The NorthLeslie Trent

a character in “The Nothern Delegates: Chaos”, as played by Alexander_Right

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Name: Leslie Trent
Picture: Image
Sex: Female
Age: 517
Race: Vampire
Loyalty: The Law
Abilities (Two ONLY): She never forgets anything, and creates force fields
Current ranking in the Delegates aka Job function: Archival bookkeeper, financial bookkeeper


She is the stereotypical mousey librarian, she has no people skills and prefers the company of her books. If challenged she will almost always back down and shy away from a fight, unless the debate is over the law. Her word is final on all matters of state and the laws and charters that govern the Delegates. She has never been one for political favor and stays away from the two waring factions currently within the Delegates. She is shy and quiet only being brought to anger if someone doubts her word on the laws or challenges one of the unchangeable charters.

1 year later she is angry and hot tempered. Bitter and angry at the road the delegates took. She was stunned that Midnight lost but the fight look as legit as they came. It was long, entirely and it just looked like Midnight ran out of energy. Leslie is still bitterly trying to teach Arucan how to run the delegates.


Leslie was born Cecilia Ann Marie Trent, she was brought into the delegates to be their archival keeper because of her unique ability to remember everything. She was also a perfect personality fit for the job, not having the skills for diplomacy and fighting. She has no taste for blood or sparing or any conflict for that matter. She was also chosen for the job because of her inability to commit to anyone, she has no relationships, no lovers, and no political affiliation so she is a completely unbiased party. The only way she would stand up to another is in matters of the law. Leslie has never been pretty or popular among the Delegates, her rigid view on the law creates a much loved wall between her and the others in the group. Leslie has been trying to coach Arucan into being a leader of the Delegates and she has had little success.

So begins...

Leslie Trent's Story