Hope Summers

I have my name for a reason, to give others hope, but what about me where do I get my hope, my inspiration from?

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a character in “The Nex Generation”, as played by Chulance


Name: Hope Summers

Mutant Name: Messiah

Side: Mutants

Age: 19

Physical Appearance: Look Below

Clothing: Clothing varies, she has the uniform she wore during her time spent jumping through time with her father Cable, but she has no official uniform, and is often wearing casual clothing having nothing specific.


Hope Summers is a metaphorical Voodoo doll of the mutant race. She also mimic mutant powers at their utmost capacity. However, she generates power levels that are potentially dangerous to people and the environment around her. The official name for her ability is Empathic Power Mimicry. She is also capable of duplicating the powers of other superhuman beings such as Spiderman, and Mr. Fantastic, but there is a risk that if she overloads herself with powers she could render herself comatose, or in some other negative physical position.

She has a connection to the Phoenix Force, and is the current avatar of the Phoenix. The Phoenix can often be seen in her eyes, and she can manifest it's fiery aura when upset.

Equipment: A Few guns from the future, nothing specific.

History: Hope Summers was born into a world with the MTCD, and mutants being hunted. The moment she was born Cerebro was damaged, and the X Men were sent after her by Xavier believing she had the power to stop the potential Human-Mutant war. Pursued by the X Men, and MTCD alike, however she was determined to be mutant Antichrist. However she was taken to the future by Cable to be raised to combat the the MTCD, and liberate the mutant race. Raised by Cable, the most prominent father figure, they dealt with many threats to her survival, including some agents of MTCD who pursued her through time. Eventually Cable was seemingly killed, and she returned to the present to go against the MTCD. She has begin gathering pockets of resistance together against hte MTCD, and intends to liberate her kind, taking on the alias Messiah.

Family History: Louise Spalding (mother, deceased);unknown biological father;Nathan Summers (Cable) (adoptive father, deceased);Hope Summers (adoptive mother, deceased);Tyler Dayspring (Genesis) (adoptive step-brother, deceased);Gailyn Bailey (adoptive step-cousin, deceased)Joseph Bailey (adoptive step-cousin, deceased)Adam Neramani (X-Treme) (adoptive cousin, alleged great-half uncle)Stryfe (adoptive father's clone, deceased);Rachel Summers (Marvel Girl) (alternative reality adoptive aunt)Nathaniel Grey (X-Man) (alternative reality adoptive uncle)Summers and Grey Family Tree (adoptive family);Oscar Summers (adoptive paternal distant ancestor, deceased)Daniel Summers (adoptive paternal distant ancestor, deceased)Amanda Mueller (Black Womb) (adoptive paternal distant ancestor)Philip Summers (adoptive paternal distant ancestor)Deborah Summers (adoptive paternal distant ancestor)Christopher Summers (Corsair) (adoptive paternal great-grandfather, deceased)Katherine Summers (adoptive paternal great-grandmother, deceased)John Grey (adoptive paternal step-great-grandfather, deceased)Elaine Grey (adoptive paternal step-great-grandmother, deceased)Mrs. Spalding (maternal grandmother);
Scott Summers (Cyclops) (adoptive paternal grandfather);Madelyne Pryor-Summers (Red Queen) (adoptive paternal grandmother);Jean Grey-Summers (Phoenix) (adoptive paternal step-grandmother);Alexander Summers(Havok) (adoptive paternal great-uncle);Gabriel Summers (Vulcan) (adoptive paternal great-uncle, deceased);Cal'syee Neramani (Deathbird) (adoptive paternal great-aunt)Sara Grey-Bailey (adoptive paternal step-great-aunt, deceased)
Paul Bailey (adoptive paternal step-great-uncle, deceased)Julia Grey (adoptive paternal step-great-aunt, deceased);Roger Grey (adoptive paternal step-great-uncle, deceased);Liam Grey (adoptive paternal step-great-uncle, deceased)

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