The New Power

The New Power

[ACCEPTING] In a story of companionship, magic, and adventure, a number of companions will meet each other, and pick up others on their way, through their world as they struggle to defeat The New Power.

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This world is full of mystery and evil. This world is like no other. In a story of companionship, love, magic, and adventure, a number of companions will meet each other, and pick up others on their way, through their world as they struggle to defeat the New Power. Each joins and stays for their own reasons, however, all but the traitors are in search of some greater good, a little bit of freedom, and perhaps some love along the way.

Your character can be of any race, species, gender, etc you want. I'm also not going to force you to make me accept you before you start.

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As the gypsy entered the tavern, her only wish was to buy a drink. Running one hand along her long dreadlocks, Lilithiana made her way to the bar to order a tall, iced drink from the friendly, robust, bartender. After receiving her drink, she made her way to sit by the fire.

"Mind if I sit here?" She asked a group of hooded, cloaked figures who were huddled by the fire. None of them answered her, so the gypsy gathered her skirt and sat upon the ground. Her bag hit the ground with a thump beside her, and the rattle of glass against glass was remarkably noisy in her ear.

The moments passed quickly as she stared into the fire and as she continued to glance over at the hooded men, she frowned and noticed none of them were moving. With a glance around the room she pulled greye powder from her bag and rubbed it on her temples. Her eyes glowed, and she managed to tune into their thoughts. What she found sent her stumbling back a few feet, and her eyes to widen as she hastily rubbed the powder off her temples.

Lilithiana was still reeling at the images they had been sending to each other. Men and women tortured and mutated to the point of death, information that they needed, new monsters being born, and something about a New Power. Almost as urgent as her fear was her curiosity. Lilithiana blinked a few times before acknowledging her own scrambling back amongst the chairs.

"Oh!" The gypsy exclaimed, pulling herself to her feet. As she stood up, her various baubles jingled. Her anklet made of bells let out a sleighbell sound, and her bracelets bumped each other.

"What on Oth--" she said, her voice rich and sensual. Lilith pondered for a moment before angrily stepping forward and ripped the cloak off one of the hooded men, to find that they were not men at all! Before them huddled three statues, still as a tree trunk.



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As the unfamiliar rider and his strange beast came trotting over the hill, their only desire was to reach the village that lay ahead before midday. Traveling for three days now, the pair had had little rest, little food, or water. But finally they had eluded their pursuers; or more accurately, crossed into the kingdom of Egreway, a kingdom those following him wouldn’t enter. Hell; he should hardly be in Egreway himself.

Time passed by agonizingly slow, but at last they were within arrow shot of the city walls. With a gentle tug on the reins, the beast came to a halt. Several guards stared in awe, others in horror. That was until the Captain of the City Guard arrived. The gates opening before him, he and his best twelve men advanced on the beast and rider.

“Stay right where you are, no sudden movements! You understand?” The captain, a tall, muscular, human man barked. He carried with him an air of confidence and self determination. Though; even he couldn’t say he had seen a… whatever that beast was called and the rider looked strange himself. It irked him that the rider just stared at him and didn’t respond. “Do you…” the Captain, pointing at the rider, “understand common tongue?” than to his moving mouth, shaking his head at the rider.

“Look at him, he’s strange. Probably some inbreed race from up north…” One of the men was saying. Then suddenly the beast let loose a terrifying snarl, furiously shaking its head, and flinging drool forwards towards the guards. Several jumped, and the one speaking fell on his ass.

“My name is Egarr.” He distinctly spoke in common tongue, “I’ve come seeking rest, for both my companion and I. We’ve traveled long and hard. And seek no quarrel.” As if it was his native language.

The Captain had a questioning expression on his face, “we’ll have to ask that you disarm yourself,” then pointed, curiously scrutinizing the beast. “And that… thing isn’t allowed inside the city walls and I doubt any of the stables could even house it.” With a smirk the captain gave his men the signal to turn back, feeling satisfied, as if he had accomplished something.

Egarr Just smirked at the human’s backs. With a nudge of the reins, the beast turned around and sorely went back the way it came.


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"Hah!" CLANG!
The two men locked their swords together, and leaned into the other. "You're getting rusty, old man..." One of the swordsmen said.

"My age brings me strength, not weakness." The other replied calmly. Suddenly, the man with the silver hair and dark green cloak stepped back, and let his opponent lose his balance and fall face down into the ground. "You're too new. Next time you are reborn, be wiser." Asher said, his blue eye glowing a little. He riased his sword up, and swung it down. The opponent turned into ashes. "Should you challenge me, again, remember not to be so hot-headed..." Asher muttered as he sheathed his sword.

Asher turned around to see a new group of Devil's Immortali. "You've gotta be kiddin..." Asher sighed. every single one of them charged at him, weapons drawn. Suddenly, Asher sank into the ground, and the opponents found themselves slashing at thin air.

Asher walked out of a shadow on a wall. He was tired of this boring old hunting game. He has no one to be with, and no one to love or whatever. Asher sighed again. "God... Why was I born in THAT era...?" He walked into tavern and leaned against the wall near the entrance, seemingly asleep. Anyone near him would feel the temperature drop. It was his passive way of preparing an ice spell should he be attacked.


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A chill, and an obvious troubled expression went over the gypsy as she pushed herself toward the bar, leaving the stone statues behind her, huddled by the fire. She shivered as she passed someone leaning against the wall and turned around to stare for only a moment, before sitting down at the crowded bar, and ordering a warm tea.

It was only a few moments before there was a sudden whispering, in the back of everyone's minds, in the wind that mysteriously blew through the tavern. Lilithiana froze, the tea halfway to her lips, before turning toward the exposed statues. One of them was suddenly on his feet, and she gasped, stepping down off her stool. The statues were moving too fast for her human eye between movements, and caused a rather strange sensation of sight to go over her. She could see the statue coming, but only every few movements, as if frozen in time for a few seconds before making its way across the floor again.

It was coming straight at her.

Lilithiana pulled a dagger from her belt and attempted to bury it in the stomach of the statue that now had her by the neck, but it was no use. She gasped for breath as the statue lifted her off of her feet by her throat, and she heard a voice in the back of her head as she braced her feet against the statue's shoulders, trying to push herself off of the ever tightening grip on her neck.

What do you know? it asked.


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Asher watched, well, heard from the wind at least, that the statues were coming, and one of them grabbed someone by the neck. He didn't even open his eyes. No, it would reveal that he is aware. He heard the whispers, and a sensation tingled in Asher's spine. He never felt anything like it.

Asher waited a little, then a little more. He waited for the right opening.


A fireball flew across the room and into the back of the statue's head, exploding because of a hidden tag inside it. Asher faced the statue. "Hey, Rocky. I suggest you stop picking on girls like her." Asher taunted. "What are you doing to her, and why?" Asher already had several icicles levitating behind him, and two fireballs, one in each hand. The firebals glowed white and made the temperature rise to extreme heights in the areas around it. His shadow also had taken another pose, to guard the actual person'a back. Which one is real and which is fake? The shadow or the person himself?


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Hup! Two-Three-Five, Hup! One-Two-Nine. A young barefooted girl hiked along a long forest road, which wasn't much of a road at all. Chiru had been hiking for a hundred years now! Or it felt like that, when it was actually close to an hour. To get from the lake to the town was a long walk nonetheless, not to mention all the forest fairies that one would encounter. But it didn't matter if it took an hour or a thousand years, for Chiru was the strongest! She would never lose to anything!

One would wonder, that considering Chiru had wings, why didn't she simply run? Well, it's tiring, oh and flying had the same issue, but everybody knew you used your wings for running, at least this little fairy did. So, every morning (read; every time she felt like it), she would walk to the town. Of course, everybody knew walking through the forest was dangerous, for it was abudent with mischievous fairies, and Chiru was a lake fairy, and the forest and lake fairies have had a (friendly) rivalry for as long as they could remember (which wasn't long).

However, despite having nuts and fruit fall on her every time she woke her opponents up, she kept a positive attitude untill she reached the very walls. Ah, Mister wall was going to be a challenge for her, but Chiru was smart. Daisy had said "Always remember; when a barrier stops you, just fly over it." Of course, Chiru was the smartest, so she knew what that meant! With only so much as a flutter, Chiru successfully scaled the hundred-mile tall wall! She sat at the top to admire the lively place, and how high she was! Though it wasn't as tall as her new treehouse, she still felt like a king. The king of the whole-wide world!

After admiring her view, Chiru came down and did everything she normally did. Go around, finding out what other people were doing, poking her head inside windows, stand on rooftops, occasionally pull pranks, asking millions of questions, rubbing banks, stealing babies from candy, living up to her family name and facing full-life consequences, whatever! It was just a typical day in the life of Chiru.

However, that day was about to be changed. Chiru was simply standing on top of a tavern, when she heard something. Walking over to the edge of the roof, she looked over to see what was going on. Magic! Fighting! Ice! And no Chiru! Hold on, that didn't sound right. Chiru needed to get a closer look, and also, she was waiting for somebody to challenge her. "Hey!" Chiru shouted, "Bring it on! I'm the stro-woah-wu-w-WUAH!" The young-appeared girl lost her balance in her moment of confidence, and being unable to regain in, twirled and fell onto the ground on her back, her head hitting the ground with a hollow BONK! If you thought the hollow sound had something to do with her head, you'd likely be right.

The girl was on the verge of tears, when she held them back, her face turning a beet red (which made her head look like an upside-down Pepsi circle). She sat herself up, touching her toes to make sure she was standing. "I'll get you back evil rock!" Chiru yelled at the top of her lungs.


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Alexia stumbled across rocky terrain, her clothes stained with her blood. She eventually came across the gates to Olantha. She was stopped by a guard of some sort. He insisted on disarming her, confiscating her weapons.
"I shall continue with my weapons, if you should be so kind" she mumbles, draining herself of power as she 'persuades' him to let her in. She gains entry to the city because of her own wit and cunning.

She grasps her bow close, her hands fly to her quiver, and she faints from exhaustion of blood loss, lying in the middle of the city

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Re: The New Power

Hello? Is this roleplay still alive?

Re: The New Power

I just added my character! I worked for a few hours on it, so I hope it's good ^_^

Also, I hope this RP does well, since this could go almost anywhere with the characters we have. :3

Re: The New Power

Ack, sorry if I don't post for a few days, I gotta be away for a bit. Although, with the activity of you people in this RP, I doubt it'll matter -.-

Re: The New Power

Just wanted to pop in and say hello to everyone. I know my character isn't much, but i do plan on adding to his profile. My internet hasn't been working right (hopefully fixed now) so I can do that as well as post. Sadly I have to go to work here soon and its a long shift, so more than likely my post won't be up until later tonight.

Re: The New Power

@loopyfou Welcome to the RP, although, I should notify you this is in no way a LotR RP. I'd also feel more comfortable if you worked on your profile more (even though two others including GM barely have anything but pictures on theirs).

@Rhass It'd make me feel more comfortable if you turned character approval on, so not everybody can simply join. Not that I am prejudice against them, but I feel it's best to keep newbies out of more literate RPs, and I sort of hope that this RP stays literate.

Re: The New Power

Caught. Well, if I make another character, it'll be male, so it most likely wont be a Touhou ripoff. Though, if this RP stays about as small as it is now, I'll likely stick with one. The plot sound like it'll work better with fewer characters.

Also, though I don't entirely trust the GM's skill (no offense) I do find a classic RP like this holds a lot of potential.

Though, if y'all are online, I wouldn't mind y'all posting.

Re: The New Power

Lloyd999 wrote:I feel like making two different characters for this RP, but they are both Female characters, and I prefer to balance out my characters between genders if I make multiple ones. One is an 'ordinary magician' while the other is an insanely unintelligent fairy.

Aw man... Why didn't I see the fairy coming? And I was in a Touhou mood too! xD

Re: The New Power

Lloyd999 wrote:I feel like making two different characters for this RP, but they are both Female characters, and I prefer to balance out my characters between genders if I make multiple ones. One is an 'ordinary magician' while the other is an insanely unintelligent fairy.

Well maybe the male can be the magician and the girl be the fairy, or the other way around. :) It doesn't matter to me, go ahead and do whatever you want to do.

Re: The New Power

I feel like making two different characters for this RP, but they are both Female characters, and I prefer to balance out my characters between genders if I make multiple ones. One is an 'ordinary magician' while the other is an insanely unintelligent fairy.

Re: The New Power

Alright... I would like to know where this roleplay takes place, and if this is just like a guild roleplay, with quests and such.

If this is a work in progress, let me know.

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