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#, as written by Saarai
May 4, 2012. 9:15 AM.

Wing City Invictus Headquarters, Somewhere beneath Wing City.

The recording would begin in a therapist's office as Stryfe was sitting down for a session. As always she was dressed in her military garb and armored black corset seeming to lack any enthusiasm about meeting a therapist. After a few moments a man would enter the room and take a seat. He was dressed in a dark green sweater with tan khakis, horn-rimmed glasses and he carried a notepad. He was more than likely the therapist.

"Alright," He began, "Miss Alfarsi, it's come to my attention that you've decided that it's about time for mandatory therapy sessions for your people." He said to Stryfe, "Yes. It's about time they had others to talk about how they feel other than people who feel the same." Stryfe responded with a slight smile, "You yourself didn't have to come in, why now?" The therapist asked her, glancing down at his notepad for only a moment before his eyes rested on Stryfe. "I... how do you say...? Need to get many things off of my chest. You know they say that it's hard being king. Queen in this case." She answered.

"I've heard that you blame yourself for the departure of the Ms. Maddox, Mr. Ajam, The Horne family and the rest of the British and Irish Invictus. Why? What do you think you did to cause the split within your organization?" The therapist asked, watching Stryfe closely for her reaction. Her smile would disappear for only moment before she answered the question. "I do blame myself." She said, "It was my decision, after so long, after so much pain and death, to try to make an ally out of the Aschen." She answered, "Many of my people despise them, the Taiyou, the Terrans, Belkans, and so on and so on. You can understand why my order was not popular."

"Okay, Mr. Jones, your right-hand man, told me a little about the Africa incident. Tell me more about it. Tell me exactly what happened there."

"I think that's a story for another time and place, Doc." Stryfe said as she stood up from her seat, offering the therapist a nod before leaving the room. Once the woman was gone the therapist stood and made his way to the camera, promptly shutting it off.