Zalophus (Original)Annalee Harlow

Penitent Assassin

a character in “The Ne'er-Do-Well Guild”, as played by LovelyLisey

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Age: 21

Race: Human

Height: 5'5

Weight: 136


Brief Personality Overview: Annalee gets along with people - perhaps too well, given the family business. She can sometimes be shy and awkward, as she has experienced many social situations where she had to eventually kill the other person. For that reason, Annalee feels that she is a bad person and that she does not deserve to be anyone's friend. Despite Annalee's regrets, however, she actually enjoys killing. Annalee likes to think that she's above the killing game, but the truth is that she has the mind and heart of an assassin and can throw down with the best of them. She's the person to say, 'Well, I never!" while slitting someone's throat.

Scars, disfigurements, mental illnesses, psychosis: As previously mentioned, Annalee feels a great deal of guilt, so much that it practically qualifies as a mental illness. It would not be unfair to say that she is depressed. (That does not stop her from killing, however.) She has a few scars from her battles: a crescent moon shaped scar on her back, a long scar on her neck, and a few slash scars on her legs. So far, she has been incredibly lucky that her face has been spared.


Class: Annalee prefers to use poison, but she also is able to fight, mostly with small, concealed daggers. Because she uses two different styles (poison and daggers,) she is only average at both of them. Her family has been insisting that she specialize.


Criminal History: Starting when she was sixteen, Annalee began to carry out assassination contracts for her family. She has only killed a few people a year, so her current kill tally is only 15.

Brief Background: Annalee grew up in a loving family whose family business happened to be the assassination game. Hence, Annalee has been trained in the arts of assassination since she was very young. She actually has some talent in assassination, but the fact that she (reportedly does not enjoy the work means that she has made some big mistakes, hence the abundance of scars at such a young age. After nearly dying from being slashed at the neck (only a very skilled medic/magician was able to bring her back,) her family became convinced that she was too soft and that she needed to start taking her work more seriously. Thus, they insisted that she apply to the guild, where hopefully she would be able to learn things that they were not able to teach her.

So begins...

Annalee Harlow's Story