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To whom this may concern:

Ever have that weird feeling that there was more there than meets the eye?

Ever wonder if the creatures that your read about are actually....real?



What? You don't know what Nephilim are? Well let me explain to

Nephilim, often referred to as Shadowhunters, are a secretive race of humans born with angelic blood. They are a demon hunting race that has survived for over one thousand years. They have fought the demons valiantly, creating their own culture and civilization within human society. Their mandate is to protect humans.

Now I know thats not much, but others are listening. I can't explain to much or they might find me.

Who am I? Well right now that does not matter, what matter now is that you find the others, quickly or it may be too late.

I have to go but you will hear back from me soon.

A fellow Shadowhunter

What you read before you is not for the mundane eyes, you are to keep this information to yourself.

Information you will need to know:
•How Nephilim came to be: Over a thousand years ago a Warlock summoned the Angel Raziel, then Jonathan Shadowhunter begged Raziel to give him the angels blood to mix with his own to save humanity from the demons that are trying to take over the world. Raziel agreed, creating the mortal cup, moxing his blood with Jonathan's. Every mundane that drank from the cup became a Shadow hunter, their children and grandchildren and so on would be a shadowhunter. They were given the first Gray Book, listing all of the runes, to use in their fight against demons.

•In the shadow wolrd humans are called mundanes or mundies. Most mundanes have no clue about shadowhunters or downworlders. Thoigh there are few that are born with the gift of Sight. They are suceptible to demon disease or being turned into a werewolf or vampire. Also if a mundane ever has a rune put on them they will become Forsaken. Mundanes with Sight are usually hired to work at Institutes and are usually traid to fight like Shadowhunters.. Usually Mundanes with The Sight can see the future in glimpses.

Image •Idris is the homeland of the Shadowhunters and is protected by Demon Towers, forcing demons out and protecting the city, the only way to bring them down is to wipe demon blood on them from the inside—an almost impossible feat. Idris is in Europe. It is a small country between Germany and France, with protective spells and wardings all around, all over the borders, preventing mundanes from entering. When they attempt to cross the border into Idris, they are simply transported into the next border without noticing. Idris is mostly forest, littered with vampire nests and werewolf packs. There are mountains that can only be crossed in high summer without freezing to death. There is a small system of towns throughout Idris. These towns are not very big and are all sort of oriented around the one city, Alicante, which is also known as the Glass City.
Alicante is the only city in Idris. It is often called the Glass City because of the presence of the Demon Towers that guard the city against demon attacks, reflecting light and looking like glass. The entire city is lit and powered by witchlight. The houses throughout the city are built from all eras. The Gard, the meeting place for the Clave, sits atop a hill at the edge of the city. There are stores throughout the entire city that display and sell a wide array of objects from weapons to clothes.

Image •The Clave is the governement of the shadow world, every Shadow hunter that is of age is considered a member. The Clave is run by a Council, the Inquisitor, and Consul. They meet in the Gard at Alicante, Idris. Although Shadowhunters are all welcome to the meeting, some Shadowhutners choose not to attend. The Council makes the law of the Clave, known as the Covenant. The Council also signs the Accords.

•Downworlders include the Children of the Moon (Werewolves), the Children of the Night (Vampires), the Children of Lilith (Warlocks) and the Fair Folk (Faeries). Downworlders can not be marked. Every ten years the accords are re-signed by downwolrders and the Clave.


•An Institute is a safe house for Shadowhunters. They are found in all large cities and are often located in churches. The entire point of an Institute is to lodge and assist Shadowhunters from around the world in their quest to kill demons. a place for Shadowhunters to find safety in the event of danger. It is a stronghold for the Shadowhunters that live there.The hallowed ground prevents vampires from entering. The bricks have been blessed with deceased Shadowhunter blood, that in and of itself being a powerful protection. Every metal rod is made out of iron and every nail silver, protecting against faeries and werewolves respectively. In addition, the doors cannot be opened without Shadowhunter blood, thereby stopping anyone but a Shadowhunter from entering. Also, it is glamored. Any mundane that looks upon an Institute would see nothing but, for example, a rundown church.


The Clave has destroyed the Accords, war is upon the Shadowhunters and downworlders and its all because of one person. Venetia Astrid, the Vampire Queen of Seattle Washington clan. She has broken the accords by killing a shadowhunter, thus going against Accords. Downworlders have now been choosing sides, some choosing the Shadowhunters and some staying with the Downworlders. Things are definately going to change in the Shadow World. Then there is Winni Bellefleur was just your ordinary human, at least thats what she has believe her whole life until she finds a letter on her beside table explaining to her about the Shadow World. Unknown that the fellow shadow hunter has been keeping tabs on her for a few years now. Everything changes for her, finding out she is a shadow hunter and actually has been living with a family of werewolves her whole life. She leanrs about the war that is coming and decides she wants to follow her parents path.

Character list

Human/Mundanes- Only allowing four

Shadowhunters-No limit
The Silent Brothers
The Iron Sisters

Vampire Queen-Taken- Only 1
Alpha Wolf-Only 1
The Queen of Fae-Only 1
Head Warlock-Only 1

No god-moding, ever!

Paws off everyone's characters but your own, unless you have permission, don't play someone elses characters, don't add any plot twists in your history that includes anyone elses character without their permission and don't steal something for your characters sheet from another "They each have their own story, not any two are the same."

As mentioned in the rule above, be original

Be literate.

Be respectful of others, this can't always be true in roleplay, but nobody needs issues

No one-liners, we ask for literacy for a reason. We would like to see at least two descriptive paragraphs, I am not going to post a word count but we do ask that you put some effort into your post.

Please be committed. Of you don't post for a few days I will pm you, if we don't hear from you we will kill off your character in some dramatic way.

You can play as many characters you want but make sure your able to keep up with each one.

In the OOC please let me know what race your character is going to be, I dont want everyone choosing one race. Lets be different here okay?

Hoodratt is my co-gm, if she says something listen to her. She has as much ownership of the rp as do I.

Please keep to the plot, there can be small plots added but anything drastic has to go through my co-gm or me.

Any questions are welcomed, I know there is a lot of information but it is infortmation that is needed for the rp.

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Re: The NYC Dollhouse

unfortunately i do not have a laptop at the moment so im going to have to pause this rp till i can get a new one. sorry guys... =(

Re: The NYC Dollhouse

Have you PMed Horsey to see if she's getting her character in soon?

Re: The NYC Dollhouse

I will, if you could also see if your friends or anyone else might be interested in this rp?

Re: The NYC Dollhouse

Yeah we are still working i'm sorry!! Please keep the reserves :) That would be lovely

Re: The NYC Dollhouse

I've submitted Jaime as a WIP because Chaos and I are still discussing relationship history and I really need some sleep. I will finish him tomorrow.

Re: The NYC Dollhouse

Just sort of wondering how people are doing with their characters?

Re: The NYC Dollhouse

@Chaos no problem if you need more then the 48 hours just let me know, I still have to finish my other character and hopefully we can get a couple more male roles taken

Re: The NYC Dollhouse

@Echo_Rose, Sage will be up and ready asap. I might need a bit of time, I just PM'd Slightly Insane to talk about the characters type of relationship.

Re: The NYC Dollhouse

@Echo_Rose: yea, I don't know the T.V show... so I still am wondering why It sounds familiar but it's cool it's cool...
I have to think about this now, once again... brb

Re: The NYC Dollhouse

@Horseygirl yes you can

Re: The NYC Dollhouse

Is it alright if I change my character's face claim to Candice Accola?

Re: The NYC Dollhouse

I'm sure. I'll have my character up sometime soon! :)

Re: The NYC Dollhouse

@SlightlyInsane if you are sure ill reserve boy 1 for you, that is really nice of you
For your question about the dolls, I was going to bring this up right before the rp starts but I can answer it now. The dolls actually are sent out to 'clients' people that need a doll for one reason or another, either to fullfil their 'fantasys' or help out with a murder case or anything you can really think of. When they are sent out on their assignments they are given a personality that fits their clients needs. All clients will be NPC and so will be the handlers of each doll. Handlers go out with their Active on each assignment to make sure everything goes well, each doll has a GPS inserted behind their neck. I will be making another thread for the npc handlers as soon as i get my other girl done.

@Lightning Girl 5 is yours :) I didn't add too much on the past of Lima's about her sister but if you have any ideas just let me know through PMs and we can throw ideas back and forth.

For your first question it was a tv show on fox a couple years back, it was called Dollhouse and the main character was Eliza Dushku.

For your second question I am willing to allow faceclaims changes just let me know who it is so I can change it on the front page :)

Re: The NYC Dollhouse

Oh my gosh, I didn't notice you wanted it too! Are you sure you want to hand her over to me?
P.S. I loved your icon ^^ that short film made me laugh so hard!

Re: The NYC Dollhouse

Seeing as lightning also wishes to play Doll 5, I would be fine with giving the role to her and instead taking the role of boy 1.

Re: The NYC Dollhouse

1st question: why does this sound familiar...

2ed: would it be possible to change the face claim if not then I an alternative as I only know three of those actors and one of them is taken.

Re: The NYC Dollhouse

Can I reserve Girl 5? If so, I'm naming her India ^^
Favorite song... hm... Maybe at the moment it's The Anthem by Good Charlotte

Re: The NYC Dollhouse

I would love to reserve doll 5! As for my favourite song, "Wake Me Up When September Ends" by Green Day is pretty high on my list. So as dolls, will the group just be milling about not knowing who they are while the caretakers observe them and the couple search for them?

Re: The NYC Dollhouse

I LOVE the television show Dollhouse. xD