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Where legends collide, warriors rise, and titans fall. This is a massive open world that you are free to explore and interact with; a sandbox for your characters.

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A flash of light.

Just outside the border of the Milky Way galaxy, a flash of light erupted in the dark emptiness of nothingness, giving chase to the endless shadows. A swirling vortex of purple, blue, red, and gold forged a violent tempest where there was once a calm blackness. Like a raging sea storm the energies churned, gathered, dissipated, and thundered as a funnel in the fabric of space and time began to form. Blue and violet lightning illuminated the cosmic maelstrom.

From within the vortex emerged a blinding light. It was a small golden sphere that shone with a radiance that humbled even the stars. Darkness fled from the object as an animal flees from its hunter.

The sphere floated above the tempest, unhindered by its fury. Then suddenly, as quickly as it emerged, it sped toward the adjacent galaxy. Stars, nebulae, and planets sped past the sphere as it flew across the galaxy with unnatural speed. Then suddenly, without warning or any sign of deceleration, it stopped and again floated. It rotated until a certain star system grasped its gaze. It held seven planets, including two gas giants. A ring of asteroids encircled the inner planets. The sphere scanned each of them until its eye settled upon the third.
The sphere saw oceans, trees, and grasslands. It saw great cities filled with sentient life and an atmosphere filled with oxygen. A single moon orbited this world, not counting the hundreds of artificial satellites circling it.

The sphere flew across space toward the star system and planet.

My Lord… I have found a world suitable for life, and it appears to be inhabited. I will send the orb to take a closer look. It will have to be with haste however, sire, since I do not know for how long I can maintain the gate.

OOC: P.S. In case the hints were not clear, the world that the mysterious sphere is heading to is Terra. Is it a messenger of peace, or a herald of tyranny? Only time will tell...