The Northern Delegates

The Northern Delegates

The Northern Delegates, an elite group of immortals charged with keeping peace amongst the immortal races and insuring their limited interference with humanity. They are skilled negotiators, skilled assassins. (4 slots left!!)

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*-*-*-*-*-*-*::The Northern Delegates::*-*-*-*-*-*-*

Nestled in the north lies the headquarters of the Northern Delegates, an elite group of immortals charged with keeping peace amongst the immortal races and insuring their limited interference with humanity.

The Delegates are a strong organization that keeps covens and packs in check and insures no monopoly over human society.

They are carefully selected, most of them from birth. They are trained for years in the many ways of diplomacy and combat. They are skilled negotiators, skilled assassins.

The organization had just recently claimed it’s new leader, and she has imposed numerous changes to the Delegates charter to further the organization for the betterment of all races. Some are willing to accept the new changes, others pose a threat to the new leader in hopes that they can upset the balance and return things to the way they were.

On a recent mission the organizations leader, Midnight, has inducted numerous new recruits to serve on the delegates behalf. They will undergo training before being deployed on missions to protect peace amongst the races. Midnight is forming a new team to usher in the new order of the delegates, and fold a page in History.


Now that Midnight and her team have returned North much work lies ahead of them. Midnight has already instated numerous changes involving the charter. This is something no leader has done before and it is met with scrutiny and disbelief. Many welcome the changes, while others fight against it believing the prior system to be superior.

One in particular leads this revolt, Arucan Night. He is the son of Aubrey Night who was previously killed by Midnight while in Springside. Politically he is untouchable, and not responsible for his father’s crimes, making it hard to quiet the growing feud between the two factions.

Arucan motivated by revenge, and a desire to see the new empire fall, seeks to destroy Midnight and her ‘new order’. He wants to bring things back to the way they were, keeping the Delegates an organization the strikes fear into anyone that hears it’s name.

Arucan is smarter then to attack the new order physically so he has enlisted the help of the laws and the rite to succession in order to overthrow the ruling body,

The lines have been drawn and everyone is forced to take a side. Which side are you on?

*-*-*-*-*-*-*::Northern Delegates: The History::*-*-*-*-*-*-*

In 1506 the first group of vampires and werewolves joined together to prevent the growing hysteria of the ‘vampire craze.’ Though little of the attention was spent on werewolves, it was more productive for the two races to work together. Preventing the hysteria from spreading to all immortal races. Thus the Northern Delegates were formed in a secluded town, away from human prying eyes. There were ten original delegates, consisting of one leader Byron Alesten and two teams under him. (Teams consist of a team leader, and three other people)

The groups purpose, to hunt down vampires and werewolves that were directly involving themselves with human society, exposing them to the public eye.

Due to the success of this small organization, it grew in numbers. Immortal creatures flocked to the organization seeking refuge from human persecution.

The vampire craze continued to grow and humans were putting increasing pressure on suspected vampires, sometimes going as far as to exhume bodies and put a stake through the suspected vampires heart. Some were done while the victim was still alive. Of coarse rarely did the humans kill an actual vampire. The delegates tried to prevent these happenings by developments in modern sciences to disprove the existence of immortals.

This took hundreds of years to accomplish.

Now society finely willing to accept the existence of immortals to be outlandish, the Delegates moved their focus to stopping the further involvement in Human society.

So This is where I will list all the current roleplayers and their characters. There will only be one or two pre-scripted characters, original characters are welcome. Please follow the Character sheet. Please diversify with where loyalties lie, everyone can not be in support of one of the factions. Please fill out detailed history, including how the character was inducted and lineage. The character rankings will go as follows.
There is the rebellion leader Arucan and his team (Maribel,Kora, and Finn), Midnight and her team (Grant, Shisou, and Koda), Hazel and her team (Dylan, Sage, and one more) PM me if you want to be a team leader. Other rankings include assassins, diplomats, archive (They don't necessarily need to be in teams.)

Need one person to be Midnight's adviser.
Leslie Trent: (Played by Alexander_Right) Keeper of the laws of the delegates. UnBiased

Arucan Night: (Played by Constellations) Leader of the group 'The old world Order' Opposes Midnight and the changes.
Maribel: (Played by SaintandSinner) Member of Arucan's team
Kora Neverwinter: (Played by VitaminHeart) Member of Arucan's team
Finn Owel: (Played by HiddenNymph) Member of Arucan's team

Midnight: (Played by AsuraDeWinters) Current leader of the Delegates, members have coined her changes 'The New Order'
Dakota Bravo: (Played by SaintandSinner) Recently returned from ten years away from the delegates due to a training accident. Also Midnight love interest.
Shisou: (Played by AsuraDeWinters) A member of Midnight's team.
Grant: (Played by AsuraDeWinters) Another long standing member of Midnight's team.

Hazel Simone: (Played by Constellations) Team lead
Dylan Straight: (Played by Lotsalove) Member of Hazel's team.
Sage Grasso: (Played by Alexander_Right) Member of Hazel's team
Team member: (Open)

Lyda Fox: (Played by VitaminHeart) Team lead
Team member: (Reserved)
Team member: (Open)
Team member: (Open)

Rave D'Viet: (Played by Emotionless) Team lead
Bellatrix Marie Fourtner: (Played by Lego's Apex Predator) Member of Rave's team
Kiska: (Played by Selene Durlan) Member of Rave's team
Deidre Marie: (Played by Emotionless) Member of Rave's team

Alana Chenai: (Played by HiddenNymph) Ex-Assassin of Byron Alesten
Art Hunter: (Played by VitaminHeart) Delegates researcher.
Caddie/E: (Played by VitaminHeart) New member
Parker: (Played by Kelsiikaos) New member

Character Sheet (Picture is mandatory)
Abilities (Two ONLY):
Current ranking in the Delegates aka Job function:

*-*-*-*-*-*-*::The Delegates Headquarters::*-*-*-*-*-*-*

The Headquarters and Living grounds.
A lavish palace where all the full members live and work.
From a distance.
Sitting grounds.
Ballroom/ Concert hall.
Training grounds
The housing for the children (Recently built)

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  • No Godmoding
  • No killing unless approved
  • All characters must be approved
  • All posts in third person.
  • Try to be active
  • All posts should be at least two paragraphs

*-*-*-*-*-*-*How this roleplay started.*-*-*-*-*-*-*
A few months back I joined an interesting roleplay called Vampires and Werewolves. It was just starting off and I made my first character there, Midnight. She was sent to the wolves to assist with the vampire problem. She came from the North and was sent by an organization called the Northern Delegates. They were peacekeepers that didn't exactly use peaceful means. Over the months her back story grew more popular as it was developed. More delegates joined in the roleplay. The Northern Delegates really started in Vampires and Werewolves, and I suggest you read some of it.

This roleplay really started with SaintandSinner; I had not thought about doing a spin off until she mentioned it as she added a Delegate of her own. Dakota Bravo. I really didn't know what to expect, but I never expected that it would turn into it's own roleplay. I have to give special acknowledgements to Kelsiikaos, The original creator of Vampires and Werewolves. SaintandSinner, for suggesting this roleplay and adding so much to the story. Constellations, for bringing her amazing character development to this roleplay. VitaminHeart for always being willing to donate so many characters to spice it up. And anyone else that adds to the roleplay. Thank you all so much for making this roleplay possible.

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Midnight nodded at Koda's comment about the new arrivals. "Tell me about it Oren looks so off. Normally she is so on her game and now she looks like she was hit by a truck. Suspicious if you ask me." She grinned as she was led to Koda's room. She didn't worry so much about sleeping with him at this point, she was still getting her shot. High dose or hormones that prevented her from getting preggers for the last few hundred years. She wasn't going to get pregnant from sleeping with Koda. She was a little concerned what would happen when she did get pregnant, not only would it be super weird to sleep with Koda while she was pregnant with some other guys kid but whoever the guy was may be watching her like a hawk to make sure she wasn't doing anything reckless. And she didn't know if her sleeping with Koda was going to fall into that reckless category, she knew it would for Gabe which was making her slightly rethinking accepting his terms. Midnight sighed wrapping her arms around Koda. What a stressful week it had been and she could imagine it was just as bad for Koda if not worse.

Midnight trailed her fingers up and down his back a small smile crossing her lips. "I love you, you know that?" She kissed his neck gently biting at the flesh. "A lot." She smiled against his skin licking him teasingly. "And I miss you. And your just simply the best."

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Soon enough Nero and his entourage had gotten their rooms and had set their things out. Oren ended up with one of the next to them, not giving her the option of getting up to much without being heard..though by the point she'd rather abandoned that idea anyway.

She dropped down on the bed, landing with a brief grimace and pulling over onto on her side, the position that was the least painful to lie on, her arms hanging loose at her side and her knees drawn partially inwards. She supposed she should try and get some sleep, but old habits died hard and her exhaustion was engaged in a running battle with her paranoia of leaving herself exposed.

She gazed out of the window, her thoughts turning to Springside and the clan she left behind, something she considered with a great deal of regret. Her thoughts also turned to Ace..and the fact that she'd been out of contact with him for some time. She felt rather guilty about that as well...not that she really had any choice in the matter of course. That bastard still had her phone. She kinda missed fact she kinda missed the Springside clan. Yes, they had been gradually driving her insane...but she had at least had some sort of back-up there.

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Training field

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Where every one goes through training and sparing. Also the area where disputes are settled by way of combat

Living Quarters

Living Quarters by RolePlayGateway

This is where the bedroom posts will be. Also reserved for 'naughty posts'

Training field

Training field Owner: RolePlayGateway

Where every one goes through training and sparing. Also the area where disputes are settled by way of combat

Living Quarters

Living Quarters Owner: RolePlayGateway

This is where the bedroom posts will be. Also reserved for 'naughty posts'

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