Jarren D. Hathorway

Captain and navigator of the Void Pirates.

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a character in “The New Pirate Era”, as played by Hodgic


Name: Jarren D. Hathorway
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 16

A small grouping of small islands known as Death Isle located on the Calm Belt east of where Ohara is. Although it is well known people live there only those from there can safely travel to and from there. Anyone else that tries to get there without a Death Isle native captaining the ship dies mysteriously. Rumors say that a curse surrounds the isles, some think it may be the islanders that kill off the incoming people. The World Government believes more on the lines of the second story. However since there is no proof there is little they can do but stay away. Because of the stories of those from the island they have been forbidden from joining the Marines in most cases. Other than the supposed curse of Death Isle they are also known for their unusually large fruit, which they started trading with outsiders via Death Isle merchants. They also have a special tree that grows there that seems to negate the effects of the calm belt around ships made by its wood; yet sailing these ships is a closely guarded secret of the merchant guild from Death Isle. Not even other Death Isle citizens know how to properly sail these ships.

Jarren is five foot four inches tall 130 lbs. His body is toned and muscles well defined. His body is so durable it would not be a mistake to think he is using Tekkai at all times. His white skin is lightly tanned bronze where the sun hits it most. He always wheres a pendant with a picture of his father inside. He wears a black sleeveless tailcoat that reaches down to his knees that is open to show his chest. His pants are dark red and tucked into his maroon swashbuckler mid-calf boots. Jarren has a red bandanna under his black captain's hat. The hat is typical of most pirate captain hats; though it does have crossbones on his left hand side in the front.

Long sword
-Hilt comprises of a 3 inch flat clover shaped butt and hand grip separated into two parts: 3x1 inch part and 4x1.5 inch part. The larger part is closer to the blade and used as main hand grip. No hand guard. Black in color.
-Blade is dull and 3 feet long and 2 inches wide. Made of steel.
-Between the blade and hilt is a space 7 inches long 2 inches wide of squared steel.
-The entire blade is 1/2 inch thick from butt to tip.
Void Void no Mi storage
-Using the Void and the portals Jarren has access to just about anything he could ever want. What he doesn't have stored in the Void he can take from the ship's storage with his portals.

Jarren is a kind soul that helps those he can. He is understanding and supportive. Just make sure you don't make him your enemy, because he won't think twice about taking you out. The things he loves the most are family, food, and friends; though not necessarily in that order. He is usually pretty positive, but can tell when things are going south. He will always help those in need, many times leading him away from his intended goal for however long needed.
Crew member role: Captain, Navigator

Devil Fruit
Name: Void Void no Mi
Powers given: Portals and access to the void
Details of powers
The portals are mostly self-explanatory: a door or window to another location. Although they are not just for transportation; they can be used for combat as well. In the beginning most users can only create circular portals that won't let anything too big fit inside. With some practice the portals can be formed into many different shapes; including forming around one's body. If an object doesn't fit inside the portal then the portal acts like a bludgeoning item. As the user becomes more experienced the portals can cut things off rather than smack them. Anything cut by the portal acts like it was cut by a normal sword. The portals can be infused with Haki if the user trains it that way. The more skill the user has the bigger the total area the portal(s) can cover. The biggest catch to the portals? Well....the user must have seen, been to, or have a good enough current description of the area to place a portal there. If the area has changed compared to a picture or description the users can go there. This does not apply to having been there before though.


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