The Neutral ZoneUtau Deschain

"I have a feeling this plan will fail...."

a character in “The neutral zone”, as played by Michaelis_xXx_Elly

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Utau Deschain

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Kingdom: Nerit

height: 5'4

eyes: light Gray

hair: Gray

skin: Fair Pale skin

clothing: She likes to wear comfortable clothing like using her big brothers big shirts which are like a dress on her.

Personality: Utau is sweet and caring, but trust me when I say she has an attitude. She hates being pushed around and being talked down to. She also has a temper but she say's that she inherited it from her father. Usually She sticks with her brother though and is shy when meeting new people. She likes being alone and the quite and reading.She very smart and keeps calm in tough sistuations.


-Peace and quite

-Midnight Walks

-Being useful




-Hot weather (Because she is not used to it)

-Sour foods

-Stuck up people


-People who think they know everything

-People who talk down to her as if she's a child

-People who harm animals

Weapons: Utau has double pistols. She keeps one on each leg under her skirt or strapped to her pants. She always has them on her pretty much and when she is sleeping she usually keeps them under her pillow.

History: From the country of Nerit, Utau is usually labeled as a cold, mean person. When really she is just shy and quite. She stayed behind the scene's as her father and brother made plans for there country, for them to be chosen to go. Ever there Mother had died, Utau had become quite and barley ever speaks. People thinks she's just stuck up and dosen't want to talk with them because she thinks there 'below' her, and not worth talking to. She barley really had any friends though so she just usually stuck with her brother or played/read alone.

Anything Else?: If she's asleep do not wake her up..well unless your suicidal that is...

Whispers In the Dark

So begins...

Utau Deschain's Story