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((OOC Note: Anyone can feel free to join in with characters from any time period and can even have magical powers))

A lone teenage girl trudged slowly along the outskirts of the busy streets, wrapping herself in an unassuming light tan cloak and taking extra care to pull the hood far across her face, making it difficult for the passing crowd to recognize her. Underneath this hood hid a soft face that was marred slightly with fatigue and worry. Shoulder length blonde hair, dyed from it's original silver, was cut jaggedly due to her doing it herself. Purple iris's shifted underneath narrowed eyelids, searching for potential threats. She wore no makeup and had un-pierced ears. Her skin was on the pale side and flawless in complexion, save for some dirt rubbed against her left cheek and forehead. She wore a dull purple bodysuit that was missing it's accompanying silver armor. She was likewise missing her pistol, only having a dagger sheathed into a slot built into the suit on her left thigh. Tattooed on her right thigh was a letter and a set of numbers, "C 149". However, the only thing visible from underneath the cloak was her forearms, hands, and feet.

Luckily for her, most of the people around her either ignored their surroundings as they went about their day or had their eyes trained nervously on the more ferocious looking aliens scattered around the populous, but she knew that it never hurt to be careful. After all, her face was well known and her clothing, especially the tattoo, was a dead giveaway. Not that she herself had done anything worthy if all that attention, but she was in fact a clone that was originally part of a large army; one that was an enemy of this planet due to attacks on it's off world settlements. She had abandoned the army after one such battle after her conscience got the better of her, but that excuse obviously wouldn't be believable to anyone who managed to catch her. After all, the clones would usually follow orders to a tee and defects like her were incredibly rare. To them it would be far more likely that she was a scout gathering information for an upcoming battle on their home world. Unfortunately for her she had been stranded on this planet for just over a day now without any food or shelter, so she'd have to be brave and venture into the more habitable areas in search for something to nourish herself. She had never stolen before until today, but she had no money and would have trouble interacting with the store clerks without being found out. The cloak she wore had also been "borrowed".

"Hey, did you hear about the most recent attack?" She overhead a group of aliens discussing is raspy voices. "It was a massacre. The clones of that Verria woman are really something else, aren't they?"

Verria was the term for her race. While she appeared to be human, and did in fact have the same lineage, she was actually part of a race separated from the rest of mankind for hundreds of years. They were placed in harsh conditions and almost became extinct, but the survivors were all much tougher then the humans who settled in more easy going locations. She and her clones could easily take on men in a fair fight. Their main, and only real downside, was that it was expensive creating, maintaining, and equipping so many clones, so they didn't have as good of weaponry and wore very cheap armor.

"They may be tough, but I can easily handle them. I dare one to show her face around here!" Another replied, and then let out a snarl. "I'd rip her to shreds!"

The girl suppressed a shiver and then hurried past him, making sure not to make eye contact. Along the way she heard about tales of how the clones were going to attack this planet next in search of it's resources. The clones around this area of space outnumbered the inhabitants here at least two to one, so things would probably get messy here if such an attack was made. Would she got caught in the middle of fighting that she had wanted to avoid?

((OOC Note: Anyone can come up and talk to her for whatever reason. For example, you can suspect her of shoplifting, recognize her, or have a more innocent reason. The choice is yours))