Norse exile had become. Erik soon approached his father and sat down next to him.

"She said he'll live." Erik whispered quietly to his father Thorvald before looking up at Hrafn-Floki in front of him, and Robert I of Ellaria, also called the Duke Rollo, standing at the entrance.

Mead Hall for the vikings of Iskjerne Bay, main communal center.

Iskjerne Bay

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         About a week later, give or take...

One day while Thorvald "Bloodyfist" Asvaldsson was playing a game of tossing his cork bottle plug into his empty cow horn drinking cup while sitting in the public mead hall deep in the center of Iskjerne Bay's old viking ring fortress on the natural dirt floor on top of a thin cloth butt cushion in front of the open fire pit, three distinguished characters walked through the door into the mead hall, gaining attention from everyone at the mead gathering. Thorvald would mind his own business while listening to all the gossip in and around the village.

Iskjerne Bay is a remote Viking settlement which features a motte-and-bailey Ring Fort, a large Mead Hall made from an overturned longship, and a statue of Sigurd Hring the Dragon Slayer.

Empyrean High Seas

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After many months out on the Empyrean High Seas, the legendary Hrafn-Floki and his notorious Viking Army returned to Iskjerne Bay the same way they came almost a year ago. Hrafn-Floki discovered many relics fishing off the coast of the tiny scattered isles near the larger Empyrean Sea Beach island, similar to the relics Snorri Jonasson had discovered during his rock snail combing expedition on the Empyrean Sea Beach settlement far to the south of Iskjerne Bay at the bottom of Ellaria. Hrafn-Floki's fleet, returning from their timely victory over the ghostly pirates and cursed souls aboard the spectral galleon from their Viking longships, something Floki would be proud to display upon his return from such relentless and mysterious places on his frozen arctic sailing expedition. The pirates had fought hard under a Jolly Roger flag, but had been no match for Floki as he returned to Iskjerne Bay with only a few less heads than he had before, crushing the phantom corpses under the Black Raven banner. Now the self-proclaimed Count of the Farthest North, or Duke of the Northern High Seas, Floki and his fleet sailed away with the waves, heading south to Iskjerne's calmer fjord and boat docks.

The Empyrean Sea rolls almost violently with massive waves of emerald which attempt to take any ship down beneath to meets its never-ending depths. It had claimed many a venturing vessel but one has conquered the Empyrean Sea and was made legend.

Ellarian Empyrean Coast

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After his short battle and dramatic victory over the ghostly pirates, Floki the raven master and the rest of his naval fleet returned to Iskjerne Bay by way of the Empyrean High Seas, but it was freezing cold in the mysterious uncharted north and after many months at sea, Hrafn-Floki started to develop scurvy.

The Empyrean seas lap at the coast of Ellaria. You can't see it from here, but across these dangerous waters is the continent of Siv'ven

Dracos Valley

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Svegdir Staghelm struggled to keep the convertiboat level as the pliosaur circled around them, flapping its large tail in order to kick up waves and rapids in the water. The boat would shift and rock, like an airplane experiencing heavy turbulence as Svegdir pushed back and forth on both levers to steer his vessel upwards towards the surface of the water, countering the rapids which circled underneath the convertiboat. Finally as the crew was about to reach the surface, another wave struck against the bow so intense that the entire boat was flipped upside down.

The Empyrean Norsemen would hold on for dear life as their capsule was flipped over, their feet now pointing up in the air as their long hair and braided beards hung down loosely below their heads. Svegdir's purple gemstone skeleton key string necklace would once again fall out, this time falling off of his neck completely and landing on the bimini-like rooftop below. The convertiboat had finally reached the surface of the river as it floated back up above the water, only this time with the keel sticking up instead of the armoured rooftop. The Norse explorers were still safe and secured to their seats for now, but they were upside down as Svegdir tried to reach down and pick up his necklace, which seemed to be just barely out of reach as he extended his arm and tried to grab the skeleton key.

Dracos valley, a large expanse of land home to a diversity of beasts both large and small.

Outer Arm

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         Slowly, the Grand Confessor stood up from the table, and inclined his head. There was a great deal of work to do, to restore the old institutions that the party had wiped away in it's 'great leap forward' style of cultural revolution.

"I will report to Prince that our discussions were business as usual, though I don't feel right lying to him. We go way back, we can trust him, but we could jeopardize his position.." Kesslee remarked, as he moved away from the table.

Kesslee slowly moved to one of the paintings on the wall, surveying it closely as Marlene took the bottle of Ambrosia from the automaton, and turned it over. "Leonis Estates vintage eighth age, this is some old stuff." She said shrugging, and pulling on the cork, dislodging it with an audible pop.

"You must have had this on hand since the Terran Conflict." Marlene remarked, moving back to the table to pour herself a glass. "I'm crafty enough." She said, taking a sip of the glass. "If they liquidate me, I'll just wake up somewhere else." She said, casting a sidelong glance over to Kesslee.

"But, I've been working on a corruption case that will hopefully unseat just about every member of this 'shadow government' that's held in place since the rise of the Empire. I've got assets in place in just about every branch of our government." She said, looking briefly over to Kesslee, whom furrowed his brow.

"When the shit hits the fan, Behar. I'm going to need help." Marlene admitted. "I don't know if the IIA has the resources to pull this off, and I think a few people in the quorum are catching wind of my agents sniffing around."

This narrow region of space is home to the Aschen Empire and fringe Continuum Territory, and rests on the very outermost edge of the Milky Way.

Empyrean Sea Beach

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The following weekend was spent sobering up as things slowly fell back to normal within the Empyrean Norse Kingdom, and the people went back to performing their daily tasks and labors. They would bathe in the water on the beach on Laugardag, equivalent to their version of a typical Saturday when everyone in the kingdom participated in cleaning and washing, and preparing for the new week ahead. Villagers could be seen sweeping, doing laundry and playing on the beach, swimming in the shallow waters and just enjoying the relaxation of Gaia's constant sunlight.

A couple days later, one of Jarl Goffre Alvisson's convertiboats would arrive from the Empyrean High Seas, making its way to the shoreline before parking at the docks near the shipyard. It was Karvi-3, one of the lifeboats from the Stjornhestr, which had successfully travelled back from the stars. As the convertible top was raised back, King Halfdan Svensson could see five passengers inside the small knarr-like boat, which had actually been designed to hold ten sailors or more in case of an emergency. King Halfdan and his advisors assumed the worst had happened to Jarl Goffre and his crew, for such a small number to return home.

But the king was quite surprised and gladdened to hear that the Stjornhestr's voyage had actually been a success. The crew sat down with Snorri Jonasson in the mead hall and recounted their adventures to Bastion IV and back, telling him and King Halfdan about the Stjornhestr's encounters with an alien cruiser, the Conflagration, and how Jarl Goffre and his leidang had discovered a new world which seemed fit for habitation.

King Halfdan was so greatly pleased to hear of the Stjornhestr's discoveries that he paid all five of his messengers a handsome sum of gold and silver coinage, ordering his thralls to construct a giant life-size golden statue of Urakena, the beautiful sea dragon which had helped pave their way to the stars so long long ago. The statue was erected directly on the shore, overlooking the entrance to the Empyrean Norse Kingdom from the beach like a menacing guardian, at the exact same spot where Hethel the Brave had once stood before the giant sea creature so many generations in the past. The golden dragon was a marvel to behold under the shining sunlight, glimmering like a beacon for all to gasp and stare at. This marvelous giant statue was to become one of the great Wonders of Gaia, and many Norse travellers, and neighboring Dryads and other wanderers, flocked from all around the kingdom to catch a glimpse of the fine artisanship and craftsmanship of the golden dragon which now towered over the Empyrean Sea Beach, striking an array of emotions, both love and fear, and overall excitement.

It was beautiful. It was terrifying. It was absolutely fascinating and fantastic to witness. Rufus the Bald gazed up at the finished product and smiled, nodding to himself quietly, being absolutely humbled by the size and detail of the golden dragon statue. He pondered silently how bold and brave King Halfdan's great ancestor Hethel Svensson must have been to stand in front of such a frighteningly large sea monster over two hundred years ago, when Sigurd Hring was still alive and the Empyrean Norsemen were still barely even an independent colony.

You arrive at the long beaches of the Empyrean Sea. The waves lap at the land, leaving behind odd trinkets of shells or dried creatures from beneath its great and rolling green waves. There seems to be an island in the distance. If only there was a boat laying near by ...

Temple Barracks

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         /say Evening, sir. May I ask your name?

The temple barracks is heavily fortified and currently manned by the Knights of Le'thorian.


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         The ship was unremarkable as it drifted into Sol. The only thing strange about it was that it came from a part of the multiverse never before ventured into by any being.

On board the ship, two beings were awake. They were Oberon, a race very similar in design to the Terrans they were here to learn about. The ship itself, the Expedition IV, was very simply designed. It was in the shape of a pyramid with a narrow base, a shape seen all around the galaxy in ship design.It was unmarked except for two parallel lines intersected by another line, marking that the ship had a skip drive. The little ship just stayed where it was, and the people inside began to prepare for the next part of their mission.

A lonely yellow orbited by a small number of habitable planets, Sol is unremarkable.

Mountain Side Temple

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         Indeed they had arrived. The courtyard was filled with people coming and going about their business and one could hear the sounds of sparring from the distant training yard. It wasn't just patroni that had found their way to the temple though. Travelers, scholars, and the occasional resident of Windcrest often passed through the falls of the temple that lay before them.

As such the trio blended well enough.

Knights of Le'thorian where posted at the temple entrance and atop its walls, but they weren't stopping anyone from come and going. In fact, there seemed to be an air of ease about them.

The large doors of the temple stood open and inviting, and the interior was well lit and warm despite the frigid air outside. An enchantment of sorts perhaps?

As the trio made their way up the steps and through the doors, they would find themselves in the vestibule.

The looming temple stands sentinel over the icy peaks. Wayward soul or hero to be, all with benevolent intentions will find sanctuary within these hallowed halls. The temple is inhabited and guarded by the Patronus and the Knights of Le'thorian.

Temple Infirmary

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         "Gaia, then. That name is familiar, though my knowledge of the world does not extend beyond its existence." Aiedai said, nodding her head thoughtfully. "How you ended up here from there is anyone's guess, but no doubt magic was involved, be it your father's or anyone else's."

She paused, "But, I see that he is a sensitive subject. I will avoid mentioning him."

Fixing the last of the stitches in place, Anaiya finished tending to Nereus' wound with a satisfied nod. She deposited the materials used to clean the wounds in a sterile jar and set them aside. "Don't put strain on the shoulder, or else you'll break the stitches. Take it easy for a week or two, depending on how fast you heal. You should be perfectly fine before too long. You're welcome to rest here, or I presume there is a bed available in the temple dormitories, if you'd prefer a more homely atmosphere." The doctor shot Aiedai a questioning glance, and the girl nodded in turn.

"There is plenty of room," she said, "I can take you there now, if you wish, or use the opportunity to show you the main temple. I am sure you have questions about our order, if you intend to remain while you recover and decide on your next move. I am happy to answer anything."

While Aiedai spoke, Anaiya moved off into the rest of the infirmary to busy herself with other patients and tasks.

This well-kept ward has perfectly-cornered bedsheets of silk, and a pristine, dust-free floor.

Great Bastion Central Park

This vast sea of soft purple grass and granite boulder congregations stretches out underneath the glass dome far overhead, its serpentine paths fostering many a gathering.

Great Bastion Amphitheater

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         Charybdis de Vould skittered over and picked up the device.

This elegant natural alcove is covered in purple sea-grass, surrounded by countless rows of granite seats. Backdropped by the overhang of the seawall, stalagmites and stalagmizes create a backstage maze for the city's performers.


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         Muninn, the second raven would cawl and blink at the orbus. Wodanaz could see everything that was transpiring in the realms, as Muninn kept its gaze fixed on The Orbus distrustfully like a typical wild avian. Meanwhile, the two wolves at the foot of Woden's throne continued to lay on the ground lazily, paying little mind to all of the happenings around them. Woden himself was just sitting on his throne silently, upright and facing forward. He did not flinch or blink, only sitting there quietly while holding the shaft of his magical spear with his right hand with its rune engraved tip pointing vertically towards the open dark skies. No sound was emitted from the one eyed man with the long grey beard and wide brimmed hat. His one white eye, appearing blind and colorless, peered forward from beneath the shadow of his hat, while his other eye remained evinced in shade, peering out into the darkness. It was difficult to tell, but he was watching, listening, and absorbing everything that was happening in all of the realms below. He was planning something...

The great universe in which all observable reality exists.

Great Bastion Sea Colony

Built into a natural cave system, the Great Bastion Sea Colony is a luxurious city filled with high technology. Check in at customs, and enjoy your stay!

Solinus Sea Eastern Bay

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         Selerei continued to follow the trail towards the east, the sea bubbling as the creature passed shallow beneath.

The eastern bay of the Solinus Sea. Resting just off of the beach, this area is a famous spot. Known for the massive reefs, great fishing, and old mystique The East Bay is experiencing a tourism boom. Even if vessels still vanish from time to time.

The Orbus

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         Master surges forth from the ethereal void in a blur, arriving him at the console in nary a moment.

Space The Orbus Owner: Remæus

You enter this mysterious place surrounded by a curiously dry mist. You can't see more than a few feet in front of you, and you're not quite sure how big the place is. Nevertheless, here you are.

Wing City Spaceport

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         Jay Null clicked his prosthesis and moved onwards. He had things to do!

You have arrived at the grand Wing City Spaceport, where all space-faring traffic in and out of the city arrives. There are launch towers for older models of spacecraft, and quantum-distortion field panels for the newer gravitational assistance system.

Master's Mountain Fortress

This sprawling complex is Master's personal home, a vast network of fortified caverns and exquisitely decorated rooms.

The Sacred Passage

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         Master swooped through his old home, his cloak rippling behind him in a shower of void energy. He needn't the light of the arcane orbs along the walls so he passed in darkness, invisible to all nearby.

This narrow set of tunnels leads deep into the mountain.

The Forgotten Amphitheater

This natural amphitheater has a small network of caves behind it, with an open and booming space to the north of the river. Unfortunately, the caves appear to be covered in silk, grunge, and rot.


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Goffre Alvisson and his crew aboard the Stjornhestr appear for a fleeting moment before ascending away from Gaia's orbit into the Sirius System, leaving Norma Arm away from the nearest sector, travelling to Xamoyos in Bastion IV, a journey that would take the small undetectable Viking space ship several months through the vastness of the Milky Way.

A planet within the Sirius System that orbits the dead star; Eras. However, Gaia is not lacking light. Two other stars orbit the planet itself; Atargatis and Sagittae. Three moons provide temporary night when eclipses take event, otherwise Gaia is always bathed in sunlight. It is only due to the magical nature of Mother Gaia which provides the necessities for fantastical life to grow, the planet always ever watching over her beloved children who roam her earth.


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         After thousands of years, the dead star of Eras began to faintly glow. Drawing power from Gaia, and from any magical entities that dare venture too close, Eras grew stronger.

Norma Arm Sirius Owner: Remæus

A vast system with multiple planets, two suns, as well as a large dead star

Norma Arm

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         Atian led her to a small room offset from the next hallway. He made sure she had her bag as well, setting it just inside the door before nodding to her.

"Sleep well and long, Abigail. I make breakfast fairly early, but you don't have to wake for it if you don't want to." He paused, about to leave the room. "Oh, one last thing. Each day here on Orean is about 18 hours long, so they're a little quicker than you might be used to. Sleep tight."

With that, Atian retired to his own room, some two levels further down into the ground. Where the upper portions were lit by skylights or artificial lights, where Atian slept was illuminated by naturally phosphorescent crystals.

One of the innermost arms of the Milky Way, the Norma Arm is rich with habitable worlds and cultures.

The Milky Way

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         The 6th Order, a once powerful terrorist faction which has since become less powerful. It splintered after the untimely death of their leader; The Final Order was made up of those who were followers of Hristofor and still believed in his goal to bring order to the multiverse through chaos, and that by destroying all forms of leadership they will free people from the shackles of control.

The Light of Faith was the religious sect of The 6th Order who joined only due to their devotion to Harashaz, manipulated into joining by Hristofor. They instead chose to incorporate The 6th Order's military discipline into their religious teachings, but swore no allegiance to The Final Order. They had no desire to continue their desires - and instead wished to spread their technology to others...especially The 6th Order's former enemy, The Aschen. Due to their tension with The Final Order, they wished to hinder them by supporting their enemy and help The Aschen crush the remnants of their enemy...

...What remained for the new factions...was tough to tell.

The Milky Way Galaxy is a large barred spiral galaxy that is approximately 100,000 light years in diameter, and contains over 400 billion stars, of which about 17 billion are Earth-sized.


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         /say PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

Outer Arm AC-430 Owner: Remæus

AC-430 is a recently-designated sector of the Milky Way's outer regions.

Kos: Deep Space

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         The man shrugged, and then looked around, as he heard the loud clatter of activity outside the ship, knowing that they were all going to go to the open hatch near the back, from curiosity or from hunger. He then turned to the hatch in the back and his eyes narrowed, as he saw the drone skittering into the room he was in. He just shrugged, and stood where he was, and observed the drone, curiously studying it with his own eyes.

"Well, humans are two legged creatures, who have great intelligence at times, and can be violent, sad, mad, or happy, and a great more deal of emotions and thought processes, I am the more violent, but curious one, I usually keep the violence inside" he said with a grin and then adjusted his jacket, unzipping it, and having his white shirt under it, fitting his form. He then walked forward, unafraid, approaching the drone.

"Well then, come on, study a human" he said with a grin.

The Outer regions of the Kos System, where Trantor starships and cruisers launch military and civilian patrols into the Multiverse at Large. There are frequent travelers to and from the Known Worlds...

Bastion IV

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In orbit of Bastion IV

Amidst the clutter of ships coming and going, a single cruiser seemed to linger in the travel lanes of Bastion IV, holding a distant orbit above the planet. The TVSV Erikoure was rather large for a science vessel, though from its hull and structure the assumption that it had once been a military vessel wouldn’t have been hard to make. At nearly three hundred and thirty meters from bow to stern, she dwarfed some of the smaller freights and lighters that came to and from Paguarano, and due to her size those aboard had opted to keep the vessel in orbit rather than boldly attempt an atmospheric entry so early.

In her bridge, a man stood with two hands gripping at the rails of the captain’s deck before him. His drab jumpsuit bore two identifiers, on his left breast on shoulder, of the Xamoyos expedition. Studying a display, Doctor Paul Walton clicked his tongue as a fellow researcher beside him spoke.

“Welcome to Bastion IV, Doctor.” The scientist remarked dryly, leaning over the shoulder of one of the Erikoure’s pilots and studying his nav-display. “We’ll be launching stratolitte after sending a dropship down to the spaceport, I’ll be sure to feed you all the diagnostics from the passes.” He offered, finally stepping away from the pilot’s chair and holding a small tablet of his own.

“Won’t really tell us much we don’t already know. Model-Terran, rich atmosphere, reports of the megafauna have been more … interesting, though.” Walton said, his eyes focused on a readout of the planet’s cursory scan by the Erikoure’s quantum tunnel telescopes and RAILS sensors.

“Yeah, I wonder what all’s really down there … “ The young researcher began quietly, his eyes settling on the holographic display of the rotating world some thousands of kilometers below. Walton noticed that sparkle in the young man’s eye, curiosity of the unknown dribbling into the man’s mind.

“You ever been to a planet with megafauna, Mister Dralland?” Walton inquired, promptly turning away from his readout to address the young scientist. “It looks beautiful from up here, peaceful even,” He continued, stepping around to then stand beside the young man.

“But on a world like this you must understand one thing: nature’s ruled this realm for millenia, and the truth of what may be down there can be even more dangerous than anything soldiers or armies or the machinations of mankind can possibly dream of.

Vehicle Bay No. 2

Maksim Vytalion stifled a short cough as he finished the final disinfection of the Winstohl dropship’s main compartment. Stretching nearly 39 meters from nose to tail, the single Winstohl airjet was by far the largest vehicle held neatly in the Erikoure’s bays. They needed two whole bays to hold the expedition’s complement of airjets: four small Vultures, two old, medium Arukas and the larger Winstohl dropship. Holding up the spray wand, Vytalion heard the soft chirp of his comm-bead and flicked his finger across a haptic display in the corner of his vision. With a quick screech, the comm-line was opened and Vytalion was greeted with the voice of the expedition’s illusive director, Professor Willart Sigismund.

“Mister Vytalion, is our dropship ready for her first voyage planetside?” The cold voice inquired, and Maksim slowly turned to trot back out of the Winstohl’s large bay and into the cacophony of preparations that were taking place in Bay No. 2.

“Ah, I believe so - hull disinfection was completed three hours ago, and just finished on the insides.” Vytalion replied, stepping off the rear ramp of the Winstohl and making room for the pair of pilots that were soon boarding the dropship.

“Very good Mister Vytalion. I believe Doctors Walton and Adalet will be joining you and the first away team.”

Maksim gave a soft huff as he laid the disinfecting wand against a stack of crates and then seated himself atop one. Producing a pack of cigarettes, he’d take the time to enjoy one last break before the venture planetside. He scoffed at the mention of the scientists. While the pay was good, they hadn’t paid him nearly enough to simply babysit scientists and researchers.

As he lit the end of a cigarette and took a short pull, his comm-bead squawked once more, this time a call from the head of security - Valera Stashalenko was a retired Home Guard captain, and normally the two would be despised enemies. Funny how money changed that.

“Vytalion, this is Stashalenko. We’re in communication with the uhh … Pagaurano Traffic Control. Patching you in now.”

Leaning back, Vytalion took another long drag as the call connected with his haptic Focus, the lines giving brief bursts of static. While time delay was a factor, Vytalion estimated it was negligible however. Perhaps only a few seconds, at worst.

“This is Traffic Control to the TVSV Erikoure, we have authorized your landing at Dock 11. Welcome to Bastion IV and Pagaurano. You are green to approach.”

Maksim steadied a hand on his ear, pressing a delicate finger to the comm-bead. “This is Erikoure Lander 1-1, we read you loud and clear. We estimate uuuh, a two hour flight and then a 40 minute entry.” He spoke, soon nubbing the cigarette out and promptly dropping it into a refuse bin and standing up. “We’ll be relaying flight telemetry and underway soon.” With that, the connection was severed to the planet, leaving just Stashalenko and Vytalion on the channel.

“Mister Vytalion.” Stashalenko then said quietly, Maksim’s boots thudding against the ramp of the Winstohl as he then stopped in his tracks. “The Director said no weapons planetside yet but, we’ll keep that to ourselves. Don’t let the eggheads know but … keep a strap, for insurance.”

Vytalion chewed on the inside of his cheek as he listened, first taking a cautious glance around before adjusting the breast of his jacket, and checking the grip of the heavy blaster pistol strapped beneath his shoulder. “One step ahead of you, Stashalenko. Maksim out.” He remarked dryly, then severing the comms-link and obscuring the blaster with his jacket once more.

Bastion 4 is the only planet in the Kos system which is suitable for humanoid life. In part a place of entertainment, in part a sprawling wild. Deep sea lakes, Ice caves, a planet much sea but enough land to be teeming with life both above & below waters.


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Outer space was full of optical illusions. Objects that appeared closer were often quite distant. Objects that appeared smaller were actually quite large. The sun, moon and stars almost seemed like you could reach out and touch them, yet they were actually hundreds of thousands of miles away. Furthermore, objects which appeared to be hovering in stillness were often moving at incredible speeds, sometimes even faster than the speed of light itself. Such was the vastness and mystery of the dark expanse of space as the Stjornhestr continued to sink from the outer orbit of Bastion IV closer to the exosphere, going down keel-first towards the planet.

Karvi-1 and Karvi-2 had also been deployed. Karvi-1, piloted by Svegdir Staghelm, had sank down away from the Stjornhestr slowly, turning and gaining speed as it shot far around the Conflagration before going down to Xamoyos and diving nose-first into the Grigori River at a 45-degree angle, causing a huge splash in the water. Karvi-2, piloted by Wolfgang Yorisson, also sank down away from the Stjornhestr's hull very slowly before turning and going nose-first towards the in-coming Hastiti Class cruiser, which was ascending from the thermosphere of Bastion IV and moving upwards into the exosphere towards the ship.

But as the small 25-foot convertiboat moved in closer to the Conflagration to investigate, strange things began to occur. Jarl Goffre could see through his telescope, just as Hanson Forstein and his co-pilot Rolegh the Young saw from the Stjornhestr's cockpit, the Conflagration was still active, and there were people onboard. Although they could not see the Aschen crew from outside the cruiser, the Norsemen did manage to get a glimpse of the red blinking distress lights aboard the cruiser before the window shields were activated and shut to conceal the crew within. Wolfgang Yorisson turned to look at Kelsey quietly, who was peering over his shoulder, before Yorisson steered the small silver almond-shaped craft towards the port side of the Aschen Conflagration.

But as Karvi-2 neared closer to the cruiser, Goffre Alvisson noticed something else very strange about the Aschen ship. It was pivoting away from the convertiboat and was beginning to slowly ascend away from it. Jarl Goffre watched silently from the captain's quarters, grimacing slightly with confusion at the mysterious vessel before him. It appeared that the Conflagration was trying to escape as its thrusters came back on and the Hastiti Class cruiser turned on a swivel, up and to the right of the convertiboat. Jarl Goffre picked up the telehorn again and spoke into it.

"Forstein, hold our position. Activate the shields, I want everyone at the control rooms ready in case something happens... It seems we have a live one here. There are life forms onboard that ship, and they might not want our company afterall," the jarl stated.

"Yes sir," Hanson Forstein nodded before setting the cow horn down and signalling to the karl at the gjallarhorn, this time holding up two fingers. The karl nodded and within seconds, two half-blasts from the gjallarhorn were sounded out. Once again, the loud noise from the 12-foot long curved horn echoed from one end of the Stjornhestr to the other, and soon there were several people at their halls and stations getting fitted for possible conflict with the passengers aboard the cruiser.

As the crew members in blue uniforms down in the weapon defense control rooms attached their small hand-held dark purple crystals to the control decks in front of them, suddenly the crystals began to glow with a pinkish hue, emitting light all around them. Soon, the edges of the large round saucer-like shields along the outside of the Stjornhestr began to glow neon blue as Rolegh the Young motioned his hand over the runic symbols in front of him, turning the wheels and levers on his control panel. The Stjornhestr slowly stopped descending and remained completely motionless, hovering with its keel and solar-powered oar fin sails now submerged within Bastion IV's exosphere, while the rest of the Empyrean Norse vessel remained in outer space just above it.

The large eyes on the golden horse-headed prow at the front of the Stjornhestr began to flicker and blink, sending a Norse code back to Karvi-2 as the five passengers aboard the tiny convertiboat decided what to do next. Wolfgang Yorisson, upon being informed about the blinking messages from the back of the convertiboat, quickly eased up and stopped his vessel from going any further towards the Aschen cruiser. It was an order to stand down, as the convertiboat came to a complete halt. Only once the Karvi-2 had stopped moving was Wolfgang Yorisson aware that the Conflagration was withdrawing away from him.

At that moment, a third small ship emerged from the Stjornhestr's hanger. Karvi-3, also carrying a crew of five passengers, was now heading away from Bastion IV in the opposite direction. At first it moved very slowly as it turned around to face the dark expansion of outer space. But then suddenly, without warning, it would shoot forward like a speeding missile, accelerating very rapidly as it disappeared from the area, leaving the solar system from which it had arrived. The Stjornhestr was now down to 7 convertiboats and only 485 passengers. Jarl Goffre had to consider his next orders very carefully.

A large continent with teeming wilds and many rivers snaking throughout it. There are likely large beasts here among the large foliage

Gas Pirate Flagship

This speedy vessel swoops into the gas clouds, collecting the streams intended for miners.


Gas Giant with moons


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         "Yes it would seem I have stumbled upon inter-multiverse travel, even though I am a weapons engineer with some dabbling in robotics. This will be a big step forward for our realm and it seems for this multiverse. This will make for quite the research if I am able to return and for your people as well I assume. That is as long as we can get over any hurdles we may meet along the way." The engineer continued talking as they moved along. He observed the architecture without so much as a word of it. Then they met a creature of similar height of Elijah.

"Ah are you a being that works like a hive mind? That would be similar to the rat like creations called the Skritt, very stupid and simple minded alone yes, but when put together in large groups of 20 they become a very formidable mind. I also doubt you would have any information on us or of Tyria, it would seem not to exist here." The Asuran continued on the lenses popping over his one eye piece viewing the creature on multiple levels through it.

The home-world of the Argosian Empire, a primitive faction allied with the Taiyou.

Mephistopheles Mining Operations

The main mining area for the Mephistopheles Mining Station, in orbit above.


This armored freighter carries compressed cargo.

Mephistopheles Mining HQ

This vast station orbits rectilinearly between Mephistopheles and its moons, making it difficult to assault without significant prior warning.

Mephistopheles Station Security

This checkpoint guards the main holds and lobby area from the docking bay.

Mephistopheles Cargo Decks

The vast, cavernous interior of the station's primary cargo loading area unfolds before you. Small shuttles bustle to and fro, and the occasional klaxon sounds out the order of the process.

Mephistopheles Station Promenade

This two-tier deck encircles the station, giving a view of the gas giant no matter where its orientation in space.

Great Bastion Commercial Square

This bazaar of business is as much a faire as it is a market, filled with neon lights and fantastic displays of various wares.

Great Bastion Central Bank

The city of Great Bastion runs on Beskar Coins, which can be minted here at the Central Bank.

Great Bastion Visitor Registration

Leave your name and identification at the front desk, please! We will deliver your visitor's card to your registered stay address.

Great Bastion Customs

These customs checks ban all Class II and III weapons, protecting the glass dome for all residents of the city. While most tourist areas are often triple-secured, the commercial districts are patrolled by peacekeepers with special weapons.

Vouldean Triumph

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         Charybdis de Vould docks up the frigate under its own power, linking up with the laser beacons that guided her path in to the old city. Too long, had it been.

She spun around in her captain's chair and headed down for the lower decks. The second-hand mate already knew what was to come and began securing the transfer licenses for their cargo, beginning the next phase of their mission.

Retrofitted frigate with a sleek black paint across the hull. Yellow chevrons emblazon the bow, highlighting the bristling armament.

Vathios Ocean

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         Keith nexus goes fishing because I'm an idiot and didn't pack food

Deep and large ocean of Bastion IV. A large, strange cloud formation hovers above. It never goes away.

The Aurora

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         The group of Aschen Marines stacked up near the door, but behind some cover so they wouldn't be burned by the heat from the daisy chained plasma grenades. The grenade detonated in a bloom of superheated plasma, and a concussive thermal shockwave that announced their arrival. Aventus, with his wound took point as Decurion gestured he move in after Duncan, the two Senior Corporals immediately followed, with the sergeant immediately behind them, into the hole, their strobes flashing and illuminating the dark cellar interior.

The rattle of gunfire startled Specialist Aventus, as several rounds struck the concrete next to his head. He ducked suddenly, before he started to run back the way he came.

"Frak this, i'm out of here!" The Specialist called out, but was abruptly stopped as the sergeant grabbed him by his plate carrier, and swung him around behind some sandbags.

"Too soon to run, get your shit together and concentrate on that position!" Decurion shouted, raising his disruptor rifle and firing a dozen shots down the tunnel at the insurgent, one bolt struck the concrete wall, splattering the insurgent with molten concrete, the Sergeant took the brief moment of disorientation to loose two more green streaks downrange, illuminating the hallway in green light, and peppering the insurgent's position as Kalfkos took position behind a support pillar.

"Delta Team, this is Actual." Admiral Genna's voice chimed in Decurion's earpiece, causing him to pause abruptly and press himself against the hallway. "Be advised, I've got technicals approaching your position, there's at least a dozen coming up the main road, your new friends are fixing to get overwhelmed."

Decurion frowned, and then turned to Duncan. "They're coming up the main road with reinforcements! Whatever we're here to do, we gotta do it quick!" The Aschen Sergeant called out, ducking from a few rounds striking the concrete while tapping his earpiece.

"Can you slow them down?" He called out.

"I'll see what I can do, Actual out." Genna replied, and Decurion grimaced for a moment. "Tell your boys to hunker down and cover their ears, I don't like where this is going."

Aboard the Far Sight Lost...

Admiral Genna watched quietly as a column of crude armored vehicles, and technicals moved up the battered road, under cover of destroyed buildings, and bombed out overpasses. She noted they seemed to be heading up towards the Governor's mansion, and highlighted the interface.

"Right, EVE, Salvo fire, one third charge."

"Acknowledged, Admiral." EVE replied.

High in the sky, the Reverence II looming over the city slowly began to yaw to the left, turning on it's axis to orient itself somewhat facing the Governor's mansion, a trio of turbodisruptor batteries on the ventral side of the ship's bulbous prow swiveled to life.

It fired roughly eight times, sending hot plasma down along the main road where the Technicals were advancing, the impacts of each bolt shook the city, and caused flames to plume high into the sky, sending debris, molten shrapnel, and destroyed cars flying in all directions, and forcing the insurgent caravan to scatter.

Inside the bunker, the ground shook six times, almost like a powerful earthquake that rocked the mansion, causing dirt, and debris to fall from the ceiling, and Decurion to hold his helmet.

"Shit... that frakking Reverence!" He called out.

"How deep's this thing go? Because I think it's about to heat up topside."

The Aurora nebula is home to countless star systems, though the prominent ones that are currently known to be populated include only a handful.


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         /say Hi

Once upon a time, in an illustrious land of autumn hues far beyond the sunset is where your tale began. There you stood, in a field bathed in sunlight, waist high grasses browned by summer passed. It was a golden stretch of curiosity, natural and naked made seemingly for your exploration. Over to the west, a crag of dark stone stretched towards the sky. How did you get here? Where did you come from? The wind itself awaits your response.


Gaia Freyja Owner: Remæus

This legendary vessel has much written in the Book of Yor, solidifying it as a maven of resilience and power.


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         Lucille Strommheim looked towards the sky, taking note of the bizarre shape.

What in the heavens is that?
she exclaimed.

Gaia Ellaria Owner: AxelZero93

Ellaria is a continent with once warmer climates. A great forest covers much of the continent, and there are many swamps. Two towering mountain ranges cut into the continent, one brushing the shore.


Flagship of the Thornheim fleet, Thornhuun is a massive Viking Longship seemingly blessed with divine favor, capable of transcendental feats and bristling with mysterious, almost-magical armaments.

Aether Dock

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Hrafn-Floki was sitting on board the Seamaiden, hugging the wooden carved mermaid-prow at the front of the viking longship when his leidang started to arrive. Floki the Shipbuilder had wasted no time in hand picking the 500 hrafnfylking who would be traveling with him on his adventures. He divided them up evenly on to 5 different longships, placing 100 sailors on to each ship. Besides the large Seamaiden, he also hand-picked four other longships called the Sjorulfur, the Sjohestur, the Waveraider and the Hafskongur to go as his fleet. These five viking longships looked very similar, apart from their prows. The Seamaiden had a mermaid or valkyrie-type prow. The Sjorulfur had a wolf-headed prow. The Sjohestur had a horse-headed prow. The Waveraider had a simple spiralling or swirling prow design typical of the Jellinge style, while the Hafskongur had a Dall horned sheep or ram-headed prow. All of them had square-shaped crimson red sails which bore a picture of the black raven in tribal knot-work design, a symbol that was by now firmly associated with Nordic vikings from the northern fjords.

Soon other vikings would arrive from the mainland, hoping for a chance to sail with Hrafn-Floki and join in on his adventures. 50 ulfhednar, 50 berserkar, 50 svinfylking, 50 hestahar, 50 kattrfylking, 50 hornuglar, 50 ljosalfar, 50 svartalfar and 100 thralls would all be chosen to join Floki the Vitki on his quest to Siv'en, and he divided them all accordingly, placing all 1000 of his vikings into one of the 5 distinguished ships. The remaining 500 hrafnfylking would stay at the docks and continue to do as they had always done, building and repairing boats at the shipyard, fishing the harbour and working close to the water. Angradi the Whaler was chosen by Hrafn-Floki to be the new commander of the hrafnfylking at the docks, and was appointed to oversee the shipyard's navy.

Without further delay, the rowers divided themselves on each of the longships, with 75 oarsmen on each side. Hrafn-Floki took his place on the raised platform at the front of the Seamaiden, and picked up the ivory curved horn, blowing into it. The sound of the horn was carried for miles. Floki then leaned over the side of the ship to kiss his wife Helga one last time as she placed a garland of holly on his head like a crown. Helga and the other housewives waved their husbands goodbye and watched quietly as the 5 longships slowly rowed away from the docks and headed out towards deeper waters. They knew it might be weeks, months or even possibly years before Hrafn-Floki's leidang returned to Iskjerne Bay, if they ever returned at all.

Ancient stone docks which lay in ruins at the north end of the settlement. They have since been replaced and extended upon by Floki's Docks, which includes a large shipyard.


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         The Shogun's Palace
3:30AM Local time

It was quiet, and peaceful inside the halls of the Shogun's Palace, the handful of Shogunate Guard tended to their patrols, calmly walking along the halls of the palace, checking that everything was in order as the VIP's slept. Tonight was the last night in Shintenchi before a newly revived Nobuo returned to Niihama to claim his throne, or so they thought.

They snuck in almost undetected, muffled footsteps, and thermoptical camouflage meant that the wandering guards did not see what was about to happen. No one knew how they got in, or where they came from as the op started without a hitch.

Inside the main reception hall, two Shogunate guardsmen were enjoying cups of hot tea, as the first snow flurries of the coming winter began to flit outside the windows, they were remarking how pretty the city was in the winter, interrupted by two muffled 'thwips'

Both of them slumped over at their station as blood pooled under them.

Kendra Shaw was having trouble sleeping that night, nightmares had awakened her in the dead of night, and she was quietly shuffling through the halls towards the kitchen, where she was going to get a glass of water, and take some of her sleeping medication, as it seemed to be the only thing that kept the wolves at bay. As she shuffled through the hall, she heard a muffled 'thwip' and saw one of the guards slump forward. Stifling a breath, Kendra moved towards a nearby Shoji, and slid it open as her heart began to race.

She had been out of it for years, but training took over, she quickly tried at assess the situation. She heard muffled footsteps outside, slowly they crept, and the wood crept under the weight. She kept completely still, and waited for the muffled footsteps to fade.

"Shit." She cursed quietly under her breath, throwing the heavy winter yukata from her back, and throwing her sandals aside. Slowly, she slid the Shoji door open, and peered down the hallway, catching a glint of a figure as he rounded a corner.

Slowly she crept, moving against the wall, she had to make her way back to the bedroom and warn Nobuo, but Kendra was caught completely by surprise as she rounded a corner, and stared straight down the barrel of a silenced c26A. She let her legs go limp as she dropped, the weapon making a muffled 'thbbt' and splintering a nearby pillar. Before the man could reorient himself, she moved to uppercut, grasping the rifle, and struggling with the figure for it, They struggled back, and fourth, grunting, as Kendra shouted. "Tasukete! Shin'nyū-sha!" The Soldier grunted and shoved Kendra to the ground, and leveled his weapon to fire as she rolled away, bullets splintering the floor besides her.

At that moment, a Shogunate guard rounded the corner, and caught the tussle. "Yameru!" He bellowed And he opened fire from his own MN23, sending 5.56 rounds streaming towards the man with a deafening 'ratta-tat'

It didn't take long for alarms to blare all throughout the palace from the sound of the one Shogunate soldier's assault rifle. The Umibozu stumbled back, with several holes in his chest, and collapsed to the ground. Quickly, Kendra grabbed his assault rifle, and several magazines, stuffing them into her bra, and executing the dying man with a single shot to the head.

"We need to find Nobuo!" Kendra called out, as more gunfire filled the inside of the Palace. She pointed to the guard and shouted in Taiyou.

"You, with me!" The man nodded and began to follow Kendra, as she started to move down the hallway, sweeping the barrel of her assault rifle, checking her corners with the guard behind her. Spotting another Umibozu behind cover, engaged with Shogunate soldiers down the Hall, Kendra dispatched him with two well placed shots from his right flank before he could react. Quickly, she moved, releasing the empty magazine and letting it clatter to the ground as she slid a fresh magazine into the weapon, and chambered another round.

Narita is the capital of the Shintenchi Shogunate, and home to the central administration of the Taiyou living on Terra.

75th Street

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         DHEED's whole node network was wobbling from the incredibly strong earthquake. Redundancies were firing off everywhere as oscillation and harmonics blew out joints and hardware. Hardened to a fault and spread over massive areas it would take the planet collapsing for DHEED to be erased. DHEED was more concerned for the squishy Car Key as he initialized a second body.

DHEED's omnithreading didn't collapse for once as the second body started up. He raised a hand and inspected it as she polished the frame. The head on this body nodded, "Excellent work. I will need you to alter some more source bodies in the repair plant so I can refurbish them. However I suggest you remain in the bunker for now."

The head turned to examine a console on the wall, "The external ingress is collapsing and hardlinks are damaged in several areas. I can still access the local network wirelessly. Are you sure he has locks? I do not detect any electronic locks on the domicile on that address. He may be too poor to afford them. How amusing."

DHEED slowly attempted to spin up some bodies nearby to the address trusting that Car Key was there to observe if they weren't viable. Having a competent external actor was preferable to crawling across the floor for several days.

A mere nondescript side street, one of the many straying from Sol avenue. Descending further down this path would give one the feeling it doesn't typically get visitors from the occasional boarded and abandoned houses and establishments.

Wing City Business District

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         Gabriel Ereb steps out of his Wing City branch office for the last time. He looked over the building fondly, but he did not tarry. While there were wonderful memories in this city, it had not become economically viable for the company to have its headquarters here any longer.

"Come, Agares." He smiled at the armored soldier beside him. "It's finally time for us to depart."

"Yes, sir." The alpha trooper nodded before escorting the aged businessman to the waiting hovercar.

The business sector of Wing City, currently being repaired after a series of terrorist attacks.

Northern Main Street

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         Shrknar the Reshr'c glanced over towards Lectre Mansion, wondering what history this city held. No matter, he'd have time for exploration later. Continuing on, he picked up his pace — the Queen was not one to wait.

This is the northern extent of Wing City's Main Street, passing to the north of the Wing City Gardens.


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         Sentient Smargantua clitter-clatters in the shadows, receding into labyrinthine maze of rocks and boulders. The glimmer of motion might have caught an astute observer's eye, but the Smargantua was all too stealthy for the casual observer.

Meaza Vintu Owner: Patcharoo

This region is dominated mostly by plains land, it is home to some of the fastest Gargantua the planet has to offer.


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         The terrarian stares awkwardly at the tree realizing, not only did it not break as easily as trees normally do, at least how they normally do in terra , nor did it chop in the same way, but it's not acting in any of the other ways trees normally do, on terra anyways "am, am I even in terra anymore?" they say to themselves thrown for a loop by the tree And opts to go towards the green flash opting to use the wood he was using for platforms to make a work bench, running rather fast with the blue strange boots on their feet, going to a grand surprising total of 34 mph but being decidedly careful around any steep changes in geometry cause of how the tree acted, wondering just what exactly that flash was as they approach

Lamos is a cool, lush continent to the north in Langara's eastern hemisphere.

Pagourano Spaceport

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Onboard the TVSV Erikoure

The Winstohl was fueled and ready to depart, Maksim standing at the back ramp as he prepared for the away team. He first spotted Doctor Walton stepping off from the lift to the bridge, carrying a small pack with him that was drawn over one shoulder. Leaning against one of the struts of the Winstohl’s heavy ramp, the mercenary gave a curt nod to the Azrican as he approached.

“Doctor Walton. Want to be the first on the ground?” Vytalion inquired, studying the main intently. The way he carried himself, Maksim estimated he was a veteran of some sort - not just of scientific expeditions like this, but even in the service. Whatever his past might be, Walton hid it well.

“Mister Vytalion: I take it you’re our escort to Pagourano.” Walton responded promptly, tossing his pack onto a nearby jumpseat as he fished a Focus out from his pocket and began to fit it in his ear. “Ah - before we go further, I have a question … Maksim, was it?”

Walton was tall and broad, not large but one could tell the doctor wasn’t the picture of the weakling researcher. He leaned in close to Vytalion, who stood dismissively with his arms crossed. “I’m only privy to what Professor Sigismund has told me but, I’d value your opinion too … even if you’re merely a consultant.”

Vytalion steeled himself for a moment, then gave a curious glance sideways to the doctor. “What opinion might that be, doctor?” He began, tilting his head away just slightly while drawing the pack of cigarettes free from his light ballistic vest once more. As he began packing the smokes, Walton pressed one hand onto the strut of the ramp elevator.

“What’s a paramilitary like Vostok Security have with the expedition here? I understand the need for protection but this is a scientific mission … unless?” Walton let his words trail for a moment there.

Vytalion had to grit himself when the man reached forward, flicked open the carton and pulled a cigarette for himself. Promptly sticking it between his lips. The mercenary held a neutral facade, but internally swelled. He’d love to just punch Walton in the face right now.

“That sounds like a question for our security director, doctor. Valera Stashalen - “

Before the two men could spar more though, another voice rang out. A dark haired, bespeckled man in a black jacket carrying a shore bag of his own over his shoulder. Both Walton and Vytalion stopped mid-sentence, their little sparring match over in an instant with no decisive winner as a booming voice suddenly drew a bright smile onto Paul Walton’s face.

“Aleks fucking Gregor - is that you?!” Walton barked, suddenly stepping away from Vytalion and walking down the ramp of the airjet. As the two men met, they first joined a handshake, which quickly turned into a warm embrace between what were obviously two old friends.

“I’d heard they let you lead the research team for a little party in the wilds.” Gregor offered briefly, giving his old colleague a firm pat on the back. As they stepped back, he first adjusted the glasses seated on the bridge of his nose, and then the strap of the shore bag on his shoulder. “I got bored, needed to get away from campus - and particularly off of Eden Prime.”

Gregor's jokes and jabs caused Vytalion to steadily watch the two men. The Tsov’s cautious eye seemed to catch Gregor attention, who unslung the shore. “What’s goin’ on here, Paul. What the hell is this, since when do you need secur - “

Walton stretched a hand up to Gregor’s shoulder, giving him a comforting squeeze. “Yeah yeah, it’s just a precaution, Exogarden wouldn’t let us through Federation space without a presence.” He said quietly, twisting the cigarette he stole from Vytalion over in his fingers as Gregor gave a dismissive huff.

“Something’s don’t change I guess, huh?” Gregor said with a simple shake of his head, then walking his way up the ramp and passing Vytalion. The mercenary chewed on the end of his cigarette, bringing two fingers up to pull the stick from his lips.

“Space is quite dangerous Mister … Gregor, was it?” Vytalion spoke dryly, stamping the cigarette out on the ramp of the Winstohl and flicking it away. “Especially a place like the lands down there. Not very friendly to our kind.” Gregors adjusted his glasses and gave Vytalion a short chuckle after stowing his shore bag in the overhead compartment that ran along the bay.

”Oh, I’m sure it isn’t. That’s why we often don’t bring guns along down to places like that. Humans have a tendency to make a lot less mistakes about their place on the food chain when we don’t have something to convince us we’re safe in a chaotic world.”

The flight down to Pagorauno was an uneventful one, if a bit bumpy as the Winstohl began its de-orbit and entered the atmosphere. There were five personnel in total from the expedition dispatched to the first, cursory landing at the spaceport: three of the scientific team and two members of the shady Vostok private security.

After the final deceleration, the inky blackness of space had given way to the soft blue of atmosphere, Gregor leaned back into his jumpseat and let out a contented sigh. Walton had a prankish smile across his face, shaking a small bag.

“Don’t ride the star lift at the Institute Campus much?” Walton joked, stuffing the bag away as Gregor shook his head and wrapped both of his hands down onto the straps across his chest.

“I haven’t been on a lander in a minute, if you can't tell.”

Up in the cockpit, the two pilots were working quickly to bring the Winstohl’s speed down and correct the last leg of their approach, one of them reaching up to snap on the comms with the spaceport. “This is Erikoure Lander 1-1 on terminal approach, burning low.”

The Winstohl’s heavy frame shuddered as the airjets grumbled, a deep, booming shriek filling the mountainous skies as it completed one final turn and then lowered itself towards the landing pad. The great bird’s wings bounced and wobbled slightly at the first impact of her massive tires stamping down onto the landing pad. As the ramp began to crawl open, everyone inside was first greeted with the bright shine of the sky - and next the sharp, cold bite of mountain air.

Despite not being the largest and well hidden, the sounds of what few ships arrive and depart echo throughout the surrounding peaks & down into Dracos Valley. Thankfully Pagourano is relatively quiet despite.

Orion Spur

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If this message reaches beyond the Veil, it should be known that eight years ago today war erupted between the powers of the Garden - a conflict which has brought the once great civilizations of Scatter and her territories into ruin. The great emptiness of space which was once the empire of our interstellar dreams is now a barrier of vacuum and radiation. It is with a heavy heart that I chronicle this broadcast for those in the stars beyond that soon, these prosperous nations and peoples may no longer be able to reach our brethren in the Home galaxy beyond the Charybdis Veil.

The Interstellar Nations and the Supremacy have turned our magnificent Garden into a battlefield, unleashing their war-machines in the hopes of crushing one another beneath the steel boot of states and militaries that have risen to challenge even the governments they are sworn to. As of this broadcast, every major population and economic sector of the Garden has become the colosseum of generals and admirals vying not to restore peace to our fractured homes, but build a new seat of power from the ashes after they have scorched our lands and boiled our seas.

For all their once thought unassailable authority, our governments have fallen one by one. Our leaders, deafened from cannon-fire, no longer hear their peoples. Our heroes, wrenched from their pedestals and forced to clash amongst the titans of our war machines and weapons of destruction no longer embolden our people’s hopes and dreams.

Our villains, now unbreakable in their strength and empowered at the failures of our lords, run rampant across the Garden in the quest to remake our homeland of mankind in their image. As of the time of this broadcast, they are winning.

And as of the time it is received beyond the Veil, they have won. Or at the least, our last ramparts are falling as the galaxy turns beyond. For those in the stars beyond, this is the last voice of our civilization. For those trapped beyond the Veil, you are the remnant of our kind, whether you be Garden-born, or Terran, or another breed of life from across the universes.

You are all that’s left of Scatter’s light.

A slow, dull humming cascaded throughout the inky darkness of the relay chamber while the last audio of the broadcast drew to a close. Stilhneer’s Ascension March, a solemn, quiet piece of a piano and violin died out while flickering lights materialized into a circle of uniformed figures. All surrounding a central node spewing forth a holograph of the galaxy, one of them reached a finger out to a glimmering icon and tapped it once.

“What … exactly does this mean?” A woman’s voice inquired, sharpened yet cool as she drew her hand back down to the great coat stretched across thin shoulders. The figure across from her, a swarthy man draped in a peacoat, answered bluntly.

“It means we’re on our own. Stuck across the Veil. Marooned.” He almost spat, drawing a gloved hand to his mouth to hide a quiet curse. “They’ve left us in the lurch, chasing ghosts all around the Deep Stars, while they’re choking to death on toxic atmospheres or burning up in renegaded stars.”

“We don’t know that.” Another voice chimed in, this one pressing a hand down against his starched uniform, a naval insignia pinned against his chest while he craned his chin towards the eight other officers standing before him. “We don’t know whether they completed Guarding Night and initiated Striking Dawn - “

The man in the peacoat let out a short chortle, looking to the naval officer. “If the Dawn had come we wouldn’t be hearing this. Are you listening to yourself? We knew this was coming when the Tenth Front reached Karelia. What we need to understand is that the Veil is sealed now, and that’s a good thing.”

A fourth man spoke up, adjusting the brim of the helmet draped across his head. He seemed to be sitting at a desk, legs bent and feet propped against a board of furniture. “A good thing? Are you serious? That was our way back home, now we’re stuck on the other side with god-knows what managed to slip through before we put the Cordons in place. You’re saying that’s a good thing?”

The other officer stiffened, adjusting one of the breasts of his peacoat to settle it on his broad shoulders. “What’s happened in the Garden has happened, it was not our mission to fight that war. We’ve succeeded in preventing the worst from trickling through the Veil and -

“Succeeded?! We’ve barely scratched the surface of it! Have you been groundside to the Shore Planets? I’ve lost whole colonies to Rogues - landers full of civilians butchered and eaten, picked apart like they were thrown into the jaws of a, a - Christ, I don’t even know how to describe it. And now, we’re stuck outside the walls!” The man at the desk suddenly rose himself up, practically knocking it away. Suddenly, another figure across the chamber spoke up.

“The Colonel is right, Commander.” The form spoke, an officer’s cap pulled tight across the brow as a white-gloved hand rose up to silence the dissent. “We can not derail the operation, contingencies were in place for losing contact with ISAAC and the Garden.” The stern words appeared to defuse the quarreling officer’s … for now, at least. As the figure lowered that hand though, a visible tension returned to the officer’s faces.

“That being said, it is clear the parameters of our mission have become broader than the scope of our abilities. We may need to discuss the option of altering our protocols.” The figure informed, while a few cautious glances were exchanged amongst the officers. The woman spoke again, turning to the obscured figure across from her.

“What do you mean, ‘altering the protocols’ … we’ve operated with strict instructions to stay away from other organizations and keep access to the Shore Planets as limited as possi - “

“I mean exactly what I said.”

Those short words drew wide eyes, and perhaps a gasp or two. The man in the peacoat clutched at the hem of his clothing, while his meaty face turned into a scowl. “You want to bring outsiders into this? I don’t believe that is a sound plan, Colonel.” He reported shortly, turning his head away. The figure didn’t seem to stall however, instead raising another hand as the command flowed.

“We have only so much time before our force concentration in the Shore Planets is overwhelmed … and there are still forces across the Local Region - the Apparatus stay-behind - that we must assume command of before approaching other states about this. There was a garrison force on Terra, the 666th, a static division. Part of the Shadow Authority. We will need them. And I need all of you to prepare yourselves.” The officers gave a cautious glance amongst one another, as if the ante of a game had just been raised drastically, while the figure gave a slow, parting word that would seep through the emptiness of space with the end of that mysterious broadcast.

“The war in the Garden might very well have ended. But ours is just beginning.

The Orion Spur is a small, nondescript branched arm of the Milky Way also referred to as "The Local Region". It is relatively sparse and lacking in resources.

The Athens II

This luxurious Peregrine-class transport is a decadent example of custom starship engineering, with exquisite yet functional interior decorations including a personal spa, dining room, and guest quarters outfitted in marble, exotic woods, and gold.

Wing City

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         Ulrich Paternosta looks after Tento Flare.

You have entered Wing City, the third largest city on Terra and its premier capital. Hustling and bustling with activity, this city serves as a hub of social and political activity, as well as the prestigious solo combat capital of the quadrant.

Precursor Artifact

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         /say Damn, now's not the time!

This mysterious hull shimmers with an eerie iridescence and is scattered with bizarre, arcane runes.


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         Admiral Nash grasped the console in silent consideration, as she watched the Hegelian formation on the holographic projection in front of her.

EVE's voice chimed into the CIC. "Priority one alert from the Scylla, and Director Angel!"

Nash looked up to the display. "Patch it through!" As she considered her next move.

"You've been instructed to retreat from this battle, and return your fleet to Imperial Space at once. This is a priority one directive."

EVE's serenity was abruptly cut by the chime of the DRADIS Systems. "Sir! We have two FTL Signatures on the far side of the system!" The Bridge officer called out. "Identifying.... they're Thunderbolt--"

The pair of Thunderbolt Missiles detonated roughly a hundred AU from the Aschen fleet, and while it seemed to be random, the path, and location of the Detonation was precisely calculated to create an intercept course for an approaching ship.

"Tricobalt explosion detected!" What the frak is going on!?" The Officer called out.

Nash was just as confused. Were they planning on saturating the system?

"As Soon as the FTL Drives are synchronized! Get us the frak out of here!"

Norma Arm EK-729 Owner: Remæus

A seemingly black void, this supremely large low-light star is heavily surrounded with space debris, causing it's light to rarely escape it's system. Not much life to be found here, if you can get to it through the asteroid belts and other obstacles.

Perseus Arm

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         Antok's face fell, this...wasn't going to be as simple as they once thought. He turned his gaze to his men, and pointed forwards to the opposing ships. He was practically seeing red, and did not wish to retreat. He wouldn't surrender. Him, and his men had come too far.

"Men! Attack!"

And all around, the ships began to swarm and power forwards for space combat. In the meantime, the Event Horizon began charging once more to prepare for a second attack.

The second largest arm in the Milky Way Galaxy, the Perseus Arm is home to the Core Worlds and the Last Wheel of Time.


AHSC HCC-544 [i]Conflagration[/i]


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         Atargatis noticed the fleets appearing around Gaia and Skygem, frowned, and excused himself.

Moon of gaia, who's surface is exposed quartz of varying colors, and is strewn with complex crystal cave systems. From the distance, it sparkles.

Sky's Edge

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         Meanwhile the jungle simply watched and waited, for now it yeilded to the orders of Hanley's men and their machines. However, that wasn't to say it was without it's defenses. The jungle held dangers of it's own that these men were now subjecting themselves to, things that the locals spoke of in hushed tones for fear of bringing "la madre tierra's wrath down upon them. The locals were also fond of supersitions and rituals, anything that could potentially offer them an edge against their enemy neighbors. These were things often brought to them along with the cargo and crew of any ship that happened to stick around long enough to trade. Due to this Sky's Edge was a strange mash up of many cultures across the stars where many a young man or woman thought there might be easy fame or fortune to be had for themselves.

"You think that's going to work Cossack?" Rei asked more amused than not. Most people in her experience didn't have the guts to tell the Aschen where they could stick their gigantic troop carriers. But she had seen the trick he had pulled off, managing to bury their signal in noise of the planet and shadow generated by the Aschen ships. It wasn't something she had ever really thought of, but it so far had bought them a bit of time, and that was better than nothing. "Because I've never known the Aschen to be terribly smart in the department of leave it the fuck alone."

The warlords of the planet would more than likely take this as an invitation to use some of the worst weapons they'd managed to devise to date. Never mind the discrete, signal-less, bladder mines planted in the jungle where Hanley's men forged a path forward, keen to bend nature to their will. Instead, there were things that the Aschen hadn't yet dreamed could come out of a back water planet to be seen.

Sky's Edge and it's population had had centuries to cultivate their collective hatred against their so called lords and masters that the Aschen deigned to call themselves, into something not unlike a fine wine. And this was something that the Children of Ash had taken full advantage of. Quietly and carefully, they had taken time to refine this anger, this collective hatred of otherness, into a brilliant and crystalline suite of emotions, thoughts, and things. Things that were especially designed to communicate their hatred against those who would have left them forgotten, and abandoned.

A planet with terrestrial features whose primary terrain is jungle. Unlike other planets within the system, it is superficially Terran in it's nature. Except for a few items of toxic plant life, the atmosphere is breathable and manageable for most humans

Caprica City

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The capital of the United Aschen Empire.

Government Center Third Floor

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         Þorgerður rose to her feet, shooting Dvořák a glare until he did too, at least forcing the sour expression away. They bowed respectfully to the Taiyou. "I'll be sure to provide the files you've requested regarding Empress Keiko, your highness," she said. "I'm happy to help however I can, even if certain stipulations would be impossible." She made mental note to schedule a meeting soon with Boisvert-Panelo - clearly, something was amiss in the prisons department, and she'd need to know sooner rather than later exactly the size and scale of the clusterfuck. She also made a mental note to contact Khayyam's office about Dvořák.

For his part, Dvořák watched the Taiyou depart, slowly releasing the tension in his shoulders as they left. Of course Nobuo Takayama would be upset about the prison conditions where the old woman was confined. Why was it that he had a soft spot for war criminals? Dvořák gave Þorgerður a pointed look. "Hope you enjoyed your first meeting with a foreign power. That's usually how it goes. A foreign head of state - or someone representing them - trying to strongarm Terra into whatever awful demand they've got that day. See you." He rather abruptly turned on his heel and left, disappearing into the inner office suite for the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Þorgerður remained alone. Her aides, after all, had left quite hastily once they'd been dismissed earlier.

The third floor of Government Center is home to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Head east for the Division of Immigration and Citizenship and west for the Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Government Center West Wing

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         Irina promptly stepped back after handing the container to Doctor Yudell, putting her hands behind her back and taking a silent position alongside Staff Sergeant Stamatios once again. As Monica continued on, Kawandi first looked down to the tablet before him and took a momentary sigh. “Uuh, yes and no - some of the original grain species, I’ve determined to be a hybridization of a common species found in the Garden, beyond the Veil,” He started, then bringing up two similar genetic composition reports and displaying them side by side. “And one found here on Terra - a very common practice to better integrate biomass across colonies. Unfortunately, I’m unable to coordinate with anyone back in the Garden proper to see if they are experiencing any similar genetic degradation as well.”

Kawandi had a nervousness about him as their discussions turned to that dreaded prospect of genetic tampering and an engineered blight. “I believe that the origin is from here, in the Local Region and that, yes, there is a good possibility we’ve discovered some sort of … engineered crop disease. As for just who might be responsible, well, that is more in the field of my colleague here.”

With that, he gave a soft nod back over to Irina. Stepping forward, Irina unfolded her arms from behind her back, then took Kawandi’s place at the table. “I am Senior Warrant Officer Irina Osman, Security Detective of the Exogarden Stellar Police Force. I’m the operations officer of a task force, 515,” Irina introduced herself, using her hand to flick across the tablet and project a series of reports stamped with a lunar crescent and spyglass.

“I believe that Doctor Kawandi here and the Outer Veil research team have uncovered one part of a large terrorist network that has operated across the Local Region at large since the end of the Galactic War.”

Before her, the image of a man appeared, along with a scrolling list of incidents that seemed to stretch back years, decades even. “Several decades ago there was a radical transhumanist group known as the ‘New World’, that used Edenite emancipation to begin a terror campaign in the Garden - and perhaps closer to home for you all, here in the Local Region. Their militant wing is known as the ‘League’ - and we believe their top ranking commander of assets and networks here in the Local Region goes by the name ‘Faust’.”

While Irina prepared her own deposition, Stamatios seemed to narrow his eyes for a moment. He had been completely silent the entire time, but the mere mention of the League finally seemed to earn a rise from the marine. His fists clenched behind his back, jaw setting slightly as his eyes settled on the sparse image of the man.

Even more confusing for others in the room though, was that several different images of the man known as Faust were different faces, bodies entirely. Irina was quick to answer that possible question as it came up. “The person you see in these images is what is known as a ‘capsuleer’ - a downloaded and reuploaded sentience that can be placed into cloned or specially grown bodies. Many of these capsuleers in the New World believe that their gift of immortality makes them gods amongst mortals: Scatterran, Terran, Aschen or otherwise. They have manipulated elections, overthrown or puppeted governments, and instigated civil wars across the Garden.”

If the proposition that a crop disease had been bio-engineered by someone, somewhere in the Local Region was bad, the following explanation as to who might be behind it was even worse.

”Many of these capsuleers work secretly to establish a shadow state across the galaxy and rule their selected kingdoms as deities or supreme beings. They’ve used terror and manipulation to achieve their goals, sometimes with disastrous results. The League has capacities unlike any sort of previous non-state actor we’ve seen before: they infiltrate political parties and governments, distribute propaganda, infiltrate armed groups and can even bring entire countries to their knees, they smuggle everything from weapons, to contraband, drugs, and even people … I believe they’ve recently gotten into the agricultural business.”

The West Wing houses overflow courtroom space, the Parliamentary Research Directorate, the Office of the Parliamentary Clerk, the Auxiliary Support Offices, the Government Center Police, and the General Staff.

Government Center

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         Shuichi offered a slight smile. "Oh, Shuichi is my given name, Minamino is my family name." Minamino corrected, forgetting that the Terrans didn't follow the custom of using the family name first.

"You may call me Tatsu." The younger man said with a smile. "At least, that seems to be what people have been calling me as of late." He said, turning to Shuichi. "I'm sorry, I seem to have foolishly left my royal passport back with the rest of my personal effects, you see; I've been away for a very long time."

He turned back to Shuichi, and offered a slight bow, to the paling Minister. There was something amiss about those two, though Minamino's ID checked out, and everything was legitimate, the eccentricities of the Taiyou royal family were something to behold.

"Right." Minimano said with a disarming smile. "Shall we? Tenchi." Minamino corrected.

You have entered a towering white building with Greek, Turkish, and Moorish architectural influences. It has white columns as well as domes, spires, and Moorish archways with thin pillars. Inside, the floors are a peach-colored marble, the ceilings reaching, and the lights soft and low, allowing the multitude of windows to filter natural light into the space. To venture past the lobby, one must pass through a metal detector and x-ray scanner, and receive a visitor's pass from the security booth. There is a marked military presence, as the TAF has assigned a small unit to provide additional security in the wake of an elevated security threat. A row of golden-doored elevators leads upstairs.

Halle Ariel

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         /say Hello

Space station in low orbit of Sece, primarily servicing Ariel as well as freights. There are docking bays, warehouses for rent, Depots to purchase goods, a fueling station, as well as a rest area.

Mjötviðr; The Realms

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         /say Oof

The grand multiverse which contains all things that exist.

Eastern Wasteland

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This place was not intended for the weak. It is a barren, desolate planet, devoid of almost all life besides that which has come here.

The planet is almost entirely covered in rock and sand. Most attempts to farm have been met with little to no results. The attempts at terraforming this place will likely take at least a century.

And yet here, the Colonial Marines are in their element.
A military exercise had started. Simple munitions training. Several units of the CDF and the Colonial Union had been placed approximately a quarter of a mile apart at the radius of half a mile away from a capture point, a simple flag. These excersises were not meant to be fun. Each unit was armed with a TMP-35, a duplicate of the MP-35 in weight and shape, the only difference being that it fired ammunition that sent a heavy shock through the opponent. This wasn't the only weapon they were armed with. Artillery was set around the capture point, and set to fire nonlethal explosives, designed to cover the target of it in a sort of paint. The rules were simple. The team to either eliminate all other teams or to hold the capture point for an hour would be declared the victor of the exercise.

The units designated CU-485 through CU-510 were to participate in the exercise. This meant a total of about 150 marines were in the exercise.

About twenty minutes in, about fifteen marines were downed and removed from the exercise.
Another twenty minutes in, a total of 45 marines were downed and removed from the exercise.
At the forty minute mark CU-503 captured the point. They lost it in twelve minutes and were removed from the exercise.
About an hour in, CU-490 captured the point and held it for twenty-three minutes before retreating after a loss of two of their marines.
At the hour and 52 minute mark only 13 units were left and the point was being held by unit CU-487 and was held for a total of thirty-six minutes before all of the unit was downed and removed from the game.

At the 2 hours and 50 minute mark 6 units are left and are engaging in firefights around the mock 'town' surrounding the capture point.

The exercise will continue for another hour.

A dangerous place, occupied by few. The harsh heat discourages spending too much time here, as do the sounds at night.

Fierce marshes

A wet and slimy marshland across the landscape. Some of the more bizzare wildlife lives here.

Ĭtpraṽmår Prison

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         Once the Taiyou delegation had left, Andrijana remained standing, hands gripping the back of her chair so tightly a vein visibly throbbed just beneath the skin. She waited until she'd heard each of their footsteps recede in a muted percussive cascade. Then she looked at Drulović. The old woman returned the stare. Andrijana saw that the old woman seemed exhausted and frail, the effect accentuated now that she sat alone at the large conference room table.

"Have you finished gawking yet?" The old woman's tone was biting. "It's rather rude, you know. You'd think you were but a child at the fairground gaping at seeing a costumed bear or half-drunken rodeo performance for the first time."

Andrijana shook her head. "I wasn't trying to stare."

"But you were, in fact, staring, Dr. Krstevska," said Drulović, one eyebrow slightly raised. "You've been doing so for the past two minutes, which is a surprisingly long time by most people's reckoning - and staring is rather impolite. What now, were you raised in a barn?"

"Look. I'll call down to have someone take you back to the unit," Andrijana said, trying to ignore the old woman's comment, though her cheeks flushed. "You've had your meeting. I hope it was what you wanted. And no, I'd really rather not know. You're not - we're not supposed to be allowing this kind of thing."

"Yet here we find ourselves," Drulović said, half-shrugging, her tired eyes bemused. "I imagine a great deal of things happen here that officially ought not to be possible or permitted. It's simply the way of things." She nodded toward the door. "Please."

Andrijana gave the old woman a sidelong glance, but dialed down from the phone by the door to the conference room. "... So you want to be a kingmaker, then. Decide who should sit on the Taiyou throne next. Is that it for you now?" Damn.

"All I'd like right now is a good cup of tea - something better than whatever that poor excuse for tea might be," Drulović indicated the now-cold cups of tea on the table that no one else had touched, "and a good book, in front of the hearth at home. I don't suppose you could arrange that."

Andrijana sighed. She leaned forward against the closest chair, then abruptly let go, pacing the length of the conference room. The old woman scoffed, quietly, but made no further comment until two officers appeared in the doorway to return her to her cell. Nearly all kings and emperors could die. But for a twist of fate, one could so easily end up in the same predicament in which she now found herself. How little did Andrijana know.

This prison lies several hours outside of Wing City in the heart of Aslund. It lies in a flat plain with nothing visible for kilometers in any direction.

Whiskey Colony

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         The ship in orbit above Klendath was on no terms your run-of-the-mill spacecraft, compared to the rest of the Multiverse. It was near primitive compared to them, for sure, but likely could still hold its own in space. The C.U. Integrity II was not a ship owned by the government, and was held only to a small technicality in allegience to the UCF. It was a ship designed to protect, for sure, but it wasn't just designed to take the brunt of blows for the general populace. It was designed to fight. But it had been a long time since it had to. The first Integrity was old, from a time right after when Oberon were not united and still fought each other. Endlessly. But then the age of the sky beyond came, and the Oberon slowly gathered together and made peace with each other. There were still some who fought, but not on a large scale. The Integrity II was manned with around two thousand Oberon, and armed with EMP and beam weaponry. Shields were still experimental and not used in combat, but there hadn't been any of that for a long time. The Colonial Union still insisted on being prepared, however, and in the light of finding a new race, one could only hope for peace with them.

The attempted observation of this race, who seemingly hadn't noticed the Oberon, had come with the idea of the next Discovery ship. The first Discovery was destroyed in space after its hull ruptured, but since afterwards the Discovery ships had been successful. The seventh ship to carry the name Discovery had been selected to go to observe the race currently just known as 'The Others.' Whether or not this would be successful was still to be seen.

On the Integrity II, they recieved a message log from Discovery VII. The ship had been contacted. On the bridge this announcement was met with the usual silence. The message was quickly played out on a screen to the side.

"This is Paul Clarke, Helmsman of the Discovery seven. Date is 05/8/2309. Time is 13:14. Over radio we have just recieved contact with the inhabitants of I-01's star system. 1-01.7 and I-01.8 are in sight at time of message. Message details we must cooperate with their orders and cease our advance. Decision by live crew to cooperate. Attempt to board or attack ship is possible. Remaining crew waking soon. Awaiting further messages or contact. End Log 03."

The log is documented and saved into a file, and then transmitted down to the surface.

Primary point of arrival and departure on Klendath. Welcome to Whiskey Colony, the most scientifically advanced colony on Klendath, and home to Alpha Base.

The Great Black Water

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Somewhere in the Great Black Water

While a storm raged over the murky, dark waves, great wings stretched out of a swirling black cloud like the limbs of a manta ray. Rather than down in the waters however, this metal beast loomed through the dark skies and clouds above, silently gliding in a lazy patrol over the seas some distance from Shintenchi. Save for the occasional blink or twinkle of a navigation light across the bow or stern, the vessel ran completely dark as its long range scanners and drones filtered through the strange encryptions and comms travelling back and forth across the planet.

Onboard the Globewalker II, Commander Frank Kahstos stood with his arms locked behind his back. Before him, he studied a topographical and emissions maps of Shintenchi, studying various little flickering lights and readouts. In the hours since the PN-2343 Atalantra had been dispatched into the Great Black to monitor whatever was going on in Shintenchi and Aslund, cryptoanalysts had long ago broken the comms to discover Shogunate and Terran personnel discussing something. Kahstos wouldn’t have his answer until now however, as he brought up a communique between the PN-2343 and Starlight Point’s Signals Intelligence Center. A hologram of an Ensign soon appeared beside him, promptly flashing a quick salute before debriefing the Commander.

“It appears there is a communications link established between a Shogunate terminal, to a Terran prison in Caldonia.” The Ensign remarked, quickly transferring a the information to the Commander’s own personal data terminal. Lifting his wrist to look at the screen, Kahstos chewed on his lip in thought.

“Hmmng, guess Starlight’s HUMINT was correct - I do believe there’s a war criminal on Shintenchi.” He remarked dryly, returning his arms behind his back while he stared at one drone in particular, several hundred kilometers away and approaching Shintenchi. “And I do believe Miss Drulovic is entertaining a visitor.” He finished.

“Commander, we have Bubble One-Three on return from it’s high altitude pass over Shintenchi, batteries are at 13 percent and dropping but - it should be able to make it back to the flight deck.” Another Ensign replied, down below in the pits of the bridge where the real brains of the operation were.

“Very good, cycle the drones and extract One-Three’s data ASAP. Packet it straight to me when completed.” Kahstos ordered, leaning forward to grip the railings of the crow’s nest while he glanced over to the drone on the landing approach. An Agros drone, stripped bare of any weaponry to instead carry a series of powerful, high-intensity active and passive sensors, as well as a powerful hacking and infiltration suite, the sleek craft had performed no less than three low-orbit passes over Shintenchi, and then into Aslund itself.

Fortunately, by the time most anyone had noticed the Agros’ active scanners or codebreakers the vessel would have been long gone, nearly on another rotation of the planet’s surface. To ensure drone’s stealth however, the Agros did not transmit what it saw and heard back to the Atalantra, instead storing it in a coded drive box that would be removed upon recovery of the craft.

“What the hell would Adrianne Drulovic have to say to the Taiyou Empress Dowager … “ Kahstos inquired to himself, drawing a hand up to his chin while thinking. Off to the side, the holographic display connecting him to Starlight Point snapped open, a Lieutenant standing at attention with the massive airscreens of the signals center behind him.

“Commander Kahstos, we believe the Taiyou have arranged a meeting between Adrianne Drulovic and Kendra Shaw. Nothing sinister, we assume - just catching up, sharing war stories - “

Before the Lieutenant finished Kahstos crossed his arms and gave an incredulous huff. “Reminiscing a genocide, sounds like a lovely way to reconnect.” He clenched a fist and studied the map ahead of him.

“We believe the current TNG’s regime policies have had … adverse consequences for former assets like Drulovic. Commander, did you want to alert … the Juniors?” The Lieutenant’s voice was shaky at the end of that, lowering as well, as if there were ears everywhere.

“Absolutely fucking not. One of them gets their hands on Shaw or Drulovic, we’ll be looking at a warlord making a play for the Exogarden.” Kahstos remarked rather quickly, shaking his head as he turned towards the Lieutenant. “I’ll be assuming full operational control - any information stays between Starlight and me, understood?”


Several hundred kilometers away, nearing the quiet shores of Shintenchi, a single Agros drone buzzed through the air, the sensor pods rigged underneath her wings burning hot as they switched through various emissions and signals coming from Aslund and Shintenchi.

… correct course to 2.3. Adjust Skypod aperture.

The instructions came bursting through the command line and the drone complied, lazily adjusting its course to draw it away from the Shintenchi shores and over towards Aslund proper. With that, it would be in a better position to pick up stray encryptions over Aslund, while another drone would be tasked with loitering over Shintenchi.

The mysterious body of water of legend olde and wyld.

Mount Coronet

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         "Hahaha! Glad to know Barry is the same in every dimension. Hehe... Ahem, interesting you mention Pryce and Candice. Pryce is in Johto and Candice leads the Ice Gym here. As for our own Gyms..."

Hikari would dig out her trainer case. It was a bit dinged up but still looked cared for. Looking at it brought back some memories and Hikari sighed longingly while looking at it. Shortly after, she popped it open and pointed at the badges in order. She stopped upon the triple circles.

"Well, you know Roark with his rocks and Gardina with her plants. However, next was Fantina with Ghost types in the city of Hearthome. She likes to dress up like a Drifblim, her signature Pokemon. Her English is a little broken here and there as she normally speaks French like they do in Kalos. She herself is also a Top Coordinator though she doesn't show up to many contests outside Sinnoh anymore. She normally likes being stylish over practical in terms of her battle style, which is honestly kind of impressive. Though, that's how I remember her back when I ran the gauntlet, could be different now. Probably the funniest quirk about her is that she tends to break into dance here and there as she speaks. Her badge is the Relic Badge. It's similarly shaped to a ghostly aura and is also what she shapes her hair to look like in a manner of speaking."

Hikari moved to point at the badge which was square and looked to have bricks for a stylized decor.

"This would be Maylene's badge from Veilstone. The Cobble Badge. She was an expert in Fighting type Pokemon. She's a little quirky sometimes. She'd rather make the trek, barefoot, from Veilstone to Snowpoint on foot than fly there. I mean, that's what I did but no way am I doing that again. And I had a full winter outfit! She just wears like... whatever those pants are. The martial art pants and a thin top. She may seem tough but she's actually a really nice girl. Her rep is terrifying as you will always hear about how her and Lucario will flatten anything that enters the gym. But catch her outside the gym and she's like, your average girl. It's kind of adorable~ We've gone on a few gal-pal dates in Jubilife."

Hikari moved to Wake's badge and then Byron's, "I'm sure you know Crasher Wake and his wrestling routine and Byron and his Steel types."

But then Hikari pointed to the Iceberg shaped badge.

"This badge is the Icicle Badge given by Candice in Snowpoint. She's a cheery lass, and assuming our, are the same, you know how she is~"

Hikari then pointed to a badge shaped like a lighthouse.

"This badge, The Beacon Badge... This one was a toughie. I don't know who your eighth gym leader is, but for us it is Volkner. An electric type master. To sum him up, he had a win streak for the longest time to the point nobody could ever see the league because he was just that good. He became bored of battling because of it until James and I whooped him and he got amped back up, finally feeling a real battle. Now he's in the swing of things. He's... kind of intimidating to be honest."

Hikari closed the case and put it away.

"From there, you go to the Sinnoh League and take on Aaron, the Bug user. Bertha the Ground user. Flint the Fire user and finally was Lucian, a man who used Psychic types. Get through them and you fight Cynthia. Sounds easy on paper but good, holy Arceus did Cynthia not let up. Yeesh."

From that, Hikari pulled out a ribbon case and opened it up. In the center were two ribbons. One was the signifying ribbon to show one's rank as a Top Coordinator and next to it was a Champion Ribbon. Surrounding them were countless other ribbons all neatly curled up to make room.

"That big ribbon there shows I'm a Top Coordinator and the other there shows I've bested Cynthia in battle. The others are from the various contests I've won over the years. See, I'm not a trainer anymore. I retired from that after I beat Cynthia. I went on to follow Mom's footsteps and become a Contest Star but of course I aimed higher than her, I went and won the Ribbon Cup~ Since then, I've collected the ribbons of other regions and have also judged contests too! I will say though, Lisia and Ali have some of the most wonderful performances I've ever seen~ Watching them is always a treat!"

Hikari would giggle as the two of them, led by Caden, exited the mountain into the area by Eterna City. Once they got outside, Hikari thanked Caden and returned him to his ball. Mira set their ball into Hikari's bag.

"It's kind of strange, talking to a younger version of myself, you know? But it sure did pass the time! Now, you didn't seem too used to flying on Starry so I take it you've never flown before. If you want, I can call us a ride? A small plane can land around here."

This mountain is central to the entire Sinnoh region in more ways than one. It has influenced its mythology, its culture, and its geography, and has even caused two different subspecies of Shellos to evolve.

Sinnoh League

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         I'm gunna kill a dragon and get the strongest armor ever

This small island is home to the Sinnoh Pokemon League HQ, and is where the Sinnoh government operates out of.

Ruby Flask

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         Kyren Sullenfall settled in, laughing subtly at the inquiry, feeding into his braggadocio.

Oh, only the biggest of beasts that Gaia has, you know. There's nothing like a GARGANTUA to slay after it's been tyrannizing a poor little farm village!
he chortled.

Kyren slurped into his Arcane Ale, hefting the glass into the air with a deep draw on the glass.

The busiest tavern in Skyfall, stocked with meads, ales, and plenty of food. Bards are always found from all across the reaches of the realm to share their stories, providing entertainment alongside the serving wenches. It offers many rooms on the second floor to find rest from travel at a fair price. It is run by an enormous green ogre woman named, Bolga.

The Schenberg

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         It took a moment for the pilot to recognize the curious fact that a traveler had just appeared behind him. Long enough, in fact, that he visibly jumped at the sight.

"What are _you_ doing here?!" Aeolia exclaimed, almost rhetorically, and at least in some part to calm his own nerves.

Personal shuttle of Aeolia Schenberg

Eden Prime

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Eden Prime, somewhere in the Charybdian Shores

Despite Eden Prime’s remoteness, no less than a thousand lightyears from Terra, five to Langara and nearly ten to New Empyrea, the planet had every trapping of interstellar civilization common to a settled world. The Terran Federation’s admittance into the Interstellar Nations in the wake of the Terran Conflict was a double-edged sword that many in the House of Nations still probably debated about to this day - if one could simply hop through the Charybdis Veil into the Garden like one used to. On one hand, many of the central blocs were quick to use Terrans in their grand game for trade and resources in the Local Region like the Blue League, quick to punish the Aschen economically now that they had done the worst military, was quick to establish a rich industrial state in the barrens of the Local Region.

Off-setting the Aschen Empire’s difficult economic position with an even greater cultural insult, of accepting a Terran state to the Interstellar Nations before the more ‘civilized’ Aschen, was the reality that much of the territory that became the Terran Federation was hardly a homogenous state in terms of ethnicity. Roughly twenty percent of the population were previously stateless Gardenite colonists scattered across various planets that would become the Federation’s borders, and even later, in the wake of the First Galactic War, would Terran and Aschen refugees find themselves building a nation together.

The political victory for the Federate was not to be undermined either, despite the best efforts of the blocs of the Outer Garden to keep the Charybdis Veil as the de-facto border of the Interstellar Nations. In the time since that distant conflict, the Federation had seen nominal peace. Smuggling and sectarian violence aside, the Terran Federation seemed to be the Coalition’s greatest victory in bringing territories beyond the Charybdis Veil into the Gardenite fold.

That was, however, simply on the surface. Behind closed doors however, the Terran Federation’s greatest threat weren’t the distances to their allies, or even the tumultuous political battleground of their former homelands. In the recent months since the communications blackout and inability to traverse the Charybdis Veil, the Federation and her population of Scatterrans, Aschen and Terrans have had to nominally ‘share power’ with the standing might of the Apparatus forces marooned on the other side of the Veil.

Head of state of the Terran Federation, Johnne Rodre, was grateful for the Exogarden of course, but having lived through the Terran Authority, the Aschen occupation and subsequent struggles of settling the worlds of the Charybdian Shores, and the beginnings of this blackout had set him on edge with the Exogarden. Or rather, the Apparatus’ propensity to disregard the wills of the peoples and governments she nominally served had set him on edge. Sheffield had established the Federation’s ‘intricate’ relationship with Exogarden at its creation, but Johnne wasn’t able to put away the sensation one found when in a room with a wild, unchained animal.

That was how he felt now, closing the door to the large conference room and seeing the slim, brown haired woman standing before the large bay windows. Her Navy blues were crisp and clean, a small beret nestled on her head, while her hands were draped in front of her. She didn’t seem to notice Johnne arriving, instead allowing the Terran to close the door behind him.

He’d heard of the woman before, one of the Star Fleet’s capsuleers - a living, immortal computer used by the navy to operate their larger starships. This was no simple capsuleer however, in the months following the blackout she had become a staple around Metropolis City, meeting with the Terran government to organize the ‘effective protection’ of the Terran Federation and other minor states of the Charybdian Shores. She reported back to someone in the Exogarden, though Johnne had yet to find out exactly who.

Perhaps it was one of the Corps’ junior officers, one of the marine commanders or a commodore of the Exogarden’s Varangian Squadron. He’d met most of them.

“I’m glad you were able to meet with me, President Rodre. It seems communications are difficult even this far from the Veil.” The woman said quietly, her chin tilting down just slightly as her hands dropped to her side.

“Y-yes, of course. I take it this is about me denying the operation to - “ Before Johnne could finish, the woman was turning, sharp green eyes focusing on the Terran. Easily standing a clear head taller than her, Johnne couldn’t explain the unnerving eyes that locked on to him despite the woman’s small, diminutive appearance. Even though she had those distinct, Gardenite features, her small frame betrayed a danger deep within the woman’s mind.

“Despite the Terran government’s concerns, we have decided to move on that asset.” She informed rather bluntly, her empty face hardly missing a beat as Johnne’s curse stuck in his throat. “Simply business, I’m sure you understand. That being said it appears I may have been … unclear in some of my previous agreements with your government.”

The woman was standing before Johnne in the blink of an eye, her delicate face locked into a determined visage as she leaned close. “We’ve put a couple corpses back together on some backwater lighting station and it turns out quite a few were low to mid smugglers,” She said, bringing her face closer and closer to study Johnne. “Two or three were in Federation custody before their little roadtrip. Am I to assume, President Rodre, that the Federation security forces are possibly complicit? Or just incompetent?”

“I don’t know who the fuck you think you are but - “ Johnne steeled himself before the woman, one hand holding the breast of his suit jacket. Before he got his voice though, the tiny woman simply shook her head. He was silenced in an instant, fuming down at the Gardenite.

“Pace yourself, Mr. President. Despite my initial accusations we are, officially, still on the same side.” She offered, then raising a delicate hand up to smooth his jacket’s breast. Her voice was steady and low though, head turning down just slightly. “We have reason to believe the blight and our psionic ‘incidents’ may be connected.”

Johnne turned his lips into a scowl, if this wasn’t enough of a problem on it’s own, he was reeling at the thought of something this massive going on just beneath the veneer of the rich nation. “What do you mean? The blight’s a planetary crop failure … and psionics have been fleeing Aschen space for decades, our Federal Psionic Program has - “

“I’m aware of the success of your civil programs, Mr. President, but Cordon Forces have encountered a number of combatant psionics that is concerning to the Juniors.” She started, and then took a brief step beside Johnne. One slight hand rested on his shoulder, giving a soft grip. “I would appreciate it if you informed the Local Regional Bureau of the … specifics of your little board school programme. If I don’t have to worry about your little school being a pipeline to extranational actors, it will placate the High Commodore too.”

“You can’t be serious, the Exogarden has no right to monitor the civilian governments - the House of Nations will have a fucking stroke when … “ The woman’s harsh green eyes narrowed, while at the corner of her mouth a smile broke.

“I don’t think I have to remind you the House of Nation’s inability to help our predicaments now, Mr. President. Communications drop routinely between the Garden and the Local Region, but considering there was an entire Apparatus corps that deserted just prior to the breakdown … do I need to explain how difficult Rogue divisions can be for us both?” Her voice softened at her last question, giving Johnne an encouraging squeeze on the shoulder before drawing her hand away. “It will be in both of our interests if we cooperate fully, and work for the common effort of securing the Shore Planets.”

“I … I see, I can make a call to Sheffield as soon as possible, and the Director of R&D.” The woman turned slightly, features softening as she seemed to achieve the complacency from Johnne that she desired. He never noticed how empty a capsuleer’s eyes were, this one’s a pair of deep, sage eddies that studied a cruel world and found it almost unimpressive. Johnne took a deep breath after he spoke, loosening his tie while the woman simply strode for the door.

“Excellent, Mr. President - I’m glad we were able to come to this understanding. I’ll inform the High Commodore of you and your government’s full cooperation, the Exogarden appreciates Terran assistance with these situations.”

Eden Prime is the capital of the Federation; a memberstate of ICON compromised of immigrants from the Sol System.

Port Tovon

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         /say where is everyoen

Port Tovon is a coastal port, a frequent point of departure for cruises and point of arrival for those looking for leisure. During the holidays this port is exceptionally busy with traveling students and vacationing retirees.

The Arena Lobby

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         Marcus was waiting for an opponent, sitting on a chair with a table in front of him. His helmet was resting on the table, his rifle at his side, and his baton in his hand. He was tapping the baton against his armor, thinking. He gets up and grabs his helmet, placing it on his head, and walks into the arena, not caring if there was a fight going on or not. He would watch.

The Arena Lobby is a cool, air conditioned state of the art structure below the Arena proper, whilst sound proofed the echoes of cheers and cries from above can be heard. Around the lobby lay advanced holographic projectors and AI systems which provide information in regards to the latest scores, battle statistics and betting odds.

The Arena Outskirts

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         Since when was Sophie capable of actually eating food? He pondered on that for the briefest of moments before he snapped to attention. "No. I'm good..." He chimed out without a moments hesitation. There wasn't anything he needed, or wanted, at the for some peace. Some time to gather his thoughts and plan his coming steps. Planning was to be had. There had to be a way to restore himself, though if Sophie had taken the efforts to return to being what they were...well that'd put a kink in things. He'd come to understand she was the most backwards child he'd ever seen. She seemingly favored Aiya over him, her own blood. She'd given up humanity, something ripped from her in the first place, only to become a droid again.

She was young, though. It mattered. But still.

"Androids don't eat. At least I don't..." He finally added, burying his hands deeper into his pockets. He did miss the taste of food from time to time, and drink. One day. After he'd accomplished his goal of unloading all his pent up hatred, frustrations, and absolute anguish, upon the unsuspecting world around him. They needed to understand what came of turning unwilling, even if deceased, individuals into war machines. But it had to be done tactfully just as well. "Sorry." He finished, jerking his head to clear a few strands of synthetic tresses from in front of his eyes. With a glance over at Sophie his brow couldn't help but rise.

"I suppose you can actually eat that then, hm? Courtesy of Orion?" He inquired. That had to be the only logical reason. She'd been re-purposed into android, but considering the fact that it was by a different maker, that meant she likely was a far cry from anything he remembered. She likely had various other armaments then. She could likely be more dangerous than he was, in that case. Frightening notion. "I guess I'm the real loser today..." He finished, poking fun at himself for the fact that out of the three, he'd have to suffer without ice cream.

The Arena Outskirts is a gigantic structure, towering above the outer walls of Wing City in height and easily visible from space, it dominates much of the centre of the city and acts as its primary form of entertainment. From sporting past times to live gladiatorial combat for money.

The Arena

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         Marcus steps into the arena, watching. He's restless for a fight, tapping his baton against his armored thigh. He waits for one of the many people to prepare for a match, so he can approach them and ask them for a fight.
In the meantime, he's going to do a full check of his equipment.

The Arena itself is a massive and empty area encircled by crowded stands and VIP boxes of adoring fans for whomever may be entertaining them at the time. Built into the structure are incredibly advanced reality generators which can create and mould the arena proper. Changing its appearance and properties to the tastes and specifics of whatever may occur.

Wing City Industrial Sector

Only a kilometer or two away from the Wing City Spaceport, and monotonous steel warehouses and desolate office parks rise around you, bustling with workers and machinery by day, and eerily silent by night.


Sirius Sōja Owner: barney_fife

The Sōja is the flagship of Emperor Shimizu Takayama, one of the most powerful vessels ever crafted by Taiyou Hands, the Sōja stands as a testament to Taiyou ingenuity.


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         With the diplomatic mission with the Mauhasinian Empire reaching its end, the Imperials were content with how things went. They had made a peace treaty with them which would at least improve relations between the two nations. Of course, things will not improve immediately, it could easily take years or even decades to fully patch things up between the two nations and even then not everyone will be content with peace. However, at the very least not everyone will be ready to go to war at the drop of a hair and another war would not help matters for the Imperium with the wars already still waging against their hated enemies.

Of course as the Empress left, there still remained the others that were gathered. Many had left during the course of this meeting to solve other troubles or were simply done with this and left almost like a petulant child. Whatever the case, there were still a few delegates left and if they wished to negotiate with the Imperium now was the chance now that most everything was complete.

Sirius Palisia Owner: Andreis

Mostly undiscovered planet with lots of plains-land and fertile fields. Home to a conference center which caters to various high ranking space faring agencies, funded by the Taiyou. Boasts great food.


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         i should post

Celestria is the capital world of the Union. It is an industrious planet with an awe-inspiring archology, and beautiful deep blue oceans. Its cities are vast and densely populated. It is here that the sky city of Rorian Grand is located, the capital city

Starlight Point

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Starlight Point, B-3 Military Airport

A muggy sun rose above the sweltering coastal temperatures of Aslund’s seaboard, broken clouds stretched over the waves and a mid-day heat steamed the sands below. On the tarmac of Starlight Point’s B-3 air field, the heat was even worse. For the marines of squad Omicron 3-2, waiting in formation next to an empty Jethawk was the worst part of their day. Staff Sergeant Alyx Stamatios stood with one hand draped across his chest, the other holding a small tactical pad. While he studied the mission briefs, five other marines lounged about, trying to sit in the shade of the Avhawk or avoiding the hot asphalt as much as possible.

“This is fuckin’ bull, Sarge. Why couldn’t they get some locals to run some MPs to Wing City?” Corporal Fortunato droned, prying the helmet from his sweaty head and dropping it to the floor before him. Another Corporal, Yiavannis, pulled a piece of jerky from a small bag, popping it between his teeth as he leaned forward onto his shins.

“Aaaaah c’mon Fortchie, think how long it’s been since we’ve hit Wing City! Last time we were there we spent our weekend of leave in a drunk tank, huh?” Yiavannis teased, lobbing a tiny piece of jerky at Fortunato, while Stamatios only grunted.

“Ain’t nothin’ for us to do today for Team Leads so, it was this or pull gate duty.” The Sergeant replied bluntly, then tossing the pad onto a seat in the Avhawk’s mid-cabin. “We’ve got some contractor and a marinjaeger at a fifteen hundred hours meet with some suit in the Government Center. So you five just strap in, shut up and keep yourselves quiet for the two hour flight yeah?”

Fortunato and Yiavannis both seemed to groan, while the three other marines were simply busy not melting and only nodded along. Corporal Walker was seated near one of the Avhawk’s two skids on its main fuselage, cradling his MG-40 up against his shoulder before he looked up. In the distance he spotted a rugged, floating square burning down the tarmac. Upon further inspection he realized it was a Pygmy, a small, soft skinned grav-skimmer used for shuttling personnel around on base. The little four-seater zipped down the shoulder of the runway, occasionally swerving around a parked Avhawk or some other airjet.

Stamatios noticed the skimmer too, and began stretching a pair of tactical gloves over his hands. “Looks like there’s our payload.” He said, rapping a hand on the pilot door. The two men exchanged a silent order, and after drawing his visor down the pilot of the Avhawk began to crank the machine to life.

“You think I can redeem the miles from gigs like this?” Fortunato inquired to Yiavannis, who simply shrugged as he adjusted the strap to his rifle. Fortunato seemed convinced however, pressing a hand to Yiavannis’ shoulder. “Nah nah, follow me here - you take your miles you’ve spent on transit to your post. Half of those, and then every mile flown and/or driven when deployment ends.”

“What fucking island holiday are you gonna’ go on?” Stamatios replied back with a blunt tone, leaning against the door of the Avhawk as he watched the grav-skimmer approaching. Yiavannis seemed convinced with the Sergeant as well, giving an idle shrug.

“You don’t strike me as the kind to wake up and be like ‘Oooooh, let’s spend a weekend on Diomede’.” Yiavannis said, exaggerated movements and all as he brought a hand up to fan his flustered features.

“Nah, I’m mostly talkin’ like, goin’ to Famegost for Dia del Desaparicion. Or to Kylern during Mad Month, get some ball games in.” Fortunato delivered, flicking one gloved finger up. He needed more time to explain himself, apparently. “I could claim just a third of these miles that’s like, four, five vacations a year boys - that’s, well that’s just brilliant.”

“Four vacations a year to places that might be damn near across the Garden from each other? Not even an extended deployment would get you enough miles for like, two. Where you from, Forchie?” Yiavannis asked as he drew a cigarette from his breast pocket, then fishing a lighter from his chest rig as Fortunato answered.

“On the far side of the Veil, in the Eastern Republics.”

Yiavannis let out a low whistle at that, while Private Webkin sat beneath the tail boom of the Avhawk to avoid the heat. “You dummy all of those places are damn near a thousand lightyears from each other. You even know how much travel you’d have to log?” He quipped, a sharp Caprican accent making Fortunato shrug.

“Just plannin’ for some vacays guys, fuck me I guess.” Fortunato grumbled. While the other marines heckled, Stamatios cradled his rifle across his chest as the Pygmy crawled up towards the Avhawk. The speeder rumbled to a stop, two of the three occupants soon disembarking while the driver, a Major, drew his finger up towards Sergeant Stamatios.

“You’re wheels up in fifteen and back in five hours. Do not get your sorry asses lost in Wing City!”

Stamatios only waved to the Major as a Warrant Officer and a Terran departed the Pygmy. The Warrant Officer adjusted a headdress wrapped around her neck, and then extending a hand to the Sergeant. “Staff Sergeant, Senior Officer Irina Osman, Paramilitary Police - this is Doctor Rahil Kawandi, from the Center of Blight and Disorders Outter Veil Institute.” Stamatios gave a quick handshake to Irina, and then tipped his chin towards the spindly looking Doctor clutching a tablet bag.

“It’s nice to meet you Staff Sergeant, but we must hurry! I have very important information to bring to the Terrans!”

Kawandi was a narrow, thin man, his dark skin taught against narrow bones and sharp features as the Major planted a pair of shades across his eyes. “I’m unaware if you’re familiar with addiction distribution Sergeant, but what I have right there - “ The doctor began to prattle on, encouragingly holding that tablet bag as Irina simply rolled her eyes and gripped Kawandi by the elbow.

“Just give it three hours and you can spin the whole story to the Terrans, doc. Let’s get airborne!” The Avhawk was cleared for departure in moments, and was soon churning through the air above eastern Aslund, the grasslands racing to the interior of the continent crawling away as the airjet cruised towards Wing City.

Starlight Point has become a heavily networked complex along the coastline around Solinus and its suburbs; this great promontory up the coast was adapted into an extensive underground system in the cliffs by the TCCA.

Preza Beach

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         Liren Amakija He began running northwest

The seaside gives way to softer sands, the waves lapping gentler here across the coast than anywhere else.

The shrouded claws

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         The echoing chirps of the birds in the trees carried across the crowded jungle. In the distance the sounds of growling and roaring could be heard, signs of a struggle perhaps?

A dense jungle full of some of the worst predators in the land.

River Grigori

River snaking through the wilds, off into the ocean.

Lake Dineasair

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         Shiny Gallimimus squawked, startled by the new arrival. It sprinted away with the steady thud of its webbed feet.

Lake on Xamoyos, with a river running through.

Sector 60324

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         A small probe drifts through the expanse of space, strangely sleek and alien, yet obviously built by human hands. It seems to broadcast no discernable signals.



A surprisingly well-armed trading vessel.